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I was going to work on something to post today during lunch, but I left it on my home computer. Drat.

The big news: Tonight is another turning point in the Dr. Wagner Jr./Canek feud, as the back and forth trios rivalary of the last few weeks has resulted in a title match: Universo 2K, Black Tiger, Dr. Wagner Jr. vs Canek, Rayo De Jalisco and Black Warrior.

The secondary story, which the website pushes hard, is Warrior being responible for the current champs to have the belts; after some dives gone bad, he turned on Niebla (in something that didn’t go anywhere), costing them and Atlantis the belts to the current champions. The website wonders if it could happen again and given that Warrior’s flipped sides numerous times in the past 3 years, it’s a fair question.

It’s hard for me to guess who’s going to win; beltwise, you could easily expect either side not to defend them for another six months, so there’s no indication there. If it were me, I’d have Wagner and company keep the titles, just to keep Wagner strong for now until you do the next singles match with Canek. But I could see them doing the cahnge so Wagner ends up with Canek’s title and Canek ends up with Wanger’s title. So I dunno. (Put me down for the rudos if you must.)

Digression: Since Canek’s come in and feuding with Wagner, I’ve been thinking mask match, with Canek getting Wagner’s mask. Over on tOA, tomk thinks mask match with Wagner getting Canek’s mask.

I *think* (because sometimes, after you decide your opinon, you’re totally clueless onto how you actually got there) I’m basing my finish on a crypitc message Black Metal made @ LuchaWorld and Bob Barnett’s comments about Wagner (and Tiger) having been wise with their money and don’t need to stick around if they don’t want to. No actually does that, you know? but it feels like it’s more likely than Canek doing the same.

Logically, the other way makes sense: older guy should lose his mask to somewhat less old guy. But these things are rarely based on logic.

So am I missing a tidbit here or just over thinking things as usual? Or maybe just being different?

Digression #2: I’d just take this question there (tOA), but it’s HOF season and you’re in danger of losing a limb if you get near one of those threads. I need to add the Blue Panther Gordy List to the sidebar, though. And hope Jose does one for other guys.

The fun thing about reading those discussion at tOA (and surely at other places if I bothered to) is that I learn quite a bit. The bad thing is it spurs 40 posts on the New Post board, and it’s annoying difficult to find any one particular post (about Blue Panther, let’s say.)

Digression #3: It’s amusing to read a line Jose’s evaluation of Panther mentioning no significant (two man) tag match runs, considering what he just won two weeks ago.

I’m so sure he was petitioning Casas and management to let him and Atlantis get a tag run to help their HOF shots. (It’s McGriff and 500 of lucha! Except not so sad.)

Aguayo turned? not turned?: I’m having trouble following this. First, Garza shows up and Aguayo joins him. This week, the recap make it sounds like Aguayo is having second thoughts, though he may want to be friends with Tarzan Boy and doesn’t like. And now he’s teaming with Casas against Tarzan and Hector? I’m so confused. I hope this sorts itself out soon.

The rest of the card looks like this:

– LA Park, Shocker, Brazo de Oro vs Pierroth, Okumura, Rey Buccanero
– Mistico, Volador Jr., Misterioso Jr. vs Sangre Azteca, Violencia, Arkangle
– Sombra de Plata, Zetta vs Super Comando, Koreano

Not bad.

Leyenda De Plata ’04: After not doing it last year (and doing the Blue Demon one), CMLL’s bought back the Leyenda De Plata championship/cibernetico. (It surely is a wacky concidence that Santo will be around for this one and wasn’t last year.) The reigining ’02 (fixed) is Felino, who won in a match which could be charitable described as “godawful”. Let’s hope for better things this year.

Entered in so far are
Atlantis, Emilio Charles, Tarzan Boy, Averno, Mephisto, Super Crazy, Virus, Volador Jr., Misterioso Jr. and Mistico. That leaves 6 spots to go. The Cibernetico will be next week, with the final two moving onto the semi final on 7/23, and the winner of that facing Felino on 7/30.

Elsewhere: Arena Coliseo’s Tuesday show saw a tecnico trio of Atlantis, Blue Panther and Satanico lose to Pierroth, Averno and Mephisto with much mask ripping, leading to a rematch next Tuesday. It’d be enjoyable if that led to a CMLL Tag title match, with Satanico as a trouble causing cornerperson.

Coliseo’s Sunday show sees Atlantis, Rayo and Shocker teaming up to face Universo, Mascara Ano 2000 and Emilio Charles. The same day in Guadalajara, Negro and the Mexican Trios Champions (Felino, Volador and Safari) face Fuerza, Averno, Mephisto and Bestia Salvaje. Also the same day, Niebla, Black Warrior (see how well that turn worked out) and partner TBA face Wagner, Pierroth and Black Tiger at Arena Solidarida in Monterrey.

Box Y Lucha lists a Monday Arena Puebla show as headlining with Perro Jr., Atlantis, Porky, Negro, Volador and TBA vs Shocker, Terrible, Tarzan Boy, Rey, Averno, and Violencia. Either that’s a wild 12 man tag or someone mucked two trios matches. Least they could do is flip Perro and Shocker so it’d make a little sense.

TV: Does anyone know if the Atlantis/Panther vs GdI match made air? I can’t find any tape listings that have been updated for that show.

Lucha Times was updated sometime earlier this week, but I don’t even rememember when. I hope to get to some TV this weekend but eh.

arena mexico thoughts, TV changes?, lineup

I wrote about this here and over on the main page, so I’ll skip the third recitation. The net effect of Garza’s jump and Santo coming is there’s at lesat gotta be a Aguayo/Garza vs Casas/Santo match coming up. Sorta AAA vs CMLL, though Perro has been in for a while now and they haven’t presented that way.

I always like to see Ultimo and Rey keep the titles, because they’re fun to watch, but if the cost of getting a big title match is losing the belts, I can take it. At this point in their career, Blue Panther and Atlantis seem to save their A-games for big matches, so I’m looking forward to seeing this on TV. I don’t neccesarly know that they’re going for a rematch here, and I’m not sure it’d be too horrible to give some other rudos a chance. As long as they don’t kill the belts via non-defense after the build they’ve given to them over the last few years, it’ll work out.

Problem is, whatever match is next, we may not see it. Last couple weeks, CMLL’s only aired a 30 minute show in Mexico, which means we’ll get the same 30 minutes up here. It doesn’t appear to be something on Televisa’s side – they’re doing the normal two hour slot, and they inserted repeat AAA footage.

At an hour a week, with this roster, we’re already into territory where you might not see your favorite people for months just because there’s not enough time. At a half hour, the show’s almost becoming a waste of time. Though it’d be a snap to recap, it’s almost sounding like not worth the bother.

This week’s Arena Mexico card is one a triple main event deal, with the top 3 matches not in any particular order.

1 Rayo Tapatios vs Caligula & Mesala
2 Misitco/Volador/Misterioso vs Azteca/Nitro/Arkangel
– Revenge: Canek/Rayo/Warrior vs Wagner/Tiger/Universo 2K
– Perro/Negro/Shocker vs Pierroth/Tarzan/Garza
– Atlants/Panther/Felino vs Okumura/Averno/Mephisto

Yes, they booked Aguayo with Casas event though he turned on him last week. It’s really tough get out of the tecnico army, I guess.

Sounds like they might be building to a trios title match in the near future, since they’re doing back and forth matches with the champions. Might be able to say the same of the tag titles of ex-Infernales get a win.

Card’s not horrible, but the two Arena Coliseo main events (Guapos/Satanico vs GdI/Terrible and Perro/Shocker/Atlantis vs Wagner/Tarzan/Rey) look better, even if Perro’s gonna be turning on people all week.

Alan Stone is back to teaming with Chris Stone. They really accomplished a lot there.

Lucha Times is updated. Saturday could be good. Sunday wasn’t much.

Vampiro out, Garza in, new champions


– Vampiro’s out two months with a broken leg.
– Replacing him last night? AAA/TNA’s Hector Garza. Sounds like he ended up going tecnico at the end of the match, and he’s sticking around.
– Atlantis and Panther won the tag team titles
– Santo is due in at the end of July


CMLL has finally gotten around to adding a merchandise site: CMLLShopping.com

Of course, being CMLL, all they’ve got are 1 Atlantis T-Shirt and 4 Shocker T-Shirts. And a really low tech looking site. But if you wanted to get a Guapos 2004 Shirt, now you don’t have to travel to Mexico City.

Lucha Times is updated. Usual times. You’ve got the Magica/Terrible hair match and a fun sounding undercard match. I enjoyed the two matches I think (less sure than usual) will air on Vuelta, too.

Cage of Death results

Results, via KrisZ. They actually made an eljuciofinal.com for this, but I don’t think I saw the link till I saw the results.

– Negro Casas loses his hair in Cage of Death 2. Perro was the second to last, finishing Casas with a double stomp. The rudos got out of the ring first, followed by a rudo-ish Shocker.
– Dr. Wagner Jr. beats Canek for the UWA Title with a chain handed to him by corner man Apolo Dantes
– Satanico goes to five minute draws vs Emilio and Ringo. And got a plaque
– Atlantis and Blue Panther over Ultimo Guerrero and Rey Bucanero, and they wasted little time making a return challenge.
Mistico’s team won.
– and so did Dr. X’s

Four of six on picks, and the Satanico match really shouldn’t count because how was I supposed to know they had wacky 5 minute time limits. I was thisclose to picking Negro. Darn Vampiro’s wacky hair.


– So there’s a hair match in Arena Coliseo, and it’s Tony Rivera (who you may know) vs Veneno, so of course Tony wins this because he’s won a ton of undercard hair matches in Arena Coliseo and elsewhere and Veneno is Veneno.

Except, Veneno wins! Weird. I don’t know that it means anything but it’s interesting. CMLL is saying this ends a 30 hair match streak by Tony. Probably a decent streak the other way for Veneno.

Also on the show was Ultimo retaining the LH Title over Blue Panther, so he’s 1 for 1 this week.

– Why waste time till the next big show? This week’s Arena Mexico card

* Atlantis & Blue Planther vs Ultimo Guerrero & Rey Bucanero (c) for the CMLL Titles
* Perro Jr., Negro Casas, Mr. Niebla vs Vampiro, Tarzan Boy, Okumura
* Canek, Rayo Jr., Warrior vs Wagner, Tiger, Universo 2000
* Mistico, Alan Stone, Virus vs Sangre Azteca, Holligan, Loco Max
* Mr. Power & Star Man vs Ramstein & Super Comando

I’d like the champions to retain a lot more if Ultimo hadn’t already won a title match this week. Then again, I’m thinking in terms of building a program, and you can’t assume anything goes past today in CMLL. So I’ll take the champions.

If anything’s going to come of Perro being the one to cost Negro his hair, it’ll probably start here.

That’s the CMLL Trios champions wrestling together up there, but they’re pushing it more as “Wagner gets his strongest allies to help against Canek” rather than a pending title program. What a trio that’d be.

Wednesday’s main event at Arena Coliseo is Casas vs Okumura. Sunday has a special main of Mil Mascaras, Canek and Rayo de Jalisco teaming up against Universo 2000, Mascara 2000 and Terrible. They’re paying Canek and Mascaras to come in for a Sunday show? And Terrible’s in this match? And teaming with a guy he beat for his hair a few months ago? Huh.

Guadalajara has a Perro Jr. vs Universo 2K no DQ match, in case you’re wondering whatever happened to that feud. I was thinking Apolo’s interference in the Canek/Wagner match probably leads to something in Guadlajara down the road, but there’s nothing this week.

AAA News

Cibernetico lost his mask! It was a pretty dumb mask, all things considered.

Recap #132

06/05’s recap is up. This is the one with the Mexican Trios title match (which was good) and the double hair/hair match (which could’ve possibly been good if we didn’t have five cuts).

If you’re new to the show, there’s a good wrestler identification article over at http://www.lethalwrestling.com/opinions//news_content.php?fileName=683 for the CMLL guys. Tokage has some other good articles (including an actual AAA recap!) around the domain, for those who are interested.

Recap #131

#131 – last episode of May, three weeks ago – went up last night.

I gave it a 1, which I believe is the first 1 I’ve given out. I’m sure there were shows with worse wrestling (though nothing cracked the upper 70s here, so maybe not?), but I was just completely bored by the whole thing and nothing actually happened, so I didn’t see a reason why I should even slightly recommend it.

Gonna try to get started with #132 tonight.

I want to point out that if you’ve missed a part in Joe’s tape review, the “Trios Trios Trios match reviews link on the side will catch you up.

Got some ideas to actually flesh things around here, so if more (random) content starts showing up, please don’t be alarmed.

Guy Who Sent Me FAQ Link: I keep forgetting to say thanks and post the link! I’ll do it when I get back to my e-mail.

Cage of Death ’04

Skipping Ahead: This past week’s Arena Mexico show was just a setup to the big show this Friday, so whynot just preview that (even though we’re pretty much treading on old ground.)

Cage of Death With Hair On the Line: Vampiro vs Pierroth vs Tarzan Boy vs Shocker vs Negro Casas vs Perro Aguayo Jr.
This has been built as the tecnicos against the rudos (duh! – I mean as trios), but given the stipulations – only the loser PERSON, not the losing team, loses their hair – it’s really an individual event set up for backstabbing. Recently in Arena Mexico, these have played out with the tecnicos working together and the rudos saving themselves. I can’t see Tarzan, Shocker or Perro losing their hair unless it was a singles match. They may have plans for this rudo trio, which would lead me to believe Negro’s taking the fall, but if Vamp’s heading out of town again, it’d make since for him to drop his hair. Plus he could use a fresh start with that thing anyway. I’ll pick him as the loser.

Canek (c) vs Dr. Wagner for the UWA Heavyweight Championship
This is the extreme southern version of the USWA Universal Heavyweight Title, with Canek doing an odd Lawler impersonation (actually, given the dates, it’s more the other way around.) You know Canek’s going to end up with this title, but history shows he’s agreeable to drop the title to build up to a later rematch. I think this feud has a lot more legs in it, so I suspect the Doctor picks up the title here.

Satanico vs Emilio Charles & Ringo Mendoza
The story is Satanico goes against two of his biggest rivals for his 30th wrestling anniversary. I suspect it might end up more exhibition and celebration than match, and surely Satanico comes on top.

Atlantis & Blue Panther vs GdI (non-title)
I have a strong desire to see this match; filler Atlantis and Panther matches feel as much, but the match with Tarzan Boy from this winter makes me believe Atlantis can still go if it’s a big match and he wants to, and I figure the same thing applies to Panther. No way it makes GALA this low on the card, though. They’re building to the title match here, so take the tecnicos.

Volador, Felino, Mistico vs Averno, Mephisto, Olimpico
Can Mistico look better in his debut than Sagrado did? Maybe I should set the bar a bit higher. The rudos might be an interesting trio (which I’d know if I’d watch the TV), but they probably don’t stand a chance here.

Tony Rivera, Tigre Blanco, Texano Jr. vs Dr. X, Nitro, Veneno
They even mention the lingering Mexican Welterweight issue in the hype! But this is just an opener so whatever. Rudos win because I’ve picked a lot of tecnicos.


Don’t date Zumbido: Over on LuchaWorld, you can check on article about Zumbido attacking his baby’s momma for taking diaper money. And the picture isn’t very flattering either! Among many other more serious things, I guess they need to turn him back rudo now.

It’s Almost Like Teaming With Shocker: Alan Stone won a 12 man cibernetico this past Friday. They split up the guys into teams of Guapos (Brazo Plata Jr., Karisma, Leono, Lestat, Tigre Metalico and Alan) against ‘Guerreros’ (Arkangel, Dr. X, Koreano [who was in the Guapos!], Loco Max, Nitro, Sangre Azteca). Alan pinned Dr. X for the win; KrisZ has full order of eliminations. Of course, this match was good and there’s absolutely no way this airs, of course. In fact…

Gotta love soccer: Only the Perro Aguayo/Tarzan Boy match aired last week in Mexico. They never ever bother to add on other taped matches for US (just rerun filler if they need to fill), so that’ll be all we’re getting here. Yay.

Part #343: they main evented Atlantis vs Dr. Wagner Jr in Arena Coliseo tonight. I’m guessing they’ve got it down to a science at this point.

Some of the TV’s apparently pretty good and maybe I’ll watch it tommorow? Of all the things in the world, I lost it on the Winnie the super hero vignette and haven’t moved past it.

Lucha Times is updated.

Cage of Death II

Kinda pointless to talk about this week’s Arena Mexico show when it’s already underway? So I’ll just hit the general points from the last couple weeks.

Shocker, Negro Casas and Perro Aguayo Jr. will meet Vampiro, Pierroth and Tarzan Boy in a Cage of Death (of hair) match on 06/18: This is the top feud in Arena Mexico, having mixed it up over various forms the last 3 weeks (Tarzan used the BLUE STEPS! on Perro, causing him to be stretchered out and Rey to be pleased with vengeance), with people very happy to boo the rudos. Quick a collection of cheap heat experts we’ve got there.

This is probably a test of their current big show hype cycle. Unlike many stakes matches iterations, there’s no obvious loser here because they’re all big enough names, so it’ll be interesting how well the show draws.

The last cage match we saw in Arena Mexico didn’t impress me much with a similar level of workers, so I don’t have high hopes for this to be an entertaining television event. It won’t air till the first week of September.

The rest of the card will follow.

Felino, Safari and Volador held on to the Mexican Trios Titles: Well, duh.

While it’s a nice side bit to give the Mexican Trios Champions something to do, the driving force behind them seems to take a bunch of promising guys, work them out for a while, and see if anyone of them get over or are worth investing a new gimmick in. Last year, they added Terrible and Genetico (as Sagrado) to the Mexico City lineup, gave more attention to Ricky Marvin (who played a large part in the Pitbulls stuff but has also left) and Zumbido (who they’ve done more with, though not all good), and found a few extra guys like Loco Max that they’ll use from time to time.

This year, the gains have yet to be as much. The second generation team of Misterioso Jr., Texano Jr and Brazo de Plata Jr. made the finals, but with Texano and Plata’s names, you would have expected them to have a chance at some point. It’s Misterioso who seems to have impressed the most, as he’s been booked in low card matches when not involved in the tournament (including today’s show.) Alan Stone was named as the newest Guapo, but he hasn’t actually done anything with Magica and Shocker since then.

Maybe it’ll work itself out of time. CMLL is debuting a wrestler named Misitco on the 6/18 show, and if last year is precedent, it may be one of the discarded Guapo wrestlers. Too soon to tell.

Canek and Dr. Wanger still hate each other: But apparently not enough for a main event, as they’ll meet for Canek’s UWA Title as the semi-final of the 6/18 card. Despite having no good reason to believe otherwise, I can’t believe they’ve done weeks and weeks of hypes for a semi-final match.

The whole 6/18 card
6) Perro/Casas/Shocker vs Tarzan/Pierroth/Vampiro in a Cage of Death match (last out loses hair)
5) Canek (c) vs Dr. Wagner for the UWA Title
4) Satanico vs Emilio Charles and Ringo Mendoza [Satanico’s 30 Years In The Ring Celebration Handicap Match]
3) Atlantis and Blue Panther vs Ultimo Guerrero and Rey Bucanero
2) Volador, Felino, Mistico vs Averno, Mephisto, Olimpico
1) Tony Rivera, Tigre Blanco, Texano Jr vs Dr. X, Nitro, Veneno

I have no idea what the deal with the handicap match is, but I’d guess more a gimmick. They’ve been building up the tag match, so I guess the reason it’s not a title match is because it’s this low on the card and it’ll happen later this summer. Maybe same time they do Wagner/Canek again? Strange they brought in Okemura and they’re not even using him on this card (he’s debuting tonight)

Pretty solid card.