CMLL Guerreros del Ring on CAN52 #226 (03/20/2010)
Recap: 03/25/10

Match 1: Fabián el Gitano, Leono, Starman (c) vs Bronco (c), Puma King, Tiger Kid
Arena Mexico, 03/14/2010

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Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time
: 14:20
Rating: not good
Notes: During the rudos entrances (as shown in the open, but not right here before the match), the Gatos Negros had the mascot of the Pumas with them. Looked like they might have catnapped him, actually.

1: One one one start, with pairs of Tiger/Starman, Puma/Fabian, and Bronco/Leono. Their mat wrestling is mostly uninteresting. Tiger and Starman pick up the pace the second time thru, with Starman kicking Tiger thru the ropes and landing on him with a slingshot tope con giro. Fabian knocks Puma around, but Puma sends him out with a punch to the gut, kick to the chest, and superkick combo. Leono back elbows Puma, but then gets totally lost with Bronco for a second. to They forget who's doing what, then the headscissors spot is way off. Rings of Leono for the submission, while Fabian gets his own cruz nipona. No one cares, they can't even be bothered to boo that much.

2: More one on ones, with Fabian/Bronco, then Puma/Leono/Puma desperately wants a handshake, and the crowd gets the ole each time. Puma gets on his knees for it, but Leono just starts doing spots. This week, the monkey flip is high and not long. Tiger Kid gets in the dropkick to the backside on a Starman roll, starting the beatdown. Weird team spot: Starman is whipped, ducks under Bronco's leapfrog, and while he's ducking, Puma kicks him in the head. Bronco spins Starman around in an inverted giant swing, and both cats get a shot and kicking him in the head. Fabian is lifted up so Bronco and dropkick him questionably low. Leono is held hanging form the corner for the same. Leono escapes a double rebound hiptoss, then the Cats accidentally chop Bronco by mistake. Starman and Fabian come back to knock out the cats, with Fabian and Leono topeing the Gatos while Starman just fakes the dive. Fabián almost goes over Puma's head. Bronco gets back on the apron and boots Starman, but misses the top rope plancha. Starman covers, and almost get the pin. That would've been epic. Starman goes for a bodyscissors, to but Bronco kicks at him and squirms away. Bronco stands up and kicks, Starman catches the leg, Bronco pulls his mask for the DQ and the straight fall loss.

Starman's face is completely for a second. He appears to Mexican. Bronco spikes the mask and stomps on it. Replays. Exciting footage of everyone leaving the ring after the match.

Match 2: Máximo (c), Metro, Rush vs Ray Mendoza Jr. (c), Sangre Azteca, Vangelis
Arena Mexico, 03/14/2010

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Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 15:29
Rating: bland

1: Matches up are Sangre/Metro (Sangre putting Metro in strange holds, Metro throwing him a long way), Rush/Vangelis, and Máximo/Mendoza. Mendoza has had enough of Máximo when eh tries to feel up V5's chest from behind, slapping the técnicos and starting the beatdown. Sangre kicks Máximo in the backslide, and that's really all Mendoza needs to pin him. Rudos have no idea he's the captain.

2: Beatdown continues. It is not interesting. Sangre and Vangelis hold Metro down and untie his mask for a long time, then finally get it off only just to back drop him out. Sure it'll matter later. Rush ducks a double clothesline and attempts to wheel kick Mendoza, but mostly whiffs. They try to hide it with a camera switch as best they can. Metro monkey flips Sangre from one corner all the way over to the other. Might have sent a distance record on that. Máximo kiss Vangelis, then ducks the most lackadaisical Mendoza clothesline ever, setting up a metro boosted dropkick and a Rush tope, which ends up being more of a flying clothesline due to aim. Metro finishes Sangre with the German suplex (after originally going for a wheel barrow thing? Not sure), and Máximo knocks down Vangelis with the double springboard butt bump.

3: Fun with Mendoza and Máximo to start. Sangre & Metro again; This time, Sangre takes a monkey flip from the ramp, over the ropes, and into the ring. At this rate, Metro is going to launch Sangre all the away over the ring by the end of the year. Flying armdrag sends Sangre out. Vangelis tries to shoulderblock Metro, but gets dropkicked. Mendoza kicks Metro, while Máximo apron planchas Vangelis. Metro and Mendoza miss charges, Metro is flipped to the apron, plancha misses by a ton, but Sangre nails the anti-aircraft dropkick. One pin there. Rush doesn't bother to break it up, choosing to superkick Mendoza instead. Mendoza reverses the next whip, pulls Rush over into powerslam (Rush flying over with Mendoza barely touching him), and finishes him with a step over armbar. It's over, not a moment too soon.