Arena Mexico Return Date, other news

Hi. Was busy. You were saved from me hyperventalting over Rey getting a shot the CMLL Heavyweight Title.

It’s still the down period. CMLL announced that their first show back in Arena Mexico will be 01/23. Till then, they’re still just running tapings at Coliseo on Wednesday on Friday.

Wednesday’s headlined by a Niebla/Tarzan/Warrior vs Pierroth/Lizmark/Emilio relevos incredible match, and a tag team tournament underneath. Friday’s main is Parka/Atlantis/Lizmark vs GdI, with another Satanico vs ex-Infernales encounter on the undercard.

No new word on a potential return by Perro Aguayo Sr. – Meltzer figures he’ll be back to headline Arena Mexico, but they’ve downplayed his run-in since. I hope it was just a “look! these Arena Coliseo shows really are worth showing up for!” thing, but I can’t really delude myself that much.

Meltzer also says that Bobby Quance, late of the Havana Pitbulls and due to work some dates for MLW, is considering going in to armed forces once he’s fufilled his wrestling commitments.

Lucha Times has been updated through the last weekends Arena Coliseo show; I figure that’s where I really should be updating, anyway. So now you know what’s on in March, until they change their minds.

You’ll notice the Vuelta show’s schedule is no longer listed – they’ve been skipping around a bit (last two weeks: 86, 88), and if the only way I can figure out which show’s on is watching the first five minutes and scanning at the CMLL Recap Index then it really serves no purpose. Plus, updating it was a pain with the two schedules merged like that. If they get back to a consistent schedule, I’ll add it back.

The address up there has slightly changed. Not what I wanted, but it may fix a couple problems I was getting around to.

Recaps for 11/29 (pass – usual clipped to death Ciber) and 12/06 (good but not great title match) have been posted. 12/13 by Thursday night, I hope.


Let me quote from the Observer:
“It’s expected that New Japan will send Bryan Danielson (American Dragon) here for a few months in 2004.”

This has the possiblity to be so fun I might actually buy the tapes ahead of time rather than wait for the shows to air (sometime in 2007.)

– In another Observer note, there apparently was a survey run at Arena Mexico run in October, and one of the things CMLL found out is that ~85% thought the biggest problem was not enough young guys in the main events. Which would explain why the big push for young guys getting bigger matches in Arena Coliseo and guys such as Volador and Virus showing up in higher places on the card.
– Emilio Charles Jr. did retain the CMLL Middleweight Title over Sagrado, but you probably knew that.
– Lucha aired the anniversey show – but apparently I misread and the listing on WMV was for a 90 minute version. They went the standard 60 on both shows, so the tag team title match was cut, but the Super Light Trios match aired all three falls (as that was a taping issue on the one WMV’s offering.)

New outfits

(If you don’t read the root of the domain, my laptop’s hard drive fried. I won’t be catching up CMLL reports till the new one comes in. Also, this is apparently purple on some systems and I deeply apologize for that.)

Averno and Mephisto, as part of their break from Satanico and all things Infernales, are going to run a contest for a fans to submit new image ideas for them. Winners gets front row seats in Arena Mexico for three months. Of course, the last time they did something like this, it was for Hombre Sin Nombre and they never got around to resolving it.

Other than that, not much going on. The LA Park match (Pierroth’s team winning) did air in Mexico, so it should make it’s way here around March. Emilio Charles will defend his CMLL Middleweight Title versus Sagrado tommorow in Arena Coliseo. The first Friday Arena Coliseo show is headlined by a rematch of that main event and Atlantis/Vamprio/Felino (as an all title holder team) vs Super Crazy/Averno/Mephisto as the semifinal.

When I update lucha times (sometime tommorow? if I have time.), I’m going go on the assumption that they just pushed the Annivesery show back to this week. Vuelta was the regularlly scheduled rerun.


So, the overnight airing started 15 minutes late, which is one thing. There was a telethon, it going late is not entirely unprecdented.

The other thing is that, probably just by random choice, they’ve decided reair #94 (06/27/03 – Tiger/Crazy/Wagner vs Heat/Sagrado/Atlantis as the hyped match) instead of a new episode;.

That means my listing is wrong, but since I put a wrong link there and no one ever noticed, I guess y’all can’t be too bothered about it.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Sunday’s airing turned out to be a newer one. But who knows. It kinda does make sense not to waste a new episode in a week where only people who TiVo (or something) catch it, but at the same time, it’s not like they exactly have a shortage of new episodes to air.

Ricky Marvin gone

Bob Barnett says Ricky Marvin has left CMLL to work NOAH full time.

I just noticed the other night, that out of the CMLL babyface undercard trio they were pushing a few months ago (and just got to our TV), Virus has a title, Volador Jr. has a title, and Marvin – the guy they’ve pushed the most previously – does not. Maybe that should’ve been a sign.

Galavision weekend notes

Lucha Times is updated.

They’re running a telethon on GALA all day long Saturday, so the only time the new episode will air is the overnight 3-5AM slot. (Assuming they air a new episode.) They also skipped ahead to the Mexico/Japan Gran Prix last week on Vuelta, so I’ve adjusted the schedule for that as well.

News bits

Your New CMLL Mini’s Champion is Mini Olimpico. He beat former champion Mini Pierroth this past Tuesday (12/9) at Arena Coliseo in Mexico City. I think this might get spun as “further breakup of the Boricuas.” Mini Olimpico was the one who demasked Mini Violencia earlier this year, so it’s been prety good for him.

In case you’ve been wondering since Saturday, Tigre Blanco and Brazo de Oro defeated Dr. X and Holligan. makes it sound like Angel Azteca will be sticking around for a while, even after losing the mask. (Maybe he’ll lose his hair too?). I’m not sure if I’m reading this note right, but Commando Girl/La Nazi may not be a part of Pierroth’s new group.

Here’s Ark with his new mask, because that photo always is cool.

Also, Giant Silva is King of the World, until all those people in leather jackets go after him. The recap of the match says that Violencia, Veneno and Nitro (wondering about that last loose end) helped Universo win.

Safari, Volador Jr. and Felino have decided on a team name of Trio Centella 2003. 2003 is almost over! They should’ve just gone 2004.

They also push Virus as a man unafraid of taking on people larger than him, and putting fear into the heart of the other light (heavyweight) champion, Ultimo Guerrero.

This Friday is (really!) the last Arena Mexico show of the year. Lineup has a few intersting bits:

– Rayo Jr./L.A. Park (La Parka using a different name – may be able to make TV this way?)/Universo 2K vs Perro Jr./Pierroth/Ultimo Guerrero
(What the heck is Ultimo doing there? Universo and Rayo getting along probably won’t work.)

– Atlantis/Shocker/Mascara Magica vs Dr. Wagner/Tarzan Boy/Black Tiger

– Satanico/Alan Stone/Aztec Angel vs Arkangel/Averno/Mephisto
(Satanico wants to make the split strong and for real. Which sucks.)

– Tigre Blanco/Pantera/Neutron vs Nitro/Dr. X/Loco Max

– Sombra de Plata/Astro Boy vs Super Comando/Messala

I did do another TV, but I forget which one. It wasn’t very good! I still need to catch up a bit.

12/5 Results

Thanks to Canek on the BoxYLucha board, and forgive me if the unusually bad translation has caused me to misread an undercard finish.

– Infernales d. Havana Brothers
EDIT: According to KrisZ’s read, Satanico disbanded the Infernales post match.
– Wagner’s team won the atomicos incredible match. I think. I’m not sure. Shocker ripped at Wagner’s match after the match, but it’s much too late in the year for anything to come of it.
– Arkangel pinned Angel Azteca in the mask/mask match (via powerbomb of some kind). Angel Azteca is Juan Manuel Zuniga, 40 years old and 23 years a wrestler.
– Volador/Safari/Felino become Mexican Trios champions when Volador beats Zumbido
– Universo beat Pierroth in the mask/hair match. Pierroth’s second (La Nazi/Commando Girl) got thrown out for helping Pierroth win fall one. Universo’s second, Apolo Dantes, helped him win fall two. Silva interfered in fall three, arguing with the ref about a Pierroth near fall and accidently (?) striking him, causing the ref to miss a Pierroth low blow pin. Universo got in his own cheap shot, the ref woke up, Pierroth was beat. Former Boricua members showed up to help. Later, Pierroth announced that he was disbanding the Boricuas/Commandos…but forming the Foreign Alliance. So a new song but same old dance, I fear.

The Mexican Trios Title Match and atomico incredible match were said to be the best.

(In case you’re wondering, I’m trying to get a more colorful scheme but I’m forgetful that I left things unfinshed before being distracted. And I need to change the comment color setup.)

Lots of pictures

The Alliance on TV in non-spectacular moments? I don’t believe that’s reallly possible! Perhaps one day, they will get a chance to tell us why they are allied – perhaps to prevent the needless clipping of matches.

The big show’s tommorow, and I have yet to really hear anything new about it. I’ll post results as soon as I spot ’em.

Up on is a cool photolog of a weekend of shows for the Havana Brother’s in Mexico. Oddly enough, that’s the weekend where Rocky lost the Super Lightweight Title, and the show that should air this weekend is the one he won title.

Satanico’s wild ride

After winning the Welterweight Title, Satanico’s week went downhill:

Friday, the Infernales won their first round match in the Mexican National Trios Tournament, but were upset in the next match by Alan Stone, Zumbido and Super Crazy. (Those three move on to face Felino, Safari and Volador for the titles.)

Sunday, in the special four man cage match with hair on the line at Arena Coliseo (which was hyped as the first cage match ever in Arena Coliseo’s 60 year history), Satanico was the last man left in the cage. (Order of exit was Tarzan, Negro, before Mascara pinned Satanico.) Goodbye, hair.

And now there’s a small note that after the failure to get to Mexican Trios back, the Infernales are thinking about splitting up. Which would awfully suck.

Not much other stuff. Arkangel and Angel Azteca are wrestling against in a trios match on every single spot show they can manage this week; they seem to want to milk that completely before someone loses a mask. Aguayo and Atlantis are still feuding, with Aguayo pulling out the main event win this week.

There are rumors that Hijo de Lizmark has jumped to AAA. He’s scheduled twice on Arena Coliseo this week (Wednesday main event trios, Sunday vs Black Warrior) so it’ll become evident one way or another pretty soon.

Friday’s Arena Mexico card – (final celebration of the 70th annivesery)

Universo 2000 vs Pierroth [mask/hair]
(Universo wins this.)

Felino/Safari/Volador Jr. vs Super Crazy/Zumbido/Alan Stone
(Felino’s team, I think. Crazy doesn’t seem to be around that much, so I don’t see his side winning unless they have no plans for the title. Which is always possible.)

Angel Azteca vs Arkangel [mask/mask]
(Ark. My theory has been that Angel’s resurfaced to make some quick cash by dumping the mask, so I’ll stick with it.)

Vampiro/Super Parka/Atlantis/Shocker vs Aguayo/Wagner/Fuerza/Warrior
(This is Super Parka’s Arena Mexico debut, at least without a mask. Take his team, I guess. They’re calling this “relevos atomicos incredible”, but if you figure this is one of Shocker’s tecnico’s week, nothing strange is really going on.)

Havana Brothers vs Infernales
(Infernales? Havana’s are gone after next week.)

Tigre Blanco/Sicodelico Jr. vs Dr. X/Holligan
(Dr. X, why not.)

Lucha times is updated through late Jan.