AAA on Televisa #1001 (07/30/2011) 
Recapped: 07/20/11

Match 1: Fabi Apache & Mari Apache vs Mickie James & Sexy Star
Auditorio Benito Juarez de Veracruz, 07/09/2011

Winner: rudas
Match Time: 8:43
Rating: eh
Notes: Tirantes is ref.

Fabi and Sexi start, and are clipped in mid armbar. Someone mess up a roll? Jesus calls this TNA vs Mexican Powers – hey, Crazy Boy could do far worse. Assuming Crazy Boy still exists. Sexi and Fabi get to a standoff, and Mickie jumps Fabi from behind to start the beatdown. Whips and kicks, some at the same time. They do manage a combo of crackers on Mari to send her out. Fabi licks Mickie on a corner charge to start the comeback. Rudas are quickly cleared out so the luchadors can focus on threatening Tirantes. Break.

Rejoined at the end of Fabi's sequence with Mickie, headscissors her out. Mari/Sexi includes a Mari flying armdrag, a quebradora, the crowd begging for one more, and Tirantes cutting her off. Mickie drops Mari with a neckbreaker, and Fabi rushes in to break up that pin. Mari gets Mickie in the Atlantida, but Sexi breaks that up with a kick. Did Sexi start a Mickie chant? It sounds like one for a second. Mickie gets in a corner headscissors on Mari, who stands right up from it so Sexi can knock her down. How odd. Fabi gives Mickie a seated tornado DDT, and Sexi breaks that pin up, kicking and stomping Fabi right out of the ring. Sexi throws Fabi by her hair on the outside for good measure. Clip. Mari goes for a running powerslam on Mickie, Tirantes pulls Mickie down, Mickie almost gets hurt on the landing, Mari goes to punch Tirantes and Mickie kicks her from behind. Is this leading to the finish? No, it's just a spot, Mari get a sunset flip and kick to the head just after. Mari dropkicks Tirantes while going for Mickie, because this match needed a ref bump. Clip, Mickie belts Mari, Seix keeps Fabi out, Tirantes counts, one two NO. Why are they doing belt shot near finishes in the first match? Mickie whips Mari in the ropes, Sexi – on the apron – moves out of the way, really jarring clip, back to Mari obviously hitting the ropes a second time, punch for Sexi, Mickie gets in the kick, kiss, kick again, and jumping DDT one two three.

Scott Steiner promo. Remember that Jeff Jarrett promo where he was taking us into a room to show us a surprise and never really got there (though I think they made it seem like the Abyss bit was what was supposed to air?) I think this is the missing vignette from that, now that Steiner's coming in.

Recap: Nicho doesn't listen to the rules, pays the price. This such a shoot speech, they're replaying it again in video package form.

Jesus Zingia talks to Joe Lider about Nicho's 3 month suspension. I do really like they put a time line to it. Lider seems to think the punishment is stiff, but that Nicho is acting loco. He wants to get everyone in a room and talk it out – that's certainly the sort of guy Joe Lider's always been, wanting to talk out his problems.

Match 2: Extreme Tiger, Jack Evans, Joe Lider vs Abyss, Chessman, Último Gladiador
Auditorio Benito Juarez de Veracruz, 07/09/2011

Winner: rudos
Match Time: 6:11
Rating: a hardcore match.
Notes: Piero is ref. Everyone's in the ring, and they start off with the técnicos running off the rudo's sneak attack, clipping to showcases.

Tiger's offense includes a nice boost out of the ring into a headscissors onto Chessman. There are timing issues but neat ideas in Jack's run, including a inverted DDT on Gladiador that's also as pinning kick on chessman. Jack ends up with a big welt on his chest from something. Abyss is noticeably kept out during this. Lider faces him one on one and easily takes care of the big monster. He's much more técnico-ish that previously, down to the outfit, though he's still yelling 187 before doing backcrackers. Técnicos celebrate, Abyss just starts punching everyone, that’s how they get control. Chessman kills Tiger with a chair shot to the head. Clip to front row fans mugging for the camera, almost all wearing WWE shirts. Lider is slingshotted into a chair shot to the head, because it wasn't hard enough already. Abyss is so slow on a sunset flip spot with Jack, but eventually slingshot Jack into a chair. Clip, and back in the middle of a confusing spot with Jack and Abyss, here I guess Abyss crotches himself on a chair by jumping on it, except there's no way he could've been doing anything else. Maniacos still set up Jack for a big move, but Tiger intervenes, and the 'rana/inverted 'rana spot doesn’t come off as smoothly as last time. Crowd is not really into this, Jack does the springboard 450 onto Chessman, Tiger does the slingshot tope con giro not UG, and Lider is left in with Abyss. Lider celebrate, ducks an Abyss chair shot, and dropkicks the chair into him. Abyss flipped onto the bottom rope. Lider grabs the chair, looks at the chair, and hits Abyss in the back. Forearm, off the ropes, boot knocks down Lider. Abyss dumps the thumbtacks out. Lider, takes the spinebuster on the thumbtacks. One two three.

Tiger tries to fight Abyss, and takes a Black Hole Slam on the tacks. Jack comes in with a chair, and that’s somehow enough to get Abyss to back off – until Chessman and UG attack him from behind anyway. Jack's thrown to the floor, which is good, because it's probably cleaner there.

Joe Lider – in English – stars to rant to the camera about Abyss. Lider rants about he's the best extreme luchador. Tiger says they're the masters of hardcore in Mexico, and they challenge Abyss to an extreme match for Verano.

Corona contest highlights. Not sure if I'm missing more of these bcause of the editing, because this is a shroter version of what the YouTube clip.

Match 3: Monster Clown, Murder Clown, Psycho Clown vs Halloween, Hijo del Lizmark, Super Crazy
Auditorio Benito Juarez de Veracruz, 07/09/2011

Winner: Psycho Circus
Match Time: 5:39
Rating: bad
Notes: Joined with Everyone already brawling. Ref is Tirantes. Mini Clown is there.

Perros get the best of it, and bring up chairs right, though it doesn't go quite extreme right away. There's a clip to Mini Clown dancing in the ring, getting beat, and Lizmark superkicking Crazy when going for the tiny clown. Bad headscissors sends Halloween out. Mini Clown dances around behind Lizmark's back, kicks him in the shins, pokes him in the eyes, goes for a plancha, and is caught by Lizmark. Spinning slam, Mini Clown is done. Announcers barely react. After a few moments, Psycho Circus decide they might as well storm the ring. Monster and Psycho go right in and out, toping Halloween and Crazy. Cut to Halloween in the ring with Monster Clown. I don't know.

It's impossible to write about this with any sort of narrative flow, because people start to appear and disappear from the ring, Super Crazy does a moonsault out of the ring onto who knows because it's never shown, the same clips of the crowd are shown over and over again, and it's really bad in this form. It's probably a fine match, but it's a horrible edited one. Monster Clown and Lizmark are facing off, cut to a kid doing You Can't See Me, Lizmark is suddenly laying on his back. Monster lands a top rope splash to get the pin, and Halloween is in hitting with a chair anyway because none of this matters. Perros beat up the Clowns, but Monster spears Halloween thru a wood panel when their bit back fires. The Clowns pull a dog bowl and canned dog food out of Monster's back, set it up in the middle of the ring, and force Halloween into it. Halloween seems to block it with his ands, but the announcers ignore it. Mini Clown seems to have disappeared, and no one seems to care. Cut to crowd shots of fans not really reacting much while the announcers have a heart attack.

TNA & Jarrett at the beach. Konnan has a plan so Jarrett doesn't lose the belt, but doesn’t want to actually tell Jarrett right now. Jeff Jarrett: “I love good planning.” ANYWAY. Mickie also wants a title shot.

Match 4: Dr. Wagner Jr. & Zorro vs Jeff Jarrett & LA Park
Auditorio Benito Juarez de Veracruz, 07/09/2011

Winner: no finish
Match Time: 14:55
Rating: not good
Notes: Joined with everyone in the ring. Zorro and Park are having much more of a clam discussion than you'd expect for a guy who just backstabbed him like a month ago. Wagner poses with his belt. Jarrett's belt is long gone. Piero is ref.

LA Park does his struts, then Jarrett tells him to stop so he can his strut. Then Wagner does his pose, and Park kicks him in the head. No one invited Wagner to play! Brawl, dominated by the rudos. Park gets Zorro in the back with a chair. This one's clipped up too. Punching, occasionally two people punching. Wagner ducks a double clothesline and plancha both men. They hold him up, hold him up, hold him up, and then finally drop him. Felt like Zorro missed something there. Rudos try sentons, Wagner rolls out of the way. Wagner waves Zorro over and boots him into a dropkick on both to get the comeback. Dragon screw, check and double check. Superkick, check. Very safe quebrada. Wagner chases Karen around, acting like Frankenstein’s monster. Karen is corner and screams a lot. Técnicos with a lot of chair spots. Cut to Park grabbing Wagner on the outside, Karen swinging, Wagner ducking, and Park getting hit. Park is shaken by this slap and slowly chases Karen around. Jarrett grabs Park, Karen swings, Park ducks, and Jeff takes it. Park shoves Jeff and the two argue for a bit.

Clip. Zorro's showcase against Park goes okay, and he and Jeff only have one moment where they appear to be reading from different books. Wagner/Park features Park missing a clothesline three straight times before Wagner gets him. Wagner takes out both Jarrett and Park at the same time thru usual rudo bumbling. Zorro/Park bit is clipped to join and clipped to end. Técnicos then have both rudos down, but can't decide which one to hold in a move and hit. They do a bit of both. Técnicos pull the rudos off the middle rope with stereo cutters, but only gets two. Wagner takes out Park with the apron tope con giro. Zorro knocks Jarrett out of the ring with a dropkick, Karen hands Jarrett a chair, Zorro tries a pescado and Jarrett hits him in the arm on the way down. Wagner brings Park back in, but misses a diving headbutt. Jarrett throws Zorro back in. Park puts Wagner in a time killing submission, but Zorro breaks that up with a chair, then falls down. Piero turns around - what was he looking at? – and sees Zorro down. Piero has no idea what to make of it this, except Jarrett now has a chair. Konnan walks to the ring, hopefully to protest the stupidness of this finish when chair have been legal for the last 12 minutes Park, who also has a chair, decides to argue with Jarrett again, and they start shoving. Konan tries to get them to calm down, but both men ready their chairs to swing. Técnicos inside cradle them one two kickout. Wagner Driver on Jarrett, safest possible version, and Zorro hits Park with cane shots. Slow count, one two Konnan pulls out Piero and punches him (badly.) Call it there.

Ultimo Gladiador, Chessman, Abyss hit the ring and attack the técnicos. Park and Jarrett are still shoving over who gets to hit Wagner. Electroshock leads Argos, Jack Evans, Laredo Kid, and Fenix at the entrance. They stop long enough to pose, then rush the ring. Rudos run off without being hit. Fenix is holding his shoulder because of something we didn't get to see. Clip to Wagner declaring himself #1 contender. Zorro somehow isn't offended, and gets offered membership back in AAA. Zorro accepts with a Wagner finger touch.