AAA on Televisa #1000 (07/09/2011) 
Recapped: 07/13/2011

Previously: there was a TripleMania. Tag title highlights, Wagner wins a pointless title belt – they thought so much of the finish that it's clipped to the pinfall here, and I guess that's it.

Today: people fighting and stuff. Wagner/Jack/Tiger vs Perros del Mal, Park vs Los Bizarros, and the ever match for Nicho!

Match 1: Sexy Star, Tigre Cota, Yuriko vs Cinthia Moreno, Drago, Pasion Kristal
Auditorio Municipal Tizayuca, Hidalgo, 06/30/2011

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 10:15
Rating: eh
Notes: No entrances. Crowd does chat for Drago, probably baffled why he's here. Ref is Pepe Casas. Drago and Cinthia Moreno are about the same height. Announcers are back to our regular two.

Opening pair ups are Cota/Kristal and Drago/Yuriko. For a second, it seems like they’re going to do an even match with Drago/Yuriko, but it turns out better. Cinthia starts off with Sexi, but gets in her complicated offense (apron dive headscissors) on Yuriko. Técnicos stay in control thru Kristal's second showcase, which includes her getting in a flying armdrag an Asai moonsault. Rudos beat up on Cinthia as Kristal is posting on the outside, and that starts the beatdown. Dragon taking a frontcracker from Sexi Star is something. Something I'm not sure La Parka would be doing. Beatdown is really short – Kristal never gets worked over – and Cinthia starts the comeback with a double bulldog. Inverted facelock and a Drago dropkick for the feminine members of the team, and Cota throws himself thru the ropes and takes Dragon's slingshot tope con giro. Kristal misses a quebrada and takes a Devil Wings from Yuriko. Crab, but Drago breaks it up with a running kick. Announcers are discussing Sugi in France, for whatever reason. Drago puts Yuriko in a hold, Sexi breaks it up and gets the better of the new hot star for a while. Sexi puts on a submission poses, for Cinthia to break that up. Rebound bulldog is oddly timed. Submission hold, someone else breaks it, I'm noticing a pattern. Cota's turn. His hold is a sharpshooter, and Drago breaks that up. Yuriko slaps Dragon in the back when he’s firing up. Cota helps, but a boost sets up a headscissors. Cota misses a clothesline, Dragon headscissors him out. Cinthia lands a plancha on Cota. Kristal runs the ropes, stepping over a dropped down Sexi Star while yelling. Kristal plancha, odd clip, Kristal is now outside, and Sexi follows with a tope con giro. Drago with an eh looking 'rana on Yuriko (more on Yuriko for not going with it), one two three.

TripleMania recap. Parka recap.

Match 2: Cuervo, La Parka Jr., Ozz vs Billy Boy, Charly Manson, Escoria
Auditorio Municipal Tizayuca, Hidalgo, 06/30/2011

Winner: Técnicos (by DQ)
Match Time: 9:01
Rating: hard to watch due to clips
Notes: Joined with the rudos already beating up the técnicos in the ring. Ref is Tirantes.

This is crowd is cheering Parka. Helps to not have Cibernético there. There must be some bleachers in this building that are good for stomping, because they make a lot noise occasionally. Building seems to have less people than usual, but that's probably because it's wide and not to tall, and people are spread out farther form the ring that they would be in an Arena Naucalpan. Bizarros version of the dropkick out/powerbomb still not as good as the Poder el Norte one.

Comeback happens – I'm not sure. At first I thought I looked away and missed it, but they go from Escoria choking Parka out to Cuervo and Escoria Running the ropes and Escoria spinning Cuervo out with a clothesline. Huh. Ozz's offense looks really good. Weird edit as Charly broadsides him, then showing the rudos stomp aimlessly a bit and Cuervo trying to help his friend. Maybe Ozz got knocked funny? He and Cuervo spear Manson and Escoria right away, so maybe not. Billy Boy refuses to face Parka and gets goosed. Billy brings in a chair, and the rudos just yell at him to put it down. Crowd shot, and suddenly Charly is in and tripping Park on the back, but Parka wants to mess around with his glove and not turn it around. He knows who it is, because he does the Manson pose, then he works himself up to turning around into the punch. Parka pulls Manson over the top rope with a bodyscissors to take them both out. Rudos at first get the better of the next fight, but the Dark Family drop them with a quebradora and a boosted dropkick. Double tope to take those two out, and Charly and Parka end up back in. Charly punch drops Parka to one knee, but then he gets up and goes into a chop fight. Another odd timed crowd shot, and we come into see Charly smashing Parka in the corner. El Pozo is reversed into a small package, one two no. Parka kick is turn into an inside cradle, one two no. Parka misses a clothesline, Charly punches him, corner whip, Parka reverses it and Charly goes head first into a chair that's set up there for no reason. Quebradora again. Taboo walks to the ring, and Park decides to stare at him. Park gets up on the apron, and tries to get in, Tirantes cuts him off, and Manson sneaks in a foul. In case you think that's supposed to be a distraction, Charly waits for Tirantes to turn around and punches him too. Rudos hit Park with a chair and keep his help out. Manson backs off Tirantes (who’s up way too soon) and throw him out. I usually call it when the hand is raised for the DQ, but I guess we're not getting that. Rudos are indiscriminately hitting Parka, not aiming for any reason. Wait, Hijo de Tirantes gets a microphone to announce the DQ. I have no idea why, but Good enough.

Bizarros continue to beat up Parka, not really bothered. Tirantes makes a lot of show of grabbing his mouth, raises Cuervo's arm, then yells in the camera about the lack of respect

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Match 3: Chessman, Silver Kain, Último Gladiador vs Electroshock, Joe Lider, Nicho el Millionario
Auditorio Municipal Tizayuca, Hidalgo, 06/30/2011

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 8:54
Rating: OK
Notes: Youtube picks up right at the match start, not sure if it actually happened that way. Tirantes is the ref. Announcers are going with the story that Nicho is working out his last scheduled date before the suspension kicks in. Gladiador is wrestling in his outfit from TripleMania – maybe that's just his outfit now. It seems less a mask than the old outfit.

Brawl starts right away, with the técnicos getting the better of it. They set up the 187 fireman’s carry/blockbuster, but Nicho does a tornillo moonsault to the floor instead and Electroshock adds a backcracker to Lider's Samoan drop. Crowd shot, and it turns into técnico showcases when they return. Electroshock, Lider, then Nicho all do fine, then Chessman knocks down Lider with a chest slap and the beatdown starts there. Rudos go thru everyone easily, then Electroshock ducks a lazy double clothesline, slaps Chessman spins the other two, and everyone hits big moves at once. Nicho goes out and throws chairs in to the other two, but they stand there long enough posing with them that the rudos get it. Obligatory chair shot to Joe Lider’s head. Nicho, having gone to the back for no reason, comes in with a long thing piece of wood and starts hitting everyone in their midsection. Elector and Lider hit Gladiador and Silver with big moves, then knocked own Chessman. Chessman dragged in position, but Nicho wants a chair first . Flip senton with chair, Everyone covers Chessman one two three.

Microphone guy wanders down the entrance and hands it to Nicho. Must really be a shoot if they're giving the suspended guy a microphone! Nicho recaps the TripleMania storyline. This is clipped up, but Nicho says he's banned from shows that wouldn't even be happening if it was not for the work he put in. AAA is his home, why are they taking him from his home? Nicho says he's suspended without pay for three months (not so definite) but. Electroshock shakes his head behind Nicho, so we know we're not supposed to be done with this. Nicho brings up AAA giving someone else the Psicosis name before. Wasn't that the great Antonio Pena, who we all are supposed to love? Nicho says he'll have to go find work in another “empressa” (CMLL buzz word) if they won't let him work here, and he's leaving AAA. That seems perfectly reasonable to me, but Lider tries to talk to his partner – they can talk to Joaquin and come up with a solution. Nicho doesn't want to talk anymore, he wants to leave, so he offers a handshake to his friends Lider and Electroshock, neither who want to take it. He says thanks to the whole locker room, forces a hug on Lider, and says thanks to the fans one more time. Nicho drops the microphone and walks out to complain to Marisela once more before walking up. Replays.

Jack, Tiger congratulated Wagner on his new belt while holding their own. Wagner says he's going to win the Mega title next. It's these guys vs the trios champions.

Match 4: Dr. Wagner Jr., Extreme Tiger, Jack Evans vs Damián 666, Halloween, X-Fly
Auditorio Municipal Tizayuca, Hidalgo, 06/30/2011

Winner: tecnicos
Match Time: 11:37
Rating: fine
Notes: Only entrances of the show. X-Fly is wearing FOUR BELTS. IWL tag team belts are roughly equivalent to the Latin American championship, sure. Everyone has their belts because I guess that's the idea here.

Rudos start the match by walking out. At least they're getting it out of the way early, I appreciate it. That kills the first minute and half of the match. Jack/Damian is just getting started with a cartwheel headscissors when they cut ahead to Halloween and Tiger slapping each other in the faces. Tiger rids him, spins around Damian's head, and faceslams him too. Tiger poses a bit while X-Fly doesn't come in, then stats a Wagner chant when X-Fly actually does. They are clipped right off the bat – taking out X-Fly offense? - until X-Fly is on the apron and being kicked. Damian cuts off Wagner with a back elbow and does the pose and gets the kick. He should really learn to stop doing that! Announcers are overtaken by a blinking Castro GTX ad, with a loud announcers too. This could not be more distracting. Wagner gets Damian with his usual, but Halloween spears him. Halloween takes Wagner to the corner, slaps him, brings him up a couple steps, and gets superplexed off. They get right back up so Wagner can slid Halloween out on his chest. Damian and Jack back in, Jack assaulted Damian with kicks until Halloween knocks him own from behind. Jack comes back with the springboard flip back elbows, but X-Fly swats him down. Jack escapes him with a couple of flips, and lands the standing on the chest moonsault. Halloween breaks up the pin, and drops Jack with an F5. Tiger breaks up that pin. Chop makes Halloween spit a voluminous amount. Corner whip, reversed, Jack tries a clothesline, misses, and ends up in the corner with his partner. Halloween charges, they both move, Halloween falls backwards on the mat, Tiger climbs up, flying sit maybe? Jack ends his own version. X-Fly break it up, clothesline for Jack, front cracker for Tiger. Halloween lines up the técnicos and X-Fly goes up – falling senton con giro on both. Halloween tells X-Fly to cover one two NO. Rudos charge the técnicos and get kicked out. Técnicos do their dives – Jack's looks especially good. Wagner and Damian in, Damian trips up Wagner on the ropes but misses the thru the ropes sit. Damian climbs back in, but is kicked as he comes in. Whip, Damian sits on the top rope, Wagner struts his way over, punches, Wagner stands on the middle rope and poses and looks around while having his hand on Damian. Wagner eventually scoots up for a Super bulldog. Damian rolls right out, and Wagner walks after him. They punch each other in the aisle, hurry to the stage, and punch each other there. Wagner tosses Damian off the stage – which is a distance height this week – and Damian gets right back up so he can take Wagner's tope con giro. Back inside, Halloween misses a corner charge on X-Fly and spear the corner. Tiger charges X-Fly, but X-Fly sets him on the top. Jack comes in, but misses his jumping spin kick, and is tosses into Halloween pear. Halloween drags Jack closer to Tiger (who is still just hanging out) and covers him. One two...Tiger kills Halloween with a legdrop to the back of the head. A bit late, a bit brutal. Everyone ends up on the corners, Tiger gets a sunset flip powerbomb on Halloween, Piero waits to count until Jack does his move, Jack does the 630 senton a bit late, one two three.

Técnicos all pose in the ring. Replay of the finishes.