CMLL CAN52 GdR - 01/19/08 (#113)
Recap: 01/21/08

Intro: announcers make full use of the new Coliseo doors. 

Outside the Ring: Nitro - it's like they planned this. Nitro has a wall of Nitro pictures. He also appears to have a drawing featuring religious imagery and himself in his mask, which I thought only happened in cartoons. They also show Nitro's family. This will continue next week. 

Match 1: Arkangel de la Muerte, Nitro (c), Skandalo vs Fabián el Gitano (c), Flash, Metálico
Arena Coliseo, 01/13/08

  1. rudos
  2. tecnicos
  3. tecnicos

Winner: Tecnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 7:32
Approx Rating: Flash is gifted, but not a remarkable debut for the group.
Other Match Notes: Dubbed entrances. Fabian talks a feud with Skandalo in his promo. There's a match I never need to see. Rudos come as bunch, with Loco Max, Hooligan, and Dr. X, all wearing dark brown cloth robes with big shoulders and no sleeves, everyone wearing matching bandanas and carrying nooses. TOPICAL. For whatever reason, they cut out all but the last second of the outside the ring promo to explain the crew, subsisting in a pre-taped one, where Loco Max is oddly absent. Nitro's the guy with the microphone, so I guess he's in charge. They explain they're done with the Guerreros de Atlántida and striking out on their own as Los Rebeldes, and then bow to Allah. Too bad Emilio and Bestia aren't around to tell them how well that one works. FABIAN is captain? Flash may not know any better but this kind of thinking is why Metalico can never escape the third match.

1: joined in progress, Flash flying around to give Arkangel a legdrop. Arkangel tries a double wristlock, but Flash has a flip escape (what else would he do) and flies around more before getting in a double jump armdrag. Tags to Metalico and Nitro. Announcers repeatedly say Nitro is the leader, though it's somewhat questionable because they've already forgotten the name of the group. A fine start! Just as Nitro and Metalico start wrestling, they decide it's time to pan the crowd for a while. So we miss why the rudos starting beating them down, but they did. Metalico's isolated hung in the ropes, and Skandalo adds a middle rope splash. Nitro socks Flash as he comes in, and he takes a face first powerbomb onto outstretched feet. Arkangel puts him in a Haas of Pain for the submission. Fabian is whipped into Skandalo's boots, corner whip, clothesline, running jumping back elbow Arkangel holds him in a camel clutch, and Nitro screams before adding the dropkick to the face. At least they won the first fall!

Q: Que Campenatos Ha Ganado?
A: they never actually show the answer on screen, though they mention the DF Trios and Tag titles, as well as the National and CMLL Welterweight ones. 

2: Rudos still in control of the ring. Clip here, as Flash magically appears in the ring to take corner clotheslines. Fabian starts to come in and gets punched away. Metalico brought in instead and beat up in a corner. Corner whip, Metalico puts the breaks on and gives Arkangel a back elbow as he charges. Timing seems off during this bit. Flash land a top rope plancha on Skandalo, then moves out out of the way as Skandalo dropkicks Nitro. Fabian runs in and both he and Metalico dropkick everyone not Skandalo. Both go for dives, Fabian pulls up, Metalico does his (though we barely see it) and Fabian ends up doing a (bad) Asai Moonsault instead. If Fabian tries that moonsault with someone with lesser experience than Arkangel, he might've been toast. It was not too pretty. Inside, Flash gets a Lionsault on Skandalo for the pin. Refs count out the rudos at record speed - I think 20 Seconds passed in about 12 there.

El Arte de Catch: a Boston crab, but instead of seeing how the move is applied, they zoom in on the guy screaming in pain.  

3: Nitro's running out of the ring to escape form Metalico as the action picks up. Metalico catches up to him and gives him the feared spinning backbreaker on the floor. Fabian and Skandalo, which starts with lots of Fabian posing. is flashed up on the screen, though I don't know why. Anyway, Skandalo and Fabian does not set my world on fire, and they miss Fabian hitting Skandalo questionably low while looking at the crowd. Wrestlers debate it for a bit, but no replay is shown. Flash and Arkangel, Flash flipping a bunch and Arkangel mocking his hyperness. Flash works in a flipping double jump armdrag to send Ark out, then runs to the ropes, leaps to the top rope, and jumps off for a big plancha on Arkangel. The other four all end up in, but the Rudos end up spending a lot of time standing around while the tecnicos set stuff up, and then have no defense on it. I think Fabian tries a casita on Skandalo, and it's a work in progress. Metalico gets Nitro at the same time for the match. The horn guy's lost his mind during this, and it makes for an especially annoying finish.

What a debut for Los Rebeldes.

El Diseno Dr. X, who cuts an insane promo during this. Lots of ranting and raving.

Match 2: Amapola (c), Hiroka, La Nazi vs Luna Magica, Marcela (c), Princesa Blanca
Arena Mexico, 01/11/08

  1. tecnicas
  2. rudas
  3. rudas

Winner: Rudas (2-1)
Match Time: 14:18
Approx Rating: Longer than usual but there's been better matches.
Other Match Notes: No entrances. Marcela has her belt back. Maybe she sent it out to get buffed. Amapola has new gear.

1: Amapola and Luan have a 3:30 length mat exchange to start. The first part's okay, if looking even more rehearsed than usual. They break, and Luna slips starting the second sequence, so Amapola seems to just dismantle her for a bit. Luna gets a comeback in the end but still doesn't look so good. Princesa Blanca/Hiroka is next. I expect this to be about the size difference, but it starts with Blanca doing the planchas and Hiroka tossing her opponent around by her hair. Blanca gets in a kick and is tossed Hiroka by her hair once, and that's the end of Hiroka. Amapola tries to attack, and takes the walk up the ropes armdrag. Amapola is able to back elbow her into the corner, but her charge ends up spearing the post once again. Nazi and Marcela is Marcela being too quick for La Nazi, and getting in a Negro Casas style dropkick in the corner. Nazi recovers to clothesline Marcela out of the ring. There's like two people chanting for La Nazi here, which is so weird. Marcela comes back in, ducks another clothesline, and springboard dropkicks Nazi out of the ring. Before she can dive, Hiroka cuts her off with a boot. Chest slap. Corner whip, Hiroka poses before charging, and by then, Marcela's all the way on eh top rope and ready to missile dropkick her out. Hiroka stumbles around ringside, so Blanca jumps off the apron at her with a silla. In the ring, Amapola has Marcela down, only for Luna to break that up with a top rope sunset flip. Luna doesn't hold the pin, but rolls Amapola onto her stomach for a - well, she doesn't know either, but eventually grabs the arms and the legs for a submission. Marcela pins Nazi a moment later.     

El Baul del Ring: so they're talking to fans now, including this 43 year old man who says Wagner and UG are his favorites. Which is probably true, but they could've given him one of those shirts instead of us watching him wander around in a John Cena tee. He's got a big Wagner mask tattoo on the inside of his arm, and a UG tattoo on his shoulder. 

2: Luna tries to knock Nazi over with a shoulderblock. Nope. Second try fears just as much. The only thing La Nazi likes better than people running into her and falling don is running into people herself and knocking them clear out of the ring. which is what happens to Luna. Chop as she gets back in. Big flapjack. Whip, another flapjack, but Luna comes down with an armdrag this time. Luna off the ropes, headscissors, sends Nazi to the corner, dropkick kinda almost hits, Nazi stays in the ring so Luna will do a better one, and then gets caught in the ropes before being kicked free. Amapola now in for the rudas. Both taking turns appealing the crowd, then avoiding moves. Luna gets in kicks to the back of Amapola's legs, which are strangely debilitating, and then Luan holds it together for a rebound armdrags off the ropes. Amapola comes back with chest slaps, but Luna gets a wristlock, and runs cross ring for the run up armdrags - except she loses the wristlock on the flip out of the corner, and falls to the mat alone. Not so good. Amapola kicks Luna while she's down, and the rudas decide to just rush the ring and beat up the tecnicas. Luna's thrown out by her hair. Blanca gets a double boot. Nazi lefts Marcela over her shoulder, and Amapola knocks her off with missile dropkick. Luna's thrown around by her hair more, and held for a Hiroka missile dropkick. That sure is a popular move. Hiroka kicks Marcela around, then everyone drops Blanca and drags her into position. Middle rope splash! Nazi actually stops covering Blanca in mid count to celebrate, but the ref keeps counting anyway. Hiroka gives Marcela something like a side tapatia, and Amapola pins Luna fairly easily after giving her Devil's Wings.  

El Arte de Catch: Gory Stretch

3: Rudas are still in control, as evidenced by Luna running full speed into an Amapola boot. Blanca gets a double back elbow. Marcela takes a corner clothesline, corner clothesline, corner running hip check form Marcela. Luna is choked on the ropes, and Marcela is bought over for a double whip, but it's reversed and Nazi clothesline her partners instead. Blanca dropkicks Nazi out to leave just the tecnicas in the ring. Marcela rushed out to the apron, and presumably gives Amapola Devil's Wings there - they cut away at the last second to show Blanca dropping Nazi with her double jump plancha instead. Luna sends Hiroka out with a spinning headscissors and follows with an Asia tornillo - and both are actually on target, amazingly. Capitans are back in, and Marcela is lighting Amapola up with dropkicks like usual. Two count. Amapola breaks free fro a second, but Marcela turns her punch into a sit down powerbomb one two NO. Marcela clothesline ducked under, and Amapola gets the Back Stabber - one two three!   

Rudas celebrate. Crowd moderately cares. This is such a bigger crowd than I'm used to seeing on the FSE shows, it's kinda weird. Replays but no promos. THat's it.