AAA TripleMania XIX (06/18/2011) 
Recapped: 07/04/11

The usual announcers – and Leo Riano for some reason (may have to do with the Televisa jackets) – welcome us to the show. A picture of Pena and his actual urn is shown, leading into the TripleMania video package.


Konnan's music to start the show. He's accompanied by Arturo Rivera. Sound is iffy. Konnan goes in the ring, and Artuero taps him on the leg to let him know he's not climbing in. Sound is slightly out of sync with audio, but that may be my version. Konnan welcomes Arturo back, and says they're going to prove lucha americana is better than lucha mexicana. Joaquin Roldan's voice interrupts, though it takes them a while to get his face on the big screen (which isn't so big from the ring, though it looks nice when they enter. Roldan, backstage, for no particular reason, says any AAA wrestler who interferes in a match tonight will be suspended. Konnan's not sure why he even needs to put in a rule like that, because La Sociedad would never do such a thing, but agrees to it for his guys. Joaquin hurries thru his speech and looks off camera when he's done – he's a bit nervous.

Match 1: Cinthia Moreno, Fabi Apache, Lolita, Mari Apache vs Angelina Love, Mickie James, Sexy Star, Velvet Sky
Palacio de los Deportes, Mexico City, 06/18/2011

Winner: rudos
Match Time: 11:05
Rating: okay
Notes: Mari Apache has her belt. The one thing the constant TNA entrance videos on TV has done is I know their music. It also helps that many of them are not especially good. They also have proper entrance videos as opposed to generic video. Announcers having trouble with not talking over the music. Mickie has her belt and gets a bigger reaction then her partners. Sexi Star's entrance includes a limo with her license plate on it, a very short limo driver, and women fixing her hair on the way before she even gets to the entrance. New outfit for the occasion, of course – most of them do. Hijo de Tirantes is ref.

Arturo Rivera talks for the first time when the match talks, and sounds like he can barely talk. Other announcers have their microphones turned down way, except for Leo. Rudas jump the técnicas. Beautiful People give Cinthia a handshake double elbow, Angelina covers, and Tirantes just waves her off, telling her to get up! She's so confused and really so am I. Announcers know the TNA women's names, though Arturo is not talking. Love & Sexi give Mari an bad looking double clothesline. Ring is really dark – the enter is lit well, but the corners are not. Of course the hard camera points at the entrance, but it's hard to see fans even when they use different angles. Beautiful People end up standing in their corner while Sexi and Mickie beat up Cinthia for a while. Mari Apache runs thru a Beautiful People double clothesline, and catches Angelina off guard with one to the head to start the comeback. Poor time for a wide shot, let's go to a wide shot. Mari gets Velvet Sky, Sexi dropkicks her, Fabi gives her a quebradora, Lolita cuts off Mickie James with a kick, Cinthia armdrags her, and Lolita dropkicks her out. Fabi goes to punch Tirantes – there is no reason for that, as Hijo de Tirantes explains, but she's just doing out of habit. Rudas regroup on the outside.

Fabi and Mickie back in, Fabi using odd open hands slaps to the head. Corner whip, reversed, Mickie kicks Fabi away, then gets her with a corner headscissors, those that takes a bit of effort. Leo is so much louder, it's distracting. Mickie poses, heads up, flying unknown move misses, Fabi gets her with a missile dropkick. Tags, and Lolita and Sexi in. Sexi tries to start her own chant, then tries a running forearm. Whip, Lolita runs up the ropes and own with a flying armdrag. Lolita catches Sexi in a wristlock, run up ropes, rope bounce armdrag, and Sexi goes out. Lolita does a front roll and celebrates. Mari in, Angelina running in, both misses a clothesline. Mari kicks her, punch, scoop slam, and heading up. Top rope senton con giro completely misses, as shown perfectly by the overhead camera, except we all pretend it hit. Oh well. Velvet makes the save. Choke backcracker one two Cinthia breaks it up. Whip, clothesline misses, Cinthia backcracker (#2) and Velvet slides out fore she can be pinned. Mickie in, reverse neckbreaker on Cinthia one two Fabi breaks it up. Fabi calls it – Devil's Wings one two Sexi breaks it up. Swinging fisherman's suplex one two Lolita breaks it up. What's her move? An Aniblina! Angelina breaks it up. Angelina hangs up Lolita in the corner and Velvet charge for the dropkick to the head. Mari in and forearming both women. Sexi cuts her down with a kick. Whip, Mari to the middle rope, Sexi jumps up and slaps her, Sexi 'rana. Not much distance, but she makes it work. Replay of Lolita falling on her head earlier. Back live, Mickie is in and legdropping Mari. Fabi in to surprise her with a dropkick. Sexi misses a clothesline, Fabi kicks her in the leg, and sit down powerbomb for her. Fabi gives up the pin – because there's no one around to break it up? Everyone seems to have vanished. Cinthia rushes Angelina with a silla, which explain what happened to her, and Velvet attacks Cinthia. Mari rushes over to the side of the ring but waits for something. There's a fight going on the outside, and we're watching the empty ring. Announcers talking over each other, and then cut to Mari's tope con giro not really being caught by anyone. Lolita in, running tope con giro thru the ropes on the pile. Fabi in – a bit of a mixed reaction – or maybe they're booing Mickie? She yells at the crowd, then attack Fabi from behind. Punches, stretch over the ropes. Blowing a kiss to the crowd. Whip, leapfrog barely works, Fabi rolls over her, Fabi slaps Mickie and pulls her around by the hair. Tirantes pulls Fabi around by the hair and holds her – Mickie back spin heel kick gets the ref (maybe, in theory), not really). Fabi kicks Mickie in headlock. Mickie grabs Fabi, uh, low? Fabi is displeased. Mike with a knee, bends Fabi over to kiss, kick, yell, jumping DDT. I don't know why we needed a ref bump, but Tirantes is alive to count, one two three.

Rudas celebrate. Fabi angrily wipes her mouth many times, and then everyone just starts brawling aimlessly. Half go running to the back, but Mickie and Sexi end up posing in the ring.

After some replays, we are treated to dead air as they wait for the next match. Good production. Back to the announcers to vamp. Arturo does not have a headset., so they're just probably pointing at him to talk at various times. Still, think they could give him a headset.

Joaquin Roldan is out to induct Octagon into the AAA Hall of Fame. This is probably something better on a show where it's not the second match. Eddie Guerrero gets the loudest mention when talking about past Hall of Famers – oddly, Abismo Negro is NOT mentioned here. I don't know what the deal is there. Octagon video is thrown to, eventually plays, and is shown from as far as way as possible. Eventually they get to it. Sound even less mentions up with the video now, but I think we hear from his wife and daughter. Octagon accepts the plaque but doesn’t seem to get to say anything.

Match 2: Chessman, Silver Kain, Último Gladiador vs Electroshock, Heavy Metal, Joe Lider in A TLC match (with nothing hanging from the ceiling)
Palacio de los Deportes, Mexico City, 06/18/2011

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 14:43
Rating: good
Notes: Chessman is wearing a Tron suit, I guess. LAZERS on the wrists! They must've borrowed them from Polvo's hat. Chessman has two people help him take off the gear, which takes longer than the fireworks lasted. Silver King & Ultimo Gladiador are dressed like Roman gladiators. Silver King may be reusing the same gear from last year. Gladiador is totally going to use that spear in this match. Silver Kain has his mask. Trolli has materialized at ringside – I think someone carted him out with the ladders and tables and such. Joe Lider gets a solo entrance. Heavy Metal's wacky entourage has grown by an old man with big hair who man be an actual rocker. Both Lokillo and Metal have firework shooting guitars. Jennifer Blade is with the rudos! Hooray for being on the show! I have no idea when she turned up, but Jesus drools over her for a bit. This match has two refs – Piero and Copetes – because of all the rules that are going to be enforced.

Is Ultimo Gladiador going to fight in his Spartan hat? I guess he is! Chaos breaks out to start the match, and the técnicos end up on top, laying out Silver and UG with dropkicks in the corner. Lider goes for a ladder, but Chessman and dropkicks it into him, whacks Metal with it, and swings and Electro. Electro ducks under and throw the ladder at him. This ladder looks new, but also cheap – and maybe already broke. Silver takes care of Electroshock and puts the ladder on his head for the spinning ladder knockdown bit. He gets all the técnicos, but UG tell him to hold up before he kills him. Lider reverses a whip and dropkick Warrior into the ladder. Stunner for Gladiador, and the técnicos all get up and set up stuff. Lider and Electro set up a ladder, and Metal whips Chessman into a two man hiptoss into it. That ladder is done. Replays, barley back in time for Electroshock flying sit onto Chessman onto the ladder. Silver King and Electroshock get into a punch battle while the other técnicos are setting up stuff. Whip, no, let's try it again. Electro whips him into the corner, and slams him on the rebound. Long shot of someone taking the broken ladder way, shown for really no reason except the director doesn’t know where the action is. Técnicos set up one ladder on UG, and Lider rides another one down on top of him, hurting himself more in the process. Lider sets up a newly broken ladder in the corner, and tosses Gladiador into being crotched on them. Gladiador sandwiched in between a ladder, and Lider does a top rope senton con giro on top of it. Chessman in and hitting everyone with vicious chair shots to the head. C pose! Silver's turn for chair shots to the back for everyone, though Lider take it in the shoulder. Rudos setting up something on the outside. Lider is bleeding. No one else appears to be yet, but it's a matter of time. Rudos elaborately set up a pres slam into a froncracrker (#3) on Gladiador. Lider is kicked around, chairs are laid on his chest, and Ultimo Gladiador legdrops him in the head. Well, close enough. Rudos try a double suplex on Heavy Metal, but he doesn’t want to go for it at all for whatever reason. They left him on the apron instead, and hold him for a great Chessman spear, thru the ropes, knocking him and Metal to the floor and into some chairs. At least, it looked great from what I could see, they totally missed the shot live. Thankfully, they have a replay, which looks pretty good.

A doctor is checking on Metal, who's not moving. The doctor probably should be concerned about Lider, given how much he's bleeding. Silver and UG with a double STO on Electroshock. Metal is helped to the back, which the announcers seem late to pick up on. 187 music plays, and Nicho – looking fine and ready to wrestle, except for the neck brace which he pulls off. Golf club shot to UG, Silver cuts him down with a dropkick to the knee and a legdrop. Silver hits him in the ribs a few times, then hits a table they've set up just to make a noise. Chessman positions some tables on the outside, then runs in and accidentally this Silver King when Nicho moves. Wheel kick for Chessman. Electro rip up Chessman’s top for no reason. Nicho lifts Gladiador on his shoulders, and Lider gives him a flying DDT thru the table. Técnicos bring two more tables into the ring, while the refs clear out the broken table. Chessman laid on a table, and Nicho goes for a chair assisted senton con giro thru the table – camera switches to the ramp instead, where nothing is happening yet. Joaquin Roldan is eventually out, directing security to the ring. Nicho is too busy posing on the apron to notice what's going on her. He can't believe he's told he has to leave, and Silver shoves Nicho to security, who grab him by the arms and walks him off. Nicho protest to Joaquin. Replay catches up with the move they missed, at least they’re good at that. As Nicho gets close to the back, Heavy Metal returns (and another firework guitar going off randomly.) Metal is a house of a fire on a rudo until that's all already been beat, and then takes a cello from the new guy in his group. Replay of the cello being passes in. Silver King and Electroshock does something on the top rope that crowd reacts to, but we're not shown. They're missing so many shots. At any rate, Electro is now on the top rope and Chessman punches him from the ring. Chessman climbs up with him, but is powerbombed from the middle rope. Meanwhile, Heavy Metal throws UG off the top rope onto the cello, and elbow drops him. Double pins, Copetes counts, one two three – though Copetes held up for no reason. First pinfall of the match!

Electroshock reacts like he just had the biggest win of his life. Metal carries him on his shoulders. I have no idea where Silver King and Joe Lider are. Oh, Lider crawls back in, that's one. Replay shows Lider gave Silver a Spanish fly to the floor thru a table, which would've been quite a thing to show live. The doctor is in checking on Chessman, but Metal and Electroshock punch him some more, so they have to scatter a bit. Announcers talk up Reina de Ring and then kill more time.

Reinas de Ring. Their entrance video appears to have 100x more effort than anyone wrestling on this show yet. Camera work bores me and then I just move on.

Match 3: Billy el Malo, Charly Manson, Cibernético, Escoria vs Drago, La Parka, Octagón, Ozz
Palacio de los Deportes, Mexico City, 06/18/2011

Winner: Los Bizarros
Match Time: 14:26
Rating: good
Notes: Lesser Bizarros enter separate. You must have a hat to be a Bizarro! (Charly's bandana counts as a hat, let's say.) Billy may be the Mexican Undertaker, I'm still not quite sure. Big reaction for Cibernético, who's wearing his goofy outfit from the Bizarro vignettes. The one with the horns on it. The one with the tall horns on it, which get stuck around the ropes Cibernético in the ropes as he tries to come in! For the longest three seconds of Cibernético's lift, he's totally stuck, but takes off the mask and spins free before someone has to make the save. That was hilarious. Ozz gets a solo entrance. He and Billy should feud over who can be the better Mexican Undertaker. Drago has green wings (and helpers in Drago outfits – that's what chessman needed.) One of the helper passes Drago something that puts in his mouth – the mist? The other one hands him his nun chucks. Not a big reaction for him. Parka has a giant motorcycle, which he rides about three feet, from backstage to the center of the stage. Skelton chaps? Copetes is ref.

Rudos rush the técnicos as soon as park gets there, a pattern! Cibernético ends up watching a bunch as the other three triple actually do the work. Three man submission for Drago, Ozz in the tree of woe and Octagon crotched into him. Parka held and hit a bunch, Copetes helping with the holding. Rudos boot down Copetes when they want the other guys, and chaos breaks is out. Drago takes out Escoria with the tornillo as the other three are cleared out. Rudos retreat to the stage. Things settle back in with Charly and Ozz back in. Drago came to the ring with green bodypaint, but now everyone else is wearing a bit of it, including over Charly's white makeup. Jesus calls a moonsault “star shooting press”. Has no one talked to him? Charly throws some really bad punches. Maybe if he had something is his hands? Copetes interferes to set up the cheap shot, but that lass about a half second and Ozz uses Copetes to get a corner headscissors. You can tell Leo is a CMLL announcer, because he's obsessed where everyone is from. Octagon, in his red outfit but looking muy gordo, goes thru Billy and Escoria without much problem. Cibernético gives Billy a speech before facing Drago, and Billy does manage to evade long enough to land a dropkick. Good speech! Escoria comes in to help, Drago rolls over his back too, and leads Billy into a dropkick on his enter. Headscissors on Escoria, back spin headscissors on Billy, Escoria gets him with a spinning flying back elbow. Escoria standing moonsault misses. Escoria off the ropes, back a spinning into a standing DDT. That looked super complex. Drago calls Cibernético in, then backs up and tags in Parka. Cibernético backs off, and Charly says he'll take it. Cibernético freaks out on the apron, while the crowd murmurs. Charly – tags out to Escoria, who generally freaks out. Escoria takes a flapjack. Billy in, taking his time with chops. Long crowd shot. Whip, Parka back with a sunset flip, timing the reversal so Escoria dropkicks gets his partner. One arm quebradora! Badly timed urange! Charly puts a stop to this with a dropkick, and then goes and mocks the Parka chant. Strut! Shakey legs dance! You're mocking the wrong Parka, Charly. Announcers talking about Jarrett vs Zorro for no reason. Whip, Charly puts his head down, Parka throws him down by his head. La Park with his jabs. Boos as he clotheslines Charly out. Crowd roars as Parka calls in Cibernético. Long shot – and we miss Ozz and Billy rushing into dropkick out bother guys. Octagon gives Billy a quebradora and puts him in La Escalera, but Escoria breaks that up. Charly meanwhile gets Ozz in El Pozo, but Drago breaks that up too. Oz runs and Escoria, and bodyscissors him out. Octagon adds a big tope. Drago dropkicks Billy out, and Ozz gets him with his tornillo. Charly pulls off a Brillo Dorado, but almost banged the back of head on the apron on the way down. Dragon adds a nice Asai tornillo onto Charly. Parka and Cibernético in one more time. Chops and punches, as Charly runs to the back in the background. Parka knocks Cibernético over with a punch and stands over him with for more punches. Arturo directs us to the stage, where Taboo seems to have La Parka's son, and makes him tell Parka that Taboo is his uncle. Parka is distracted, but turns around where Cibernético is waiting for him. Choke, bad chokeslam one two three.

Taboo brings Parks' son to the ring, where he tires to cover up his son as the rudos stomp him and hit him with the stick portion of the ax. La Parka's wife watches without much of a reaction. She seems displeased but not a lot so. On the second try, they catch her brushing a way of a tear. Bizarros assemble on the stage, where Cibernético goes over the storyline for the slow portion of the audience. Cibernético is the god and the main man of lucha libre, also the major Bizarro. Taboo yells the Bizarros are now his family. Why is Charly Manson trying to leave? Catchphrase, now he can.

Replays show Charly did hit the big of his head on the dive, though slightly.

La Sociedad promo backstage. Not only are they standing in front of a white wall with a black/red AAA logo quickly affixed (painted) to it, the promo starts with Konnan asking an off screen production guy if they're rolling. Quality. Konnan tells the women they've done a good job, and say RVD and Jarrett are going to be next. Jarrett promo has Konnan translation instead of subtitles. Jarrett is going to win the title, going to get rid of the letters AAA. Konnan starts a TNA chant. Hey, RVD's here, way to show up on camera in the last second of the promo.

Cage is down now.

Match 4: Extreme Tiger & Jack Evans vs Abyss & Mr. Anderson for the AAA World Tag Team Championship and in a cage match
Palacio de los Deportes, Mexico City, 06/18/2011

Winner: Extreme Tiger & Jack Evans, 1st defense.
Match Time: 12:04
Rating: a couple spots
Notes: Jesus says Mr. Anderson is from Two Rivers, Wisconsin. I've spent time in Two Rivers and never will be able to look at it the same way. Jack picks up both of his belts on the way to the ring. Tiger is wearing a Regalito de Tijuana sign on the way to the ring. He's got his belt too.

Rudos rush the técnicos, but it backfires rather quickly. Anderson is knocked down, and the técnicos team up for jumping moves that knock Abyss into a corner a bit. Inverted facelock/dropkick to the head works well. Tag champs try to leave and are both dragged by Abyss. Director having even more trouble trying to figure out how to shoot this, they don't have a good shot to show the entire charge, and they can't get the wide shot. Stomps and such. Anderson chokes Jack with his shirt. Punch hold bit goes bad, with Anderson taking the punch and Tiger managing to run abyss into the cage. Tiger climbs up the cage, uses the light support to climbs higher (it's just right above the top of the cage, making it almost impossible to stand on top of the cage), and twisting moonsault off that into Abyss. Camera caught that relatively good, and the crowd goes wild. Multiple angle of the replays, with Abyss clearly more concerned about being hit than catching. Jack gives Anderson a big DDT, and Tiger climbs up over Abyss to escape. Using climbing over the top counts as escape, not getting to the floor.

Jack left in against two, and realizing he's in a bit of a trouble hit. He fights both off for a bit but gets taken down by an Anderson forearm to the back. Jack's thrown into the cage, and slingshot in too. Abyss ushers Anderson out, who poses on the top of the cage and climbs down.

Tiger and Anderson fight out to the outside, as Abyss lifts Jack up and runs him into the cage face first. Jack tries to fight up, but his punches have no affect. He's cornered, but escapes the charge and starts his comeback. Off the top headscissors causes Abyss to stumble around a bit, but not go down. Jack with leg kicks, a jumping heel kick, a backflip under a clothesline, and a forward flip double heel kick that makes Abyss fall down to his side. Crowd cheers. Abyss is no good. Camera miss a Jack move – maybe the standing on the chest flip? Jack climbs up, much to the crowd's approval, and Jack steps over the top, which should end the match. It does not, because Jack's waiting for Abyss to get there, and waiting, and waiting some more. Abyss does not know, he's supposed to stop him here, I guess. Jack just sits on the cage for a while, holding the light tower. Abyss somehow has gotten his bag of thumbtacks (passed in by Anderson? Missed shot!), and pours them out. Now Abyss climbs up to get jack. Choke, bringing Jack down a bit. Jack battles him away, and sunset flip bombs him onto the thumbtacks. Abyss shakes and such as some fans scream quite a bit. Jack climbs back up, climbs over the top of the light tower, yells at “Arriba Mexico”, and does a big plancha on Abyss, who's knocked down but again makes no effort to break the fall. Jack climbs up another time, and climbs over for the win.

Anderson, who has no idea what the rules are, puts Jack on his shoulders so his feet won't touch the ground. Tiger dropkicks him from behind and Jack crashes into the cage. Fun time. We never see how Jack lands, but Anderson is down and Tiger is raising Jack's arms next time we see him. Lots of replays of Jack's dive. The Reina del Ring return to present Jack & Tiger with the belts they brought to the ring. Sure, why not.

Match 5: Monster Clown, Murder Clown, Psycho Clown vs Damián 666, Halloween, X-Fly for the AAA World Trios Championship
Palacio de los Deportes, Mexico City, 06/18/2011

Winner: Perros del Mal
Match Time: 10:40
Rating: eh
Notes: X-Fly is wearing a white shirt under overalls, Damian is wearing a half Halloween/Damian mask, and X-Fly is wearing his old mask (and has his Perros) title. This is list of fashion do nots right here. Clowns have a Mini Clown, but really only in name – he's three times the size of Trolli. Monster clown has his IWRG belt (and soon after a kid) but none of the others seem to have their belts. Competing chants go to the Perros. Halloween demands he gets to rally the Perros fans before the match can start. Mini Clown is about as tall as Halloween! Piero is ref.

There are video problems here, and we jump to the Perros beating up the Clowns. I assume they jumped them. Sound is all messed up, even more than it was before. Mini Clown starts the comeback by just taking out the técnicos, and landing them into a Murders Clown big boot. Rudos end up sliding Mini Clown out on his chest, but the Clowns take care of the Perros. Crowd boos the Psycho Circus a bit. Chairs and oil barrel. In play, with security obviously setting up stuff on the outside. Monster steps on Murder’s back for a splash on Damian. Halloween stomps down Psycho, only to be hit with the barrel by the other two. Low blow headbutt nearly misses. Flying sit on X-Fly. Everyone this everyone in with a chair to the head, and then everyone just gets back up fine. I am worn out by this show already. Clown boot the Perros out for a double tope, and Piero helps Murder stand on the top rope for a big plancha. Clowns set up a table of chairs on the outside, but the Perros stop them from suplexing anyone out, with chair shots, and Damian gives Monster a sunset flip powerbomb thru it. Murder pres slams Damian on the ramp, and starts taking them both far away from the ring. For no reason, tables and a ladder have been set up on the stage. Murder buts Damian on it a table and start to climb out, and completely ignores it when Damian gets up and grabs a chair. Damian hits him with the chair, throws another one after him, and they brawl right near a sign that says “DANGER!” with a lighting bolt. That's an odd thing to put on your stage. Murder suplexes Damian thru a fake walk that cause them to land on a fake floor – some tables with like filing boxes on them?? which EXPLODE! They had multiple camera angles of this, which also kind of expose how fake that wall was. Back in the ring, Psycho goes for a dive on Halloween, but takes a chair to the face. X-Fly tires a senton con giro from the top rope to the floor, but Psycho moves and X-Fly lands on the side of oil can. Back inside, Psycho powerslams Halloween into a wood panel. Mini Clown is fooling around the apron. Psycho completes the setup of a table of chair, but Halloween is already alive and spearing him. Halloween climbs up, Psycho crotches him, climbs up, and his top rope move is cut off for a spinning fireman's drop thru the table, one two three.

Perro's music sounds all messed up. Halloween, the only living member of his team, gets his hand raised up. Oh, wait, X-Fly is with him. I think Damian died. Oh, no, he's on the stage just in time to get presented with the belts, except the Perros insist on him going back to the ring rather than just turn around grab the belts form the Reinas de Ring who are standing there. And then not much is shown with the belts

Announcers shot include Leo and Arturo dancing to the Perros music.

Leo and Arturo

Match 6: Zorro vs Jeff Jarrett for the AAA World Heavyweight Championship
Palacio de los Deportes, Mexico City, 06/18/2011

Winner: Jeff Jarrett
Match Time: 15:34
Rating: bad!
Notes: Audio is still messed up for Jarrett's entrance and his video isn't playing. And he's not showing up, that's the biggest problem. Takes a minute, but there he and Karen are. On screen graphic says his name is “Jeff Jarre”, with the tt's somewhere to the right of where my TV screen ends. Jarrett, clearly ripping from Gringo Loco, has tortillos to toss to the crowd. Zorro has many fireworks. The guy who has spent the last two years pretending to be from Spain is dressed in Mexico colors. Tirantes is ref, that's a good idea. Things are sure going to go swell. Tirantes's suspenders are now drawn on his shirt (so they don't block the ad), I should note that at some point. Arturo gets to hold the belt. Leo is roughly 20x louder than the AAA guys and the sound is all static-y.

Posing and such before this match can actually get started. Is Zorro going to wrestle in a tank top? More or less. Lockup, around into the ropes, and out into a Jarrett armdrag. Strut. Director is bored with the early stalling, shows us the crowd and Karen a bit. Headlock, shot off, back with a shoulderblock, neither man has gone down. Jarrett off the ropes, over, hiptoss blocked and he gets his own. Jarrett is proud of himself. Strut again. After these hard two minutes, Jarrett takes a break on the ropes, and then gets a kiss from his wife. Wrestlers start wrestling, but we're getting the crane shot from a million miles away. Jarrett sends Zorro face first into one buckle, and then into each other. Whip, reversed, Zorro back with a hiptoss, armdrag, armdrag again, clothesline sends Jarrett out in front of his wife. Zorro mocks the strut – wait, is that supposed to be a Z cut into his shirt? I am just not figuring it out, partly because the top portion is not cut out so well. Jarrett decides to take his guitar and leave. HOORAY. Oh no he's coming back. Jarrett puts his guitar in the ring, and then walks off again. Stopping to think about. Action packed start to this match! Jarrett comes back in to break the count, Zorro after him, and Jarrett pulls him out. Head into the post. Jarrett points to his head and lets everyone know. Slight boos. Back in. Chop. Chop. Jarrett knows how to count in Spanish. Open hand slap. Way to mix it up. Chop. Chop missed, and Zorro chops him. Zorro makes sure to take a lot of time counting between chops. Five of them. Karen is going to cry because of this. They aren’t hitting her. Whip, Leo slips into English for no reason, Karen grabs Zorro's leg and Jarrett forearms him from behind. Out we go. Head into the barricade. Jarrett picks up a thunderstick, waves it around, and fails to hit Zorro with it. What a loser. Zorro dropped on the barricade again. Both back in. Stomp. Stomp. Choke on the ropes. Running choke on the ropes. Jarrett stuffs something – a tortillo? – in Zorro's mouth. Jarrett stands up Zorro, Zorro breaks away and starts punching. Yelling at each other, Zorro turns around, and Jarrett pulls him down by his hair. Crowd boos, which is not as much about Jarrett as being bored by this match. Whip, Jarrett puts his head down too soon, but still catches the leg and puts on a figure four in the middle of the ring. Zorro in trouble, then Zorro spinning over (slowly) and turning it around. Crowd does not react to this at all. Jarrett gets the bottom rope to force the break. Crowd whistling at the match, that's always a good sign. Jarrett puts on a sleeper – they desperately need to speed up this match, and Jarrett is doing the three arm drop bit, which no one actually does in Mexico at all times. Arm raised bit gets no reaction – especially from the production, who cut away as Zorro rises up. Zorro with elbows, then he and Jarrett walk to the corner for a turnbuckle smash. Zorro grabs his kendo stick, stands there, looks, looks some more, and Jarrett gives him a thumb to the eye. What was that about? Back suplex by Jarrett, both guys down, count for both, one two no. Jarrett and Zorro exchanging punches, neither man going down, Zorro getting in more punches, and picking up the cane again. Whip, Zorro cane combo, Spinning it around above his head and jabbing Jarrett in the midsection. Zorro decides to point at Karen (now on the apron) then cover. Meanwhile, Jarrett is already up and has the title belt. Zorro is out apron trying to get Karen, is stopped by Tirantes, and comes back in to take the belt shot. Jarrett tosses the belt to Arturo, covers, one two no. Jarrett go crazy. Jarrett leaves the ring, and grabs a chair. Tirantes talks to Karen, but Jeff doesn’t bother swinging the chair, and Tirantes take it away from him. Cane okay, chair not, got it. How about white powder? Karen pours out a packet of it (hmm) into Jeff's hands, but Zorro kicks it in his face, one two NO. That gets the largest reaction of the match, by far. Zorro says some bad words to the camera. Whip, reversed, sunset flip, Jarrett rolls thru and Zorro helpfully flips over to his stomach to put on an anklelock. Zorro in trouble, Zorro yelling but not giving up. Forward roll free. Jeff charges, drop toe hold, and Zorro slowly puts on an anklelock. Crowd booing. Jarrett crawls towards the ropes, Karen tries to pull him there, but Zorro pulls Jeff back, bringing Karen in at the same time. Zorro grabs Karen, Jeff grabs his guitar, Tirantes separates Zorro from Karen and Jeff hits Zorro with his guitar. Jarrett does a whole bit of posing to let you know this isn’t going to be three, then covers – one two no. Shocking turn of events! Karen up again, Tirantes over while Jarrett hits Zorro three times with the cane, once in the head, and does a cane assisted stroke, one two three.

Jarrett gets his belt, and a couple people throw things after him, which he'll turn into a riot later. Tirantes poses with the Jarretts, now their friend after having to be distracted for everything during the match (and stopping Jarrett from using a chair.

Match 7: LA Park vs El Mesías in a mask vs hair match
Palacio de los Deportes, Mexico City, 06/18/2011

Winner: LA Park
Match Time: 29:56
Rating: very good
Notes: Mesías has a black outfit. Park has a giant skull for his entrance video, and is accompanied by Hijo de LA Park and Pierroth. Pierroth is still in a wheel chair, but is able to wave to the crowd in a coherent fashion. Pierroth pulls off his own mask, but looks in near tears. Maybe past near. Hijo de LA Park wheel Pierroth to the back as Park walk to the ring. Nice smoke machine work. Park is wearing pants and jacket with inverted colors over the top of his usual gear. Piero is ref. Crowd clearly behind LA Park.

Park is stomping down Mesías when the match start. Or when they pan to the match, whatever. Out we go! I don’t think this one will end in coutnout. After a little walk around the ring. Suplex onto the announce table, not wasting any time building here. Desk bends, does not break. Many replays. Park has Mesías down in front of Marisela, and spends some time yelling in her direction. Mesías' head is rammed into the ringpost. He might be bleeding already. Replay of a monitor or the head shot that was completely missed before. That monitor is pretty well done. Chair shot to the head. Shot to the midsection, jab to the head, jab to the head as Mesías trying to get up, jab to the head with Mesías trying to get up. Park is distracted by girls chanting for Mesías. Back to work, punch for Mesías as he gets up, staggering backwards and rolled into the ring. Shot of the broken monitor. That's going to some money. Mesías is laying, halfway out of the ring, and Park smashes his bleeding rolled into the buckle a few times. Park back to the announce desk, over turning it and dragging it away. There's a slight problem of about twenty cords being wrapped around the legs and tangled up, but Park’s solution is just keep pulling it and to force the production people to untangle the mess. Not sure why Park couldn’t have used one of the 20 tables they had out for other matches, but so it is. Announcers can't talk for a moment, but then sadly can. Table set up next to the ring, Park brings Mesías out to the apron, powerbomb with both of them falling thru the table. Park king of lost him on the way down, but they both went thru. Replay shows Mesías went thru the table on his backside, which is probably not the way to go. Piero hilariously counts them out, and Park more hilariously tries to tosses the mostly broken but not yet split table into the ring, only for it to bounce back at him. Park tries again, sliding it in under the bottom rope. Announcers showcase their lack of a table. Mesías pulls himself up to the apron just in time, as Park sets up the table in the corner. Park gets a chair, winds up, and hits Mesías in the head. Mesías has just gotten killed for five minutes. Crowd booing Park a bit, but the crowd sounds really far away right now. Announcers sound is even more messed up. Powerbomb on Mesías, one two NO. A near fall! Park ends Mesías into a buckle a couple times. Heabdutts! Slap to the face Mesías slaps back, but Park wins the slap battle, slapping Mesías down good. Corner whip, Mesías stops short, Park charges, and Mesías sort of tosses him into the table, where Park bounces off. Crowd boos as Mesías gets a chair and Park begs off. Wide shot is really not good, because weren’t see any of the fans. Anyway, Park charges, right into a chair shot to the head. Replay. Mesías tearing up the Park's mask again. Chair shot to the head. Mask ripping. Security is actually on the apron, breaking down the table and taking it away. So weird. Powerbomb by Mesías. La Park tries to crawl away, but Mesías covers one two no. Mesías unties Park’s belt from behind. Park's seated, and Mesías smacks him in the back. Again! Mesías brings Park out, and drags him around the ring by his mask. Marisela tosses her drink in Park’s face as he passes, and Mesías shakes her hand. Around the ring they go so more, Mesías beating up Park in front of female fans with a Puerto Rico flag who’ve been loud all night. Replay of Marisela throwing her drink into Park's face.

Ten minutes. Mesías brings Park all the way to the base of the ramp, and suplexes him on there. Piero not counting so much this time. Park's hair is spilling out from the top of his the mask. Mesías starts back towards the ring himself, but decides to bring Park with him. Park ran into the ringpost. Park not so hurt that he can't fix his mask and walk out while Mesías finds a perfectly good table underneath the ring. Park probably should’ve looked for one there. Mesías sets up the table by the ring, tracks Park back, and walks him back to the table. Piero is occasionally counting here, but very slow. Mesías grabs the chair form the ring and hammers Park with it. Table gets knocked down in the process, so that'll have to wait. Counted is up to 15, but Mesías is busy setting up a table of chairs on the outside. Mesías powerbombs Park onto the chairs, then rolls in to break up a very slow seventeen. Piero restarts the count on Park, so I think he’s safe. Crowd shot switch to the announcers – poor Arturo doesn't have a chair. Show goes off the air for a bit here.

Back, and Mesías covering, one two NO. Punches and chops and such. Announcers are very quiet now, but the static is finally gone. Corner whip, Mesías charge in, no one home, Park clothesline down on the rebound. Mesías clothesline Mesías, Park drops him with an elbow driver one two NO. Park picks Mesías back up and puts on a headlock, Mesías reverses to his own head, lock, shot off, clothesline misses, clothesline misses, Mesías lands the spear. One two NO. Someone has gotten Arturo a chair! Park armdrags Mesías twice, but Mesías pulls up on the third and kicks Park on the ground. Casita, one two NO. Crowd happy every time Park kicks out. Announcers sound is much more balanced. Mesías scoop slam, and heading up, but Park up behind him. Mesías is crotched on the top rope, and pulled down to them by his hair. LA Park headed up – moonsault tornillo clips Mesías with his legs (he was a bit too far away), and Park slowly crawls on top. One two NO. All the kickouts are getting reaction. Both guys need a moment to rest. Park leaves Mesías in the middle of the ring and heads up, very slowly. Top rope flying nothing eats boots. There are cheers for Mesías now, mostly feminine and followed by boos. We see a replay of that miss a frontcracker (#4), one two no. Replay of the frontcracker after the fact. Park rolls out, looks around and misses Mesías going up top – plancha to the floor connects! Both men down. Replays. Piero counts both out, and they're barely moving well into 13. Mesías makes it in at 18, and Park makes it right after 19, and Mesías is caught looking the wrong way. Backcracker (#5) into a modified cavernaria. Park at first pulls Mesías hair then holds Mesías more in a reverse facelock. Three arm drop! I feel like I just saw this somewhere. Piero drags it out before lifting it for the third time, Mesías shakes to rally, and breaks free when the camera is showing else.

Twenty minutes in. Park up and slapping Mesías in the corner. Corner whip, whip, reverses, Park flips up and over, waistlock, with both of them stumbling to the center of the ring, Mesías breaks free with back elbows, off the ropes, Park head down too soon, Mesías off the ropes, superb powerslam by Park. Park covers with one arm, one two NO. Both up, crowd shot, and we barely see the end of a Mesías DDT. One two NO. Mesías up and kick Park in the head as he stands up. Mesías to the apron, grabbing Park by the head and going up. Park punches Mesías as he stands on the ropes, and Park climbs up to join him. Top rope superplex, both men wiped out. Park finally crawls on top, one two NO. Park jumps on Mesías back, bodyscissors powerbomb, one two NO. Women scream every time Mesías kicks out, but everyone boos every time Mesías covers Park. Shot of Marisela. Park dropkick Mesías out, and follows with a HUGE tope. Both men wiped out. Many replays of the tope. Park up first, wandering around the ring, and knocking over the table Mesías set up a half a match ago. Park folds it up and slides in. Park sets it back up in the ring. Park gets on top of the table, and poses. STRUT! Table is just supporting his weight. Mesías up top – spear puts them both thru the table! One two NO! Big reaction for the move and the spear, and they've got a couple good replays of that. Long crowd shot. Mesías backcracker, (#6) and Mesías going to the apron again. Crowd boos as he poses there. Up top, splash connects, and Mesías bounces off. Crawling back on. One two NO. Hey, Ricky, maybe try your finisher? Piero has big blood splotch on his chest, that's not good. Mesías is bloody but hasn't kept bleeding thru the whole match. Mesías says this is it, to which the fans boot. Sharpshooter stet up, stopping only to slap Park halfway thru it. Park pounds the mat, but then waves no. Park drags Mesías towards the ropes, waving NO!, and grabbing the bottom rope. Mesías does not break, just yanks him back during the middle of the ring. Park keeps waving no and - in a bit of genius – reaches up and pats Mesías on the back, as if he were Piero telling him to let go of the hold because Park had submitted. Mesías lets go and start to celebrate, though Piero isn't quite sure why. Mesías randomly accidentally kicks Piero when then taps on his back, and now it's quite clear why. Meanwhile, park picks up brass knuckles that just happen to be laying on the mat – it looks like he may have stashed him in his gear, but we don't get a good shot of it. Park turns Mesías around and knocks him out with one punch. Piero turns around and counts, one two three. Big cheers.

Barber is quickly in the ring to cut shave Mesías head. Mesías gets his head shaved close, but isn't actually bald by any means. They switch back to the announcers during this, and people help Mesías backstage. Park taunts Marisela with some locks of Mesías hair and appears to blow his nose on it. Marisela turns her back to the Park, and Park just annoys her more until Marisela (with a smile on her face ) slaps him away. Park gets pelted by drinks and cups from people who think that's a good idea, and Park calmly taunts them with Mesías hair before finding some Park fans.

Jesus hypes up the next match.

Match 8: Dr. Wagner Jr. vs Rob Van Dam for the AAA Latin American Championship
Palacio de los Deportes, Mexico City, 06/18/2011

Winner: Dr. Wagner Jr.
Match Time: 16:22
Rating: OK
Notes: oh no, that music. They had the TNA videos working for the first match, but not so much since. RVD, carrying a flag and chair, almost slips on the ramp while the screen lists his name as “Rob Van Dame.” Quality all around. I'm not sure dragging the flag on the ground behind you is the way to go, Rob. Wagner has mariachis and the Mexican flag and cancers and such. I wonder who I'm supposed to root for? They're still cleaning up the ring from the last match. He also gets Bad Medicine sombrero, and a Mexican flag outfit. Hijo de Dr. Wagner is out with him. Jesus is starting a USA and RVD chant for whatever reason, though he was a técnico before. I'm so confused. Referee is Copetes. We don't actually get to see the new belt before the match.

Lots of crowd shots. Face to face talking. Wagner pats RVD on the shoulder and backs off. Dueling poses. Unlike Hijo de LA Park, Hijo de Dr. Wagner is staying out to watch this. Lockup, break. Leo Riano is now the one way turned down. Headlock, Wagner shot off, RVD with a split legged drop down, waistlock on the next pass, Wagner armdrag free, elbow drop comes up empty, flip legdrop come up empty, RVD misses a big kick, they both kick at the same time, standoff. Wagner is distracted by a big seam in the canvas – it's coming apart in thirds. Not much they can do about at the moment. Wagner challenges RVD to a posing battle. Discussion, then he does the thumb post. Crowd does react to it pretty well, and Wagner use the opening to kick Wagner about the leg a bit. Off the ropes, sliding dropkick. RVD out, Wagner to the apron, but RVD gets him with a swinging kick from there. Choke, slingshot legdrop. RVD tumbles to the floor and limps a bit, then there stands up Wagner and lands on him with a moonsault off the apron. They really should've pulled out another table for the announcers, they seemed to have plenty under the ring. RVD takes Wagner around the ring. Punch, head into the barricade, jump on the barricade, and Wagner shoves him off into the crowd. Wagner hops over, but RVD kicks him, barricade legdrop. Extreme Tiger is thrilled somewhere. RVD really ands oddly on that, I don't know how he doesn’t hurt himself all the time. Punch, thrust kick by RVD, as they walk around the ring. Wagner thrown back in. Choke. Punches. Corner whip, reversed, RVD gets a back elbow up, springboard – oh, no, he slipped, before Wagner could crotch him. Wagner lets RVD him climb back up and crotches him here. Wagner pulls RVD into a Tree of Woe, set a chair in front of his face, and lands a sliding dropkick to the chair to the face. Cover one two NO. Copetes is slow counting, but RVD would have to try a pin to see if he's doing it both ways. Hammerlock headscissors, RVD is not going to give to this because he's not really sure what it is. Wagner scoots to the ropes, and gets a foot on them. Kicks to the leg as RVD gets up, but RVD back with a forearm. Forearm battle, complete with RVD goofy selling. Wagner tries a turnbuckle smash, RVD blocks it and dropkicks him in the face. RVD staggers around, signals for the rolling thunder, runs at full speed to do his rolling senton, and then is dead again on top. One two NO. RVD has the chair, runs around with it and tries to dropkick it in Wagner’s face, thought the chair is not quite positioned right. Mesías covers one two NO. Count seems fair. Crowd not really into it. Punch and kick exchange, Wagner finally catching one for a dragon screw. RVD tries kicking again, Wagner dragon screws him again. Wagner off the ropes, lifted up into fireman's carry, and rolled forward into a slam. RVD keeps going into a moonsault (“star shooting press”) one two NO. Replay. Back up for a punch battle. Wagner kick now caught, and RVD with a step over heel kick. Crowd is getting quieter or father away, I'm not sure. RVD sets a chair on Wagner and goes to the top – five star frog splash on the chair! Lots of replays, which is okay because RVD isn't on the pin right away. Of course, we're still watching replays when RVD does cover, and only hear the count and kickout. RVD sets Wagner in the corner, jabs a chair into him, sets the chair on top, moves Wagner around a bit, and heads up to the ring post again. Wagner stands up and holds the chair in front of his face, so of course RVD kicks the chair in his face. Bridging cover one two NO. Both slow up. RVD gets the chair, rolls at Wagner, but Wagner moves and RVD ends up sitting on the top rope with no chair. Wagner climbs up with him, they struggle for position, and Wagner sort of belly to bellys him off into the chair. Wagner says this is it. Crowd behind Wagner now, RVD very slow to get up as Wagner is talking him. Wagner Driver. (“Powerbomb”) One two NO. RVD drags himself to the apron. Wagner grabs him by the hair and tries to post him, but RVD runs him into the turnbuckle instead. Wagner tries again, and takes a shoulder to the stomach. RVD tries coming in again, and Wagner cuts him off with a knee. Draping DDT into the chair, Copetes maneuvers counts one two three.

Joaquin Roldan walks to the ring to present the belt, and the AAA midcard técnicos run in to help celebrate. Funny how the guys in the dark match, who wrestled four hours ago, haven't changed into street clothes, and everyone on this show (except Lolita) appears to have showed and changed. Hey, Fenix, you're on TripleMania! Good work getting in front of the camera. Electroshock, in khakis, carries the guy who beat him for the title at last triple on his shoulders. don’t' they hate each other? I guess not anymore? Replay of the finish Drago has quite the red pants going.