CMLL Guerreros del Ring on CAN52 #227 (03/27/2010)
Recap: 04/07/10

Match 1: Astro Boy, Guerrero Maya Jr., Tony Rivera © vs Bronco © , Puma King, Tiger Kid
Arena Coliseo, 03/21/2010

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Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 14:33
Rating: not bad, but slow start and issues near the end.
Notes: Tiger Kid talks about taking Tony's hair, while Puma King makes fun of Guerrero Maya's new nickname. Astro Boy talks for five seconds. Hey, how does HE feel about Místico? Maybe they'll get to it someday. Tony is wearing a shirt similar to the one heavy Metal was wearing when he was last around here.

1: Slow mat wrestling to start, nothing really much of interest. Pairs are Tony/Tiger, Bronco/Astro, Maya/Puma, and there's never a speeding up. Highlight is Astro Boy sending Bronco out with an armdrag, Bronco daring Astro to follow, Astro sliding out to chase, but slipping and nearly falling on the arena fall. Gatos Negros were besides themselves, laughing and pointing at the técnico. End game appears to be Puma just taking down Maya, the técnicos rushing into break it up but getting their partner with elbow drops instead, Tiger Kid scooting across the middle rope so he can do a splash from the center of the ring, and Bronco adding the top rope splash for the pinfall. Everyone covers, but the técnicos miraculously kick out at two. Técnicos super kick the rudos out, and follow with topes all to the same side, Astro doing a tope con giro. Astro collects his partner and brings them back in, with the rudos making it back at 21. técnicos tease diving back out but instead do wacky rolls to celebrate.

2: Another cycle thru, sped up this time. Tiger Kid & Tony don't mess, both on a faceslam reversal out of a powerbomb where it's not clear who got the better of it until Tony pops up and keeps fighting, and on the following armdrag, where Tiger collides with the ropes instead of going thru them. Astro Boy is barely in, just long enough for a double rotation headscissors. Guerrero Maya's wacky armdrag of the week is spinning in place twice, then armdragging Puma. He also pulls of a cartwheel on the apron into a headscissors on the floor. Tony & Tiger restart the cycle, but the rudos get annoyed and attack for the beatdown. Bronco loudly slammed Maya on the outside. Everyone took a turn in sentoning Astro Boy to finish him, then the Gatos Negros set up the other two técnicos for Bronco's splash. This time, it was enough.

3: Rudos beatdown. Bronco goes for that splash for the third time, and this time Guerrero Maya rolls out of the way to start the comeback. Ring clears out quick, Maya adding a springboard inverted tope to wipe out Tiger Kid. Astro Boy and Bronco are left in. Astro escapes a tilt-a-whirl, then expects Bronco to try it again. Bronco is not expecting that, and Astro just sort of runs into them. Different pages there. Bronco feeds himself rather obviously into a crucifix powerbomb for the winning pinfall. Tony & Puma are oblivious to the captain, Rivera giving Puma a flying chinbreaker for an extra pinfall.

Match 2: Hijo del Fantasma, Toscano ©, Valiente vs Euforia ©, Skándalo, Vangelis
Arena Coliseo, 03/21/2010

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Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 13:29
Rating: had some good moments, but still tended towards the usual filler match plus a strange finish
Notes: Fantasma says this is going to be a great match. I'm not sure I believe him.

1: Mat wrestling open, with pairs Skándalo/Valiente (the best, and not just because Valiente manages to get a piggy back ride), Fantasma/Euforia, and, briefly, Toscano/Vangelis. Toscano gives Vangelis a bunch of headlock takedowns and sends him on his way, with Skándalo next in and out with a headscissors, and Euforia following with a bodyscissors armdrag. Vangelis makes the most of his second chance, clotheslining Toscano by surprise, but ends up wearing a flying armdrag. Euforia boots Toscano down, Valiente gets him with a tope rope headscissors, runs off the ropes a couple times, and brutally topes Vangelis. Vangelis got hit in the right pec, and went down like he was shot. Valiente is Hombre Bala! Other four in, técnicos getting pins for the win.

2: Valiente gets in a cartwheel and a backflip (onto his knees) before Euforia wipes him out with a clothesline, and then beats up the other técnicos to start the beatdown. Toscano is goofing around while being beat up. Rudos are really in no hurry at points, allowing Valiente an opening to slap them all before they wake up. Corner whip, Valiente walks up the ropes even as Euforia goes thru them on the way to the floor. Springboard headscissors for Vangelis. Skándalo stops the run with a clothesline. Toscano is supposed to get him with a springboard something, but slips and ends up doing a clothesline. Vangelis returns to kick him down, and break.

Match settles down, with Fantasma and Vangelis posing off. Vangelis gets the edge with his wheel kick. Vangelis has problems whipping Skándalo into the corner for a splash, but Skándalo is much better on his own for his corner low blow dropkick. Fantasma starts his comeback while the announcers are still debating the legality of that move. Fantasma clear the ring, then gives Euforia quebradora, and dances all over him. Euforia gets annoyed and walks off. Fantasma tags in Valiente, and Euforia stays in to chop him around. That goes badly – corner to corner monkey flip, springboard armdrag by Valiente. Valiente backflips off the top rope in front of Euforia, and Euforia just randomly decides to foul him. Strange finish in the flow of the match.

That's it.