CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX #244 (07/24/2010) 
Recapped: 07/24/10

Odd segue from the dancing to the show at the children's hospital.

Match 1: Dalys la Caribeña, Luna Mágica, Marcela vs La Seductora, Princesa Blanca, Princesa Sujei
Arena Mexico, 07/18/2010

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Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 9:10 
Rating: OK.
Notes: La Seductora should win the DF Women's Trios so she can hang out with the other rudos more often. Maybe Amapola can dig the IWRG title out of the closet and give it to her. Princesses are in their Zorra outfits. No captains announcement, again. Referees are Tirantes and Rafa el Maya.

1: Dalys is just OK against Princesa Blanca. What a weird matchup that is. Lady Apache is better against Sujei, including a long headstand bit. Why does Seductora have FBI lettered on the back of her top? Announcers have the same discussion at the same time. Marcela obliterates her with the usual dropkick, but Seductora rolls out and pull Marcela out for more. This is a fail, double underhook backbreaker with in seconds. The other rudas try to rush the other técnicas, and the técnicas foil them this time. Lady Apache boosts Dalys for a dropkick on both, Dalys just flies into a double kicks to the ribs from both rudas. Sujei escapes a tilt-a-whirl from Apache to put her in a fujiwara for one pin. Blanca struggles to powerbomb Dalys; Blanc nearly drops her on her hand, but manage to hurk the Panamanian up to drop her safely.

2: Rudas are quickly in control. Team work spots are good, climaxing with a triple dropkick to Dalys’ head. Apache takes a double spinebuster and a double boot. Marcela is thrown around by her hair, and she's the one with the shortest hair. That seems like a bad plan. Lady Apache ducks a double clothesline, and dropkicks Blanca and Seductora. Sujei tries to whip Apache to the corner but Apache turns it around, whipping Sujei right to Marcela for her double underhook backbreaker. Dalys dropkicks Seductora. Dalys and Marcela’s double dropkick to Blanca's knees has bad timing, Dalys way behind. Apache puts on a bridging double armbar while Dalys adds a sort of half crab. Marcela drops Seductora with a Michinoku Driver while the announcers explain Blanca is actually the captain.

There's some Dr. X fans in the front row, including a girl with her face half painted up as a Dr. X mask. Family?

An Atlantis history piece airs here, where he recounts has great achievements by the year. Once he gets past winning Talisman's mask – in his second year, actually pretty incredible – every year they give for his accomplishments is wrong. He's winning the tag team titles three years too soon, he's winning Kung Fu's mask too late, he's winning Villano III's mask too late.

3: Sujei confiscated the ring card sign to boos, of course. One day, they will cheer, and she will be thrilled. And confused Dalys tries yelling while dropkicking Seductora. Fail. Dalys gets control by waiting for Seductora to miss her own dropkick and putting on a tirabuzón, but Blanca breaks that up with a kick. Apache/Blanca chop fight! Apache gets the best of it with a moonsault armdrag, then sends Blanca up into a flying headscissors from Marcela. One for Sujei too, who hangs near the rope to boosts Apache into a pescado on Sujei. Marcela climbs up top – plancha onto Blanca. Dalys and Seductora in, Dalys yelling again. Drop toe hold, casita one two three. Maybe Seductora is captain. She is way too happy to beat Seductora.

Match 2: Máximo, Místico, Shocker vs Atlantis, Jushin Lyger, Último Guerrero
Arena Mexico, 07/18/2010

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Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 9:58
Rating: good
Notes: Entrances. No Liger video? They feel like spelling it Liger on TV. I wish someone would decide. Liger's promos all end with growling and head shaking, though this one also ends with a stare at someone to the side to see if the camera is off yet. Refs are Tirantes and Rafa el Maya.

1: Shocker/Ultimo Guerrero start off with the usual Shocker/UG sequence, and Shocker looks better at it than he has in a while. Atlantis draws Máximo, and covers his mouth. Máximo runs the ropes twice before UG knocks him down, starting the beatdown. Lyger goes after Místico, and after Mistico's mask. UG presses Místico into an Atlantis gutbuster, and Atlantis gives him a running gut shot. Shocker is whipped into the corner. Corner clothesline, corner clothesline, senton de la muerte. UG asks the crowd if they would like another. Máximo whipped in the corner, corner clothesline, corner back elbow, UG whips him out into a quebradora con giro. Shoulderblock sends Máximo out, and Lyger follows after him with tope con giro off the apron. Místico in and manages to be evasive – up and over sunset flip on UG! One two three. Shocker calmly puts Atlantis into the reinera, and that's it. Técnicos pulled that one out from nowhere. Shocker doesn't want to let go, and Hijo de Tirantes has to force him to stop.

2: Máximo playing games with the Guerreros already, headscissors on Guerrero, armdrag whiffs on Atlantis, so they go and do it again. Máximo looks at Atlantis on the outside - oh, because Místico's teaming to fight him. Crowd reacts to something we're not shown, and then Místico and UG are in the ring, and then UG bum rushes Místico out of the ring. Shocker is ready to take Místico's place, but roots for Místico to come back in. Ultimo Guerrero is thrilled to be Ultimo Guerrero at the moment. Místico runs, headscissors, UG twice, then slingshots to the floor for a third. Shocker in for Atlantis, but immediately slapped down. UG comes in to help chop. Corner whip, Atlantis charge in to Shocker's boots, Shocker charges out for a headscissors/armdrag. Rebound double armdrag for both. Lyger in and slapping, Shocker gives him a cutter. Dropkick sends Lyger out, and Shocker stops to pose – but Atlantis rushes him out with a shoulderblock. Máximo misses a dropkick, Místico misses a plancha. Místico is killing himself here. Técnicos charge, right into Atlantidas. That should be plenty, but Shocker urns back in to eat a brainbuster too.

Flashback – using black and white footage – to the olden times of last year's anniversary match. Wow, they had TV all the way back then? Amazing.

3: Atlantis beats up Místico on the ramp as the fall starts. Rudos are firmly on control. UG waves Atlantis back, so he can boosts him into a Guerreros sit on Máximo. Atlantis is not high on this idea, and turns back to Místico – who gets him with a headscissors. Shocker attacks ultimo Guerrero, and Máximo kicks free of Lyger. Shocker whips UG to Máximo, who hiptoss him in, and tosses Místico into a headscissors for UG. Místico backs up to cone corner, runs cross ring, and drops him with a plancha. Máximo and Lyger in, Lyger terrified. Máximo blocks everything, and gives him the big kiss. Lyger freaks out, leaves and eats the Máximo plancha. Atlantis and Shocker in, and Atlantis is upset to be facing Shocker. Big boot deflected, but Atlantis still runs into the quebradora con giro. Big boot sends Atlantis out and Shocker follows with a tope that just barely gets there. Ultimo Guerrero and Místico left in. Somewhat familiar! Ultimo flattens him with a clothesline, but Místico uses a double wristlock to flip to UG's shoulders, snap 'rana, one two NO! Místico off the ropes, La Misitica! That's do.