CMLL CAN52 GdR - 10/13/07 (#99)
Recapped: 10/20/07

Intro: Ultimo hangs out with the announcers. Magadan and UG gang up on Jesus, who goes to a valet for backup. Hector's pretaped interview talks about not having his brothers Los Perros with him, but having his brothers Los Villanos with him. Big family. 

Outside the ring: Felino. It's just a conversation with him, we don't see his place. 

Match 1: Hiroka (c), Mima Shimoda, Rosa Negra vs India Sioux, Lady Apache (c), Marcela
Arena Mexico, 10/05/07

  1. tecnicas
  2. rudas
  3. tecnicas

Winner: Tecnicas (2-1)
Match Time: 9:59
Approx Rating: Fun. They were working hard. Marcela was great. India didn't have any bad moments. 
Other Match Notes: No entrances - well, we saw them in the open like usual, that's always supposed

1: Either the match is clipped, or the first move in the match is a backslide. Each choice has some upside. India only gets two on Rosa, who escapes for a quick inside cradle, also two. Big boot by Rosa keeps India on the mat. Rosa off the ropes, boot is caught, India hits a bulldog-ish clothesline. Pose. Chop, whip, Rosa reveres it, India tries to drop her with a plancha, but Rosa catches her and swings her out into a side slam. All the ruda celebrate. India's picked up, whipped, Rosa misses a clothesline, India sends her out with a headscissors. India teases the dive, poses, and tags out. Marcela and Hiroka in. Hiroka has new gear - pants. They're nice. I wish I had something to say, and thankfully Marcela and Hiroka shove each other so I can talk about that. Hiroka misses a clothesline and misses a clothesline. On the third pass, Marcela lights her up with a dropkick. Corner whip, Marcela charges in, Hiroka steps forward and flapjacks Marcela, so she falls in the ring instead of landing safely on the apron. Chest slap. Corner whip, Marcela springboards back with a headscissors. Hiroka slides short of the ropes. Hiroka back up to her feet, missing a clothesline, Marcela grabs her and drops her in gutbuster. Hiroka crawls for safety as Marcela indicates she's number one. Mima in, and Marcela blocks all of her stuff before knocking her down with a backfist. Mima begs off in the corner, but gets stomped there by Marcela. Corner whip, reversed, and Marcela knocks Mima down with a middle rope dropkick. She's awesome today. Pose, tag out to Lady Apache. She leads the crowd in chants. Hiroka in to face her. Hiroka off the ropes backdrop, Hiroka lands on her feet and boots Apache down. Boot to the midsection lots of chest slaps. Whip, reversed, Hiroka misses a clothesline, Lady Apache gets a sunset flip, Hiroka rolls thru and attempts to kick Lady Apache's head off, Lady Apache ducks under and cradles her one two NO. Apache with a soft boot to the head. Whip, Hiroka big boot is blocked by Apache, so Hiroka clotheslines her instead. Stomp. Apache grabs a wristlock and kips up. Lots of chest slaps, and to the corner for the rope flip armdrag. Hiroka ends up in her corner, but charges. This clothesline misses as well, India grabs Hiroka from the outside, Rosa tries to rush Apache but she turns it around to whip Rosa towards the growing huddle, and India gets a slingshot armdrag/headscissors on them both. Indians send out their opponents with headscissors, Lady Apache fakes a dive to setup for India for a double jump plancha - still needs a little work. Marcela tries either a pescado or a springboard plancha - it didn't go well, but it still hit Hiroka. Apache and Mima left in,  Lady Apache immediately gets a the dropkick to the knee and a tapatia. Lady Apache rolls it once, rolls it twice, and that's it. Mima's not the captain, but the refs do count everyone else out. Yay rules.

2: Hiroka tries being the ring card girl, gets booed, gets very angry. This goes on for a while, with Hiroka teasing fighting her and then hiding in the safety of the ring. Her partners eventually calm her down. India and Mima start the fall, avoiding each other until India gets a fireman's escape armdrag. Mima rolls out, and Hiroka comes in, booting down India. Hiroka works over India with chops. Whip, Hiroka lifts India up, India armdrags free. Every big India move has a "set? go" pause in it. India tries to do a rolling something, and Hiroka boots her in the face before dropping the other tecnicas to the floor. Ruda in to triple boot India. Marcela is next, though the ruda are a bit disorganized. Hiroka gets her with a missile dropkick, and then goes off to pose as the other two work over Lady Apache, Hiroka headbutts her in the midsection. Powerbomb/double neckbreaker for her, and that's the fall.  

El Arte del Catch: Azteca India? An inverted Indian Deathlock, maybe the Haas of Pain.

Vignette: CMLL was honored for it's 74th Anniversary, I think. Atlantis, Panther, Bucanero, Ultimo Guerrero and Panico are there to accept the award. Surprisingly, the rudos do not turn on the tecnicos. Panico is listed as "Panico", which surprises me. Everyone but Bucanero gets a chance to talk. 

3: This fall, Hiroka's all about getting her own camera time. Beatdown still on. Lady Apache takes a big bump on a big boot. Mima gives India an ax kick to the back of the head (in theory, anyway). Rosa and Hiroka's stereo falling headbutts was much cooler. Marcela turns the table by kicking Hiroka as she charges and ducking a double clothesline to setup for an Apache missile dropkick. India sends out Hiroka with a 'rana. Apache and Marcela take care of the other two with side backbreaker's into STOs, and then get out of the way way for India's tope on Hiroka. The other four battle in the corners, climbing up to fight there. This leads to a Marcela powerbomb, a super armdrags by Lady Apache and a tecnicas win.

El Diseno: Euforia

Match 2: Atlantis  (c), Olimpico, Ultimo Guerrero vs Hector Garza (c), Villano III, Villano V
Arena Coliseo, 10/07/07

  1. Guerreros
  2. Hector & Villanos
  3. Guerreros

Winner: Guerreros (2-1)
Match Time: 7:02
Approx Rating: horrible. taking going thru the motion to a new level.
Other Match Notes: Dubbed entrances. Ultimo Guerrero and Atlantis remind us they have issues with the Villanos. Guerreros jump the Villanos on their way to the ring, as you'd expect. Olimpico jumps Hector in the aisle, not that Hector is in any hurry. Villanos interview is what you'd expect.

1: If this fall goes 15 seconds, I would not be surprised - the Guerreros have pretty well beat down their opponents before it even started. The Guerreros decide to go after V5's mask instead of the win, which is fair enough. Garza goes thru the shredder rather quick. So fast, he comes back in after V3 is disposed off. Slingshot, clothesline, Olimpico's springboard splash for the fall. Two minutes, that was epic. Atlantis low blows V5 on the outside for good measure. Magadan says hi to Chicago here.

I miss the trivia question here, but it's apparently about V3's other names.

2: Guerreros still in complete control. V5 gets the sit. Hector evades a corner charge  and takes care of the Guerreros to start the comeback 90% on his own. Villanos show up to take down their rivals, and it's a lot of punching going the other way. Evil Monkey is here, hasn't done much. Villano V topes UG, V3 has to slip thru the ropes and and do an apron silla. Hector powerbomb Olimpico for the win, though he almost loses him in the process. Two minutes! Villanos tease beating up Evil Monkey, and end up dropping him into a Garza kick. 

El Arte del Catch: El Beso? Modified Suastica? I guess.

Highlights of the bodybuilding competition. PASS

3: Only Hector and Ultimo are in to start, though Atlantis wants to make his own way in. Hector works over UG in a corner, UG reveres, but Garza fights back against both Atlantis and UG. Double clothesline takes them both out. Olimpico misses a dropkick and gets kicked in their ribs. Garza misses a corner charge on Olimpico, Olimpico goes for the trunks yank, but C5 pulls him away. Garza goes to kick Olimpico, but gets his partner instead. I'm not very into this, and neither is the crowd. Everyone but Garza ends up fighting with the Villanos kicking the Guerreros away to set up for a Garza top rope plancha, on everyone, and Villanos add their own splashes. Garza and Villanos immediately charge into finishes, and that's the end of this. TWO MINUTES. 

Why even put this match on air? 

Guerreros and Villanos talk about matches they don't plan to have. Plenty of talking, because there is time to kill. Everyone brawls. Well, except Hector, who is helped to the back. Not sure what happened there, but the referees were checking on him after the fall. It looked like he was grabbing the small of his back, but that's what you're supposed to sell the Atlántida as. Maybe that's all it was.