CMLL GDR - 05/17/05 (#130)
Recap: 10/10/08

Intro: promos by Rey (who points out Hector is not a Perro, and sure not a Guerrero) and Hector Garza (who talks about replacing Shocker here - oh, Shocker.) 

Match 1: Mini Warrior, Pierrothito vs Tzuki, Mascara Dorada
Arena Mexico, 05/09/08

  1. tecnicos
  2. rudos
  3. tecnicos

Winner: tecnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 12:53
Approx Rating: Very good.
Other Match Notes: No entrances. I forget why we're having a tag match here, but we sure are. Refs are Bestia Negra and Rafael El Maya. I like it when I can actually hear the ring announcement point this out. 

1: Crowd is QUIET to start. I mean, you hear whistling, but not much else. Pierrothito tries to outwrestle Dorada on the mat early on, but Dorada just keeps squirming free. Highlight, and ending spot is, Dorada going up and over for a sunset flip, Pierroth roll thru, Dorada bounces off the ropes for a 'rana, Pierroth roll thru again, but Dorada getting in the kick to head. Pierroth grabs his head with one hand, Dorada walks over and shake his other hand, then Dorada slaps Pierrothito's face with his free hand. Tzuki is half Warrior's size, but agile enough to make an arm scissors work when a headscissors doesn't. Warrior goes out quick first, so Tzuki out brawls Pierroth (!) Pierroth whips Tzuki into the corner, Tzuki grabs on to the middle rope and climbs it across the ring, Pierroth tries to knock him off with a dropkick, Tzuki falls off in time, Pierroth throws himself to the floor, Tzuki follows with a springboard headscissors. Dorada gets Warrior with a flying headscissors, then with a fireman's escape spinning armdrags into a spinning headscissors. Dorada runs across Warrior's body, up the ropes, onto the pos, and off into a plancha on Pierroth. Tzuki back in, spinning headscissors into a bodyscissors cradle, Dorada comes in to help pose one two three. Referees count out Pierroth in 10 seconds! The wrestlers may be smaller but the countout time shouldn't be. 

2: Tzuki has his way with Pierrothito as the announcers plug the Toscano/Metal and tag title show. Dorada does just as well versus Warrior, until Warrior takes off his head with a (diving) clothesline. Hey, they got the beatdown stared with a legit fair move. Warrior press slams Dorada into Pierroth's knee, though he probably could've aimed that better. Tzuki is pulled in by his mask and slapped directly in the face. Double whip, Tzuki goes under the clothesline (too high!), runs back, and takes a double drop toe hold anyway. Warrior pull him up by his shirt, and slap him on the back. whip, Warrior tosses him to Pierroth, who - who gets a bodyscissors armdrags, oops. That takes care of him. Warrior manages to backdrop Tzuki, but Tzuki lands on the apron for an Asia - oh, Pierroth trips him up, that'll do it. Pierroth sets up Tzuki over his knees for Warrior to kill with a slingshot guillotine, but Dorada cuts the rudo out of the air with a springboard dropkick. Whip, reversed, Dorada roll under a leapfrog, but Warrior gets him with a heel kick anyway. Pierroth back in to help, and Dorada is whipped over to him Dorada Pierroth lifts Dorada over his shoulder so Warrior can now hit that slingshot legdrop, and Pierroth adds a running senton. Tzuki tries to come in and gets booted. Warrior powerbomb tosses him into the top buckle. Pierroth flapjacks Dorada, runs off the ropes a couple times, and gives him - an inverted facelock. I don't know why you needed to run for that, but it works. Warrior remember she's got to finish the other guy, and flapjacks Tzuki, who hits Dorada on the lading, oops.) Pierrothito tries to put a tapatia on Tzuki (you only need one leg to hold him up!) and lean him back for a pin, but it doesn't work just right so he lets it go. Warrior slams Tzuki, goes out, and back in with another slingshot legdrop. One two three.

3: Dorada almost gets thrown into the ring card girl by Pierroth. When Dorada brushes her on the leg, she turns and mocks stomping him! It's tough for a mini. Dorada's mask almost comes off too  - it's untied and just hanging over his face at one point, but he gets it readjusted. Rudos in no hurry on their beatdown. Pierroth hits hi thru the ropes clothesline, senton back in combo on Tzuki. Dorada escapes a corner charge clothesline Pierroth in after his missed charge, and moves out of the way of Warrior's, causing him to silla his partner. Dorada gets Warrior with a springboard headbutt (not really a tope, not really what they planned.) Dorada gets a faceslam on the next pass, though they still both seem to be out of position. Dorada charges Warrior at the ropes, who tosses him over them. Dorada lands on the apron, Pierroth tries to double jump clothesline him there, Dorada scoots under and dropkicks him off the apron. Tzuki comes in, flying headscissors Warrior out and gets Pierroth with thru the ropes, while Dorada gets Warrior with a ring post moonsault! Everyone looking tired. Tzuki and Pierroth back in while Warrior goes for Dorada's mask again. Tzuki tires a bodyscissors cradle on Pierroth but Pierroth just pushes him off. Tzuki charges again, Pierroth presses him, and then drops him into a backbreaker. Pierroth bends Tzuki over his knee until he gives , and he does quick. Dorada back in, landing on Pierroth with a plancha, Pierroth rolls thru and covers, Dorada gets his feet on the ropes. Whip, clothesline misses, Dorada with a satellite armbar! That's it for him. Down to Warrior and Dorada, Warrior immediately Dorada with a boot. Whip, reversed, reversed again, Dorada up and over sunset flip but Warrior has two hands on the ropes. Dorada lets Warrior up, off the ropes, waved by, springboard - no, he hit the ropes bad and tripped. Warrior stops Dorada and slaps him. Whip, Dorada jumps to soon for Warrior to lift him up, but he eventually gets him with a full nelson faceslam. Dorada rolled into position, Warrior goes up, top rope senton con giro misses when Dorada moves out of the way. Dorada sets him up, springboard corner moonsault, but Warrior gets his knees up - and Warrior pulls the mask! Hey, idiot, you had the match won. Ah, rudos. Losing doesn't stop Warrior from celebrating with the mask.

Match 2: Hijo de Lizmark (c), Rey Bucanero, Olimpico vs Dos Caras Jr. (c), Alex Koslov, Hector Garza
Arena Coliseo, 05/11/08

  1. rudos
  2. tecnicos
  3. tecnicos

Winner: tecnicos
Match Time: 14:21
Approx Rating: by the numbers
Other Match Notes: Entrances. Alex & Olimpico do the promos. Olimpico wants a title match. 

1: Counter based opening, with Alex/Olimpico, Dos/Lizmark. Garza/Rey lasts not long before it all breaks down, including a nice Alex tope con giro. Tecnicos try for 'ranas, rudos powerbomb them and hold on for the pin. 

2: Rudos beatdown. Announcers have been plugging the hair match hard all show, and continue thru this match. Dos gets a triple boot. Garza takes the Guerreros sit. Alex gets a walking double suplex. Tecnicos are in no hurry to come in, and the rudos actually go to their corner for a bit. Garza comes in, Olimpico and Lizmark whip him to the corner, follow him in, Garza starts to kip out over them, but ends up just standing on the ropes as the rudos come in (and do nothing, completely baffled) and then steps off behind them. Time freezes for a moment, and then the rudos wake up to boot Garza, so he can roll backwards to set up the spot that was supposed to happen next anyway. So bad. Dos planchas both men, too high and not really in position for Rey to miss an elbow drop on him, so Rey just elbow drops nothing in particularly while Dos is far away. Ale splashes the pile Garza splashes the pile, every one gets up, and everyone gets put in a finisher.  That was not good.

3: Showcases go Garza, Dos (the big posing contest is with Rey, instead of the other two - Dos looks good thru the exchange), and then Alex. Alex flattens Rey with the springboard plancha, Garza misses a corner charge and almost gets his tights pulled, Dos clear house on the remaining rudos, press slam on Olimpico, Garza standing moonsault for one pin. Dos gets the cross armbreaker (very loosely) on Lizmark for the fall.

Lots of time killing after, because there's still a few to the hour. No promos. That's it.