CMLL CAN52 GdR - 05/03/08 (#128)
Recap: 06/08/08

Intro: Hector Garza (re: Perro) and Perro Aguayo (re: Hector).

Match 1: Diamante Negro, Euforia (c), Nosferatu vs Felino, Máscara Púrpura, Máximo (c)
Arena Mexico, 04/25/08

  1. tecnicos
  2. rudos
  3. tecnicos

Winner: tecnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 9:01
Approx Rating: Okay.
Other Match Notes: No entrances. It’s been too long without the Nuevo Infernales in my life. Maximo pulls a cameraman over to shoot him spinning when his name is announced as captain. (We miss half of it looking at the lineup.) Maximo’s instructions to stand and point were very audible, as if this was drawing our attention to some wacky stunt, but it turns on he just wanted to be on TV. Refs are Bestia Negra and Terror Chino.

1: Opening sequences are Euforia/Felino (who have a bit of a battle) and Maximo/Negro. Nosferatu comes in to cut off Maximo, but Maximo leads him out into the the path of a Purpura tope con giro. Felino slams Diamante in position for a Maximo splash, then climbs the opposite corner and allows Euforia to try and ‘rana him so he can reverse it to the superbomb.

2: Diamante gets Felino with one big boot and goes insane with celebration. He’s a bit fired up at all times. Felino comes back by rolling thru a sunset flip and kicking him in the head. Crowd not into the match. Diamante knocks Felino back down with a clothesline. Corner slap, corner whip, reversed, Diamante kips up and rolls back, but Felino just waits for him and dropkicks him as he gets up. Clothesline knocks Diamante out, and Felino fakes the dive. Purpura and Euforia in. Purpura evades Euforia a couple times off the ropes, does a springboard back flip for no reason and Euforia takes him down with a back elbow. Don’t do things for no reason! Euforia stomps him into the mat a bit. Whip, Purpura goes under the leapfrogs, and evades a leg trip with a back flip, segueing right into a legdrop. Handspring armdrags sends Euforia out. Maximo and Diamante Negro again. Maximo blocks all of Negro’s strikes and gives him the big kiss, which angers the rudos enough into starting the beatdown. Corner charges on Maximo, including Diamante being tossed up into a big corner clothesline, and Maximo being whipped out into a Nosferatu spear. Double big boot for Purpura. Chest slaps for Purpura, who’s pulled out to the ramp. Nosferatu whips him to Euforia, who tosses him up in the air and Diamante Negro knocks him out of it with a missile dropkick. It’s a neat idea, but doesn’t look as good as it sounds because the dropkick doesn't quite connect. Good enough for the pin, of course. Infernales take care of the other tecnicos. Nosferatu beats Maximo with a evil small package for the technical end of the match, though Euforia shows of a pumphandle face first slam. Magadan calls that the Euforia Special, and they totally need someone to work on coming up with better names for this stuff.

3: Rudos in control for twenty seconds before Purpura gets tossed up and comes down with a dropkick on Nosferatu. Diamante Negro misses a senton, Euforia misses a clothesline, and Purpura takes care of him with a twisting headscissors. Maximo in, Maximo out, toping Euforia. Felino gives Nosferatu a backbreaker. Nosferatu bumps Felino, but Felino puts Nosferatu on the ropes on the next charge, and Purpura gets in a top rope ‘rana. Felino quickly adds a tope rope elbow drop one two three. Mascara Purpura slams Diamante Negro and makes the spinny motion. Shooting Star Press seems to connect good, good enough for three and the pin, but Purpura looks to be grabbing his left knee after he rolls off the pin. Watching it again, the knees were the first things to hit, and hit hard, but that’s the move. Crazy thought, maybe he should have another move.

Match 2: Damián 666, el Hijo del Perro Aguayo (c), Mr. Águila vs Héctor Garza (c), Marco Corelone, Shocker
Arena Coliseo, 04/27/08

  1. Perros
  2. tecnicos
  3. tecnicos

Winner: tecnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 15:10
Approx Rating: About as expected.
Other Match Notes: Marco tries to do his pre-match interview, but he’s just so handsome the valets drag him away. It must be so tough to be Marco Corelone. Perros take turns yelling at the tecnicos/camera.

1: It’s a brawl! Of course it’s a brawl. Perro pounds Garza’s skull, which is pretty well covered by hair again. It’s like he got a buzz cut. Those two end up in the front row, while the other rudos try to keep it two on 1 in the ring. Perro nearly gets into a fight with a midget who happens to be sitting into the front row. No one bats an eye. Corelone takes a camel clutch/dropkick combo for the a near fall, the rudos forgetting that Corelone’s legs were under the ropes and almost out of the ring. Let’s try this again – doubles suplex, Perro double stomp, one two three. Production crew forgets Corelone isn’t the captain, but luckily Shocker comes in and runs directly into a Damian spear to make it over.

Hector Garza tries to use the female photographer as a human shield in between falls, but changes his mind and ends up getting beat more.

2: Garza starts the fall by fixing his boots. The Perros are busying themselves with beating up Shocker and Corelone instead. Garza manages to get in the ring, and almost attacks the ref for causing him tog et knocked down by Perro. Slow brawling-like stuff. They finally get around to doing something together, which means it’s going wrong – Hector backdrops Perro to the apron on a corner charge and back elbows him to the floor. Dropkick for Garza and Damian as they charge in, kick for Perro, roll under a double clothesline for the other, and boosting Shocker into a dropkick on both of them. Perro in, missing a dropkick on Shocker and taking a flying clothesline from Corelone. Damian charges Corelone, Corelone scoops him up, put shim on his feet and KOs him with the left hand. Perro sees how this is going and flees, Garza giving chase. Shocker gets Aguila in the reinera, and that’s it.

3: Perro finds himself stuck between Corelone and Garza, who end up ripping up his Perros shirt. This does not upset the female fans. One one one sequences. Corelone get to leapfrog a lot. Damian can remember to duck the first punch, but stops to pose too soon and pays for it every time. Aguila comes in to help, though the Perros really only get control with Aguayo helping from the outside. Corelone quickly turns it around for the other two. Perro comes into go face to face, but realizes that’s not quite possible and takes off Corelone goes to his knees to help, and we miss the payoff looking at the crowd. Perro gets in a chop and tries a sunset flip, but Corelone dances and punches. Perro tries to get away, but the corner is in his way. Corner whip, charge, Perro gets out of the way, Perro charges, Corelone puts him on the top rope, jumps up, hi swivel, and shoves off. Big punch, and Perro falls, hanging off the ropes on the outside. Corelone just batters Perro with the lethal punches as he’s hanging there. The match stops as the referees try to free Perro. Shocker speeds up the process by just shoving him to the floor. Shockers gets the better of a boxing match with Aguila, then slingshots Damian to the floor. Tope? Nope! Aguila pulls Shocker out the other way, Damian follows with a sliding dropkick, but Shocker moves and Aguila gets it . Shocker gives Damian a heel kick on the floor, and Damian goes down acting as if it’s a foul. Neither ref pays it any attention. Garza and Perro in, and the crowd picks up. Perro gets in punches first. Corner whip, Hector kips up and out, Perro, charges into an armdrag, armdrags, Garza off the ropes, clothesline misses, Garza flips over a backdrop, ducks a clothesline, and lands a jumping clothesline. Hector grabs Perro by his hair, but Aguila runs into break it up. Aguila works over Garza with punches, whip, both evade for a while and Aguila surprises Garza with a clothesline. Garza is forced into the corner, but Aguila is backdropped to the apron and punches. Damian comes in to help, ands end up booting Aguila. Garza slides out on a corner whip, Damian chases him in and out, and takes a kick to the head while slipping back in. Perro’s left, but Perro’s not coming back in right now. No one is, actually. Aguila eventually comes in, and mocks Shocker’s bicep. Damian’s quickly in to help, Corelone tries to double clothesline the rudos, but they duck under and knock Shocker out of the ring. Corelone’s kicked down, but Shocker pulls out Aguila and Damian before they an do any more. Corelone teases the dive, and flies over the top for a plancha onto all three. This leaves Garza and Perro. Perro misses a dropkick, Garza kicks him, but Perro gets control with strikes to chest. Corner whip, Garza hops to the top rope and backflips to escape. Perro chases him the other way, and takes the knee bump on the corner to get stuck on the ropes. Garza goes for the trunks, a ref goes for Garza, and a mooning is adverted. IN the process, the ref (Bestia Negra?) grabs Garza in a waistlock and Perro dropkicks Garza backwards, falling on the ref. Perro off the ropes, double stomp gets only the ref when Garza rolls out of the way. DQ? The other ref saw it, and hasn't made a call. Garza tries a ‘rana, Perro reverses it to a powerbomb with his feet all over the ropes, right in front of the ref, one two no – DQ against Perro. That was delayed. Why count the pin if you’re going to DQ him anyway?

Everyone checks on the ref who took the double stomp., thought the Perros are more interested in protesting the decision. Garza does the post match interview, demanding revenge versus Perro.