CMLL CAN52 GdR - 02/23/08 (#118)

Open: Atlantis runs in on the announcers. Negro Casas is more fired up than usual in his counterpoint.

Outside the ring: LA Park dresses for his match and tells stories. This'll go into next week as well.

Match 1: Pequeño Black Warrior, Pequeño Violencia, Pierrothito (c) vs Bam Bam, Pequeño Olímpico, Último Dragoncito (c)
Arena Mexico, 02/15/08

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Winner: tecnicos
Match Time: 11:07
Approx Rating: Okay, been better
Other Match Notes: Bestia Negra and Babe Richard are the refs. No entrances, but we do get in ring introductions.

1: Clip to start. Dragoncito and Violencia in, Dragon escaping most everything Violencia tries before finally getting a bodyscissors armdrag of his own. Violencia rolls out of there, and Olimpico and Warrior take their spots. Mini Warrior makes sure we know he's Mini Warrior before this gets started. Lockup, break. Lockup, break, lockup, Olimpico armbar, pinning the arm to the mat by a knee, Warrior reaches up with his legs to bodyscissors Warrior to the mat, and pin him for zero, Warrior takes Olimpico down with a wristlock, which I didn't know was quite possible. Olimpico reverses to an armbar just as they send it to break.

Fall graphic comes up just in time to totally wipe out a move. Mini Black Warrior tries to do the corner kip up, backflip bit, but lands on his knees, Olimpico sends him flying with a monkey flip, gets backdropped to the apron, and just bends over as Warrior runs off the far ropes and comes back. Turns out this is an excellent strategy, because Warrior tries for a sunset bomb to the floor but loses his grip on Olimpico and ends up standing on the floor alone. Warrior celebrates like he meant to do that (which was a lot for nothing) and Olimpico is baffled. He slips back in the ring, shoulderblocks Violencia, and gets beheaded by a Pierrothitho clothesline. Corner whip, thru the ropes clothesline, slingshot elbow drop back in, and Violencia dropkicks Olimpico out. Ultimo Dragoncito in, and Warrior dropkicks him right in the throat. I think this is a beatdown, but it's taking a moment for everyone to gather it back together, maybe because Warrior and/or Olímpico should be dead right now. Dragoncito gets clotheslined and stomped out. Bam Bam runs right into a back elbow, probably not his best moment. Bam Bam keeps trying, thru a couple chops from the Mini Boricuas. Warrior grabs him, rudos charge, and Warrior ends up eating the kicks. Warrior goes out, but two rudos are still able to knock down one Bam Bam. Corner whip, Mini Violencia charges in after, and Bam Bam nails his with a superkick. That was sweet. Dragoncito lands a top rope plancha on both rudos, Bam Bam covers them for zero, then, boosts Dragoncito into a dropkick on both of them. Bam Bam wastes no time running up the corner and launching to the floor with a tornillo, while Dragoncito's tope con giro onto Mini Pierroth takes them both into the second and third row. Warrior gets Olimpico with the back cracker. Corner whip, reversed, Warrior is very slow climbing to the top rope, and Olimpico makes him pay for it with a dropkick counter. Olimpico sits on top, one two three. Wait, is he Mini Olimpico or Mini Sangre Azteca?      

Inmortales: Blue Panther & Olimpico vs Shocker & Rey Bucanero, Ruleta de la Muerte, 07/17/1999. This goes badly for Rey. It's funny how the only place you can see a WWF scratch logo is on a CMLL show. (2:18)

2: Dragoncito and Warrior were doing something before the whistle, but we only see the selling and not the act. Pierroth comes in, dragon avoids him and pulls him down by his mask. Violencia knocks down Dragoncito with a chop, whips him into a corner, and sends his partner in after. Dragoncito moves out of the way, waits for Pierroth to charge, and trips him into dropkicking his partner. Dragoncito uses Pierroth as a boost into a headscissors on Violencia, and hamstring kicks Pierroth right out of the ring. TECNICO TEAM POSE. That was delightfully random. Bam Bam and Warrior in. Bam, Bam off the flipping off the ropes for fun, rolling over Warrior's back to avoid a backdrop, and jump headscissors to send Warrior out. Bam bam ducks Violencia clothesline and headscissors him to the ramp. Pierroth chops Bam Bam when he's too busy celebrating to pay attention. Corner whip, charge, Bam Bam moves out of the way, and Pierroth spears the post this time. Bam Bam runs to the corner - double jump headscissors to the floor! Bam Bam rushes up the corner so fast, I think he's going trying to fight in another dive,. H e relents with a pose here. Warrior and Olimpico in, Olimpico, makes Warrior smiles and slides him chest first out. Pierroth in, Olimpico blocks his kick and slaps him hard. Corner whip, Pierroth stops short, Olimpico charges, Pierroth backdrops him, Olimpico lands on the apron, knocks Pierroth away, heads up - and dives to the floor with a tope con giro onto Black Warrior. Dragoncito in, avoiding a kick from Pierroth but not form Violencia. Pierroth freezes, then dodges a Bam plancha at the last second. Violencia gives Dragoncito a spinning reverse neckbreaker for the fall, and Pierroth slams Bam Bam and adds a springboard elbowdrop. (Violencia has no idea who's the captain and just decides to pin everyone. 

El Arte de Catch: Cristo - who's the guy taking the move giving up to? There's no one else there. 

3: Rudos work 3 on 1 Bam Bam. He's threaded the ropes, holding him in place for dropkicks. Olimpico is next. taking a corner clothesline before some corner double team doesn't quite work out for the Boricuas. Olimpico takes a hard bump on the dropkick to the floor. Double dropkick to the head/face first suplex for Dragoncito. Rudos set up the double armbar post on top submission, but Bam Bam sneak sin and breaks it up with a dropkick. Pierroth boots him, Olimpico dropkicks him, Violencia dropkicks him, and Violencia chops Dragoncito down for good measure. Violencia yanks Dragoncito around by the mask, who isn't moving much on his own. Corner whip, reversed, Dragoncito does not land the headstand and Violencia plunks him off into a spinebuster powerbomb instead. Violencia up top, senton - hits? No, I guess not, it just wasn't visible from our viewpoint. Bam Bam lands on Violencia after a springboard plancha, and covers him for three. Warrior in, sunset flip accomplished nothing, and Pierroth yanks out Bam Bam by his ankles before can do more. Pierroth grabs Bam Bam in catapult fashion, holding Bam Bam over his knees, and Warrior murders Bam Bam with a slingshot legdrop. Dragoncito bowls Warrior over with a thru the ropes tope con giro. Mini Pierroth back in, facing Mini Olimpico. Pierroth waved by, gets stuck on a springboard, and tries to recover by putting himself into a Olimpico crucifix takedown, but his shoulder's aren't actually done. There's another spot of oddness before Mini Olimpico get a bodyscissors into a small package for the win. Good match.

El Diseno: Olimpico

Match 2: Atlantis (c), Sangre Azteca, Último Guerrero vs Leono, Marco Corelone (c), Negro Casas
Arena Coliseo, 02/17/08

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Winner: tecnicos
Match Time: 9:36
Approx Rating: okay
Other Match Notes: dubbed entrances. Leono is replacing Shocker. Monito is out with Negro. MARCO CORELONE PROMO. He's still under the impression Shocker is on his team while doing it. The Guerreros music bleeds thru Generic Rudo Theme during Sangre's entrance, which kinda makes me wonder why they can't just use the Guerreros music - what they're using now has gotta be a CMLL owned remix. Guerreros de Atlántida talk as a group - Atlantis promises a TWO FALL WIN. Someone's been reading ahead.

1: Leono's sequence got clipped out! Marco and Ultimo and Marco's hips start out. Leapfrogging, hip swiveling, Ultimo has no idea what to do with him. Marco punches Atlantis in the head for no reason, so Ultimo kicks him. Headlock, off the ropes, Under, under, kick is blocked, and Marco knocks him out with a punch too. Marco off the ropes - no, Atlantis forearms him and runs before Marco can punch him. Marco chases him, Ultimo chases him, everyone chases each other, and it's a  brawl on the outside, rudos controlling. Everyone but Leono ends up inside, Guerreros kicking them around. Leono is brought in for a corner clothesline and Ultimo's headstand sit. It's fun to watch the other Guerreros mark out for it. Negro gets crotched coming in over the ropes, and chopped around once he's standing again. GdA sit for him, Sangre making the leap. Corelone slides in, but that just gets you stomped. Corner whip, Corelone kips out over two, punches Sangre, leapfrogs the other two, Superman plancha onto all three, Leono and Negro (casually) sit on top of the pile, one two three. Rudo fans make themselves heard. Replays, and Monito doing the Corelone wing flap.

Q: [Ultimo Guerrero] Con que nombre inicio su Carrera?

El Baul del Ring: the one with the restaurant. 

A: Flanagan

2:  Leono and Atlantis to start, except Atlantis is just luring Leono into a sneak attack. Do you really need to cheat to beat up Leono? I think they just like doing it. Leono gets CMLL generic tecnico comeback #3 in, and looks a bit better than usual (though perhaps it might be the guys he's working with.) Sangre and Negro take turns kicking and chopping each other, neither man going down. Negro knocks Sangre down to one knee on a forearm, Sangre fights back with two forearm so his own, Negro uses the ropes to stay up and swing back into a big forearm on Sangre. HE IS THE STRONGEST. Ultimo Guerrero takes two steps in the ring, Negro looks at him for a split second, and Sangre runs Negro over with a boot. That was pretty easy. Sangre then wastes it by staring at the crowd, and his neck running kicks caught and turned into a shinbreaker. Tags to Atlantis and Corelone. Atlantis rolls out and looks for a timeout, does not actually get it. Atlantis reluctantly comes in, and tags Sangre, who takes it without realizing what he's done. Sangre's not liking his odds there, but takes a moment to check out Marco's biceps. POSE OFF. Fans boo Sangre's bicep curl. Male fans boo Corelone's bicep, though Sangre seems impressed. Sangre tries an even bigger bicep pose, but Corelone beats that as well. And Sangre kicks him while he's posing. Stomp stomp stomps stomp stomp crazy stomp dance. Sangre feigns an attack on Monito, then goes back to Corelone. Whip, reversed, Sangre with a sunset flip, this is a bad idea. Corelone hip swivels, pulls Sangre up, and complete misses Sangre on a punch but we'll go with it anyway. Atlantis comes in and chops and kicks Corelone. Whip, double clothesline misses, and Corelone knocks over Atlantis and Sangre with a plancha. Hiptoss for Atlantis, Sangre rammed into Atlantis, Sangre takes the big punch (better) and tumble down. Ultimo blinds sides Corelone and stomps him into the mat. Ultimo stares and points at the crowd. Chop. Corner whip, Ultimo charges, Corelone moves, and Ultimo takes the knee bump to the floor. Corelone off the ropes - and yanked out by Atlantis and Sangre! Negro charges in, but right into a double drop toe hold. Leono is easily handled. Whip, clothesline misses, and Leono's boosted into a dropkick on Atlantis. Sangre charges Negro, Negro moves, and Sangre flies out. Negro gets Atlantis with his silla, Leono gets Sangre with his slingshot tornillo. Ultimo and Corelone back in, Corelone sidesteps a charge and puts Ultimo on the top rope, , punch to keep them there. Corelone backs up, charges, jump to the top rope - and gets punched low. That was rather blatant, both referees saw it. Ultimo stomps Corelone a few times, but this one's over.

Atlantis jumps in the ring, briefly questions Ultimo for throwing away the match like that, and argues with the referees about it not actually being a low blow. Guerreros decide to celebrate their loss and stomp on Corelone a bit more. Many replays of the foul.