Famous Tony Kornheiser guest Mark

Famous Tony Kornheiser guest Mark Coale went to Tijuana on the 18th, and made it back alive to write what he saw.

This Sunday, Galavision airs the Japan vs Mexico Gran Prix Cibernetico. Lineup for that match is: Virus/Mephisto/Averno/Blue Panther/Felino/Negro Casas/Dr. Wagner/Shocker vs (Katsushi) Takemura/Nosawa/Masada/CIMA/Don Fuji/SUWA/TARU/Ultimo Dragon. KrisZ‘s report back then had the Tory guys a little slow on the idea at first, but it being a good match with Takemura standing out. Tapes of that TV say about 20-25 minutes were shown, which means we probably lost 5-15 minutes, but that’s still pretty good.

Vague Bad Feeling That Probably Means Nothing: See, if I was a programming direction, I’d find it in slightly bad taste to put a wrestler named Sadam on television. And he’s in the other match on TV. And they skipped TV last time he should’ve been on. But then, they skipped TV when he wasn’t on. Who knows.

Infernales defated GdI this past weekend in the finals of the 16 Team #1 Contender Tournament, so they’ll take on Dr. Wagner Jr., Black Tiger and Universo 2000 for the CMLL Trios Titles. I can’t see them winning – where’d that leave the Mexican Trios Titles? – but I’m usually on target with lucha booking, so they have a decent shot. If I was booking, well, that might be the week Nicho decides to show up Arena Mexico.

That title shot is getting pushed back a week, as it’ll be part of their big 8/1 70th Anniversery Show (take 2 – of 3?). That card looks like this:
– Los Talibanes (Emilio/Scorpio/Bestia) vs Los Guapos (Shocker/Magica/Terrible) in a cage match. Everyone fights for ten minutes, then they start taking off. The last two can go for the pin/submission on each other, or take off. The last person left will lose their hair.
– Dr. Wagner, Black Tiger, Universo 2000 (c) vs Los Infernales (Satanico, Averno, Mephisto) for the CMLL Trios Titles
– Hijo Del Perro Aguayo [ArenaMex debut], Mr. Niebla, Hijo De Lizmark vs Damian 666, Halloween and Super Crazy
– Virus, Volador Jr., Ricky Marvin vs Los Havana Brothers [NJPW-US]
– Azumi Hyuga & Marcela vs Comando Bolshoi & Amapola [women’s match]
– Tigre Blanco & Neutron vs Loco Max & Hooligan

I’ll take Guapos, champs, Aguayo, Havanas, Marcela’s team, and Hooligan. Please do not use that advice for betting purposes.

Guapos vs Tailban is

Guapos vs Tailban is set for 8/1. It’ll be in a cage, and no one is allowed out for the first ten minutes. After that, it’s a free for all; the last two left fight to the finish in the ring. Shocker’s on a roll going in to this, as he just took Mascara Ano’s hair on the 14th as the main event of a 50th Anniversy show for Arena Puebla.

The women luchadores are scheduled back in for that show as well.

Hey, remember back in May

Hey, remember back in May when Perro Aguayo Jr left AAA? Yep, he’s finnally coming to CMLL for revenge on Universo for ending his dad’s career on a neckbreaking note. They’re building up a second 70th anniversey show (I guess when you’re 70, you can have as many parties as you can stand) on 8/1, and he’ll debut then. He’s aiming to get the Capos AND Pierroth, which almost sounds like a triangle fued of some sort. This also sounds like a big wide opening for the older Perro Aguayo to show up at another big show later in the year, but that’s just my wild guess.

Getting back to Pierroth for a second, it looks like he’s lost another man – Violencia walked out on the Boricuas after their last Arena Mexico loss and says he’s done with that group and will join another (with Veneno?) I presume Nitro will move up to the regular trio with Pierroth and Sadam, as he’s the only full sized guy left. Not sure where this leaves Mini Violencia, but he did lose his mask and isn’t listed on any card I can find since May 30th, so that may be moot.

The New Guapos vs ex-Guapos fued has escalted to the point that Shocker’s crew is asking for a cage match, the last person to leave would lose their hair. You’d think Magica would have bad memories of a match like that. At any rate, it’s offically “under consideration”, but I’d guess on that being the main event of the 8/1 show.

Atlantis, who celebrated his 20th year in lucha libre on the 12th, will be going to Michonku Pro on the 17th to tour with them for a month. I guess that explains why his team isn’t involved in this trios title shot issue.

Blogger’s been having posting issues.

Blogger’s been having posting issues. Let’s see if this gets through. Lots and lots and lots of credit to KrisZ

– The #1 Contenders to the Trios Tournament has reached the finals – it’ll be Infernales vs GdI next Friday. Full brackets are up here.

I think you’ve gotta figure that Infernales won’t win it all, since they’re got the issue with the Mexican Trios still hanging over their head (and a FdT run-in probably wouldn’t be out of the question), but they tecnicos and our champions are rudos, so that lines up. Coming very close to winning to the CMLL Trios titles and then the Infernales winning the Mexican National Trios Titles would make those titles look important and give a issue for a unification match down the line, so that works as a matchup. On the other hand, GdI are awesome and kinda the uncrowned trio champions.

No matter who wins, this has a chance for two really good matches.

There must’ve been some controversy in week 1 quarter final, because they scheduled a Taliban/Guapos rematch for the next week’s non-tournament main event. Or maybe Emilio, Bestia and Scorpio are just angry about the unauthorised name stealing. Taliban (KrisZ isn’t listing them by that name anymore, hmm) got the win in the rematch, so there’s probably an issue there.

I guess Vampiro is off because his name hasn’t been around the last couple weeks and wasn’t on any of these teams.

– Emilio d. Satanico on 7/9 at Arena Lopes Mateos to continue being a Welterweight champion that’s not very intersting. I have a slight feeling that match was a slug fest.

– Havana Pitbull Ricky was injuried and unable to wrestle, so NJPW sent Pinoy Boy in his place. And they still called them Pitbull 1, 2, and 3. They’re working Coliseo main events, but since they’re only putting over people, I think they’re just using them up while they’re new outsiders.

– While we’re talking NJPW, Dr. Wagner did defeat Heat in that singles match last Friday. I was kinda wondering if they might have Heat win and do a quicky rematch for Heat to drop his mask (since he doesn’t want it anyway and they could make a little money in the process), but that apparently wasn’t in the cards right now. Heat is talking about coming in again later on, but he’s got NJ tour obligations now.

– Familia de Tijuana have all reunited back in Tijuana, so they’ll be no breakup to pretend to ignore when they come back in to defend the Mexican National Trios Titles.

– Hijo Del Santo is spending a week in Cuba to do wrestling clinics and Q&A sessions. He’s been wrestling mostly AAA lately, when has been around.

Last two weeks of CMLL are up in the recaps. This week’s may be delayed a bit.

This just in: Dave says

This just in: Dave says Shocker and Negro Casas will NOT be appearing on NWA:TNA this Wednesday. So never mind about that.

Edit: While NWA-TNA‘s story is “Shocker had other committments”, Bob Barnett says “Shocker didn’t want to come to Nashville just to job”.

Edit 2: Blogger’s having trouble publishing, joy.

Homer’s post of Sunday night

Homer’s post of Sunday night didn’t make it up, so read it now and check out the Super Astros recap.

I completely forget I had this week’s lucha to catch up on. I guess I won’t get to it till…Saturday? Maybe later, with the holiday weekend and all.

Plenty of news, which is why I remembered to do this in the first place. Via Krisz and CMLL.com

– Tonight, on the NWA-TNA PPV, it was announced that Negro Casas would meet Shocker in the first round of a #1 contenders tournament to TNA’s X-Title. Yes, I can’t think anyone who more reminds me of the young quick working future than Negro Casas. He’s good and it could be like Rayo or something but STILL that’s an odd pick. I sure think Shocker should win and I’m wondering if anyone in the crowd will care (besides Mike Tenay.) I also wonder if this improves Vampiro‘s (NWA LH Champion) chances of showing up in that promotion from none to slim? Eh.

– Speaking of that NWA LH Championship; on Tuesday’s Arena Coliseo show, Black Tiger beat Vampiro (via not-caught foul) and threw out a challenge for the title post match. Black Tiger is closer to being a LH.

– Coming in with the Havana Pitbulls (as the Havana Brothers) as a NJPW-LA rep will be Puma (Bobby Quance – or I’m combining two people into one name). Mexican indy workers Ultimo Vampiro and Hijo del Texano are also going to be used.

La Familia de Tijuana are due back in Mexico City on 7/27 – I suspect they’ll resolve the Mexcian National Trios Title issue then. They’re getting close to a year of festering for that issue.

Gran Markus Jr. will be out at least two months due to being dangerously close to having a heart attack.

– You know that #1 Trios Tounament I was talking about? Bracket 1 teams, for this Friday’s Arena Mexico show
Hijo de Lizmark, Mr. Niebla, Sagrado
Blue Demon, Hijo de Anibal, Angel Azteca
Blue Panther, Black Warrior, Fuerza Guerrera
Los Infernales
Los Guapos
Havana Brothers (listed as I, II, III)
Los Taliban
Tarzan Boy, Zumbido, Super Crazy

I *guess* Los Guapos but don’t hold me to it.

Oh, and the main event of the show will be Heat vs Dr. Wagner; they’ve been pushing that rivalary since he showed up.

Throwing their hat in the second half
J Legion (Takemura’s still hanging around for a bit, I guess)

If they’re not too busy, I guess Ultimo and Rey could find a way in this. They, and Los Brazos, were initally mentioned as taking part in this tournament.

Meltzer says upcoming booking has Shocker going back to teaming with Vampiro to fued with Rey and Ultimo some more, then splitting once again to do that hair/hair match again. So you’ve seen it all already, except I’d guess Shocker loses his hair this time thru.

Oh, and I finally got done recapping the first of WrestleHolicsVideo Best of GdI. It was good.

They skipped a show. Which

They skipped a show. Which means no Shocker/Vampiro hair match on TV. Someone at master control must really hate Vampiro hair/hair matches, because this would make the second they’ve chosen not to shown since he’s been back in.

Lucha Times has been updated with what they’re doing instead. They may be doing a thing where they’re skipping every other episode to catch up (as that’s what they’ve done the last two weeks), but it’d be pretty dumb unless they were going to show the missing ones on Saturday.

Oh no, this new Blogger

Oh no, this new Blogger interface is SCARY. I’ll have to get over it.

Last night/this morning, I did finally get done with TV. While nothing that’ll blow you away, I though it was good.


Your CMLL LH Champion is…still Ultimo Guerrero. He had and Shocker had yet another good match, if you can believe that. CMLL.com gives high marks to the finale of a tag team tournament on that show (this past Tuesday at Arena Coliseo), where Blue Panther and Black Warrior defeated Ricky Marvin and Negro Casas.

CMLL will be holding another CMLL #1 contender Trios Tournament, with elimination matches on 7/4 and 7/11 leading to the title match on 7/18. Entered in are the Brazos, the Tailban, the Guapos and GdI. KrisZ says this is going to be a 4 team tournament, but the bit on CMLL.com made it sound like those 4 teams are the only ones announced so far. We’ll see.

NJPW (mostly the LA Dojo) wrestlers the Havana Pitbulls (Rocky and Ricky) will be in as soon as week from now. Actually, the translation makes it unclear if they’ll be in a week from now or a week from that end of that trios tournament, but let’s just pretend sometime before the summer’s over. This gets us one step closer to my dream of dreams, American Dragon in a CMLL ring. Anyway, their bios say they competed in AAA but I know nothing about their stay there – Homer? Joe?

Been editing things around –

Been editing things around – hope that didn’t cause any problems.

Galavision decided to skip a week of TV and dramatically edit down the show that did air. Lucha Times has been updated to reflect what happened. I may actually recap that episode tonight?

Apparently they really shouldn’t have waited a week to do the Mexican National Trios Championship title change – Nicho no showed the Friday Arena Mexico show (picked a date in Tijuana). They gave the titles to the Infernales, but the Infernales didn’t want to win them without a match and so they’re vacant. (Not sure if you give them a title reign there.) Violencia ended up working twice on the night (on the losing rudo team with GdI in Heat’s CMLL debut) as the Infernales got a relatively meaningless win.

In the main event, Pierroth defeated Cien Caras and took his hair. I guess they ARE building to a Universo 2K hair/mask match?