CMLL CAN52 GdR - 02/16/08 (#117)
Recap: 02/16/08

Open: LA Park welcomes us to the show. He and Mistico team up later.

Intro: Hector Garza and LA Park promos. Even Hector thinks Averno & Mephisto might turn on him. 

Outside the Ring: Pierroth - who builds/fixes rings?

Match 1: Amapola (c), Rosa Negra, Hiroka vs Dark Angel, Goddess, Marcela (c)
Arena Mexico, 02/08/08

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Winner: tecnicas (2-1)
Match Time: 11:10
Approx Rating: Better than some recent matches, but not great.
Other Match Notes: Amapola is wearing a new yellow and red outfit. Amapola-mania is running wild. In the entrances shown during the open, she's got her belt, and so does Marcela.

1: JIP. Hiroka sits on Marcela, who's got her back on the mat. Hiroka tries for a big slap to the face, but Marcela blocks it and slaps her. Marcela up and stomping Hiroka. Corner whip, reversed, Hiroka charges into a boot, Marcela jumps onto her shoulders, and Hiroka drops backwards for an electric chair suplex. Everyone has new gear, I think. Marcela has her left shoulder wrapped, but it blends it well. Hiroka works over Marcel with spine kicks, but Marcela turns and catches the third, then hammers Hiroka with a clothesline. Hiroka off the ropes, springboard headscissors for Hiroka. Hiroka stops short of the ropes, so Marcela gets in some kicks to the back as revenge. Marcela off the ropes, under a clothesline, explosive dropkick. One more, and Hiroka finally gets out. Marcela teases the dive. Dark Angel in, and ducking a Negra wheel kick. Whip, reversed, Rosa Negra scoops her up on her should and faceslams her down. Rosa Negra with stomps, then pulls Dark Angel in position for something. Maybe a guillotine legdrop? We'll never know, Dark Angel moved, then splashes Rosa for a two count. Corner whip, Dark Angel charges in but eats back elbow. Dark Angel tries a back elbow of her own, but Rosa ducks out of the corner. Rosa charges back in, eats a boot, and Dark Angel uses the ropes for a corner headscissors. Rosa Negra tries a clothesline, Dark Angel catches the arm and turns into a straight jacket side backbreaker. That's new. Also new is this inverted double armbar plus legscissors submission! Amapola saves Rosa Negra with a dropkick, because she was never getting out of that. Marcela tries to help, but gets dropkicked out, and Amapola follows with a thru the ropes tope con giro. Dark Angel catches another Rosa clothesline into an abdominal stretch. Maybe Rosa needs to rethink things. Hiroka tries to break the hold up with a clothesline but Dark Angel ducks under en route to a cradle on Rosa Negra. Goddess grabs Hiroka and locks her in a grounded octopus, and that's the fall.

2: Amapola is already stomping Goddess as the fall starts. Goddess looks completely like a brown haired version of Sexi Star. Whip, Amapola drops down, Goddess cartwheels over (seriously now), Amapola clothesline, Goddess ducks, off the ropes again, eh headscissors takedown. Dropkick, pose. Crowd very quiet. Whip, Goddess charges in, Amapola trips her up in the corner and swats her in the back o f the head. Amapola backs up, charges, and sits right on the back of Goddess' head. That couldn't have felt good. Amapola pulls Goddess s towards the middle, Goddess breaks free, Amapola swats her many times anyway. Eventually Goddess grabs a hand, runs up to the ropes carefully, and jumps off carefully for an armdrag. Amapola knocks her down with a back elbow. Amapola smashes Goddess' head in a buckle for a couple times, backs up, charges, and hits the corner post when Goddess moves out of the way. Magically, this starts the beatdown - Rosa and Hiroka lone are enough to overwhelms the three tecnicas when they charge fast enough. Lots of stomping, lots of hair tosses. Amapola recovers to add boot choking to the mix. Backbreaker for Marcela. Corner clothesline for Goddess, whipped out to a drop toe hold, and held in a camel clutch for Rosa Negra's missile dropkick. Dark Angel is hung on the top rope for an Amapola dropkick, and she almost lands on Goddess when falling out of the ring. Rosa Negra seemingly does an apron silla onto someone (Dark Angel?) , but we don't see it.  Rudas get submissions in the ring, and that's the fall. Quite the wacky submissions today.

El Arte del Catch: satellite armbar, with Astro Boy doing the honors

Fan of the Week: is the same women they've shown before. 

Inmortales: Pierroth vs El Supremo, December (8,) 1992, end of year show, with Sangre Chicana interfering from the outside and occasionally the inside. This seems quite Antonio Pena booked. Pierroth's mask is red from blood by the end. Clean finish though. (2:07)

3: JIP? Goddess ducks a clothesline and ends up with a backslide, two count. Goddess grabs Amapola, lets go, off the ropes, Amapola kicks her, spinning leg DDT. Not a fan of that move, though it looks as good as it can look. Amapola gets two and argues the count. Goddess kicks her when she turns around and does the Twist of Fate, complete with Hardy scream before doing it. Rosa Negra makes the save from copyright violations. She yanks Goddess around by her hair, lifts her up over her shoulder, and drops her in a gutbuster. One two Goddess roll onto one shoulder to escape. Odd. Rosa Negra lefts her up again and just throws her down hard this time. One two normal kickout. Stomp to the head. Whip, reversed, Rosa jumps into a spinebuster, and Goddess ties the legs for a reverse figure four. Rosa Negra in a lot of trouble - Rosa Negra gives, wow. Goddess gets up, maybe surprised her self, and Hiroka runs her over with a big boot. One two no. Hiroka grabs Goddess in a waistlock and tries to pull her over, but Goddess blocks it, grabs a headlock and a leg, and...and...uh. Worst possible swinging fisherman's suplex? Very obvious instance of two people having no idea what the other was doing? Horrible move gets two. Goddess stays in, one legged bodyscissors cradle gets blocked into a cristo, into a faceslam. Hiroka sits on top one two three.  Dark Angel comes in, and they show the crowd instead of what she does. Hiroka has control next time we see the ring, and loads up Sarah on her shoulders. Angel gets free to a front facelock, knees to the midsection, walk up the ropes Stunner! Hiroka bumps nicely and rolls out. Dark Angel goes up top - top rope plancha hits, despite a near slip. Captains left in, Marcela misses a dropkick, Amapola picks her up and chest slaps her. Amapola off the ropes, clothesline caught, other arm grabbed, Marcela straight jackets Amapola and lifts her on to her shoulders - straight jacket electric chair suplex with bridge! One two three. Crowd is - kinda quiet. Dark Angel gets her arms raised and tries to take a step backwards, but gets tripped up by Amapola's corpse! That was funny.

El Diseno: Mascara - he explains the M stands for Mascara.

Match 2: Averno, Héctor Garza (c), Mephisto vs Dos Caras Jr., LA Park, Místico (c)
Arena Coliseo, 02/10/08

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Winner: tecnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 9:27
Approx Rating: pretty good for this story.
Other Match Notes: Dubbed entrances. Tecnicos enter first. Dos has his belt, and does a promo throwing out a challenge for the tag titles. Are the tattoos new? Shows how much I've been paying attention. Mephisto and Averno enter to the Perros music, which is still very weird. They do not have the tag team titles, which is kinda odd. Garza's the only one with an actual Perros shirt, wearing it like a skirt as always. They have clips of the Hector's beatdown from Friday and an interview, just to explain what a disaster this is about to be.

1: While everyone else is having a standoff, Garza and Parka get into a fist fight. Averno and Mephisto attack Mephisto, leaving Garza out of the loop. Double back elbow, double rebound hiptoss, double boot. Dos tries taking them both on and it actually works for a bit. Garza only intercedes when Parka comes over to help. Parka whipped into the corner, Garza chases, Parka moves, Garza gets hung up in the ropes. Averno cuts Park off with a clothesline. What an odd time for a break.

Q: [Hector Garza] Que Ocurrio en El Cuadrangular del 23 de Noviembre 20001?
A: He beat Heavy Metal for his hair. I guess you can ask AAA questions when everyone's in CMLL. 

1 continued: Beatdown continues. Kinda. Mephisto goes after DO's mask, Mistico goes after Mephisto's , Averno goes after Mistico - except they're all in the corner, so Averno has to stand on the top rope to do it. Dos gets free from Mephisto and climbs up on the top rope to get Averno's mask, and almost pulls it off, while Mephisto almost pulls Mistico's mask from elbow. While working over  Mistico, Mephisto punches Dos off the ropes and to the floor. Mephisto turns back to Mistico, and actually knocks his mask off with a punch. Crowd sees his face for a second, though the camera's from a far angle to prevent us from doing the same. Refs let it go. Looks like LA Park has the same problem - Mephisto pops him, and Parka's mask falls - or is pulled) off for a second. Ring is cleared to one tecnico, and Park's isolated. Tag champs work him over while Garza stands back and watches. Corner whip, Averno corner clothesline, Garza - oh, Mephisto accidentally stuck his foot out. Clumsy accident, for sure. While Garza tries to pulls his head out of the mat, Mep gets to charging himself, and get backdropped to the apron. Forearm for Park, Mephisto grabs him in waistlock while bending over, and Mephisto's partner charges with a kick. Only it's Hector, not Averno, and so Mephisto gets 'accidentally' booted in the head. Park dropkicks Garza out, Averno clotheslines, Park, Dos superkicks Averno. Garza's right leg is cut, somehow. Meanwhile, the tag champs are lined up on the outside - tope by Dos, tope by Park! Garza comes back in a looks to dive - no, Mistico springboard headscissors. Mistico off the ropes, La Mistica. Garza's taping out before he hits the mat.     

El Arte de Catch: Gori Invertida

2: JIP, with teamwork failing badly on Park. Garza kicks Mephisto by accident again, then kicks Averno on a sunset flip reversals. Garza holds Park for chops from the tag champs, but they pull Park free and let him walk away. I guess they want Hector instead. Hector decides the same and takes off. Averno & Mephisto start to chase, then get stopped by the impenetrable barrier of the ropes. Park fixes that with a dropkick. Park teases a dive and everyone flees. So he dances instead. Tag to Mistico. Mephisto into deal with him. Head to head. Mistico off the ropes, over, Averno gets in a kick from the outside and celebrates. I think, after years of  fighting Mistico, Averno knows to celebrate when he can get anything in. Of course, this leads him go being enziguri-ed, and Mistico using him as a platform for a headscissors on Mephisto. Headscissors on Averno, double clothesline misses, and Mistico's boosted into another headscissors on Mephisto. Fireman's carry escapes headscissors on Averno, and he's out too. Garza in, and Garza claps for Garza. Seeing as he does that all the time when he's evil, Mistico doesn't quite believe him. Garza goes to one knee and ask for a shake, but we've seen that too. Garza just kicks Mistico hard it in the back of the leg. He's going to have quite an adjustment to make. Dos and Park jump in the ring to kill him, but Garza uses the refs to block them off. Garza, backed up to the rudos corner, points out his success to Mephisto, who wants nothing to do with him. Garza throws Mistico hard in the corner, and kicks him hard in the midsection. Garza mocks Mistico. Crowd gets on Garza. Corner whip, Mistico jumps up the rope and comes down with an armdrags. Armdrag again, off the ropes, over, slide under, Garza backs up and traps Mistico under his legs (odd), and this is just setup for Averno & Mephisto booting him in the least accidental manner possible. Park and Dos miss dropkicks on the tag champs, rudos eventually get in them in position to be whipped into each other, one whip is reverses so Dos ends up getting hit by Mephisto, Park gets Mephisto with a clothesline, Averno misses Park, and Park dropkicks him out. Park charges - TOPE. Two dives in one match, that's something. Mephisto waits for his spot, tope onto Park. Dos backs up charges - fake out, and then a pescado onto, uh, Park. Oops! Averno & Mephisto had left during that fake out. Anyway, Garza and Mistico go head to head in the ring. Crowd chants for Mistico, and Garza pretends to be stunned for kicking Mistico down. Whip, clotheslines misses, Mistico takes an odd circular route to La Mistico and pays for it with a side slam. One two - and the tag champs pull out to the referees? Garza's baffled, looks at Mephisto, and doesn't look at Averno seeing up to missile dropkick him. Mephisto adds a top rope splash and both stomp Mistico in to the mat. Do we have a decision? Park is hurting on the outside, apparently. Averno & Mephisto clothesline Garza out, but Dos and Mistico slip behind them - inside cradles, no ref, there's the ref, one two three. Fans are thrilled.

Park looks out of it. He might've hit his head on the floor on that tope. Back in the ring, Averno throws ad rink in Garza's face before they start stomping him down again. Magadan interviews the champs, who blame all of this on Hector. In the middle of this, Mistico hits a tope on Averno. That was quite random. After some replays, Garza gives Averno a spinning backbreaker, but gets taken down by Mephisto. Averno gives him a low blow headbutt. Dos and Mistico finally cut them off from doing more.