AAA on Televisa #983 (03/26/2011)
Recapped: 03/15/11

Previously, stuff with Metal, LA Park, Mesías and Extreme Tiger advance. Mesías may or may not be dead. Wagner decides he's going to feud with La Sociedad, while La Parka takes care of Bizarro. Charly, Zorro. 81 minutes to go!

I would describe the arena as dark. BASKETBALL HOOP.

Match 1: Fenix, Lolita, Mari Apache vs Billy Boy, Jennifer Blake, Sexy Star
Gimnasio Miguel Hidalgo de Puebla, 03/04/2011

Winner: Fenix, Lolita, Mari Apache 
Match Time: 7:02
Rating: good
Notes: Only guy who gets an introduce is referee Hijo del Tirantes. He's the star here.

Lolita is going to wrestle in her tie. She and Escoria should form a club. Jennifer and Lolita go thru some fancy but slow reversals for about 15 seconds, and then the rudos decide to beat everyone up. Lolita take a double suplex from the women, and Billy very carefully sits down on top of her for kisses from the other women. Good to be Billy. Jennifer busy telling the fans to shut up. Fenix ducks under a double clothesline and lands a handspring elbow on Jennifer to start the comeback after 45 seconds. Wooo. Women pair up with the women and Fenix dropkicks Billy around. Lolita wand Jennifer come back in to straight fighting, but Jennifer immediately bails. Not so subtle clip here. Jennifer and Lolita are just finishing reactions, and Jennifer shaker her by the hair while mocking the non-existent Lolita chant. Lolita moves out of the way to cause Jennifer to hit Billy, and Lolita pulls off the bounce off the person's back on the apron back into a headscissors move well. Out goes Jennifer. Billy cuts the new girl down with a front foot kick to the midsection. Crowd is not amused. Corner whip, reversed, Lolita flips to the apron, Billy slow to catch on, Lolita kicks her away, and goes up top – flying headscissors sends Billy out. Lolita fakes a dive and dances. Mari and Sexi, Sexi all happy until Mari throws her down by the hair once, and that’s the end of Sexi. Billy dropkicks the women down and gives her a Milicia shotgun blast. Clip, and Mari's given Billy quebradora. One more for good measure. Fenix and Sexi Star, for real. Fenix flipped to the apron, slapped there by Sexi, but off the top with a tornillo armdrag. Headscissors sends Billy out. Why is Arturo talking about John Cena? Another clip here setting up Lolita tope con giro off the apron onto Jennifer – Lolita almost hits the ground before hitting Jennifer but everyone lives. Fenix headscissors Billy, and follows with his nice inverted tope. Mari takes out Sexi with the wheel kick, drags Sexi into position and head up. Senton con giro, but Sexi moves. Stomp. Sexi yells at the crowd, grabs Mari – double underhook faceslam. One two thr-NO. Fabi's move, Fabi usually has better results. Sexi dropkicks, but Mari moves and Tirantes takes it. Mari punches Sexi in the face, slams her, and goes up again. This time, Mari kills her with the senton con giro, but Tirantes is out. Now he's up – one, two, three. Tirantes was too hurt to realize who he was counting for, I guess.

Técnicos celebrate. Fenix poses on the middle rope, and gets shoved over to the floor by Billy. Rudos attack on. Billy tosses him to the crowd. Looks like Jennifer cleared Lolita out by the time they show the ring, and Sexi and Tirantes are working over Mari Apache. Tirantes lifts Mari on his shoulders and drops him forward with a slam. Sexy Star legdrop. Gran Apache walks out to the entrance, looks around, then runs out. Tirantes spots him in time, throws Mari out of the way, and pulls Sexi in front of him. Tirantes shoves Sexi towards Apache and takes off. Apache looks at Tirantes, and Sexi decides it's a good idea to pull of Apache's skull cap. No, it is not. Sexi tries throwing a punch, Apache blocks, thinks about it, odd crowd shot, and Tirantes runs back into break it up with a kick. Apache takes a chair shot to the head – no hands up, really – and the rudos start beating up the técnicos again. Tirantes gets the microphone to accept a match against Apache at Rey de Reyes.

Zorro, and the other Zorro.

Match 2: Charly Manson, Escoria, Nygma vs Espíritu, Joe Lider, Nicho el Millionario
Gimnasio Miguel Hidalgo de Puebla, 03/04/2011

Winner: Espíritu, Joe Lider, Nicho el Millionario
Match Time: 8:00
Rating: eh
Notes: Entrances. Charly's getting his old music and separate entrance. Entrances seem a little clipped. Joe Lider has his IWRG trios belt and his DTU belt. Nicho has his club. Winner: NICHO. Arturo believes these two men are tag team champions. Maybe he just meant at some point in time. Tirantes is referee.

Big clip to start. Lider & Charly last about 20 seconds (Charly in control) before they clip ahead to the Dark Family match up. If they acknowledged their relationship, it was not shown here. Announcers talk about it a lot. Espiritu is growing his hair back, which must mean he's planning on losing it sometime soon. Espiritu gets Escoria with an armdrag and a headscissors, but 619s thru the ropes instead of diving. Another big clip, and suddenly is Charly and Nicho are in. Nygma? Nicho gets in the legdrop, and pushes up on Charly for an odd pin. Nygma rushes in, immediately takes an odd neckbreaker. Escoria stops the run with a well aimed jumping heel kick. Clip here. A chair is suddenly in, and the rudos are using it on Espiritu. Nicho tries to bring one in, Tirantes grabs it, and Nygma hits Nicho's back. Escoria painfully cracks Lider in the side of the head with a chair. I hope he pulled up and we just couldn’t tell, because that was unduly harsh. Nicho take the chair into the chair into the groin spot. Corner chops for Espiritu. Crowd not hot for this. Espiritu flipped to the apron and forearmed off by Nygma. Other guys charge out, set up Espiritu on the apron, and Nygma dropkicks him off. Not sure why they're stealing Poder del Norte spots. Lider slapped around. Break.

Charly tries for an elaborate back cracker spot on Lider, involving Escoria holding Lider up and Nygma holding Charly up. He shouldn't have tried. There's another clip when Nygma goes to kick Nicho while Charly's holding him in a slingshot. Escoria flying legdrop. Cover for one, Charly lets go before Lider can break it up. Escoria whacks him in the side with a chair. Bizarros can't figure out what they're doing on a whip. Whip, head down too soon, Charly misses a clothesline, and Lider smack Nygma. Técnicos all running in and hitting people. Charly runs in the crowd to get away from Nicho, and Nicho just gives up. That was odd. Lider hits Nygma in the head with a chair from short range, and then Nicho catches Nygma unaware with a thrown chair to the head. Técnicos threaten to hit Tirantes. Nicho lifts Escoria on his shoulders for a Lider cutter. Espiritu and Nygma, also old friends, meet for a Espiritu powerbomb. 187 with a hammerlock backcracker/clothesline combination. I bet you can guess how as doing what. Charly rushes in and chairs Nicho and Lider. Espiritu ducks his shot and dropkicks the chair away, but misses a dropkick and slides out. Charly Asai moonsault connects. Charly celebrates. Meanwhile, someone's loudly tossing chairs around in the ring. Nicho and Nygma go for dropkicks at the same time, I think – just an looking odd collusion. Lider powerslams Escoria onto some chairs. Outside, Charly Manson dumps some white power out of a bag, sniffs the power (!) and carefully walks around the ring. Arturo is cracking up, I can only imagine why. Power to Lider's face, Espiritu fireman slams him off the top rope onto some chairs, one two three.

Nicho gets back to his feet and attacks the lesser Bizarros, who are completely confused. Clothesline to Nygma (doesn't go down), clothesline to Escoria (doesn't go down), front facelock on Escoria, Nicho audibly tells and gestures to Nygma to charge, Nicho ducks a clothesline, DDT/stunner combo. Nicho waves on Charly, but Charly runs. Nygma has Nicho's clubs and whacks Nicho (Nicho helpfully offering his chest up). Rudos tosses chairs on Nicho and hit the chairs with more chairs. No idea where Espiritu went. For the save, Zorro? Cane to Nygma, cane to Espiritu (even while slipping), Charly ducks, very glaring clip, Charly's now rolling out. Zorro promises pain for Charly – he sees it in a prophecy.

Lider (yelling) and Nicho (hitting a chair with his club, then yelling) talk about teaming with La Parka at Rey de Reyes.

Match 3: Heavy Metal vs Electroshock
Gimnasio Miguel Hidalgo de Puebla, 03/04/2011

Winner: Electroshock (2-1)
Match Time: 8:48
Rating: usual
Notes: Electroshock, ready to be attacked again, looks the opposite side of the entrance to spot Metal coming thru the crowd. So Metal just comes in from the side and hits him with a chair. Maybe next week, Electroshock will learn how to look around instead of just one direction. Piero is ref.

Metal hits Electro with the remnants of the guitar, then starts brawling with him around the ring. Metal hit Electroshock in the back of the head with the guitar, and he's bleeding from the forehead. Metal throws Electro into a wood panel that just happen to be ringside. Electro reverses and tosses Metal all the way thru. More brawling outside. Metal's mini is in the ring for no reason. Wrestler are still brawling on the outside. Electroshock gives Metal a chair shot, then chases the Nazi Rock around. Now he's chasing the mini Lokillo around. Electroshock can't quite catch up. Heavy punches Electroshock. Suplex. Elbow drop. Hiptoss, no, Electro hiptoss Metal out, but Metal lands on his feet. Electroshock shoves Metal away and throws in a wood panel. Wedged in the corner for someone to be speared thru. Back in, Metal slides short of the wood panel, Electro charges into a backdrop that sends him thru. They've still got a table left outside to use. Electro’s face is covered in blood. Electroshock lunges for the mini, big clip, and the table is suddenly set up in the ring. Perpendicular to a corner, so someone’s taking a top rope move thru it. Electros drops Heavy and goes Lokillo too. Nazi Rock pulls the mini away. Electro busies himself with Metal, dropping him adjusting the table. Electroshock slaps Metal, but Metal blatantly knees him low. No DQ, Electroshock is so hurt, he spears Metal a few seconds later. Electroshock chases the woman again. Break.

Stupid stuff with a chair that doesn’t involve anyone being hurt for more than a few seconds. Metal is bleeding, but not as bad. He does get his hands up on a chair shot, but seems to hurt his wrists blocking it. Electroshock wastes time with mini and the women again. Electroshock can't walk straight, and falls down going to the corner. Metal low blow fouls him, and Electroshock is either ally out of it, or doesn’t feel like selling it. Slap the face fight. Headbutt on their knees. Kicks. Electroshock slams Metal, lays him on top of the table, and heads up. Top rope bad senton misses because Metal's rolled of the table well ahead of the time. Silver King, his Rudos de Neza t-shirt, and Electroshock stroll to the ring. Silver has a glass bottle. They both offer it to Metal, who decks UG off the apron. Silver King must've unloaded the bottle into himself, because he still jollily offers it to Metal. Electroshock walks past him to take it. Metal kicks the Maniacos away, turns, and gets cranked by the bottle. Electroshock looks around, looks at the min, covers, one two three.

Maniacos rush in and stomp down Electroshock. Relays.

Heavy Metal has a bad cut on his arm, but is mad at the other two for letting the Maniacos interfere. Metal doesn't let stitches stop him front yelling. I think he forgives them.

Match 4: Carlito Caribbean Cool vs Jack EvansDecnnisOzz in a AAA's Rey de Reyes Tournament match and in a tournament semifinal match
Gimnasio Miguel Hidalgo de Puebla, 03/04/2011

Winner: Carlito
Match Time: 10:11
Rating: decent
Notes: Everyone but Carlito is in the ring. Carlito, and apple, and Tirantes, get an actual entrance. Wonder who will win? Carlito is listed and called Carlito. Is Decnnis' tattoo new?

Decnnis screams, charges Jack, misses, and gets spinning toe kicked out of the ring. Carlito umps hack, Ozz dumps himself on missed dropkick. Jack comes in, gets Carlito out with the front flip double kick, but springboard flips into a Decnnis kick. Cover for 2. Decnnis pumphandle powerslam, one two no. You'd thing Tirantes would count faster for one his boys. Carlito yanks Jack out and brawls with him out there. Ozz and Decnnis in, Ozz puts on the top rope but off with a 'rana on Decnnis. Powerslam to Decnnis, one two no. Jack runs in, accidentally kicks Ozz, and Decnnis dropkicks him. Carlito and Decnnis form a quick partnership to beat down the técnicos. Decnnis uses the helmet to Jack's stomach and hands it to Carlito. Carlito gets in a shot on Jack. Tirantes reposes the helmet. Clip here. Jack ducks a lazy double clothesline, and lands a springboard backflip double elbow on the rudos. Carlito and Jack go out while Ozz stomps Decnnis down in the ring. Jack sets Carlito in the chair, and goes up – but Ozz wipes out Carlito with his tornillo in the meantime. Jack ends Decnnis out with a headscissors and follows with his usual nice dive onto Decnnis. Replays. Probably another clip here. Ozz misses a quebrada on Carlito. Jack up on the apron, springboard plancha, Carlito ducks that, and Jack splashes Ozz in the process. Decnnis in, but Carlito convinces him not punch him, and to shake his hands. Decnnis shakes, and gets pulled into a spinebuster. Big boot for Jack, heel kick for Ozz. Clip. All the AAA guys are now stomping Carlito down in the corner. Corner whip, Ozz clothesline, Jack handspring elbow, Decnnis fireman’s carry side drop. Decnnis covers one two no. Carlito stands right back up, Ozz drops him with a spinning slam, one two NO. Jack springboard toe kick, one two NO. Clip again? Carlito is tossed out. Decnnis talks trash while the técnicos wait behind, and kick him when he turns around. Wheel kick for Decnnis. Jack sets up of the viva Mexico moonsault splash, but Ozz gives him a back suplex. Legdrop on Decnnis, and Ozz kicks him out. Ozz stands and poses, having no one left to fight. Probably should’ve thrown everyone out. Carlito snakes in, and drops Ozz with a horrible looking spinning reverse DDT. One two three. Break.

Decnnis surprise inside cradle on Carlito, one two kickout. Whip, Decnnis gets the ropes, Carlito charges and flips to apron. Hilarious dead man's sell there. Jack in, Decnnis tries a clothesline, Jack ducks under and pulls him into a backslide with bridging cover, one two three. Ah, we got a fall before the break so they could still do the quick one after it.

Clip. Jack ducks a clothesline and kicks him. Carlito chops back, and they have a kick versus slap war. Carlito smashes Jack into the buckle. Corner whip – no, punches in the corner. Jack falls down. Carlito whip, Jack flips to the apron, Carlito charges, Jack kicks him back, springboard double knees to the face. Viva Mexico standing twisting splash, one two NO. Jack can't believe it. Jack with kicks to the leg and the chest. Off the ropes, flying knee sidestepped, Carlito back suplex, Jack escapes to his feet. Kick, yell, fisherman’s suplex – is blocked, twice, and Carlito reverses to a hanging suplex into a spinning neckbreaker. One two NO. Jack to the corner, Carlito charges into a kick, Jack off the ropes with a jumping spinning DDT. Jack sets up Carlito near the ropes – springboard 450 splash comes up empty. Carlito waits behind Jack for him to get up. Backcracker – no, Jack reverses to a casadora cradle, but Carlito kicks up. Jack ducks a superkick and gets a backslide one two no. Carlito's superkick hits this time, backcracker, one two three.

Clip, and Konnan, Sexi Star, and Jennifer are all in the ring. Konnan announces Carlito as the next Rey de Reyes. Lots of whistles. Konnan presents the women to Carlito – an American and “an Italiano”. Sexi's all “Wha?” and Konnan says “si, Italiano”, gets bleeped, and shoves her to Carlito. Okay. Konnan talks about all the foreign stars they've had – X-Pac (who turned on him), Scott Hall (that one time), Hernandez (who disappeared without a trace), Sabu, Bobby Lashley (that one time) and now Carlito. Carlito looks – uh, disinterested. Carlito has one question – is Sexi wearing the mask because she's really a man? Sexi is not happy with this. Carlito tells the crowd how much he hates Mexico. He's going to win Rey de Reyes, then he's getting out of there. This sounds possible.

Silver Cain meets with La Sociedad, and all of them are wondering why they're there. This must be from the last taping, because the Stones and Super Fly are there. Konnan comes into the ring. Why is Konnan wearing a Albert Pujlos jersey? Oh, because he's got a (barbed wire) baseball bat, and we're reenacting “The Untouchables”! Konnan is doing the two minute version of the same speech. No one is a big fan of him walking behind them with a bat. Hoodies are in with rudos this year! Anyway, Konnan hits Billy from behind. We get some strange camera angles as reaction shots for from Alan and Silver Kina, and then somehow see from Billy's angle as Konnan swings the bat in his general angle. Konnan outs Billy as a Bizarro, and Billy convulses on the floor near some blood. And that's the end of that angle got today.

Match 5: Cuervo, El Mesías, Extreme Tiger vs LA Park, Silver King, Último Gladiador
Gimnasio Miguel Hidalgo de Puebla, 03/04/2011

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 8:31
Rating: eh
Notes: Silver and UG have all their belts. Entrances, but no Mesías. LA Park gets on the microphone, crowing about how easy it was to take out Mesías. Mesías isn't going to be here in Puebla tonight. Wow, a long bleep. Mesías is off in the hospital, thanks to him. LA Park's voice is braking a lot tonight. These two guys are next. Rudos rush the técnicos. Piero si ref.

Maybe a clip here. Mesías, in his gear like normal, is immediately seen walking to the ring. So he was just late? His music plays, and Mesías lightly jogs to the ring to clear house on the Maniacos. Park begs off. Crowd want o see Park get beat. Mesías looks around, ducks a Park clothesline, and clotheslines him. Park runs, and Mesías runs after him. Those two brawl in the crowd. Mesías is moving slower, but otherwise seems fine. That man and his child are wearing Yellow N shirts. Why would buy your children a Nexus shirt? (“It was cheap.”)

Brawling. They settle down to clips interrupted by action. Cuervo topes Silver and UG, and then Silver is standing in the ring can dropping Mesías. Mesías runs though everyone with no clear injury, unless the move he does that's indecipherable due to botch is “injury selling.” Clip from LA Park running from Mesías to LA Park and Mesías standing in the center of the ring and trading shots. Great storytelling. Rope avoidance spots lead to a Mesías spear on Parka. Mesías covers after a delay, Park kicks out. Park rolls thru a cradle and takes back control with a kick to the side of the head. Reverse neckbreaker thru the ropes to take Mesías to the floor. Tiger checks on him, decides against coming in. Park gets a chair from his corner, tries to set up near the ropes, and needs Silver's help. Silver holds on the apron, and Mesías just so happens to stand up just enough in front of it to be hit by Park when he perfectly times his sliding dropkick. Park goes for a tope, and Mesías wallops him with a chair shot on the way thru. That looked better. Other four in and brawling. Arturo knows he's not supposed to call Silver Kain “Silver King”, but keeps forgetting. UI just don't care. UG is the last man standing in the ring, but he just roll out after Cuervo. Tiger set up in a chair, UG to the apron, Tiger just gets up and trips him. Tiger back in, tope con giro into UG on the chair. Cuervo and Silver back in. Silver charges, no one home. Cuervo whip, quick reverse, Silver breaks, kick Cuervo in the midsection. Corner whip, corner clothesline, slam. Silver goes up, middle rope moonsault is supposed to hit knees but don’t' get much of them. Arturo's not sure what to make to of it for a second. Park and Mesías back in, Park gets Mesías with a boot, then grabs the chair. Swing, Mesías ducks, running shoulderblock. Cover, Silver walks away from the pin to step into a Cuervo DDT. Dual covers, one two three. Mesías got his revenge, hooray for him.

Carlito rushes out, decks the técnicos and punches Mesías on the ground. Carlito beats up Tiger while Park stomps Mesías. Park turns and shoves Carlito for no apparent, and Carlito shoves back. Forearms to the face to both, and Mesías gets up hitting both. Tiger up and fighting too. Jack Evans, Ozz, Espiritu rush in, and I'm not sure why about that either. Decnnis and Ultimo Gladiador run in, pulling their men off. Clip, and Konnan is walking down to the ring. Four guys are holding back Mesías. Silver and UG are holding back Park. Decnnis is holding back Carlito. Extreme Tiger is just standing there. Uhhhh. Anyway, Konnan chats with Carlito, and the Maniacos have to pull LA Park back. Konnan leaves with those guys. Tiger at least stands on the middle rope and points some. Carlito rushes back in and tries to get at Park. Clip to the técnicos dragging Mesías away. Carlito chases after him, and they brawl again. Park gets loose too. No one cares about Tiger.

Rey de Reyes plug, and video recap.