AAA Heroes Inmortales (10/09/2011)
Recapped: 10/13/2011

the Reinas de Ring bring the Pena banners to the ring. Music changes to show Marisela standing sadly with the Pena urn. Also, the many empty seats behind here. In a video, Fabi Apache talks about her memories of Antonio Pena.

Arturo Rivera is back with the announcers. He does not sound 100%, but he sounded 5% at TripleMania. Maybe 75% here. He's there with the usual two – no Leo.

Match 1: Cinthia Moreno, Fabi Apache, Mari Apache vs Jennifer Blake, Sexy Star, Velvet Sky in a glow in the dark match
Arena Monterrey, 10/09/2011

Winner: rudas
Match Time: 9:52
Rating: bleh
Notes: So weird to get entrances for everyone. I think they added more Indian howls to their music. Rudas all get separate entrances. Velvet gets no reaction, but no one's really getting one – her music is much quieter than the others. Jennifer has glow in the dark tape or string around one arm and in her hair. Sexi Star has glow in the dark arm sleeves, shoes, and belt. Hijo de Tirantes is ref, and has glow in the dark wrist tape. Cinthia may have some piping on her gear that illuminates a little in this light. The other women are just in normal gear, and hard to distinguish from the hard camera with the lights out. Rudas do a whole posing bit that's impossible to make out until someone thinks to switch to a closer camera. This is so dumb.

Did Jesus just say talk about this being seen in the US? What does he know that I don't know? There's no point in writing move for move when it's this hard to make out the moves. There’s no point in writing move for move at any time. Director does an announcer shot in the dark, which I guess is supposed to be comedy? Pairs are Fabi/Sexi (very briefly), Mari/Jennifer, and Cinthia/Velvet (not so long either.) Rudas are romped and regroup on the outside – someone plays some music by mistake here – and rush the ring for the beatdown. Fabi (I think) starts the comeback after a minute or so, with some questionable brawling. Tirantes pulls Mari by the hair to get her off Velvet; I'm sure the people in charge appreciated that, though it's actually a rudo spot here. Match settles down for everyone to hit everyone with a move. There's a few rudo fans close to the ring who are being heard a lot on the microphone, but not really the crowd itself. Velvet gives Mari a headscissors that would be gif worthy if it was actually viewable. Mari immediately dropkicks her out. Other rudas mange the backcracker/front cracker combo on Mari, but Fabi’s plancha them both. Dropkicks leave Cinthia and Sexi in, Cinthia headstand headscissors Sexi off the top rope. Mari adds a sit down powerbomb. Slam for Jennifer when she rushes in, and Mari flattens her with a senton con giro. Jennifer got crushed. Velvet is pained just watching that one. Match freeze for a bit. Either Velvet doesn't know she's supposed to come in or just forgets, but she and Cinthia have an odd sequence. Mari shoves Tirantes again, so she clotheslines him, and gives him the quebradora con giro. Crowd loud here. Mari slams Sexi and goes up, but Sexi cutters her off. Top rope 'rana is fine except of the non-graceful landing. Jennifer throws in a chair, Sexi throws it at Mari's back (???), Sexi covers, and Tirantes fast counts the three for good measure.

La Parka talks about Antonio Pena.

Match 2: El Elegido, Octagoncito, Pimpinela Escarlata vs Alan Stone, Mini Histeria, Polvo de Estrellas in a lumberjack rules match
Arena Monterrey, 10/09/2011

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 8:09
Rating: bleh
Notes: So weird to hear Theme From Vipers in both promotions, and much more in the other one. Alan Stone has his mirror and his Mixed Tag Title match. Both have about the same value. Rabbit ear girls are there. Pimpinela's name is spelled wrong on the chyron. He's got the Reina de Reinas title, and jumps the rail to dance and kiss a fan. That section looks pretty full. Lot of feedback on the ring announcing mics. Lumberjacks are Sexi, Jennifer, Pasion Kristal, Nygma, Gran Apache, Fabi Apache, El Brazo, Cinthia Moreno, Mari Apache. I guess Velvet has gone home. Brazo and Apache appear to be in whatever t-shirt and track suit pants they were wearing for QPPC, while the exoticos are in full gear as if they're going to have action. HMMM. Ref is Copetes.

Copetes gets in the middle of the exoticos, they throw him up, and Copetes jumps the rail and runs away before the lumberjack can strap him. Lumberjacks eventually decide to jump the rail and chase into the ring, so Copetes comes back, and people are waiting for him there. Copetes slides in, and Pimpi tries to grab him for a kiss. No. Polvo and Pimpi leave without having actually done anything. Minis actually wrestle, Mini Histeria celebrating a back elbow more than anyone has ever done in professional wrestling. Second headscissors sends him out for strapping. Histeria runs around the ring, and almost right back to the lumberjacks before making it back in. Octagoncito faces Alan, and is kicked off the apron to his doom. Técnicos lumber jack actually do not strap him, and fight off the rudos eventually. Alan and Elegido do about one spot before Alan gets sent out, with the lumberjacks continue to play favorites. Elegido's turn to run around outside comes soon after. Everyone cycled thru, the match turns into more of a match and less an excuse to send people out to be strapped. Pimpi gets the better of Polvo and then tries to walk the topes for an armdrag on Alan – but gets shoved off and out for more strapping. Rudos continue to strap Pimpi as he's on the apron until the técnicos trap them. Polvo watches, and gets dropkicked out. Alan and Elegido in for the required Elegido trunks pulled spot. Rudos bumble a bit, Alan manages to get knock down Elegido, but Pimpi jumps on Alan. Quite literally. Pimpi ends up kissing Copetes (which the camera mostly misses.) Pimpi forearms Polvo out, Polvo tells the lumberjack to stop, they do – and so Elegido lands the top. Octagoncito trademark moves on Histeria, wrapping with an Asai tornillo. Alan and Pimpi left in, and Alan lands a clothesline after a not great bit. Alan dances. Whip, reversed, Pimpi leapfrog, roll, clothesline ducked, drop toe hold, triangular del Solar, Alan's shoulders are down – one two (slow) three.

No music? Ah, there we go. Pimpi celebrates. Elegido chases Alan Stone to the back, and all the other técnicos just so ort of watch (???) as Polvo, Nygma and Kristal attack Pimpi. The announcers say this is about the title, though I’m still not sure why. Octagoncito just sort of walks away from the ring so he doesn't look dumb. Rudo lumberjacks should really be fighting with the técnico lumberjacks so they don’t look dumb, but they just stand around watching. Music switches to I Will Survive – it's Casandro! Missile dropkick for Kristal, headscissors for Polvo, Nygma miss a senton and gets lapped. Candor sets up Nygma up on the rope – bodyscissors powerbomb. Casandro helps up Pimpi and gives him a hug. Técnico lumberjacks now hit the ring to soak in the cheers, then chase everyone to the back.

Cibernético talks about Antonio Pena being his second father.

Match 3: Abyss & Chessman vs Extreme Tiger & Jack Evans for the AAA World Tag Team Championship in a TLC match
Arena Monterrey, 10/09/2011

Winner: Abyss & Chessman
Match Time: 13:15
Rating: good?
Notes: Belts are already hanging above the ring. Ladders are inside and outside the ring. This is the only match with two referees – Piero and Tirantes – to help hold furniture. Abyss tries to see if he can jump up and reach it. He can not.

Tirantes leaves the ring at the whistle, moves a ladder on the floor, and comes back in. técnicos charge Abyss, and are clotheslined. Bad plan! Abyss picked them both up, but chessman's dropkick only hits his partner. Abyss out, Jack follows with a tope con giro – which Abyss catches by allowing Jack to land on his head. Abyss, I don't know. Tiger spinning DDT sends him out, and Tiger follows with an Asai tornillo nearly missed by the camera. Nice replays of both dives. Tiger sets up a ladder n the corner. State down Abyss. Tiger evades, flips off of Abyss, and runs into a boot to the face. Abyss turns to mess with the ladder, and Jack dropkicks him from behind. Spinning kick sends Abyss out. Chessman in, jack flips off him, flips under a clothesline, duck under a kick and lands the spinning toe kick to the head. Chessman out, Jack Running that way, handspring front flip into a headscissors. Didn't quite get the head, but still good. Técnicos and Abyss have a tug of war over the ladder. Técnicos lose, but they force Abyss in the corner by the ladder and dropkick him around. Chessman back in, and leading the técnicos into a ladder toss from Abyss. Chessman sets up the ladder, no where near the belts. Abyss holds it in place, Chessman drops Tiger a bit from the base, and then climbs up. Abyss helps hold the ladder as Chessman climbs up, and lands a moonsault from the second to top rung. Abyss drops Jack. Chessman folds the ladder and leans in the corner while Abyss punches Tiger. Abyss whips Tiger to Chessman, whip, Tiger hiptossed into the ladder. Jack’s tossed in between the ladder halves, and Chessman smacks the ladder with a chair over and over again. Makes a loud noise. Tiger whipped, Chessman tossed him up, Tiger reaches for the belts, and can't quite get him. Replay shows he had a hand on them. Abyss goes back to trying to jump grab them, while Chessman sets the ladder on Tiger and kills himself with a top rope senton con giro onto the ladder. Abyss punches around Jack. Rudos and referees set up the ladder underneath the belts, and Chessman climbs up – but Tiger springboard dropkicks the ladder, which knocks Chessman down and Abyss out of the ring.

Tiger sets up the ladder in the corner, and rids it down onto Chessman. Tiger holds Chessman on the mat, Jack lands the top rope rolling senton, and goes out with a springboard front flip forearm to Abyss. Chessman gets right up and crucifix powerbombs Tiger in the center of the ring. Top rope tornillo misses. Jack punches Abyss on the outside and posts him. Chessman roll to the apron and Tiger dropkicks him off. Tiger grabs a second ladder, works to get it set up in the corner of a ringside area, and pulls Chessman over. Chessman suplexed on the barricade, and Tiger points up. All the way on top of the ladder (with a security guy holding it) – guillotine legdrop on Chessman. Leg just sort of touches Chessman, but it looked impressive. Jack slides in a table, and Tiger slides in a chair. Sliding dropkick to Abyss to keep him out. Jack sets up the ladder in the ring while Abyss sliding dropkicks Abyss with a chair. Jack can't get the ladder to work, so he goes out for another one. Referees kick the bad ladder out as the técnicos continue to set up stuff. Ladder in center of the ring, two tables around it. Chessman brought in and laid on one table. Tiger throw the chair at Abyss as he comes in, and Jack grabs Abyss - then lets go to climb up. Tiger and Jack both climbs the ladder, which seem a poor idea. Abyss pulls Jack over, and breaks him with an over the shoulder backbreaker. Tiger thinks about climbing up, but then watches. Chessman rolls off his table, and thumbtack man pours the thumbtacks on that table. Tiger jumps at Abyss, and Abyss powerbombs him thru the table and the thumbtacks. That can't feel good, though they do match his yellow mask well. I'm sure that's a major concern right now. Replay shows all the thumb tacks hat don’t' go in his back just fly around. Back live, Jack and Chessman both climb up, Abyss grabs onto the ladder, and both fall out forward- I think Chessman pulled jack off. Replay makes that clearer. Abyss hold the ladder so Chessman can climb up – and he gets the belt. That's it.

Chessman, Heavy Metal, Konnan, Octagoncito, Electroshock talk about what Antonio Pena meant to him. Surprised to Konnan thrown in with a lot of other people.

Match 4: Electroshock vs La ParkaBrutus MagnusJoe LiderZorroJeff JarrettLA ParkCibernéticoSilver King for Copa Antonio Pena
Arena Monterrey, 10/09/2011

Winner: Electroshock
Match Time: 20:54
Rating: ok and then not ok in the home stretch
Notes: Starting with this match, everyone seems to have a symbol which roughly matches their character. No actual entrance videos yet. Refs are Piero and Tropicasas. Parka and Park start, both entering to Thriller. Park has the dreads in. Announcers say there are 10 guys in this match, five chosen by each guy. That doesn't quite make sense – not just because Metal turns out to be missing, but because they made a big deal about Joaquin choosing Cibernético to be in the match and that would make it 6 vs 4.

Park attacks first, before they take turns missing corner charges. Fans boo Parka. Park hits Parka as he charge in a while. Announcers mention the past winners; Charlie is mentioned here for the first time in a while. Park has just (sort of) DDT-ed Parka when #3 music plays.

It's Silver King, who takes of his IWRG belt on the way to the ring. Sunset flip roll thru kick on parka, but Parka powerslams him. Don't know why they're fighting, especially since they get up and immediately try (and fail) to double team Parka. Parka runs the rope repeatedly for comedy, stops (loud boos) and the rudos hit each other. Parka cups his ear to the boos, and gets attacked from behind.

Electroshock is #4. He slides in, and Silver immediately dropkick him. Shoulderblock has no effect, Electroshock's shoulderblock pauses Silver to spin out, then he does sunset flip spots and a powerslam. Electroshock seems confused why they're not fighting, and the Parkas start punching again. Park kicks Park down, and reluctantly helps Silver King with Electroshock. LA Park is missing kicks and such on Electroshock when the music hits – I think we miss an Electroshock spear of Park to end the sequence. These entrances are coming fast. No coutndown.

#5 is Cibernético. Crowd perks up for him. He manages to survive the stairs and slide into t he ring. Right of Parka – evasion, Cibernético lands the clothesline. Silver whips Cibernético bust misses the corner splash, kick, stunner for him. Parka kicks Cibernético, charges in, no one home and Park dropkicks the corner. Cibernético spears Parka to stop him for a moment, but Parka gets back up and surprises Cibernético with a right hook. LOUD boos. Parka headbutts Cibernético and holds him in the corner. Corner whip, no Cibernético takes into the ropes, and an odd route back for a clothesline. Announcers are doing counts downs now.

Zorro is next. What does “FIP 4.13” mean? What did he think of Moneyball? (Oh, this is a Bible thing, isn’t it.) As Zorro is coming to the ring, Cibernético and Parka fight on the ropes, and Park and Silver King dump them both over. They fight up the aisle and to the back. Zorro shoulderblocks everyone and goes for a pinfall on Park, which is odd behavior. Maybe he just was laying on him. Silver gets the kendo stick, this Electroshock, goes for Zorro, and gets kick, backwards swings get Parka, and Silver takes the cane flurry. Electroshock and Zorro start throwing punches at each other for no real reason. Elector trips up Elector and punches him, Zorro gets on top, then stop to look up as the next music plays.

Jeff Jarrett has the belt, Karen, and the American flag. He throws his vest at someone on the way to the ring., then goes after Zorro. Zorro into the buckle. Punches. Zorro's looking like he's eating well. Park & Jeff work over Zorro, ignoring Electroshock getting the better of Silver King. Cameras barely catch Electroshock tossing Silver. Park works over both técnicos with the cane.

Lider out, to little reaction. 'rana on Parka. Lider waits for someone else to fight hi, but it's only Jarrett, and Jarrett's not in a hurry. Modified front cracker for him. Punch to the face, sort of boot scrape. Jarrett and Lider are not a good combo. Zorro and Park fight on the top rope, Zorro kicked down, Parka doesn’t come close to lading whatever moonsaults he's trying. He kicks down Zorro anyway.

No reaction for Magnus, because who knows Magnus' music? And all the other reasons. Announcers fawn over him. Parka is on the apron, which makes no sense, except Zorro charges him and Park swings into dropkick him, causing Zorro to fly over the top rope and to the floor. He's done.

Rudos take control. Magnus gives Electroshock A Move. Parka and Jarrett dance, Jarrett trying to do park dance moves. He can not. They both kick Lider around. Jarrett's enziguri has looked better. Running sit. Park takes of his belt to hit everyone. Jarrett asks for and hugs Park. I guess they're friends again. Jarrett gets the belt and this Lider in the chest. Electroshock and Magnus are having their own little private match – Elector backdrops Magnus to the apron, Magnus fights off Electroshock for a moment, but Electroshock gives him a stunner over the top rope to eliminate him.

Karen yells at Piero for some reason. Lider and Park battle on the apron. This seems like a poor idea. Park jumps at Lider, Lider grabs him by the legs, Park punches from above, then completes the monkey flip to send Lider to the floor. Lider is DONE.

Park, Jarrett, and Electroshock are left. Piero and Karen continue to argue at moments. Double clothesline, and the rudos strut. Not as good as last time. Announcers talk about Gringos Locos, because why not. Lider is put on a stretcher. Park throws Electroshock on a powerslam. Strap shot to the back. And again. Kick to the ribs. Stomp. Jarrett kicks at Piero. Match has slowed way down. Stomps. Electroshock gets the belt and swings it at both guys, but they control him and belt him. Rudos pose. Electroshock poses and gestures for support. Electroshock held for a low kick. Announcers claim foul, which would be believable if the kick came within five inches of hitting him. Park powerbombs Electroshock, with a little help from Jarrett. Jarrett tells Park he should toss Electroshock out, then goes back to strutting. Crowd is chanting for Electro. Jarrett poses on the middle rope, and Park tosses HIM.

Jarretts are furious. Park jumps around in the ring. Crowd approves, and Parka bows to the crowd. STRUT and pose. Jarrett bites a thunderstick in anger, then swings it at the camera. Crowd is into the match, so they both spend time playing to the crowd, while Electro plays dead. Park sits on Electroshock in the corner. Park with some crotch chops for Jarrett, then he lays down on the mat and taunts Karen. More arguing between the Jarretts and Park, as Park gets the crowd to chant at Jarrett. Jarrett shoves Pepe Casas and a security guy. Parka slowly punches Electroshock, who ignores it to shake and gesture. Parks trust. Whip, Electroshock kicks, Park catches it, swings Electroshock into the ropes, and lands the backcracker. Parka goes to the apron – WHY – and climbs up. Jarretts talk over something – Park spinning kick knocks down Electroshock. Dog peeing pose on Electroshock. Park poses some more. Park charges Electroshock, Electroshock flips him to the apron, Karen tries to pull Park off but can't, Park smacks Electroshock and pulls Karen up to the apron by the hair. Jeff yells from the floor. Karen slaps Parka, Parka bas her by the hair again, Electroshock breaks it up and – suplexes parka in. What an idiot. Park lands on his feet anyway. Referees are dealing with the Jarretts, which means it's time for Masked Zorro to run in. It looks like Chessman's body, actually. Cane shot to Park's back, one to his head. Electroshock dropkicks Park, runs around the ring to fire up (boos) and tosses Park into the ropes. Park doesn’t go over, so Electroshock lifts him over, and that's it.

LA Park is sad. Electroshock collapses multiple times, which seems more comedy than selling. He has to be helped up to get the trophy. Copa Pena is a big trophy this year. Electroshock has a moment with Marisela and then urn.

Video package: Sting vs Mesías. There's not really a storyline here, not sure what they're trying to illuminate.

Match 5: El Mesías vs Sting
Arena Monterrey, 10/09/2011

Winner: no one, especially those who watched it
Match Time: 8:49
Rating: POOR
Notes: Mesías has an entrance video. With exciting shots of him standing in the locker room, but baby steps. Mesías has a Mexican flag to remind us he's not actually from Mexico. Sting has an entrance video, because TNA does those sort of things. He's in his Joker Sting gear. Tirantes is ref, though he's changed shirts.

Circle. Sting is noticeable bigger than Mesías, who previously looked like a bigger guy. Lockup, Sting forces Mesías into the corner, but gives him the clean break. Lockup, Mesías backs Sting into the corner, break. Three people chant for Mesías. They don't last. Lockup, Sting headlock, holding it in, Mesas turns out of it, Sting holds it in. Mesías goes for the hair. Sting shoved off, back with a shoulderblock. Sting stares at him. Sting off the ropes, Running shoulderblock. Mesías sort of sneaks in a sort of dropkick to the knee. That did not look good. Kick to the leg. Elbow dropt the left leg and punches to the knee. Stomps. Crowd is quiet, except for some slight booing. Mesías poses, and gets booed except for the loud section that keeps getting picked up on mic. Mesías is milling a lot. Sting tripped up by a kick. Elbow drop to the inside of the leg. Sit down to the leg, camera showing the elbow doesn’t come close to hitting. Maybe don’t' use that camera. More punches to the knee. Whip, reversed, Sting runs into Mesías boot, Mesías runs into Sting's clothesline. Sting breathing hard and in no hurry. Mesías tossed into the corner. Measured punches to the head, Mesías knocked down to the mat. Sting keeps on punching. Probably be easier to stomp, but the slow punches are working for him. Mesías stood back up and punches. Whip, Mesías grabs the ropes and punches back. Mesías runs out, into a Sting clothesline. Sting goes for the scorpion deathlock, Mesías battles and kicks him away. Mesías up. Kick, arm raise, DDT. One two NO. Mesías punch to the face, and Sting seems to grab his side. Punch to the head. Mesías off the ropes, clothesline, and Sting doesn’t go down. Sting fires up. Punch to the face, off the ropes, clothesline, and Mesías is spun around. Mesías fired up (not nearly as good) and Sting kicks him. Punch misses, and Sting gives Mesías a backcracker. Mesías rolls a reluctant Sting over, one two Sting kicks out. Fans are booing loudly. Mesías looks up the aisle, where Sting, Karen, Konnan, Magnus, and Abyss are coming to the ring. First time we've seen Konnan tonight, at least in the arena. Mesías punches Sting. Jarrett and Karen yell to sting and pound the mat. Mesías walks to out to the apron after them, and Mesías grabs a chair and threatens to swing. Mesías goes up top, Sting has plenty of time to recover and punch him. Toss of the top rope. Scorpion Deathlock (Jesus: “El Boston Crab!”) is on., but Mesías immediately walks it to the ropes. Jarrett punches Sting while he's out there. Sting slowly picks up Mesías, and gets dropped in the Straight To Hell. One two NO. Corner whip, reversed, Stinger Splash, bulldog. Sting covers, one two no. Magnus in the ring with the chair, having being told to do so by the rest of his group. Magnus tells Sting he needs to hits Mesías with the chair. Sting takes the chair and hits Magnus, of course. Announcers are shocked. Mesías spears Sting, one two Abyss pulls Mesías off and this him. Tirantes calls the match there. Should be a Mesías win by DQ, but not done that way.

Sting and Jarrett shove and argue in the ring. Sting has enough of punch and kicks and chops Jarrett around. Konnan and an Abyss rush in to help, Sting being punched around but never down. Mesías, outside, throws Sting the bat (somewhat successful) and Sting gets the glory spot of hitting everyone with the bat . Crowd does not care. Mesías comes in late to clothesline Jarrett and Konnan. Sting and Mesías face off, and double clothesline Abyss out. Crowd peaks a little for that. Jarrett tries to convince Sting to attack Mesías. Sting stares down with Mesías before they shake hands. Play Sting's music because he's the star.

Perro vs Wagner video package. This video package is still going when they go to a wide shot of the arena.

Match 6: Dr. Wagner Jr. vs el Hijo del Perro Aguayo for the AAA Latin American Championship in a bull terrier (chain) match
Arena Monterrey, 10/09/2011

Winner: Dr. Wagner Jr.
Match Time: 13:16
Rating: eh
Notes: Konnan big is talking on the microphone before the Perros del Mal music starts. Perro Aguayo has a video. Silver King is out as a second second (a third?) Wagner has a video too. Octagon is with him. Perro greats Wagner with punches; they're fighting before the camera turns back from the crowd. Copetes is ref, and calls for the whistle just as they spill outside. No one blows the whistle. They fight all the way up the aisle to the stage, and Perro slams Wagner there. Finally, the whistle.

Perro brings Wagner back down the aisle. Silver King gets in a cheap shot, Octagon goes after him, and Copetes warns Octagon and pushes him back. Konnan Big and Perro punch their way around and back in the ring, no one budging much. Silver holds down Wagner, so Perro can choke him with the chain. Copetes leans down to help tie the chain around Wagner’s neck, since they're there. Wagner thrown over the top rope and hung. His feet are on the ground, so it's not like he's going to die. Konnan and Silver get in shots, and Octagon runs them off. Back to choking. Perro back off so he can put his collar on, and Silver and Konnan go back to kicking around Perro. Perro tosses Wagner, kick him in the head, and goes to pose. Corner touching! One. No hurry, and camera misses two and three showing the crowd. Four. Five. And Wagner yanks Perro back at the last second. Dropkick to the face Silver uses the loose chain to tie Wagner’s arm around the ropes, and Konnan and Perro choke Wagner with the other chain. Octagon shoves Konnan and Silver away. Perro back to touching corners, gets to about two before Wagner pulls him back and dropkicks him. Wagner touches corners, and again they’re showing something else besides it.. Wagner gets five, Silver grabs his leg, and Perro hits him. Konnan pulls Wagner out for punches and kicks. Silver gets in a shot too. Copetes keeps Octagon away as the rudos knock Wagner into the crowd. Perro and Wagner go into the crowd. Cameras do not follow them, so we just lose them for a bit, but Wagner looks like he’s got the better of it as they come back over the rail. Silver and Konnan resume getting in kicks and punches. Octagon and Silver have a tug of war over the chain – which is really long, because Perro walks around unimpeded in the middle of this. Perro jab to Wagner’s stomach, to his back. Crowd is into this match, though it's on about the same level as the last match so far. Back in. Perro with stomps. Perro goes to the apron, and Wagner gets in a kick there. Drapping DDT. (Jesus: “Headlock.”) Long shot as Wagner is trying to win the match – one two three four five, Silver tries a kick, Wagner dragon screws him, but gets tied up in the chain in the process. Wagner reaches for six after a long delay, but Perro yanks the chain to trip him up. Perro thru the ropes, and yanking Wagner into the post, shoulder first. That was actually a good spot. Feel like I need to point out them when they actually happen. Konnan big again with knee lifts on the outside. Octagon threatens Konnan big, Copetes shoves him back. Perro and Wagner back in. Wagner's face rammed into a chair. Announcers thrilled that Wagner is now bleeding. Perro slams Wagner. Perro goes up. Why does Perro go up? I guess he's posing. Nope, he's going to try a move. Wagner stands up and tosses him off. Wagner fires up, removing his collar Crowd not into it. Running dropkick to send Perro out. Wagner to the apron, tope con giro has to be worked in. Replays. Wagner starts touching corners, but Copetes points out his chain isn't on. Fair. Wagner stops to get his collar back on, which takes a bit of time. Perro back in and waiting with a chair. One, two, three, Wagner happens upon Perro waiting a chair and skips that corner (!!!), four, five, back to the Perro corner, Wagner looks, Wagner looks at Copetes, and Perro walks behind him and hits Perro with a chair. That was professional. Perro touching. One two three four five, and Wagner hits Perro with a chair. Perro got his hands up, at least. Replays. Konnan Big in and swinging, but Wagner forearms him. Wagner punches Perro repeatedly. Silver on the apron, Silver chain punched off. Wagner works over Perro with chain punches; he's bleeding too. Wagner touching the corners. One two three four, five, Silver in, Wagner chain punches him. Copetes is blocking the last corner. Wagner waits a bit, loads up the chain punch, Copetes finally moves, six. That's the match.

Octagon steps in the ring after the mach and grabs the chair. Wagner gets his arm raised, turns, and Octagon smacks him right on top of the hair with a chair. All four rudos stomp Wagner. Perro stops to go after his mask. La Parka rushes out, grabs the dropped chair, and advances on the rudos – but also stomps Wagner. Wagner is unmasked and being beat by Parka too. Announcers are going crazy. Silver King seems surprised about this turn of events, but is okay with it. Perro celebrates with Wagner’s mask. As the beatdown settles down, Konnan walks out to join everyone. Rudos try to expose Wagner’s face to the camera – technically they’re trying to make him bleed, but that's kind of what they’re actually doing. Konnan tells the announcers Octagon & Parka are part of the Legion. Hey, the belt is still on the announce table. Was this for that belt? Maybe. Perro celebrates with his new friends.

Match 7: Monster Clown, Murder Clown, Psycho Clown vs Damián 666, Halloween, Nicho el Millionario in a cage match and for the mask and for the hair
Arena Monterrey, 10/09/2011

Winner: Psycho Clowns
Match Time: 17:44
Rating: OK
Notes: Mini Clown is out with the Psycho Clowns. He has balloons. The cage is a normal cage, not the dome. No other Perros with the Perros. Ring is filled with tables and such. Piero and Pepe Casas are outside of the cage.

Brawl. Perros get the better of it. Mini Clown is in the cage, so Halloween gives him a martinete onto a metal box. Psycho's mask is ripped off at the top. Psychos are all dead on the mat quickly, though the Perros keep beating them. Monster's and Murder Clown’s faces are also exposed. Jesus appears to have the clown names right. Chair toss. Murder sneaks a tray under his shirt, and manages a one comeback. Halloween's spear is shrugged off this way. Just another thing Murder Clown and Bret Hart have in common. Crowd is either not into this show at all or not miced well. I think it's the micing. It sounds like there's 300 people in the building at any rate, and I'm pretty sure there's not. Clown revenge brawling, with Nicho trying to escape and being pulled back for more. A drink container is dropkicked into Damian, which somehow creates a foul. Damian takes a flying sit. Mini Clown is just up and walking around fine. Nicho and Murder fight while standing on the ropes, which sets up the required stacked up superplex. These guys really don’t' have much to do which they haven't done before. Mini Clown decides to climb over, and makes it over before Damian can catch him.

Mini Clown hangs on the cage, dancing for a bit. Damian tries to stop him, can't, then climbs up on his own. Perro have Murder Clown down for a splash, but Damian fakes the splash before climbing out. His partners are not happy. You really can’t save yourself here, there’s no point in going in business for yourself in this match.

While they’re arguing, Murder gets up hits all of them, and escapes himself.

Halloween is right behind him. Monster grabs him, but Halloween attacks him and gets free.

Monster and Psycho let with Nicho, and the Clowns get the better of it. Air Raid Crash on Nicho. Monster climbs up – someone lets slip a Zombie here, and we were having such a good night – but Jesus correctly calls Monster Clown escaping. He pauses on top of the cage, and jumps on everyone else who's escaped.

Psycho Clown climbing up to escape, but Nicho right underneath him and grabbing a leg. Psycho gets one let f over, but Nicho has a hold of the other leg. Both sit on top of the cage and chop back and forth. Nicho grabs the chain to the ceiling, swing a bit to hit Psycho. Bestia 666 runs out for the neck and climbs up the cage, behind Psycho. Forearms to the back, and Psycho drops back in the cage, but pulls Nicho down by the leg in the process. That looked not good. Psycho and Bestia drop in the cage and both stomp down Psycho. Belt shots to the back. Bestia adds a dropkick. Double legdrop/standing moonsaults combo. There have been two tables laying in the ring, not set up, and the Perros decide to set up one of them. Lots of adjusting it to get in the spot they want. The other table is dragged around, but not set up. Perros do a bit of ring cleaning and a occasion hitting of Psycho. Everyone else is watching from the cage. Nicho jabbed with the chair a bit. Choke. Not sure what they're waiting for here. Chair tossed at Psycho. Bestia climbs out.

Murder has bled a lot. Nicho climbing with the chair. Chair senton. Joe Lider, taped ribs and all, climbs into the cage. Lider points at Nicho who's quite afraid. Punch blocked, Lider’s punches are not. Nicho punt turned into a hammerlock backcracker. Bestia climbs back in the cage, and immediately takes a Lider Storm. Lider charges Nicho, who gives him a 187 Flatliner. Psycho, ignored, starts to climb up the cage, but Nicho throws a chair at him and stops him. Bestia awakes to help, and all three stand on the top rope and fight. Bestia climbs over the top and out, Psycho gets in a shot and tries to climb over Nicho, but Nicho pulls him back. Lider throws a chair in the general area; both step down a few, but Nicho takes the worst of it and is laid out on the table. Crowd knows this means this is the big finish. Psycho stands up on top of the cage, Lider climbs underneath and tells him to do it – off the top of the cage plancha, putting Nicho thru the table. Table actually broke clean! Lider claps, leaves, and Psycho is right behind him.

Confetti shot off on one side of the ring as the técnicos celebrate. Perros hit the ring, check on Perro, and wave for medical help. Técnicos come back in and grab the rudos by the hair. Nicho gets a little but it’s cut a bit while he's still laying on the mat. Nicho is grabbing his knee; I think he hurt it the first time Bestia came in. Damian's hair is shaved, surely for the last time. Nicho is loaded on a back board. Cage is lifted, Nicho is strechered out, and the Perros give the Clowns credit for winning.