CMLL Guerreros del Ring on CAN52 #215 (01/02/2010)

Match 1: Diamante ©, Fabián el Gitano, Leono vs Dr. X, Hooligan, Nitro ©
Arena Mexico, 12/27/2009

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Winner: rudos(2-1)
Match Time: 13:06
Rating: ehh.
Notes: Miguel talks about Diamante. Nitro's factions mention he was Filoso, which is still weird to see in print. They also list him as a (former) World trios champion, which is not especially true. Leono's also listed as a 12 year vet. Maybe that match with Mr. Mexico felt like it went 12 years, but I don't think that's how time works. Speaking of Leono and not working, he's got three brown thick “cat scratches” on his chest. Eh. Dr. X wrestlers in a t-shirt, like so many, but he actually looks more in shape than usual, unlike many of the t-shirt crew.

Refs: Tigre Hispano, Edgar el Guero

1: When things finally get started, it's Arkangel vs Diamante. Lockup, break. Lockup, break. Arkangel ends up with an armdrag, Diamante to the crowd, and stands him back up in an Elbow lock. Armdrag and armbar back on the mat. Diamante get sup, tries to hiptoss free, and Arkangel holds on. Arkangel scoops hi up by the other leg, and drops him with a nice side backbreaker. Lockup, a hammerlock battle, Diamante manages to hiptoss Arkangel this time. Chop by Arkangel. Whip, Diamante appears to casually walk in, Arkangel catches his head in a headscissors and holds him there, Arkangel pushing off the top rope. Diamante breaks free and armdrags Arkangel into the middle of the ring. Diamante walks behind Arkangel, inside cradle one two no. Arkangel manages a headscissors from the mat. This is an oddly put together open. Both up, Arkangel trips up Diamante, Diamante gets in a headscissors from the mat, and Arkangel slide out. Diamante tease the dive, and rolls to pose in the middle of the ring. Crowd is very anti-técnico, which may have to do with the other two members of Diamante's trio. Leono and Dr. X in. Lockup, break. Lockup, Dr. X headlock, Leono spins out, Dr. X armdrags him down, Leono armdrags him from the mat, standoff. Tag out while you’re doing ok! They don’t. Nitro drop toe hold, lays on Leon's back for a chinlock, Leono squirms free, armbar, twist, Dr. X rolls forward, rolls backwards, drop toe hold on Leono to break free. Circle. Crowd reacts positively to Dr. X winning that exchange. Lockup, Leono slowly flips Dr. X, over slowly armdrags him the other way. Zero leg trips, standoff, no one cares. That's a reporting of crowd reaction, not an editorial statement. I can see how they're close. Fabian and Nitro in, and Fabi goes right away to the dancing. Nitro fells one chest slap! This is a win. Whip reversal lead to a Fabian hiptoss, a Fabian springboard plancha, and a Fabian sunset flip roll thru dropkick. Fabi dropkicks Nitro again to send him out, acts like a fool for a second, and topes Nitro. Arkangel runs in, and is immediately backdropped by Leono. Dropkick for Dr. X too. Leono lifts Arkangel on his shoulder, drops him forward, and Diamante adds a top rope 450 splash, one two three. Diamante goes to pose as Leono starts to put on a sideways campana. Lord knows why Leono to tries this – Diamante stops posing and helps him finish the move, because it takes some effort. Dr. X gives, and that's the fall.

Hijo del Fantasma promo for Ras de Lona

Tania stares a hole into our hearts. And then there's about 10 seconds of dancing before the break.

Coming up: Miguel talks about apuesta matches.

Second fall ring girl

Juan Carlos talks about Leono

2: No one in a hurry to start this one. Doesn’t feel like they're doing clipping this week, that's fore sure. Arkangel puts on a headlock, shot off, - no, Diamante gets the headlock on, he's shot off, Arkangel kicks him as he runs by. Whip, Diamante flips off the ropes, they both look at each other, and Arkangel back elbow him down. Diamante gets wristlock, runs up the ropes, flips off, and Arkangel is sent off with an armdrag. Arkangel out, Diamante jumps to the middle rope, jumps out – and whiffs on the armdrag. That looks quite messed up. Rudos hoot and holler, and then decide to just stomp Diamante down on the floor. Replay of the botch, of course. Arkangel doesn’t really feed his arm, but I don’t think Diamante was close to getting it anyway, so I dunno. I think Arkangel was just unaware that was supposed to be an armdrag. Back live, the Rudos are destroying the two living técnicos. Leono is sent out, and Fabian just gets over on a backdrop. That was almost causality #2 of this match, and I think his head still bounced off the mat. Fabian is sat up, dropkicked in the face. Leono comes in to attack, and that goes well. For the rudos. Arkangel ends up getting in a questionably low elbow drop. Diamante comes back in, which is sort of a surprise, but gets kicked and stomped down by the rudos. Falls been going for about three minutes, so now's a good time for the second fall ring girl video bit. Diamante is held in a corner and Dr. X adds a one foot dropkick low. Fabian back in. He rolls to the center of the ring, and is forearmed down there by the rudos. Arkangel stands on his back and stomps it for a while.

Arkangel loads Fabian up, drops him down, and Nitro adds a top rope splash. One two three. Leono in, Arkangel puts him in a hammerlock, and hooks him in a pseudo small package for another three count. That's the match.

Miguel talks about Solitario's five apustea wins in December

Edecan promo for Ras de Lona

Promo for fall 3.Breka.

More edecanes.

Juan Carlos talks about Nitro.

3: Rudos still in control. Fabian is held on the ropes, and Arkangel and Dr. X come off the middle rope for flying axhandle to the midsection. Triple dropkick to the head. Rudos celebrate as Leono comes in. Not because he came in, because what they did to Fabian , though I could see how you might get that confused. Whip, double drop toe hold, double elbow dropt to the back, Nitro off the ropes, off the ropes some more, dropkick to the head. Diamante in, and on top of Nitro, but Dr. X clubs him in the back of the head to stop the técnicos. Whip, double backdrop. Why is Arkangel wearing the blue outfit while his teammates are showing off the orange? Why did it take me to fall three to notice this? Fabian pleads for 1 on 3, can't get it. Referees yell at the rudos as they grate Fabian’s head with their forearms. Whip, double clotheslines misses, Fabi lands a springboard back elbow on both men to start the comeback. (booos.) Fabian gives Nitro a really bad quebradora – Fabian even appears to apologize to Nitro about it. This is a horrible time to shrink up the screen to show Carolina (admittedly not a horrible person to see), so they do it and we miss whatever else is going on the comeback. When the match get full screen, the técnicos are very disorganizes and not much of a team. Leono holds Arkangel for the other two to hit, so Leono eats a double chop by accident. Técnicos do manage to chop down Arkangel right after. Dr. X is also in, Nitro having rolled out at some point. Rudos are whipped in each other, Diamante is boosted up into a dropkick on both. There’s no much speed on this. Tecnicos tease topes, sling to the apron instead, and go for Asai – but are pulled off the ropes before they can hit their moves. Rudos stomp the técnicos down on the floor, as the captains re left in. Leono misses a superkick (one of his better ones, oddly enough), when Nitro ducks out of the way. Nitro blocks Leono’s punch, grabs him in a pumphandle, and flips him over for a slam. Nitro adds an elbow drop, then puts on a half crab and armbar – that's a submission and a win.


Místico Ras de Lona ad.


Miguel talks about Felino.

Match 2: Máscara Dorada, Místico ©, Toscano vs Felino, Terrible ©, Texano Jr.
Arena Mexico, 12/27/2009

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Winner: tecnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 11:08
Rating: good
Notes: Refs are Rodolfo Ruiz and Tigre Hispano

After the captain introductions, there’s promos for each team (though Místico isn't there for his team, hmmm.) La Comadante is with Texano & Terrible, and Felino wanders in front of the camera for before cutting an insane promo and lifting up his armpit. Felino appear to be from another planet. Tecnicos promos is much less interesting, except for the moment where Toscano appears to forget his teammates is Mascara Dorada and not La Mascara.) Mascara Dorada talks about Felino a lot.

1: By the time they show the ring, the rudos are in control. Dorada gets tossed into a Texano gutbuster. Místico gets knocked own by a kick to the back of the knee. Felino goes after Dorada's mask – or maybe he's just yanking the nose? Double shoulderblock sends Místico to the apron. Toscano gets up to the apron and just watches this, as Místico does sort of as well. Lot of standing around suddenly, then the rudos rush the técnicos again and kicks them a bit. Toscano is isolated, chopped around, and then whipped into the corner. Jumping clothesline, running clothesline. Dorada comes in, but Felino crotches him on the ropes. Corner whip, corner clothesline, corner clothesline, whip back, Terrible tosses him up into a Felino clothesline. Not the best angle of that, and it actually hit this time. Too bad. Terrible pins Dorada with one foot, which annoys the crowd but is sufficient to count. Místico in, and tries kicking while pushing off the corner. Terrible grabs a boot to hold him up, and Texano kicks Místico in the back. Terrible slaps Toscano off the apron, while Texano cover Místico – for the fall?? He got kicked in the back! I dunno what happened there. Rudos grab Toscano for something, as if the fall isn't over. Toscano’s set up on the top rope, facing out, and held there for a while. Not sure what they’re planning. They don't seem sure what they’re doing. Terrible just kicks Toscano in the backside, and Toscano begs off from the rudos. Rudos are finally informed the fall is over. How odd was that.

Much better shot of Felino's finish in the replays. A couple of them! It's like they were afraid to show it live (because it does go wrong at times), but had the good shot. Rudos continue to beat up on the técnicos inside the ring, while Místico somehow (and some why) gets La Comadante in a choke on the outside. Místico forces Comandate down onto people in the first row, until Terrible finally makes the save.

Hector Garza Ras de Lona promo

Tease for Sangre India discussion to come.

And now talk about the match that ended his life

Segunda Caida ring girl.

2: Rudos still fircely in control. Felino beats up Dorada on the rap, while the others hold the ring. Crowd loud for Felino, who rubs his armpits. Místico get questionably low, as Anabel presents the second fall. They come back to the match just as Terrible and Texano re nowhere near close to hitting Místico on a double boot, but Místico rolls out of the ring anyway. Comadante appears appalled by that lack of real violence. Toscano springboards in, has no plan past that, gets kicked down. Is Texano blowing kisses to the crowd? And why? Toscano whipped, under a double clothesline, Místico in with a springboard headscissors on Texano. Terrible shoulderblocks Místico cross the ring, Toscano gets Terrible with a springboard armdrag, Felino back elbows Toscano out of the ring, then spins around, and sees Dorado running to him – Dorada leaps over the top rope and comes in with a headscissors on Felino. Dorada wastes little time. Inside out springboard tope con giro to the floor! Místico in, tossed up to Terrible, on him with a headscissors. Texano misses a clothesline, and Toscano runs over to get him in a bodyscissors, then out into a back bridge for the pin. Odd. Mistica on Terrible, and he’s done too. Cheers, but still a lot of boos towards Místico. Dorada and Felino keep fighting on the outside, Dorada superkicking Felino at one point.

Juan Crlos draws the short straw, talks about Toscano this week.

Promo for the third fall.

3: And straight into this fall, after the break. Texano and Comadante are returning from backstage for some reason, but are back in the ring when they cut to it. Toscano (having lost his shorts without a stoppage this time), corner whip, Texano charges in, Toscano kicks him away, Toscano pushes off Terrible to headscissors Texano out, Terrible misses a Running somersault senton, Toscano gets him with a bodyscissors armdrag. Roll, pose, boos. Dorada and Felino in. both appeal for cheers. Felino whip, Dorada over sunset, flip, Felino rolls thru and boots him in the head. Nice inside of the foot kick to the head there. Whip, Dorada quebradora, and Felino rolls out quickly. Tags, Místico and Texano – and no, Texano will leave. Texano offers Terrible his spot. Terrible shakes his head, thinks about coming in, and then they both decide to talk out. Místico is annoyed, tells the ref to count them out faster. Okay, now they're back. Terrible in, but Místico stops him so he can blow a kiss at Comadante – playing off what Texano was doing earlier, I think. Terrible slaps down Místico, and Comadante celebrates. Místico is nearly knocked by the one shot, but he gets back up enough to take off his shirt. Místico dramatically works over Terrible with chest slaps, then one to the face. Terrible misses a clothesline, Místico off the ropes, TV misses Texano kicking Místico in the back, but you can see everyone react after the fact. Místico is down, and both Terrible and Texano stomp him in to the mat. Terrible threatens to hit the ref when he's warned, that seems like a sound strategy. Felino celebrate on the top rope, and almost falls off when Terrible this. They hug and make up. Crowd boots. Texano walks around and poses. Terrible and Texano stand Místico up. Whip, Místico handsprings over the clothesline, ducks Texano’s running clothesline, Místico on Texano, walk up the ropes, and off into a headscissors so Texano. Místico off the ropes, reverse motion headscissors sends Terrible out (and kicking a camera as he goes.) Terrible up on Texano’s shoulders, and out with an escape headscissors. Místico back up, charges, and no one's there, so he just stops. Felino tries to sneak in, so Místico ducks out and Dorada springboards in. Felino not in a hurry for this. Shoves, Felino winning that. Felino charge, Dorada lifts him up, and spinebusters him down. Dorada off the ropes, cartwheeling over the dropdown, but Felino blows him up with a back elbow. Corner whip, reversed, Dorada charges in, Felino flips him to the apron, Dorada headbutts him in the midsection to knock him away. Dorada jumps to the top rope, slips to the middle, leaps to the top again, and springboards off into an armdrag on Felino. Felino manages to evade a dropkick in before Dorada can do anything else insane. Felino shoulderblock Dorada, Felino tries a handspring back elbow that's hilarious inadequate, and Dorada ducks out of the way as he continues to run. Dropkick ends Felino out, but the other rudo rush Dorada out with a running shoulderblock. Místico rushes in to dropkick them, they scatter, and Místico crashes and burns. Místico really throws his body around. Corner whip, Místico flipped to the apron, Toscano kicks away the charging rudos, Místico comes in planchas both rudos, Toscano adds a running plancha of his own, then boosts Místico into dropkicks on both. Toscano runs – roll to the ropes, and pescado over them. Rudos set him down, so Místico runs – up to the corner, off with a plancha on the rudos. Felino and Dorada left in. Dorada charges, Felino wipes him with a clothesline. One two NO. Both up, Felino waiting, and Dorada chops him, Dorada whip, Felino quick reversal to a bearhug lift, and Felino foul kneelifts him rather blatantly. Felino covers, but both refs saw it, and it's only a matter of pulling Felino off to get the DQ awarded.

Comandate collects her men, and explains what happened. Dorada I s rolling on the mat in pain, but still manages to cut a promo talking about Felino being a great luchador, but challenging for a match. This promo seems clipped out – or maybe they just skip ahead to Felino coming in. Felino asks Dorada what he wants, Dorada says mano y mano (not mask or title), and that's where they cut to replays.

One more replay of the whole match highlights, and that's it.