CMLL CAN52 GdR - 02/09/08 (#116)
Recap: 02/15/08

Promo: Místico

Intro: Atlantis and LA Park talk.

Fan of the Week: Gilberto Torres (Ex Luchador), 40 years a fan, favorite wrestlers Principe Odin, Dios Negro. He's a vendor outside one of the Arenas now. 

Match 1: Dr. X, Hooligan (c), Skandalo vs Astro Boy, Metálico, Tony Rivera (c)
Arena Coliseo, 02/03/08

  1. tecnicos
  2. rudos
  3. rudos

Winner: Rudos
Match Time: 8:28
Approx Rating: just okay
Other Match Notes: No entrances, but everyone gets introduced in the ring. Tiger Hispano and Rafael el Maya are your refs.

1: Star of the fall is cut, and they pick up with Astro Boy running the ropes and evading Skandalo. Skandalo finally gets him with a shoulderblock, and stops to celebrate before covering. Zero leg trips, face off, nothing going on. Chant for Tony as he comes in. Dr. X chops him. Tony trips him up, off the ropes, picked up, whipped, back elbow. Corner whip, reversed, Tony jumps to the apron, Dr. X charges into a punch, and Tony gets him with a top rope armdrags (kinda) A while kick kinda connects as well, and Tony does an odd dance pose. Hooligan helps up his partner as Tony tags out to Metalico. Hooligan off the ropes, misses with a clothesline, slides out on the next pass, and Metálico topes him. Hooligan didn't think that one out to well. Astro Boy gets Skandalo with a back cracker and Tony Tony puts Dr. X in a Gori Special for the fall.

El Arte del Catch: Maybe they should've have replayed the top that's actually a plancha? That's a bit dumb.  

2: Hooligan and Skandalo both jump Astro Boy, and it actually works. They decide to take one everyone while they're at it. Astro Boy gets tossed at the corner, but actually sticks it and lands on the middle rope. Skandalo dropkicks his feet out anyway, and tries to pull Astro into the Tree of Woe. We all learn together that trying to do a tree of woe on the middle rope doesn't quite work (unless maybe you're a mini.) Dr. X and Hooligan grab an arm and hold Astro Boy so his back is exposed for a Hooligan running dropkick. That surely did not feel good. Metalico is brought in and worked over. Corner whip, clothesline, clothesline, legs spread apart so Hooligan can - stomp in place for a second, then do a running dropkick that was the less questionably low I've seen in some time. Metálico got kicked. Tony is held by two while Dr. X yells at him. Tony spits at Dr. X but pays for it - somewhere off camera, bad timing for a shot outside. Tony's whipped cross ring for Dr. X's corner clothesline out, swinging dropkick in combo. Hooligan picks him up by one leg, both he and Skandalo sweep out the other leg, and that's it. Beware the sweep, I guess.

El Diseno: Mictlan yells.

Inmortales: Atlantis vs Kung Fu from October 26, 1990. I think I might know who won this! Atlantis having to run to the back to change masks between falls was sure different. As always, the Atlántida is deadly. Atlantis also forced the mask off Kung Fu by himself. (2451-2703)

3: Beatdown continues. Dr. X patiently waits for Tony to get his head up on the outside, and then runs him over with a boot. Astro takes a double boot in the ring. Metalico gets worked over in the ring. Tony's held for a double chop, but ducks and Skandalo takes it. double armdrag for Dr. X and Hooligan slowly starts the comeback - and that ends quicker, Skandalo cutting off Tony and Metalico with a double clothesline. Astro Boy takes care of Skandalo with a springboard armdrags, flips to the apron, flips off the top rope with a moonsault onto Skandalo. Metalico sends Hooligan out with a springboard armdrag, Hooligan tries to sneak in while Metalico sneaks out, Metalico grabs Hooligan by the legs, Hooligan kicks him away and drops him with an apron tope con giro. Dr. X gets back in the ring to add his own dive, but Tony cuts him off with a missile dropkick. Dr. X charges, and eats a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Wheel kick knocks down Dr. X, but Hooligan trips him up from doing more. Tony turns to argue with Hooligan, Dr. X cradles him, feet on the ropes, one two three! On one hand, not a good sign for Los Rebeldes if they need to cheat to beat Tony Rivera. On the other hand, a win's a win. Maybe Hooligan should be captain more often.   

Match 2: Atlantis (c), Black Warrior, Mephisto vs LA Park, Místico (C), Negro Casas
Arena Coliseo, 02/03/08

  1. tecnicos
  2. tecnicos

Winner: Tecnicos (2-0)
Match Time: 11:53
Approx Rating: Not much of a match, but a scene.
Other Match Notes: Dubbed entrances. LA Park is wearing a very Super Parka-esque green outfit. HE also waits for every for the door to open so he can walk out. When it wont, he decided to pull it open himself! LA Park goes where he wants, where he wants. Valets sway the arms along with the Quinta Estacion song. Black All the valets do Warrior's pelvic thrust dance with him - twice. Atlantis raises the roof. Same refs as the other match.

1: Negro and Warrior start. Crowd loud for Negro. Lockup, Negro armdrag, Warrior backs off. Warrior looking for an opening, waistlock, crowd having dueling pro/anti-Místico chants and so its a good time to be working drop toe holds. Warrior ties up Negro's legs on the ground, but Negro yanks him into a headlock. Up to their feet. Negro shot off, back with a shoulderblock, neither man goes down. Negro's hurting and Warrior's posing his way up to a vertical base, so I think know who won. LA Park sign. LA Park. What a coincidence. Back in the match, I think Warrior tried his shoulderblock and fared no better. Negro armbars him, flips him to his back, and pulls him into a chinlock. Warrior looking for a way out, finding it in an armbar, but Negro reverses it to his own. Warrior rolls forward to escape, single leg for not even zero because Negro rolls onto his side. Warrior picks up Negro, Negro armdrags him away, standoff. Tags to Mephisto and Místico. Competing reactions. Mistico responds to his chant. Hey, ringside Mephisto fans. Lockup, Break., and Místico goes outside. Mephisto does not follow. That is odd. Místico back inside, armdrag for Mephisto. Místico waits for Mephisto to get up. Single Mephisto dices in for a single leg, Mistico flipped back up, armdrags, Místico holds onto the arm as he kips up, armdrag the other way. Boos out powering cheers. Mistico gests tripped up, but pulls off an airplane spin headscissors from the mat. Místico waiting for his spot again. Front facelock, Mephisto escapes to an armbar, Místico armdrags him, single leg by Mistico, zero, single leg by Mephisto, zero, Mistico flips up to his feet, standoff. Tags to Park and Atlantis. Park waits no time screwing with Atlantis. Atlantis is baffled by his matador waves. Big chest slap knocks Park into the rudo corner. More chest slaps and general mocking of the matador moves. Parka takes a moment from being beat up to wave at the crowd and annoy Black Warrior. Atlantis tries to get Park in the corner, but Park moves out of the way. Warrior tries a clothesline from the apron, but Parka ducks it and Atlantis hits him from  behind. Park covers Atlantis, Warrior slingshots in, and Park's long one by the time Warrior stomps Atlantis. Warrior misses a clothesline, tries to kick Park instead, and Atlantis takes it in the ribs. Warrior whipped towards the corner, Park charges, Warrior catches him and puts him on top, Park pulls Warrior own by the hair (not much) and then catches Mephisto with a plancha. Double clothesline on Park ends up getting Atlantis instead and he goes out. Park freaks out and armdrag everyone, then lifts Mistico up to dropkick everyone. Double dive fake pose. Wow, that guy's got the full LA Park outfit. Atlantis back in to face Negro, chest slap fest ends with Atlantis getting a forearm. Atlantis turns to celebrate, and then turns around into a windup forearm from Negro. Whip, reversed, Atlantis drops him with the tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Another? No, Atlantis tries a clothesline, whiff, Negro gets him with a heel kick and a DDT. Chinlock? No the rudos jump the ring. Negro tries backing up to his corner, but they attack him anyway. Negro whipped cross ring, corner clothesline, corner kick, and no one seems sure what they want to do. Negro whipped back the other way, Atlantis' charge misses, and the other two end up shoulderblock him. Not a fun match for Atlantis. Negro is kicked away, but LA Park gets the guys left standing with a top rope plancha,  and Místico gets them with a top rope double dropkick. Místico's not done there - he spots Atlantis just hanging around outside the ring, and flattens him with a tope too. The other two finish things in the ring for an easy tecnico fall.             

Q: [Atlatnis] Que Luchador Lo Enfrento Dos Veces Mascara vs Mascara?

El Arte de Catch.

Fan: is the guy from last week, instead of the guy we saw earlier. 

A: Hombre Bala/Rey Pirata

2: Mephisto and Místico. Místico fans seem to be winning this time. Místico handspring flips, then gets Mephisto with a headscissors on the next pass. Mephisto makes to drop toe hold Místico into the middle buckle and stomp him for a second. Warrior's waved in, and they both get to stomping Místico. Corner whip, Místico Kicks away Mephisto, gets the combo headscissors/armdrag on both men, and dropkicks Warrior out. Mephisto stops him for a moment with a boot, Mistico sends him out with a twisting headscissors, and Atlantis has to cut Místico off before he can dive onto both. Místico's eager to face him. Mistico quickly gets a springboard headscissors, but Mephisto trips and yanks him out on the next pass. Negro Casas tries to come over to help, but Warrior beats him up with chops, fighting all the way to the ramp  La Park and Atlantis end up out there, and it teaks both Atlantis and Warrior to stop Park for any measure of time. Mephisto rips at Místico's mask inside the ring. Warrior bits Negro it the boot while working him over. That's just strange. Warrior comes in to help beat up Místico, and Park sneaks in to protect him. Both Mephisto and Warrior pound Park in the back, with Atlantis coming over to add rabbit punches. Atlantis turns to look at Mephisto - and suddenly remembers he lost the tag tem title to him two days ago, I guess, because he shoves Mephisto in the chest. Sometimes these things slip your mind when your Atlantis' age. Whip for Parka, Mephisto throws Atlantis down on the ground (essentially the normal drop down, except Mephisto did it ruder), rudos are disorganizes and no one clotheslines Parka. Instead, Místico comes in with a headscissors on Atlantis and and takes him out with an Asia moonsault. Parka and Negro are whipped into each other. Warrior goes to the bottom rope, and does like the worst possible fist drop/headbutt/something. Mephisto misses a second rope headbutt, tecnicos get bodyscissors cradles, one two no. I'm sill confused as to what Warrior was going. Tecnicos misses clotheslines after a moment, and rudos boot them. Rudos off the ropes - but Atlantis trips them both up! Atlantis comes back in, with Místico in to face him. Místico 'rana, Atlantis reverses it, Warrior and Mephisto break that up. This is just getting out of control. Lesser tecnicos send the lesser rudo out and flatten them with dives - Negro does his usual, Park gets in a tope. Místico's left in with Atlantis, and that last about five seconds. Straight falls, clean except for the part about the team imploding. 

As the tecnicos celebrate, Atlantis takes down Mephisto and pounds them. They roll around on the mat punching each other. They break apart, but no one's in any hurry to break them apart, so they end up brawling some more. Parka interviews and watches from a safe distance. He's as confused as the rest of us, but a win is a win. Julio Cesar decides tonight's random title challenge should be Místico/Park for the tag team titles, but Park doesn't want any of that. Maybe Místico can team with Negro, but Park wants one thing and one thing only - Dr. Wagner. The fight is still going on in the ring and Parka's out of things to say, but they kill a little more time with him before going to replays.