AAA on Televisa #982 (03/19/2011)
Recapped: 03/09/11

Previously: Electroshock/Heavy Metal. Charly/Zorro. People advanced in the Rey de Reyes. Cibernético beat up Parka, did not save Charly. LA Park took care of Mesías.

Match 1: Mascarita Divina, Mini Charly Manson, Octagoncito vs Mini Chessman, Mini Histeria, Mini Psicosis
Lienzo Charro Ignacio León Ornelas, Irapuato, Guanajuato, 02/28/2011

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 7:05
Rating: good
Notes: Pepe Casas is ref. Joined just before the start of the match, but then immediately clipped and joined in progress.

Crowd very excited to chant the técnicos names, and they start off on offense. Charly, then Divina (weird spot here where he knocks Psicosis over with a plancha and lays on top, but Pepe Casas won't get down to count.) and Octagoncito last. Crowd very happy to see Octagoncito in and then very quiet when he wrestles, though everything he does is fine. Mini Histeria is very hyperactive, reacting to everything the crowd does. Octagoncito gets Histeria with the armdrag crucifix cradle, but the other rudos rush in to break it up and start the beatdown. Divina kindly waits for the rudos to be done beating up Charly before he tries to help. Charly has of problems being in the right place when the rudos try to beat him up, but still ends up taking the backbreaker/flying legdrop combo. Divina rallies for a boost dropkick to start the quick comeback. Histeria takes Octagoncito’s Asai tornillo, Psicosis misses a dropkick on the corner to take himself out and then stands up for a Manson plancha. Divina is last with a straight Asai moonsault on Chessman. Back to Octagon and Histeria, and back to the armdrag crucifix cradle. Pepe Casas will count that pinfall, and that’s the match.

Octagoncito nicely retrieves down his partners from the floor so they can celebrate.

Joaquin meets with Parka and Wagner in his office. AAA uses Microsoft Word, but I'm probably not supposed to be paying attention to Joaquin's laptop. Anyway, in case you haven't heard the last fifteen times, Wagner wants to put together a force to stop La Sociedad. Wagner tries to persuade Parka that this is more important then what happened with his kid, but Parka doesn't seem to think so. This is a calm conversation, how odd.

Match 2: Heavy Metal vs Electroshock
Lienzo Charro Ignacio León Ornelas, Irapuato, Guanajuato, 02/28/2011

Winner: Heavy Metal (1-1)
Match Time: 8:;07
Rating: fine for a crowd brawl
Notes: Match 2. Entrances! Which means less match, and I'm in favor of that. Heavy Metal enters thru the crowd, which the camera is remarkable quick to pick up. He's got a ukulele? Electroshock stares the entrance down, and Metal calmly spins the mini guitar in his hand, winds up, and cracks Electroshock in the back of the head with it! There's the woman and the mini, they probably should've come out sooner to give Electro something to look at it. Piero is ref.

Because it's these two, a guitar shot is just going to be the beginning. Dropkick sends Electro out, and Metal nails him with a no hands tope. He leaned his head into that. Heavy Metal may be insane. Metal drags Electro back to the stage, and gives him a bad looking suplex. Electro didn't get over at all, that was not good. Metal kills time. Off into the crowd they go. I guess this is legal, don’t care much. Crowd chants for Metal. A choke by the wall of the bullring, devastating. Actually, that wall looks pretty solid when Metal boinks Electro into it. Around the crowd they go. Silver King and Ultimo Gladiador walk out to watch this from the stage. Never a good idea in a street fight, you can't see anything. Electro reverses a whip, and Metal goes into – I can't tell what those are. Metal containers leaned against the wall, I guess? The lightning isn't good. Hard chair shot to Heavy Metal's head. The two go over a short wall. Handheld guy is doing a great job of keeping up with them – every time they go to the wide angle, it's impossible to make out. They go back over the short wall and Electroshock powerbombs Metal on a cooler. Quick clip, and Electroshock smashes Metal in the head with another cooler. Break.

Up the stairs to the grandstands. Electro teases slamming Metal off the high wall to about six feet below, and a security guys grabs hold of Electroshock to stop him! This goes on for a while, because security can't get the fan off. Electroshock punches Metal down, but Metal sneaks in a low blow uppercut. Another clip. Electro now is below, and Metal comes off with an axhandle. Metal drags Elector back towards the ring, going over the barricade near the entrance. Heavy kisses his girl, then goes back to kicking Electroshock. No one acknowledges the Maniacos. Electroshock fires back up and they brawl. Electroshock has just now noticed the Maniacos, because he's punched Metal in the drection. Silver King drops his chair next to Metal. Metal, maybe unaware of where it came from (but that's a stretch) grabs the chair as Electroshock is distracted by Metal's mini. Metal hits Electroshock with the chair (who got both hands up, good man.) Metal turns to talk to someone, and Electroshock repays the foul from earlier. Mini metal slaps Electroshock, so Electroshock picks him up. Metal's girl slaps at Electro, so Electroshock tosses the mini (slightly caught by security) and grabs the girl. Los Maniacos, chivalrous men, make the save and give Electroshock a badly timed double DDT. Gladiador backcracker. Metal is watching this from the other side of the ring area. Chair set up, and Electroshock tripped face first into it. Clip, and Electro is back in the ring, while Metal is arguing about something with his woman. Electroshock fires up in the ring, but then is knocked down next time we see him. Dunno. Metal reluctantly goes back in, puts on a casita, one two three.

Maniacos rush in to stomp a mudhole on Electroshock. Metal is directing his entourage to leave, and then suddenly clip to Electroshock being checked on by doctors while Silver Kain’s music is playing. That was oddly edited but probably better that way.

Konnan is talking to Dorian Roldan about his big signing for next week – Carlito. LA Park walks over so he can Konnan can argue again. He put Mesías in the hospital, where's his title shot at Rey de Reyes? Tonight he's taking care of the Rey de Reyes tournament, but why did Cibernético know he wasn't getting the title shot without Konnan telling him first? Konnan explains that he's got to give Charly the shot – so Zorro can take care of him – but Park's next, for sure. Park just wants some more honesty in this relationship, and also that title shot. Konnan promises it's coming soon, and shakes his head as Park leaves.

Carlito video package. Hey, WWE footage. Most of it's WWC, so I wonder if it was a WWE match with Shelton Benjamin that just happened to air on WWC TV. Shelton’s in here a lot, as is Mesías.

Rey de Reyes recap: Extreme Tiger, check. Mesías check. In other subjects, there's Metal/Electro, Perros/Clowns, Cibernético/broken leg, Zorro/Charly

Back to the Wagner/Parka/Joaquin meeting. Wagner points out the massacre of Mesías is why they need to band together right now. Parka says his head is not in saving with his personal issues with Cibernético, and takes his leave.

Match 3: Cuervo & Ozz vs Damián 666 & Zorro
Lienzo Charro Ignacio León Ornelas, Irapuato, Guanajuato, 02/28/2011

Winner: rudos by DQ
Match Time: 10:21
Rating: ok
Notes: Entrances. Bestia 666 is with Damian. Zorro has Jennifer Blake with him, because why not. Hijo de Tirantes is the ref, this will go well.

Rudos jump the técnicos, with Jennifer getting in shots form the outside right way. As the match starts, Someone In The Zorro Iron Mask is spotted in the crowd. Maybe it's just a fan? It's probably not going down that way. People in the ring don't pick up right away, but Zorro notices it while beating Cuervo and is totally distracted. Zorro yells at the man from the ring, then starts to head out after it. Damian holds Zorro back, but just barely before he goes over the rail. Masked man walks off. Luckily, there's enough people to keep beating up the Secta while this is going on. And also the Sect aren't so good, I guess. Jennifer is really getting into arguments with the front row today. Zorro comes back, but is scanning the crowd a bit. Rudos in no particular hurry to finish this. Bestia jumps in to jump off his father’s back floor a flying hipcheck on Cuervo, but Cuervo escapes, Bestia hangs himself in the ropes, and Cuervo clears house. Cuervo teases pulling Zorro by his hair for a while. Ozz slowly chases Jennifer around on the outside, and then decides he might actually get there if he runs. He gets the ruda by the hair, but Tirantes walks over to break that up. Oz brings Bestia in, and the técnicos crotch him around the post. This all makes no sense to Tirantes. Break.

A rudo actually in the match, Damian, is in the ring when the match resumes. Zorro is too busy discussing things with his corner to actually pay attention to the Damian/Ozz sequence. Maybe the right call, the way it goes. Nice tornillo by Ozz knocks Damian down, and Zorro sentons his partner trying to break it up. Ozz backflip escape spot doesn’t quite work well, but neither does Zorro's superkick. Zorro spears the spot on a corner charge, but then there's a big clip rather than a follow up. Zorro knocks Cuervo around for a while, then starts accidentally hitting all his partners when they grab Cuervo for him. Shot for Bestia, shot for Damian, Jennifer grabs Cuervo and Zorro backs all the way up for a big boot, but of course Jennifer takes that too. Cuervo kicks Zorro and pins him, and Jennifer elbow drops Zorro when trying to break it up. Cuervo grabs Jennifer for something, but Zorro throws his cane to break it up. Cuervo and Zorro have a bad chop fight, Cuervo sort of walks around a rolling dropkick and drops Zorro with a bulldog. That was not well. Zorro rolls out and Cuervo poses. Ozz back in, and Damian gets him with a rope walk armdrag, except Ozz shakes the rope and Damian crotches himself. Another clip, wow there's a lot of clips today, and Cuervo is suddenly in and looking at the floor. Think we missed Ozz's dive. Cuervo is doing well until Bestia distracts and Zorro superkicks the técnico. Zorro get his cane, cracks Zorro as he comes in, cracks Cuero, and then takes turns hitting then on the ground round. Tirantes has a problem with this? Why? Escoria and Taboo rush out to attack Damian on the floor. Tirantes shoves Zorro one too many times, and Zorro cracks him too. I guess the idea is Zorro is napped, but it doesn't seem that way. Zorro calls on the Bizarros to attack them, and cracks both of them with cane shots. Zorro is the man! Tirantes is the only one to recover to call for a DQ. Charly Manson runs in, very odd clip, and Zorro is down and Charly is going after his forehead. This match must've been something live. Charly shows off a cheese grater, and rakes it across Zorro's head. Tirantes calls the DQ here.

Jennifer, more dedicated to the cause than I'd be, jumps on Charly's back and gets tossed to the mat. Bizarros regroup and stomp Zorro in the corner. Arturo wants Konnan to come out, but Jesus is sure Konnan isn't here. Didn't wee see him? Zorro’s face is covered in blood quickly, but there's a ton of clips here. Bestia and Damian try to make the save but are fought off. Charly puts the Bizarro mask on Zorro, then challenges for a title shot at Rey de Reyes.

Rey de Reyes ad.

Match 4: Dr. Wagner Jr. vs LA ParkNicho el MillionarioHalloween in a AAA's Rey de Reyes Tournament match and in a tournament semifinal match
Lienzo Charro Ignacio León Ornelas, Irapuato, Guanajuato, 02/28/2011

Winner: LA Park
Match Time: 10:27
Rating: OK
Notes: No entrances for this match? Tirantes is ref. He and Wagner have words. Damian 666 is at ringside.

Crowd is behind Wagner most of all, though Park tries to dance his way into their heart. Clip, and Wagner and Park are fighting it out. Parka slaps and dances. Wagner recovers and kicks him down. Park comes back with a clothesline and dances again – and Nicho throws a chair in his face. 187 reverse DDT. Crowd chants along with 187, wow. Nicho sets up Park on top – top rope 'rana! What's gotten into him? Nicho head up again, but Damian crotches him. Halloween in and chopping Nicho. Shots to chest, up to the second rope, Nicho fights him off, shoves him to the mat, and dives. Plancha, Halloween, and drops him with a F5. Wagner poses on the apron – clip just now? He and Halloween exchanging chops. Whip, Halloween head down too soon, kicked. Wagner off the ropes, Halloween superkicks him. Pose. Halloween off the ropes, Wagner spins him around slides him out by his chest. Park in and slapping hard. Park demands the crowd cheer. Wagner waves on Wagner chants, and then is surprised when that happens. Park struts a couple steps. Corner whip, Wagner corner sunset flip, park rolls thru, Park misses a clothesline, misses a back elbow, miss a spinning kick, and Wagner clotheslines him. Wagner covers, one two no. Wagner inside cradle one two no. Wagner inside cradle, park rolls thru, kick to the ribs. Park goes out of the apron, pulls Wagner thru the ropes, and reverse neckbreaker him thru the ropes, slowly flipping Wagner out of the ring. That was crazy. Park goes for a dive (which won’t work since Wagner is dead), but Nicho cuts him off with a top rope wheel kick. “187!” Off the ropes, legdrop, one two NO. Tirantes is a fair ref this week. Nicho off the ropes, stumbling Damian swipes and misses, but it's enough to get Nicho to turn around. Halloween sneaks in, rolls Park out, and superkicks Nicho as he turns around. Damian gets on the apron to grab Nicho, and Halloween lands some chops from short distance. Halloween comes off the ropes for a big move, but LA Park pulls Damian off the apron (?) and Nicho gives Halloween a flatliner. Halloween rolls out immediately. Break.

Nicho brings Halloween back in, and DDTs him. Nicho heads up, , but Wagner cuts him off with a punch. Superplex? No, Parka hits him in the legs. Powerbomb superplex, with Halloween splashes Nicho for good measure. Cut to fans laughing. Odd choice. Clip, to Park ducking a Wagner clotheslines and toppling Damian. No one else was there, he hit the guy he wanted to hit. Wagner follows with a tope con giro off the apron. Tirantes look at that. Nicho is down in the ring, with a chair next to him, and Halloween is waiting for something – thru the ropes tope con giro on Wagner. Nicho up last, rope flip moonsault, kicking Wagner in the head on the way down. Clip to Wagner down by a corner and Park heading up - flying chindrop into Wagner’s boots. Shining wizard and both men are down. Halloween and Nicho rush and stomp Wagner. Wagner sent up in the corner for more, but he's making a comeback by the they’re back from break. Wagner tosses Nicho in the air into a Halloween missile spear. Halloween escapes the Wagner Driver, shoves Wagner in the corner, charges, and spears the post. Halloween stumbles back – there’s that Wagner Driver. Wagner covers, one two three.

Replay of that spear, which same off pretty well. Nicho is getting a near fall on Wagner as they return. Park comes in, slapping Nicho loudly. Corner whip, reversed, Parka kips up and out to waistlock, Nicho elbows free, off the ropes, Park head down too soon, Nicho kicks it, Nicho off the ropes, Park powerslams him nicely, one two NO. Replay of Halloween's finish. AAA's kind of showing replays to showing replays, not cover up a dead moment in the match. Park and Wagner quick covers for zero, and Wagner knocks down Park with a jumping enziguri. Nicho tries to kick Wagner, but takes the dragon screw. Wagner goes for another, but Nicho reverses to a roll up, one two NO. Nicho with a kick, off the ropes, boot the head. Off the ropes again, Wagner grab the boot, ducks the enziguri, and kicks Nicho in the shoulder. Wagner waiting for Nicho to get up – Wagner Driver.

Park and Wagner, Park motions that's it one on one. Crowd getting loud, but there's a long clip here. Suddenly Damian is in and taking a Wagner, and it's clear something with Parka and a chair happened. Park is still down. Tirantes roll out Damian, and Wagner pulls down his straps. Wagner sets up for a leg submission, Park cradles him, one two three.

Park celebrates big. Strut! Park rants to the camera that he's coming for Mesías again at Rey de Reyes. “HAHAHAHA!”

Rey de Reyes ad.

Match 5: Extreme Tiger, Jack Evans, La Parka vs Charly Manson, Cibernético, Escoria
Lienzo Charro Ignacio León Ornelas, Irapuato, Guanajuato, 02/28/2011

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 10:07
Rating: eh
Notes: Cuervo and Charly (in Bizarro mask) enter to the Bizarros music. Cibernético has to have his own music. Taboo is with him, and both are wearing the Bizarro mask. Crowd is very excited for La Parka. Bizarros, les so – they jump him and start the beatdown in the aisle. Técnicos try to help, are not much help. Piero is ref.

Taboo freely assists his friends here, working over Park with a chair when Cibernético wanders of to take care of other stuff. Charly and Escoria take care of the other two. Cibernético helps set up a guillotine legdrop on Jack on the inside, then throws around Extreme Tiger. Parka gets thrown to the barricade, and an old woman swings her shoe at the rudos to protect Parka. Random clip to everyone back in their corners. Jack and Escoria do their stuff, though they've had better nights. Jack’s headscissors to the floor is nice. Charly takes Tiger's spinning stuff well, though the last dropkick to the knee spot doesn’t go so well. Nice Asai tornillo to finish it. Jack comes back in to face Cibernético, but they go break.

Jack breakdances. Cibernético observes, then punches Cibernético in head and then dances! Cibernético knocks Jack into the corner and chokes him awhile yelling and making faces. Jack backflips out of the corner to evade a charge, Cibernético charges and misses a clothesline, but stops short of hitting Piero and tells him to calm down. Taboo uses the distraction to yank out Jack. Parka in, and the crowd if loud for that, but Cibernético spins out Parka with a shoulderblock. Cibernético holds the técnico, but Escoria’s missile dropkick gets his partner. Jack rushes in – space tiger flying drop onto Taboo. Cibernético decided to hide that one out in a corner. Espiritu in, and right into a Parka flapjack. Escoria charges again, tilt-a-whirl sideslam, one two three. Wow, that was it. Just kind of ended there.

Bizarros swarm Parka immediately. Just as quick, there's a bottom quarter cut-in with Zorro. He's licking blood off his face (no one's gotten him a towel in the last half hour?) and making his way back to the ring. Zorro staggers down the steps, but speeds up heading to the ring. Charly spots him, but still takes the cane to the head. Cane to Taboo. Anyone else? Anyone? Zorro stares at Charly, and Cibernético spears him out of his boots. Oops. Charly mounts Zorro and punches. Cue Konnan's music. La Sociedead walk out froientrance, in no hurry. Hey, X-Fly is here. They all walk to the ring, giving Bizarros plenty of time to leave. Clip. Rudos make due with beating up técnicos for about a second. One more clip, and Joaquin Roldan leads out Wagner, Nicho, Ozz & Cuervo. La Sociedad also leave without being hit. Konnan has a nice black shirt on. Don't go too near Zorro, don't want get blood on that. Roldan treats us to a speech, promising a surprise for Konnan at Rey de Reyes. Wagner says AAA is his family, as are all the Mexican people. Wagner calls Parka to his feet, and asks him to fight against the Chihuahuas del Mal and Sociedad. Parka says no, he's got the Bizarros. Wagner says okay, he'll bring the Elite to take care of La Sociedad. Catchphrase. Wagner asks for a handshake from Parka as part of the AAA family, since they're the great leaders of AAA. Crowd chants for Parka as Wagner tells him he's not alone. Parka gets a group to take care of the Bizarros. Parka is angry, like usual. Parka says he'll never turn on AAA, but he has to step aside to take care of Bizarros. Wagner talks about the great Roldans. This is going on and on. Just shake the man's hand. Parka don't a lot of considering. Ozz thinks he should do, listen to Ozz. Parka does it. Joaquin Roldan makes sure to get in between to get his arm raised. Jack and Tiger are clearly discussing if they can leave now. Is Silver King wearing a Rudos de Neza shirt? Replays of the match that ended like an hour ago at the point.

Highlight package and done.