CMLL CAN52 GdR - 03/01/08 (#119)
Recapped: 03/03/08

Open: Ultimo Guerrero is on another level. Not sure if you heard.

Intro: involves lots of zooming and panning for no particular reason. It's still a couple guys just standing there yapping about what we're going to see. Lizmark Jr. promos "Dos, I used to be your friend [forgets thought]", while Dos promos "Lizmark, you used to be my friend. TRAITOR!" Poor Dos.

Outside the Ring: LA Park

Match 1: Mr. Aguilita, Pequeño Damian 666 (c), Pequeño Halloween vs Mascarita Dorada (c), Shockercito, Tzuki
Arena Mexico, 02/22/08

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  2. tecnicos

Winner: tecnicos
Match Time: 9:04
Approx Rating: good but short
Other Match Notes: No entrances, but in-ring introductions. For unknowable reasons, Mini Perros are dressed like gang members, and all wrestle in white shirts and jean shorts this week. Referees are Rodolfo Ruiz and Pompin. 

1: No one's in a hurry to get going. Aguila decides he must face Shockercito for some reason, sot hat's what we get. Lockup, break, and Aguila jabs Shocker down. Aguila celebrates, and a break already? 

Once the graphics get done obliterating the action, Shocker has Aguila down on the mat with a double armbar, and rolls him over on his back for a two count. lock, but Shocker takes him down, ties up the legs, and holds them there. More inconclusive battles on the mat lead to a Shockercito armdrags. Shockercito comes off the ropes for more, Aguila rolls out, and it's been a while since I've actually seen Shocker do that pose. I think I've seen Mini Shocker do it as much. Tzuki and Halloween in. Halloween taunts him, Tzuki off the ropes, over a drop down, under a clothesline (didn't even have to duck, Halloween ducks Tzuki's clothesline, and zero leg trips get us nowhere. Tzuki ducks a punch form Halloween, Halloween backs off when Tzuki starts swinging. Tzuki charges, bodyscissors into an armdrags sends Halloween to the corner and out. Tzuki starts his dive tease, but Damian breaks it up with kicks and stomps. Dorada in to face him, but spends too much time circling and Damian just dropkicks him down. Damian absorbs the boos from the crowd for a moment. Chop. Corner whip, Dorada kips up and out, Damian hits the corner by himself, and Dorada comes back in with a somersault into an armdrag. Dorada waits for Damian to get up, off the ropes, bodyscissors into a faceslam. Dorada off the ropes, up and over sunset flip is a battle and Dorada gets fit for less than a one count, but flops Damian over for a modified half crab. Rudos come in to break that up, and quickly pull the other tecnicos in to stomped them down as well. Damian and Dorada go out to the ram, and Dorada's thrown around by his head quite a bit. Dorada is dragged by his feet back in the ring for more kicking and stomping. I think the refs must call a ref stop somewhere here, but we don't get a good shot of it the first time thru. Rudos grab an arm or a leg each, and hold up Dorada while stomping. That's too much for Pompin, who calls a DQ. Rudos are beside themselves. 

El Arte de Catch

El Inmortales: Pierroth vs Boricua - September 29, 1995. That doesn't seem possible nowadays.

2: Fall starts (at least what we see) with double Shockercito and Dorada hitting springboard planchas into the ring on Damian and Halloween. Damian and Dorada awkwardly throw each other over the top rope, and Shockercito knocks down Halloween with a quebrada. 'rana takes Halloween out, and Shockercito waits for Aguila to get back in. They battle over hiptosses, as the match slows down quite a bit. Aguila points at the tecnico fans a bit, then picks Shockercito up. Shocker escapes the powerbomb try with an armdrags, starts to head to his corner, spots Tzuki set up on the top rope, then casually goes thru the ropes before tagging Tzuki. Tzuki gets Aguila with a headscissors as he approaches the corner. Tzuki ducks a clothesline, lifted up in a fireman's carry and escape out into a spinning headscissors. Tzuki sends Aguila out with an upper and over armdrag, but gets cut off from a dive by a Damian kick to the hamstring. He had to aim to get that one. Whip, backdrop reversed into an armdrag. Tzuki kicks Damian it the ribs while he's down, and leisurely walks over to tag Dorada. Halloween rushes the tecnico corner from the apron and knocks down everyone. While the two men on the apron recover, Damian pinwheels Dorada around by his mask. Dorada goes flying, but his untied mask stays on. Damian does it again, not as impressive as the first, but the first was pretty spectacular. Damian swats Dorada around a bit. Corner whip, Dorada runs up the corner, up into fireman's carry, into an armdrags into a headscissors. Dorada off the ropes, waved by, springboard headscissors sends Damian to the ropes but not off. Dorada off the ropes again, spinning armdrags into a spinning headscissors, and Damián face plants on the floor. Dorada turns for a dive, but right into double boots from the other rudos. Shockercito gets Halloween with a flying headscissors, Tzuki gets Aguila with a spinning armdrag, and Shockercito dropkicks Halloween out. Crazy dive time - Tzuki thru the ropes with a tope con giro, Shockercito with a tope, and Dorada with a off the rope rope spinning headscissors which sends Damian flying into Shockercito from his blind side. Everyone lives, barely. Referees start the count, and the rudos prevent the tecnicos from getting in first. Aguila and Halloween make it, check out the tecnicos, and knock Dorada and Tzuki over as they come in the ring. Stereo whips, Shockercito gives Aguila a weak version of La Mistica, Tzuki gets the headscissors cradle, and the captains show up just in time for Dorada to add a spinning armdrags into a spinning headscissors into a small package for the triple victory. Straight falls.

El Diseno: Mephisto

Match 2: Lizmark Jr., Rey Bucanero, Último Guerrero (c) vs Dos Caras Jr., Marco Corelone, Místico (c)
Arena Coliseo, 02/24/08

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  3. rudos 

Winner: Rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 8:47
Approx Rating: build.
Other Match Notes: They've got new generic tecnico music! Only took a year. Still need to work on the rudo music. Dos has his belt. Mistico has no belts, but does have a vest. Rudos have fantastic jackets/coats. Lizmark walks to ringside while holding a water bottle. I guess he was thirsty! Ultimo and Rey huddle with the Guerrero fans before the match. Ultimo warns Marco that he's not just a Mexican, but he's a Mexican on another level. 

1:  Rudos have Mistico down and surrounded as things pick up. Triple boot for him. Corelone and Dos are both brought in, lined up on the ropes, and Ultimo boots Rey into a sit on both. Mistico back in, knocked down set up, and given a weak triple facebuster. All three tecnicos are tied up and yanked for a triple submission. That was rather easy.

2: Beatdown continues. Corelone takes the catapult/senton con giro combo, with Rey having to do 90% of the work since Lizmark is off who knows where. He may have been beating up Mistico for fun. Dos runs him off, then ducks a weak attempt at a double clothesline so Mistico can start the comeback the usual way. Springboard headscissors takes out Rey, other duo misses elbow drops, and the tall guys come in to take care of them while Mistico drops Rey with a quebrada. Corelone hits the springboard clothesline on Ultimo, then tries to go all fancy with a camel clutch instead of just getting the pin. Could use some work. Dos does his own springboard clothesline and covers Lizmark for the other pins. Cheers and then loud rudo boos.

3: Looks like we missed something with Dos. Rey and Mistico pick up action. Rey knocks Mistico down, Mistico kips up and slaps Rey. Mistico flips off the ropes, spinning headscissors looks odd but gets the job done. Rey off the ropes, spinning headscissors of his own, and these are not the best back to back maneuvers these two men have ever done. Mistico grabs an armbar, rushes up the ropes, and pulls of the jumping spinning armdrag on Rey. Ultimo cuts Mistico of from a dive, which his okay with him - he just tags in Dos. Ultimo ff the ropes, over, shoulderblock knocks Dos down. Ultimo stalks Dos. Whip, reversed, Ultimo misses the clothesline but blocks Dos', Dos escapes from Ultimo, off the ropes, headscissors spins out Ultimo, so does Dos' spinning backbreaker. Crowd shot as Dos does something to Ultimo, but ends up turning into Lizmark's' superkick. Lizmark does jumping jacks to remind us he's done nothing in this match. Meanwhile, the Guerreros are exhausted in the corner. Whip, Lizmark puts his head down too soon, and Dos throws him back by his hair. Lizmark takes a huge bump. Whip, reversed, Lizmark tires boot but Dos gets the ropes. Lizmark charges, Dos flips him to the apron and enziguris him off. Lizmark takes a delayed face first bump on the apron and falls to the mat. Rey tries to help out, eats a monkey flip, and crawls back to his corner to be consoled. Corelone tagged in. Ultimo faces him, and his hip swivel. Face to neck. Ultimo does not seem impressed, even with Corelone shakes some more. Leapfrog. Hipswivel. Seriously now. Leapfrog. Ultimo kicks him, headlock, off the ropes, under, under, under, Ultimo stops short this time, but Corelone spins him and checks him. Corner whip, reveres, Ultimo takes the knee bump tot eh floor Corelone calls for the dive but spots Rey coming with a kick and catches it. Lizmark comes into distract, and the rudos hit a superkick spinning heel kick combo that's actually pretty good. Mistico tries to dropkick them, but they dodge, and chop Dos when he comes in. Mistico pops up and waves to the crowd for a second, and everyone wanders around, Guerreros letting Dos go free to the other side of the ring to set up whatever spot. Guerreros miss a lame double clothesline, crowd shot takes out something, Dos waves Mistico into a weak dropkick on both guys. That should've been a lot better. Tecnicos exchange high tens and charge at the rudos - stereo topes! Ultimo and Marco in again, and Ultimo is going under leapfrogs again. Corelone grabs Ultimo, sets him up on the top rope, and punches him to keep him there. Marco tries to jump up, but Ultimo kicks him away. Corelone rolls to his feet, Ultimo jumps off with a sunset flip, Corelone blocks it, hip swivels, and gets punched low. Refs all missed it, but don't miss the pinfall - one two three. 

Replays. Corelone demands a mano y mano match next week. Ultimo reaches for the microphone, but Rey first grabs it to tell everyone to shut up. Dos grants Corelone his match, then grants him some stomps and another low blow. Well okay then.