Wow, cool stuff to read.

Wow, cool stuff to read.

I haven’t done a news update in a while…

– Dr. Wagner won the big Japan/Mexico Gran Prix, beating Ultimo to take the Cibernetico. It was said to be good but not spectacular, partially due to the Japan side being unused to the rules. CIMA and Takemura were singled out for good performances on their side.

Earlier word was it didn’t air on Mexican TV, which is a bad sign.

– During his stop in Mexico City, Ultimo Dragon vacated his (newly won and unrecoginized) NWA Middleweight Title back to CMLL hands, with the stated reason being WWE obligations (but probably some money changing hands.) A title tournament to crown a new champion is forth coming, although it may make more sense to me for Vampiro just to trade up to something that’s probably a little closer to his real weight and vacate the NWA LH Title intead.

It had been an Mexico based title for most of it’s existence; former champions currently wrestling for CMLL include Perro Aguayo, Ringo Mendoza, Satanico, La Fiera, Emilio Charles and Atlantis. It was transfred (sold?) to Japan when Corazon de Leon (who you may know as Chris Jericho) lost to Ultimo in late ’94, and appears to have existed more for show than for actual use since then.

– Apolo fractured his thumb, vs Vampiro in Monterrey. It’s not too bad, and he’ll be back soon.

– This Friday, La Famila de Tijuana returns to Arena Mexico, with many teams gunning for their Mexican National Trios Titles. Those who’ve been paying attention may remeber that they broke up as a team a little while ago in Tijuana, which acknowledges. It remians to be seen if/how that plays out in the ring. The sign that they may lose the titles instead of simply forgetting about them is a hopeful sign (if you care about those belts.)

– Last night, Universo got his rematch agianst Niebla for the CMLL Heavyweight Title. No word who won yet.

– The tag match/art exhibit in England ended up being Olimpico/Rey vs Ultimo/Satanico. You know, I could accept it being art, but having Rey and Ultimo fight is just horrible.

– is hyping a mysterious fighter debuting in two weeks in Arena Mexico. It’s probably not a concidence that reports have NJPW’s Heat (Minoru Tanaka) coming to train in LA and Mexico for a while.

– According to the Meltzer, the latest rumors have Rayo vs Universo in a mask/mask as the main event of the CMLL 70th anniversy show in September. An Atlantis vs Dr. Wagner Jr. mask/mask may happen 03/19/04 (but I wouldn’t bet on it.)

Homer’s Epics (Part 1) Old

Homer’s Epics (Part 1)

Old tape watching – EMLL from 1991

It’s a hair vs. hair match, but only the third and final fall is shown. Strange to see Dantes working as a tecnico. I’m guess Javier as the rudo here. I know very little about him, and in fact, this is my first time seeing him.

Cruz is quickly firing away with knees on Dantes, but can’t get the pin off a quick cradle. 2 again off the spinebuster. A camel clutch can’t get a submission, as the crowd starts rallying behind Dantes. When the hold is broked, Dantes throws Cruz to the ropes, and gives a German suplex for another 2 count. Cruz regains control, and slaps Apolo in la cavernaria. Dantes gets an arm free, so he grabs the rope and pulls himself to the floor to regroup. No dice, as he eats a DDT as soon as he returns. Cruz pulls him up at 2. I wouldn’t do that. Another DDT, but this time Apolo kicks out under his own power, and stuns Cruz with a quick Northern Lights Suplex. A three count later, and it is haircut time for Javier.

Difficult to rate without the first two falls, but what was show was nice. I’ll call it 60 on Cubs Fan’s scale, with the low rating being due to the clipping of the first two falls.

2. Perro Aguayo/Cien Caras/Satanico vs. Octagon/Vampiro Canadiense/Conan

Conan = Konnan. Vampiro Canadiense = Vampiro.

1st Fall: Beatdown from PA/CC/S. Was Cien Caras ever any good? To his credit, Perro is showing a bit of energy here. Vamp & Conan start fighting among each other, then charge the ring. Conan was doing that rolling clothesline back in ’91. That’s about all there is in the opening moments that wasn’t some variant of a punch or kick. Conan’s team takes the first fall when the opponents spend too much time outside the ring. That was total crap.

2nd Fall: I’m trying to watch this, but there’s still way too much brawling. Satanico segment with Octagon is pretty good, though. Perro & Conan brawl around ringside some more. This one can’t be over soon enough. Finally, Perro dropkicks the referee in error to get his side disqualified. Mercifully, this one goes to bed. I can’t be too hard on a match where Perro puts forth a good effort, but there generally aren’t many good brawls in lucha land. And this one wasn’t one of them. 50 for a nice effort from Perro & Satanico, and let’s go on to the reason I got this show.

A segment interviews a fan that draws caricatures of the wrestlers. We just see one panel. The ref that got kicked by Perro in the last match and what looks like Fuerza Guerrera as a snail are featured.

A segment showing Blue Panter training with the other luchadores in a setting that looks like the precursor to Tough Enough airs.

3. Blue Panther vs. Atlantis

Pierroth & El Dandy are the seconds as the NWA Welterweight Belt is on the line.

First Fall: Matwork and chain wrestling. Atlantis frustrates Panther with an armdrag. Then it’s off to the mat again. Panther controls here, turning into a half Boston/armbar combo, before going back to his original strategy of focusing on the arm. Atlantis escapes with a headscissors, holding on to the headscissors and trying a cross armbreaker. Panther powers out, and the two test strength. Each gain the advantage briefly, as Atlantis goes for a monkey flip, but Panther holds on as he goes over, and then nails Atlantis with one of his own. Panther goes for a roll-up,but Atlantis continues to roll and we get the first attempt at a pin to this point, but only 1. Back to the arm for Panther. Arm wringer, followed by a beautiful move that looks almost like an enzuigiri, but sees Panther grab the arms with his legs and go back to the submission. Panther continues to hold the arms, trying for a bow & arrow. Atlantis escapes with a couple of throws, ending with a body slam. Atlantis comes back again, holding the arm with an armdrag. Spinning backbreaker, and then he holds on with a spinebuster to get the first fall via a Scorpion Death Lock.

Second Fall: Atlantis charges early and runs into a headbutt. Panther rolls through the spinning backbreaker, only to be leveled with a short clothesline. Off the ropes for Atlantis, who runs into a clothesline of his own. Panther goes for a double underhook powerbomb, but instead drops Atlantis across his knee, and holds him there for a backbreaker submission.

Third Fall: A quick spinebuster to start this one off from Panther. Powerbomb to follow that up, but only 2. Another one, but this one is turned into a rana by Atlantis for another 2. Atlantis tries for one of his own, but Panther keeps the lift from taking place, so Atlantis goes over top with a sunset flip for a near fall. Time to go for submissions. Abdominal stretch from Atlantis. Panther powers ouit, and tries for an Indian deathlock. Atlantis shoves him away, and tries for a Scorpion Death Lock. He can’t get Panther turner over for the longest time, but finally does get him over in the middle of the ring. This time, Panther hangs on and finally crawls to the ropes to break this. Atlantis tries to crawl away, but gets grabbed by Panther. He tries for a surfboard, and finally gets it on with the second attempt. No submission though. Atlantis has held on to the legs as the hold was released, and ties up Panther for a two count. A sunset flip also gets 2. Panther kicks down Atlantis, and tries to go to the tops. Atlantis kicks him down, and throws a corner tope. Sadly his feet hit the top rope as he goes through, and he only barely makes contact. Atlantis suplexes Panther in the ring, but Blue escapes behind him, and German suplexes Atlantis for a near fall. Panther tries a Victory Roll, only for Atlantis to fall back for 2. 2 of a powerbomb counter of a rana from Panther. To the buckles for Panther, but Atlantis catches him. Superplex for 2. Atlantis hooks the arms to try a submission, but gets dropped to the floor. Perfect tope from Panther, and in the ring, a near submission on an inverted Gory Special. (Panther had the arms hooked instead of the arms/neck. Atlantis escapes with a roll-up, but Panther reverses that for a near fall. Back up, Atlantis charges Panther, only to leapfrop him, and run up the ropes, and execute a springboard moonsault and earn a three count in the final fall to end an incredibly well wrestled match.

The Atlantis/Blue Panther match is absolutely golden. Get the tape just for it. It’s some of the most beautiful chain wrestling that you’ll ever see, performed by two of the greatest technical wrestlers ever, anywhere on this planet. Despite the fact there were a lot of holds that could be restholds, it never really got to that stage, as there were constant attempts to counter. No insane spots, but in this case, it would probably have taken away from the story they were trying to tell. Only the shortness of the second fall and the imperfect tope keeps this from getting the perfect three-digit score. 98.

4. Pierroth/Jerry Estrada/Fuerza Guerrera vs. Black Magic/El Dandy/Ringo Mendoza

Black Magic = Horman Smiley, long before the Big Wiggle or any Screaming. Estrada looks like an aging rocker, but he has never been afraid to take a crazy bump. And here he he still had something resembling intact knees. Ringo actually looks kinda young here.

First Fall: Magic’s early dropkicks miss, and Pierroth is successful with his. They exchange holds for a bit. Nothing of note though during an of the segments. Although I’ll confess that after the previous match, it’ll be hard to get into this one, in spite of the fact that several of my favourites are involved. (Estrada, Fuerza & Magic). We reach rudo beatdown stage of this one, ending with a near headscissors submission on Magic by Fuerza. Next up, Estrada & Mendoza trade shots in the ring. The Fuerza Magic segment sees Smiley press slam Fuerza. However he just lets him down as Fuerza crawls to safety. Pierroth & Dandy trade near falls, ending this with a Magistral Cradle on Pierroth. Only one fall for this one.

I liked some of the stuff here, and might want to give it another chance without watching Panther/Atlantis beforehand. I’ll say 70 on this one, but they were trying to follow an absolutely incredible singles match.

The tape can be acquired here

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In the strangest thing ever,

In the strangest thing ever, it turns out that UK show Olimpico, Satanico, Ultimo Guerrero and Rey Bucanero will be at is an art exhibit. They’re the exhibit.

There’s a short article about it, and back on the board, there’s a longer story about why, though I can’t find the original source.

Next time you try to make a point by saying that Lucha is art, you at least have a (crazy) Mexican guy to back you up.

Reknown mixed martial artist Super

Reknown mixed martial artist Super Porky (well maybe not) did end up losing that shoot fight he was in (heel hold, 2nd round, :20 seconds.) He actually acquited himself well. Post match, Porky suggested that he was more used to doing 1/3rd of the work in matches.

There were rumors that Juvi may be jumping back to AAA full time, but he’s listed as appearing on the 5/16 Arena Mexico show. Perhaps like El Hijo Del Santo, he’s worth enough to either side that they’ll let him do both? Maybe they don’t just see each other as competiton rght now.

Rayo de Jalsico Jr. is back out of action. He was still feeling some head pain, so they’re just going to have him take May off and check him out there.

It continues not to be the best career move to be a Boricua; this time, it was Mini Violencia who lost his mask for the cause. Mini Olimpico beat him on April 30th, and the bit hints Pierroth might kick him out of the faction, perhaps writing his character out. He is listed on upcoming lineups, though. In other Boricuas news, KrisZ says it’s now the ex-Poder Boricua who’s under a mask as Sadam.

While this Friday will feature the big Mexico/Japan Grand Prix, next Friday will be a contiunation of that, as Satanico and Negro Casas will take on Masada and Nosawa in a double hair/hair match. Got to figure that Masada is going to spend another summer bald, but I wonder if this might mean the home team takes the loss this Friday to build it up? It is a one shot thing, so maybe not, but Casas could certinatly take the lose in whatever match he’s in.

Rey and Ultimo Guerrero return to CMLL on 5/16. I had figured they were just taking a couple weeks off post the NJPW tour, but apparently they’re in England today, wrestling against/with Olimpico and Satanico. Don’t know more than that – the news page doesn’t even list the promotion.

AAA/PAP falling apart, GDI in NJ

The big news is that it sound like AAA/PAP might be falling apart. This isn’t the first time such things have been said – the difference is that it’s been offically announced that El Hijo Del Perro Aguayo has been let go – perhaps because they can’t pay his check? More may be coming

Masada and Nosawa have been taken off that MLW show, so I suspect that Grand Prix lineup listed before is the final one.

Rey and Ultimo won decently in the middle of the NJPW tour, but fell off the end. Crazy was just kinda there.
– Ultimo and Rey d. El Samurai and Minoru Fujita (11:31, Rey pins Samurai)
– Liger, Kanemoto, Jado and Gedo d. Tiger Mask 4, AKIRA, Heat and Super Crazy (13:16, Gedo superfly splash Crazy)
– Jado and Gedo d. Ultimo and Rey (10:23, Gedo superfly splash Rey)
– Dan Devine and Super Crazy d. Hiro Saito and Ryusuke Taguchi (12:38, Crazy moonsault Taguchi)
– Tiger Mask 4, AKIRA, Heat and Super Crazy d. Liger, Kanemoto, Ultimo, Rey (11:52, Heat fisherman’s buster Guerrero)
– Ultimo and Rey d. Super Crazy and Ryusuke Taguchi (10:29, Guerrero bomb on Taguchi)
– Jado and Gedo d. Ultimo and Rey (9:35, Crossface of Jado on Guerrero)
– Osamu Nishimura and Hiro Saito d. Dan Devine and Super Crazy (9:40, Nishimura Cobra Twist Crazy)

Unless the Guerrero Special is now a Bomb, I have no idea what a Guerrero bomb is. Eh. Haven’t heard if they’ll be brought back at any time – it won’t be for the Best of the Junior tournament, as that lineup was announced and no lucha starts are included.

Lucha TV schedule is up – unlike what they seemed to hype last week, they stayed in order. This episode is one of the set I’ve already recaped, so you can check out a review before Sunday. I’ve also managed to recap the episode from three weeks ago – I liked the opener more than Joe did, but I agree on pretty much everything else. I was going to start on the one from two weeks ago last night, but I heard the Brazo music and lost my will to go on.

You know, I wonder if in Mexico, the Heavyweight Title is considered just “the title of the old legends” – I mean, it’s just been Universo and Rayo half heartingly fueding around it for the last 3 decades (or so it seems), I wonder if there’s just an expectation that it’s the Old title and Niebla should be saving the middleweight title from Emilio’s waist instead or something.

Sounds like Cat was as coherent as ever. news: – There’s a news:

– There’s a kids day show on 04/30 – with GdI still out of town, it doesn’t look that great. They’re bringing back Mil Mascaras for another main event trios, teaming with Vamp and Atlantis agianst Pierroth, Black Tiger and (no longer fired?) Tarzan Boy. Ignoring a wretched looking semi-final, there’s a minis mask vs mask match third from the top, as Mini Violencia takes on Mini Olimpico. They ran an angle at the last Mexico show to set that one up, and while from TV presence, you’d think Violencito would win the battle, it IS a kids day show after all. Then again, I hadn’t noticed Olimpicito showing up on a lot of cards as of late, so maybe he’s taking his money and going home? Hard to tell. Probably not tremendously important, either.

– Remember last year, where they said “Jushin Liger will be coming this summer”? The new story is that Ultimo Dragon will be coming back in May, and bringing some Toryumon guys with him. The plan is to have a Junior Grand Prix show on 5/9 (obviously, an early birthday celebration for me, and don’t think I don’t apperciate it), as mexico takes on Japan. At this time, the announced Japan side is Ultimo, CIMA, SUWA, FUJI, TARU (someone there probably got caps who really shouldn’t but better uppercase than sorry) and the CMLL based Japanesse Legion…but Masada and Nosawa may also be booked for MLW that day, so who knows.

We also don’t know if it’s a one fall matches, and if they’re of any length, and if any of it will make it to air and blah blah blah. I do know that it’ll be pretty cool if it does happen and I’ll tremendously overrate matches.

Lucha Times is up. The GALA preview seems to indicate that they’ll be skipping an episode. Actually, the most effective way to catch up to the old delay would be airing ‘new’ episodes on both Saturday and Sunday for the time being, and they could be doing that, but there’s no assurances of that. If your’e a person who absolutely must see ever show, I’d check that Saturday show just to be sure.

Hey Joe, how was last week’s TV? Still haven’t watched it…

I keep forgetting to mention

I keep forgetting to mention this:

Over on CRZ’s Wienerboard, poster HomerJFong has put up two really nice lucha related posts. There’s a list of his most favorite 10/11 matches of all time, and a review of a CMLL show, circa 9/13/97.

It’s really good, if you’re like me and want to get a little bit of an idea of what to start with with the older stuff you know little about. The first thread is closed (time), but the second one should still be open for comments.

In a time of

In a time of 11 minutes flat, Ultimo Guerrero and Rey Bucanero d. Jado and Gedo via Ulitmo’s Guerrero Speical (I think – that’s what it sounds like anyway), notching their first NJPW win. Good for them.

For humor’s sake, here is the recap of the match, via babelfish:

< Referee: Black * cat >
Mecca ƒ‹ƒ`ƒƒƒ^ƒbƒO first victory.
Bu gold Ro and the ƒQƒŒ?[ƒ? which from opening make the meeting place grow with skillful connection skill and continuation of dogfight. But it is the original IWGP tag champion and either the noted wicked road * outside road has not been defeated as the tag team whose T 2000 is black. It manages freely from submission to rough shooting method and hurt attaches the ƒ‹ƒ`ƒƒƒ`?[ƒ€. But outside it tries to acquire conclusion with the super fly the ƒQƒŒ?[ƒ? raised the road and the sword mountain of the ƒqƒU became opportunity, end decided ƒQ ray Ro, the proud skill avalanche type reverse bus tar (the ƒQƒŒƒ?ƒXƒyƒVƒƒƒ‹) with at a stroke. The Mexican tag team became first victory since new day mat participating.

Bu gold Ro is “Rey Bucanero’s name does not translate well – but not as bad as box guy over there”.

(Super Crazy lost, but such is life.)

– New CMLL World Heavyweight

– New CMLL World Heavyweight Champion – Mr. Niebla! He beat Universo 2000 for the title, which had held since 1999, on the 4/18 Arena Mexico show. That might have been the longest running heavyweight title reign, though it wasn’t as if Universo was defending more than once every 3 months for as long as I’ve been waching. No more double titles for Universo.
– Rayo de Jalisco Jr. probably returns in Tijuana on 4/25.
– The match Rayo was injuried in was a WWA Title defense vs Mascara Ano 2000, who is pointing out that Rayo was certiantly out of the ring for 20 seconds and HE should be the new champion. Rematch to come, surely.
– The first two matches of Nueveo Guapos have been loses, with the last one causing an angry Shocker to leave alone. Would they spend all this time finding a third member to break them up within a month? Eh.
– It didn’t work out any better for Rey and Ultimo individually, as they both ended up taking the losses for their teams on NJPW 4/22 show:

3. Koji Kanemoto, Jado & Gedo beat Heat, Tiger Mask 4 & Ultimo Guerrero (13:45) when Jado used the Crossface of JADO on Guerrero.
4. AKIRA, Azteca & Super Crazy beat Jushin Thunder Liger, Minoru Fujita & Rey Bucanero (10:38) when AKIRA used a musasabi body press on Bucanero.

Stuart (who, again, is my source for all of this and you should be checking out his site already) mentioned some comments on GdI’s lack of wins and if it may be turning around soon. They face Jado and Gedo tonight, while Super Crazy will team with Dan Devine against Takashi Iizuka and Masahito Kakihara. I’m guessing an 0-3 for CMLL guys.

Anyone got some access to a good lucha results archive (older than the 3 months that KrisZ’s latest version has going) – like perhaps Robert Bihari posted all those results someplace that didn’t get deleted? I’m working on something dumb and it’d help…

I posted something Friday, but

I posted something Friday, but I think it got ate. Oh well, I’ll try again:

– Ray Mendoza, long time luchador and father of the Villanos, died this past week. La Arena has a detailed obit.
– Last Sunday, Rayo de Jalisco Jr. severely hurt himself on a botched tope (his feet got caught in the ropes, and he went down head first. Inital reports sounded bad, but the last word as that he was doing better. He did check out of the hopsital, but is out of action for at least two weeks and maybe more.
– is pushing an Infenales/Japanesse Legion fued.
– Ultimo Guerrero, Rey Bucanero and Super Crazy are currently on the previously aluded to NJPW tour. Their results, via Strong Style Spirit:

4/18 (taped):
– AKIRA, Heat, Tiger Mask 4 & Super Crazy beat El Samurai, Minoru Fujita , Ultimo Guerrero & Rey Bucanero (12:58) when Tiger used a flying back cradle on Fujita.
4/19 (taped):
– El Samurai & Minoru Fujita beat Ultimo Guerrero & Rey Bucanero (11:48) when Samurai used a chickenwing armlock on Bucanero.
– Masahiro Chono & Hiroyoshi Tenzan beat Mike Barton & Super Crazy (12:54) when Chono used a Yakuza kick on Crazy.
– Masahito Kakihara & Super Crazy beat Ultimo Guerrero & Rey Bucanero (9:42) when Crazy used an inside cradle on Guerrero.

Upcoming schedule:
– Koji Kanemoto, Jado & Gedo vs. Heat, Tiger Mask 4 & Ultimo Guerrero
– Jushin Thunder Liger, Minoru Fujita & Rey Bucanero vs. AKIRA, Azteca & Super Crazy
4/23 (tape)
– Jado & Gedo vs. Ultimo Guerrero & Rey Bucanero

I should note that I mean the show is taped – I don’t know enough to say that those matches will ever be aired. Looks like GdI are being used as enhancement talent, which does seem about part for the course for new people into the promotion.

You know what would be cool? This tour wraps on 4/29. NJPW is doing a pair of shows on 5/1 and 5/2 at the Tokyo Dome. The 5/2 show is already booked, but with a lot of people who wouldn’t normally be on NJ shows, leaving a lot of talent moved to the 5/1 show instead. The 5/1 show hasn’t been booked yet (or the bookings haven’t been announced), but they’ve done a little bit where some American trainees of Inoki want to be on the show. One of those trainees is American Dragon. At the same time, it’s only a couple extra days, so there’s no real reason they couldn’t have the guys from the tour stick around…

Basically I’m hoping that magically, we get Rey/Ultimo vs American Dragon/ANYONE. Because I’d really like to pay to watch that one.