CMLL CAN52 GdR - 12/15/07 (#108)
Recapped: 12/21/07

Intro: Magadan voices Perro Aguayo Jr.'s action figure to hype the matches. Villano IV has no action figure. Miguel voices Volador Jr.'s and throws it to Dos talking with his. And now they can fly!  

Match 1: Ephesto, Mephisto (c), Virus vs Felino (c), Super Nova, Valiente
Arena Mexico, 12/07/07

  1. rudos
  2. tecnicos
  3. rudos

Winner: Rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 11:01
Approx Rating: Okay.
Other Match Notes: No entrances.

1: Virus and Valiente have a nice mat sequence before they even get to the ropes. Valiente ends up springboard flipping over Virus into an armdrag that sends him out. Mephisto rushes in to take a spinning backbreaker, but Virus trips and yanks out Valiente before he can do any more. Super Nova takes his place with a springboard headscissors, sending Mephisto out. Nova runs for a dive, but gets backdropped to the apron by Ephesto. Nova manages to fight both Mephisto and Ephesto off, but when he goes for the Asai, Virus trips him up. Felino moonsaults into the ring to face Ephesto, and gives him a big spinebuster, but Ephesto surprises him with a cross legged headscissors from the mat for the pin. I guess that's Ephesto's move? It's worked two matches in a row.  

Amapola wishes us Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 

Rey Bucanero wishes his family and us Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. They totally filmed this the same time they were filming the other bits last week. 

2: Beatdown. Corner clotheslines for Valiente. Felino gets a splash/legdrop combo. Nova is hung up in the ropes for Virus' outside/in dropkick. Ephesto gets double hiptossed onto Valiente, but Valiente gets his feet up to stop  it. The other two miss sentons, and then stand out of the way as Valiente does his double springboard moonsault to the floor. It connects, but Ephesto doesn't really catch him and he hits the front row hard with his upper back. Nova planchas the two in the ring, they catch him, but he armdrags Mephisto anyway. Nova boosts Felino into a dropkick on Virus which knocks him out, goes to the corner, fights Mephisto away, and does a moonsault to the floor! Felino finishes Mephisto with a crucifix powerbomb, and tracks down his teammates to pull them in.  

Olimpico blah blah blah

Volador Jr.

3: Felino dived to the mat to get someone as they got in the ring, but we really didn't see much of it. Tecnicos huddle in the corner and allow rudos to theirs. Valiente and Virus left in to start. They evade each other off the ropes, counter, and Valiente finally gets in armdrags. Virus goes to the corner, Valiente charges, Virus tosses him, Valiente lands on the top rope and moonsaults with an armdrags. Mephisto in, Valiente ducks his clothesline and sends him out with a headscissors. Ephesto stops Valiente's run by getting in a back elbow. Stomping and trash talking. Valiente gets to monkey flip position, tries to moonsault off Ephesto landed on his knees), ducks a clothesline, and does a monkey flip anyway. Perhaps they should've started there. Valiente slips thru the ropes to follow Ephesto out, and gives him a spinning backbreaker on the floor. Nova's turn, and he gets a backflip run in before sending Mephisto out with a headscissors. Ephesto in, Nova's kick is caught, they have no timing on the backflip spot but get it together, and a headscissors sends out Ephesto. Virus cuts down Nova with a left hand punch, and keeps him on the mat with stomps. Corner whip, reverses, Nova turn, then charges in, Virus flips him to the apron, Nova fights him off, and gets in a top rope headscissors to send Virus to the ramp. Nova charges at him, Virus back up the ramp, but it's fake. Felino and running and rolling just for the hack of it. Felino tries to run some more, and Mephisto drops him. Mephisto off the ropes, over, over, clotheslined. Open hand slaps, chop, corner whip, Felino lifts Mephisto up and sort of crotches him, then uses Nova to balance himself as he climbs the ropes - flying hanging headscissors. Ephesto grabs Felino for a Virus dropkick, but that backfires. Virus manages to monkey flip Felino out of the ring, but that ends up as pescado on Ephesto. Valiente in, sunset flip for Virus, Virus misses the roll thru dropkick and Nova adds a springboard plancha one two Mephisto breaks it up. Things are going fast. Valiente with  'rana on Mephisto, but Virus break that up with a kick and kicks Nova in the head while he's at it. Corner whip for Valiente, Mephisto whipped in after him, Valiente sets him on the rope and kicks Virus away. Valiente climbing up to join Mephisto, but Mephisto fighting back while Virus grabs Super Nova. This looks like it's going to be extremely dangerous. They look to be trying a middle rope Devil's Wings, but it doesn't come together and Mephisto aborts, kinda just shoving Valiente off into the middle of the ring. Virus gets in a dangerous move anyway, with the inverted Gory Special powerbomb on Nova. That's the match.

El Diseno: Neutron. 

Universo 2000 is more threatening with his well wishes.

Match 2: Texano Jr., Universo 2000 (c), Villano IV vs Dos Caras Jr. (c), Marco Corelone, Volador Jr.
Arena Mexico, 12/09/07

  1. rudos
  2. tecnicos
  3. tecnicos

Winner: Tecnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 10:04
Approx Rating: Usual.
Other Match Notes: LOOK AT ALL THOSE EMPTY SEATS oh sorry. It just freaked me out for a second to see the sections left and right of the stage are no more than 1/3rd full. Hey, Dos has his belt. Marco Corelone calls out Texano in his promo? Huh. Dubbed intros by the way. Texano has his bull rope and is all fired up in his promo. Oh no, he called Marco an exotico. I can't believe Universo does no promo here.

We get more ring introductions, which is definitely odd, but quickly make sense. Perro Aguayo Jr. was supposed to be in this match, so he's introduced to walk out here on crutches. Dos Caras Jr. confronts him because Dos is the only one to recall they have an issue. Texano jumps Dos from behind, and Perro gets in shots with his crutch, of course. Perro limps back to the back. 

1: The opening whistle takes so long, I gave up on it just when it happened. Alas. Total rudo beatdown, much brawling and many empty seats. I swear there are more empty seats visible than there was for the last match, though we seem to be getting a slightly different (higher) camera angle than usual. The people here doesn't seem too much into the match, but whatever. Texano goes for Dos's mask as the other two are taken care of. Everyone takes a turn trying to see what they can do to Marco - V4 suplex! Texano slam! Universo splash! Before he's pinned. Metal may have just handed his arm to V4 and told him to do something with it.    

Q: [Universo 2000] Que Cabelleras Ha Ganado?

Marco Corelone sends out well wishes.


A: Marco Corelone, Hector Garza, Halloween, Pierroth, Perro Aguayo

2: Marco dances with the ring card girl in between getting beat. Corner clothesline, corner clothesline, corner dropkick. They've got the lights turned down low now, but it still looks horrible out there. Big boots for Metal. Dos gets snap mared for a double dropkick, but the tecnicos take out V4 and Texano and Dos kicks Universo around. revenge brawling. Dos actually gives Universo a chair shot (to the shoulder) in front of the announce booth but the referees are paying no mind. The other tecnicos are set up in the middle of the ring, and Marco gets in the superman dive for the finish.



3: V4 and Corelone are barely in. Metal gets the better of Universo, who seems twice his size right now. They've got in opposite directions when it comes to size, for sure, but Metal gets the best of him with a mostly strike based offense. Universo ends up throwing himself out a on a missed clothesline, but Metal gets cut off by Texano before he can dive. Dropkick to the knee, casita, but Texano shoves him off. Texano charges, but takes the knee bump the floor. Metal - gives V4 the stop sign, stands around, tags out to Dos. That was odd. V4 grabs Dos and shoves him into the rudo corner, where Universo and Texano do all the work. Dos' mask is still loose. Universo forces him into the corner. Chest slap. Corner whip, Universo charges in, Dos isn't home. Powerslam on the rebound! Dos says this is it, though not it enough to make the cover there. Headlocks, shot off, Dos ducks a clothesline and enziguri Universo out. Dos fakes with the 619 spin, and gets jumped form behind by V4. He's quickly stopped with a corner enziguri. Tag to Corelone. This match is just kinda strolling around. Head to chest. Corelone starts to dance and Texano kicks him in the leg hard before doing his own hipswivel. Off the ropes, Corelone evades with leapfrogs, but it doesn't really matter since Texano's shoulderblock has no effect. Kick caught, Texano's pun and knocked out with a punch. V4 sneak attacks him. Whip, clothesline misses, and Corelone blows V4 up with a huge clothesline. V4's head bounced off the mat there, I think he underestimated that one. Universo jumps Corelone with punches and kicks, and asks the crowd to quiet. The crowd's really just the honking tecnico horns in this case, and that's not happening. Universo forearms Corelone in the back and then doe the hip swivel himself. Open hands lap, whip, head down too soon, and Corelone hits Universo hard in the back. Universo goes to the rudos corner for a massage, and turns back to see Corelone doing his swivel. Universo charges, leapfrogs head down too soon, Universo sunset flip, Corelone blocks it, swivels, and punches Universo in the head. Corner whip, reversed, Corelone kip up and over, Universo charges, Corelone leapfrogs over him, springboard clothesline connects (kinda) and Universo out. Corelone out after him to get in the clothesline. Dos and Texano in, Dos powerslam, and he's looking for the armbar. V5 breaks that up with a sunset flip, Dos strolls thru, V4 covers up to block the dropkick, but Metal's got him from behind with one. Dos trips up Texano and Metal gets the casita on him while Dos gets the headscissors/hammerlock on V4 for the win.

Dos does a post match interview. I can't believe his mask didn't get pulled by the end of the match. Dos randomly challenges Villano IV to a mask match! I think we've gone too far when we've got Dos Jr. vs V4 challenges. Naturally, V4 wants a title shot instead. Rudos advance on Dos and the tecnicos, who BACK AWAY. Huh. This goes nowhere and likes it.