CMLL CAN52 GdR - 01/26/08 (#114)
Recap: 01/26/08

Maximo and a valet compare hair styles. Announcers open the show with a women from Perro Aguayo's circus show team, I think. Hector Garza does the promo for his team, and then the announcers go over Friday's stuff with Ultimo and Rey before sending it to his promo. Rey does it as if it's just another teamup with High Society. 

Outside the ring: Nitro. This week is more interviews with the immediate family.

Match 1: Euforia, Nosferatu, Virus (c) vs Fabián el Gitano, Mictlán (c), Starman
Arena Mexico, 01/18/08

  1. rudos
  2. tecnicos
  3. rudos

Winner: Rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 9:33
Approx Rating: Okay for the Infernales. 
Other Match Notes: No entrances. Monito is in Mictlan's intro picture, I guess just to alert us that he's out here. You don't want to be caught off guard. 

1: JIP. Fabian and Nosferatu are rolling around on the mat, so I don't think we've missed nothing important. Fabian lands a mechanical looking springboard clothesline as we watch in on the big screen (and listen to some boos.) Tags to Starman and Virus. Lockup, no, lockup, no, maybe another idea? Virus gets a waistlock, Starman slips free, scissors Virus' leg to take him down and holds on, Virus and Starman battle on the mat, Virus gets his own legscissors takedown, more battling on the mat, and a standoff. That was a lazy way to transcribe it, but much easier. Starman, takes Virus down and spreads his legs for a submission. Virus tries to slap Starman in the face to get free, and when that doesn't work, an armbar does. Starman reverses into a front facelock, and - break? HUH.  

Virus breaks free into a hammerlock, Starman back elbows and then jumping snap mares his way off, big graphic distracts us from the standoff. Tags to Euforia and Mictlan. Mictlan is thrilled to be here. Crowd not as into it. Lockup, break, lockup, Euforia with a waistlock throw down, Mictlan spins free of a a front facelock, spins back the other way with nothing on him, armdrag on Euforia, Euforia sweeps the leg, Mictlan headscissors him form the mat, dueling zero leg trips, whip, big hiptoss by Mictlan. Euforia misses a clothesline, Mictlan comes back with a spinning headscissors. Euforia goes out but ducks down, Mictlan slides out to get him, and Euforia drops him face first on the apron! Euforia had a plan, wow. All other four hit the ring, with the rudos taking control. Starman is isolated and whipped into the corner. Corner clothesline, Corner clothesline, whipped out into Nosferatu's spear. Starman rolls out with everyone stomping him. Fabian is is kicked as he comes in. Whip, Nosferatu back elbow. Whip towards the camera, Euforia scoops him on his shoulder and slams him down, Virus slingshots in from the apron for an elbow drop. Mictlan is tripped up, Euforia locks on a full nelson, Euforia grabs the legs, and they both twist while Virus adds kicks. 

El Arte de Catch: Cruz Nipona, from Sugi Sito. Don't know why they're repeating these now.

El Baul del Ring: Jesus Ornelas, who's been a fan for 30 years and favorites are Valiente and Mistico. He's got a restaurant with photos and masks (some used) and a Heavy Metal jacket. He gets two segments

2: Match picks up with the beatdown. Fabian gets chopped around. Euforia gives Fabian a shoulder to the midsection to send him flying out of the ring. Starman back in, held for shots. Corner whip, Virus charges, Starman backdrops him to the apron, and Fabian yanks him to the floor. Nosferatu still spears Starman when he wanders out of the corner, so things look okay for the rudos for a second, but then Mictlan springboard dropkicks Euforia from behind and gives Nosferatu a rolling dropkick to send him out. Fabian comes in, runs up the corner, and drops on Nosferatu with his Moonsault of Death. Mictlan has a over the top rope top con giro that looks good. Something might as well. Starman back in, Virus on the apron, knocking him down, and then trying to climb up. Monito grabs Virus' leg, and Virus swats him in the back of the head. Virus climbs up, Starman is a beat behind but follows him for a top rope armdrag. One two three. Lots of boos.

El Diseno: Fabian el Gitano and his hat. Notice how both Fabian el Gitano and Hijo de Tirantes have top hats now? Have you seen them in the place? Perhaps at a top hat club?

3: Virus and Starman start (from what we see), avoiding each other off the ropes for a bit till Starman gets a loose springboard headscissors. Virus goes out camera aside, and Starman topes him into the front row. Starman himself ends up in the second. Euforia and Fabian are next, Fabian gets in a dropkick to the knee, but Euforia's not having any of Fabian trying a casita on him. Fabian tries a kneeling Gory stretch, but Nosferatu breaks that up. Fabian off the ropes, bodyscissors reversed into a face first powerbomb. Nosferatu starts setting up a submission on him, Mictlan breaks it up with a sunset flip, and the ring isn't large enough for that to work, they're well into the ropes on the pin attempt. Nosferatu grabs the bottom ropes with both hands and kicks the middle rope with both feet. While Mictlan tries to figure out what this could mean, Euforia dropkicks him. Fabi back up and sending Euforia out with a slow headscissors. Fabian tries a bodyscissors on Nosferatu, but the Infernal blocks it and hangs Fabian on the ropes for Virus' inside out dropkick. Starman in, sunset flip, Nosferatu's reversal is mistimed on multiple levels, because Virus' dropkick doesn't hit anyone right. Starman gets a 'rana on Virus, but Euforia breaks that up with a dropkick. Rudos are doing a much better working as a team. Starman's held up for a dropkick to the head, Mictlan tries to help his partner and gets an inverted Gory Special, and Starman's finished with a double Cruz Nipona. Maybe that's why we saw it?

The El Baul del Ring segment here appears to be the same exact one as before. Maybe I'm not paying enough attention.

Match 2: Héctor Garza (c), Mr. Águila, Texano Jr. vs Marco Corelone, Rey Bucanero (c), Stuka Jr.
Arena Coliseo, 01/20/08

  1. tecnicos
  2. tecnicos

Winner: Tecnicos
Match Time: 11:40
Approx Rating: Usual.
Other Match Notes: Dubbed entrances. They're doing a bit where everyone makes faces at a camera before they go thru the entrance (in other words, what AAA id like a month ago.) Marco's way into the arm flapping this week. Bucanero has quite the pirate outfit. Yes, Marco Corelone promo. They had to save it for the main event. Texano is fired up in his promo, so things are normal. 

1: You know, Rey actually makes sense doing no turn here - either as a tecnico or a Guerrero, he's still anti-Perro. Texano starts, but Stuka wants Hector Garza. Hector Garza pretends like he's ready to come in and fight, but c'mon, he's Hector Garza. Bucanero comes over and elbows Mr. Aguila in the face for no reason. Aguila is hurt both physically and emotionally. Distractingly, Texano and Stuka begin to wrestle! Headscissors by Stuka, zero leg trip by Texano, trip but Stuka does a big splash instead of just covering, still gets zero. A for effort, though. Standoff, with Texano talking trash and being taller and stuff. Texano shoves, Texano slaps him, Texano slaps him back, slaps back and forth, Texano shoulderblocks him and runs to the ropes, but Stuka just dropkicks him out. Garza knocks Stuka down with a big kick tot he midsection. Corner whip, reversed, Garza backdrops Stuka up in the air, abut Stuka comes down with a headscissors. Garza spins his way out of the ring and around on the floor a bit. Bucanero and Aguila in. Bucanero pulls Aguila around by the air so he can hear the crowd cheering for him. Aguila teases taking off his shirt, and then does not. Do he shorts say "I'm Shady"? Huh.  Aguila chops Rey into the chest slaps, slaps him more there, but Rey turns it around for many of his own. Texano tries to get involved and get uppercuted. Rey turns to celebrate, and Aguila catches him with a wheel kick. Whip, Aguila puts his head down too soon, Rey dropkicks - uh, nothing at all - and Aguila pretends like he was hit in the head. Aguila with a brutal headscissors, spin kicks misses, Rye gets a sunset flip, no referee bother to counts because they see the Perros coming in, Perros take their time setting up so one (but only one) referee reluctantly gets down to count, Perros try spine kicks to Bucanero, they end being chest kicks to Aguila, and the ref never gets to count. Rey armdrags Garza, evades Texano, tricks Garza into kicking Texano in the head. Garza takes a backbreaker and crawls over to his corner for safety. Tags Marco in to face Garza. Marco slowly flaps around the ring. Wait, Garza wants Stuka instead. It' a height thing - Garza makes fun of Stuka for being shorter than he is, and then turns around to see Corelone's taken his place again. Garza begs, and Corelone hip swivels in his face. Rudos all end up jumping Corelone. Águila holds Corelone from behind in the corner so the other two can chest slap him. Corner whip, Corelone kips up and out over the to who chase him, "left hand punch to Aguila" (totally misses on camera, looks horrible), Corelone ducks the double clothesline and hits the springboard splash on Texano and Hector. Everyone piles on to cover for the tecnico fall.

Q: [Texano Jr.] ?Cuando Donde Y Contra Quien Debuto?
This was up so quick, I missed it the first time.
A: Arena Solidaridad, 2001, vs Stukas

El Arte de Catch

2: Garza is working over Stuka.  as we start. Corner whip, reversed, Stuka charges in, Garza tossed up and Stuka flies into the corner. Running kick to the head. Corelone in to protest, but he's warned by the ref and Garza mocks him. Headlock, Stuka shoves him off, and cartwheels, right into a grab by Aguila. Stuka ducks the chest slap, Aguila gets in, and Stuka gives them both rebound hiptosses. Garza tosses Stuka into a dropkick on Aguila, but knocks down Stuka when we're watching Aguila tumble out of the ring. Corner whip, Garza charges in, Stuka moves, Garza hits the corner and goes out at a high rate of speed. Stuka thinks about a dive, Texano gets in his way, and Stuka pulls him down by the hair. Stuka goes cross ring and out to the apron. Texano is knocked away with a chest slap, and Stuka run up the corner and jumps off with a headscissors for Texano. Texano rolls out, and Stuka handspring teases a dive. I think Texano got himself a human shield this time. Rey in, and all the rudos come in to confront him. And beat him down, apparently. Tecnicos are kicked down as they come in. Corner with for Stuka, Aguila follows with a back elbow, Garza follows with a clothesline. Texano whips Corelone into an Aguila big boot. Whipped again, Corelone ducks the double clothesline, off the ropes, Garza clotheslines him anyway. Alright then. Texano adds a running senton. Texano and Aguila make a wish. Corelone tries to get up to no-sell it, but collapses in a pin when trying his hip swivel. Rey comes in and blocks a Aguila kick, but its knocked down from behind anyway. Corner whip, Garza whipped in after, Rey moves, double clothesline for the other two. Garza just stands in the corner and does nothing as the other tecnicos beat the other rudos. Garza and Bucanero end up going outside, where Garza almost baits Rey into clothesline a camera man, and Rey pulls the trunks on Hector. Stuka dropkicks Garza away, and he and Corelone stand around in the ring while Bucanero stands outside. Everyone wanders around for a bit. Rudos huddle. Corelone and Texano in. Whip, reversed, Texano goes over, under, under, into, but Corelone's just going to dance. Texano tries a kick, Corelone catches it, spins him, and punches him. Garza and Aguila in, and they raise Corelone's arms in victory - and then turn on him with punches. Eh. Corner whip? Now, they'll hit once more. Now the corner whip, Corelone kips out over both of them, leapfrogs both from them, top rope double clothesline misses (!!!), Aguila and Hector having scattered out of the way. Rudos dropkick Corelone out of the ring, but take drop toe holds onto the ropes from the other tecnicos. Stuka boost Rey into a big sit on both guys. Rey and Stuka do Rey's salute, off the ropes, rolling stop at the ropes and slingshotting over for a tope con giro. Texano and Corelone left in. Corner whip, reversed, Texano charges in, Corelone catches him and sets him on the top rope. Punch to keep him there. Corelone flaps his wings once more, then leaps to the top rope for a - we'll never know, Texano fouled him. Refs saw it, and that's the end of this one. Two falls, as telegraphed by the earlier break. (At least we didn't know which match it'd happen.)

That's the show.