CMLL 52MX - 05/10/08 (#129)
recap: 10/09/08 

Open: Shocker, one of a number Mother's Day related promos.

Intro: Hijo de Fantasma, who seems quite nervous.

Match 1: Medusa, Hiroka (c), Princesa Sujei vs Goddess, Luna Magica, Dark Angel (c)
Arena Mexico, 05/02/08

  1. tecnicas
  2. rudas
  3. tecnicas

Winner: tecnicas
Match Time: 13:02
Approx Rating: Average
Other Match Notes: No entrances

1: JIP. Luna Magica and Medusa appear to get the long opening, which is just silly. It's hard not two watch a Goddess match the week after she lost her mask and not just be spotting screw ups. Crowd seem to be against her even early, though she's relatively fine against Hiroka and then Sujei. Wait, I just saw her "run" (lightly jog) from corner to corner, never mind.  Dark Angel in, and almost taking off Sujei's head with a headscissors. Crowd is into her every move. Luna Magica get in a wild (as in out of control looking) Asai moonsault on Medusa. Hiroka hits Dark Angel a lot and holds her in a full nelson, but Sujei till end up hitting her partner. Dark Angel gets Hiroka with an Atomic drop (sold big) and an inside cradle while Goddess makes Sujei give up an inverted figure four.

2: Princesa Sujei jacks the ring card, of course. But she's police about it, even if she's still unclear on why the fans cheer the valet and not her. They use the fall graphic to clip ahead into the middle of the beatdown, yay bad editing. Goddess is slammed by medusa, and Sujei tosses Hiroka into a big top rope senton. Sujei puts Dark Angel in a sideways campana, and Medusa kills Magica with a spinning side slam.  

3: Rudas content to fool around with the camera people. 3 on 1s continue. Rudas aren't doing much, but having fun, including their slap down of Luna. Goddess still has a leisurely pace running the ropes, but not as bad as the first time. Rudas have trouble getting her up for the bodyscissors combo move, then, Goddess gets dropped too quick. It's not good. Dark Angel in, Dark Angel booted out. Corner clothesline for Luna - actually, the rudas all hit one, then make a sharp turn back and hit another, and then go for a third run!  Luna flops onto the mat before Hiroka can go for number four. Sarah brought back in, and clotheslined down. Rudas pick her back up by her hair, whip her to Sujei for a kick, and Sujei front suplexes her into a gutbuster. Rudas off the ropes for a triple dropkick, but the other tecnicas trip Hiroka and Medusa, Angel gives Sujei a spinning backbreaker. All the tecnicas dropkick all the rudas and set up for dives - and the only one we see is Goddess's silla off the aprons. Looks like Luna did one on other side, and Dark Angel did a tope (which probably would've been worth seeing.) Dark Angel and Sujei back in, Dark Angel gets a bodyscissors cradle and a reinera - and that's it.    

Match 2: Texano Jr. (c), Ephesto, Misterioso Jr. vs Flash, Hijo de Fantasma, La Mascara (c)
Arena Coliseo, 05/04/08

  1. tecnicos
  2. rudos
  3. tecnicos

Winner: tecnicos
Match Time: 11:43
Approx Rating: Good.
Other Match Notes: Flash is wearing green. Seems wrong! At least get a yellow outfit. La Mascara and Misterioso do the promos, Misterioso apparently thinking he's facing Mascara Purpura and not Flash. 

1: Chain wrestling start, with extended periods for Misterioso/Flash and Epehsto/Fantasma. Mascara/Texano is at a faster pace, and the rudo is more even with the tecnico in the battle. Texano gets control enough for a tapatia, but Hijo de Fantasma break it up with a top rope sunset flip, and it breaks down from there with everyone in. Tecnicos quickly win the scrum for the fall.

2: Surprisingly, no instant beatdown. It's tecnico showcases for everyone. Hijo de Fantasma looks a little bit better than Flash. La Mascara looks like La Mascara, the guy who can do all the normal stuff fine but has nothing remarkable about him. His backbreakers are better than average, I'll give him at least that much. Fall is over in an instant. La Mascara misses a clothesline on Texano, and is scooped up on Misterioso's shoulders just as Misterioso enters the ring. Flash jumps at Texano, who catches him and places him on his shoulders. Misterioso runs to Ephesto, who tilt-a-whirls him up over his shoulder. All three rudos hit their moves at the same time and get the triple pin after having no offense.

3: Now, we get the beatdown, seemingly started during the break. La Mascara's mask must've been united during some clip, because it almost falls completely off as all three guys mug him near the ropes. Rudos work over Flash in one corner, then bring him to an adjacent corner after consulting the refs. He's whipped in, Misterioso charges, Flash moves, and Misterioso hits the post on the way down. Ephesto misses a splash, and Mascara superkicks him. Texano clears out both Mascara and Flash, and Fantasma gets him good with a flying spinning DDT. Mascara dropkicks Texano out, and Flash follows with a running springboard DDT. Fantasma spears Ephesto and gets him with what an armbar neck crank submission, while Mascara gets his usual finish for the win. Flash comes in just in time to pose.   

That's it.