AAA Rey de Reyes 2011 (03/18/2011) 
Recapped: 03/30/11

Announcer’s microphones do not work at the start of the show. It's not a problem. Four sided ring, so now they're even using the six sided ring at the major shows. It gets fixed in time for the introductions.

Match 1: Gran Apache, Mari Apache, Octagoncito, Pimpinela Escarlata vs Hijo de Tirantes, Mini Histeria, Sexy Star, Yuriko
Plaza de Toros Monumental Aguascalientes, 03/18/2011

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 10:09
Rating: good for the story
Notes: Yuriko has new music. At least I assume it's new, we don't get Yuriko entrances often. Piero is ref. Sexi Star has her butterfly wings outfit. Hijo de Tirantes has a hat (of course he has a hat), sun glasses, and a suit coat, and a vocal heavy song. Octagoncito has his belt. Apaches enter together, and Mari has her belt.

Apache starts in, and the crowd is loud from here. Arena is very dark in overhead shots, but the ring itself is well lit. Crowd gets on Tirantes, but the rudos convinced him not to walk out. Minis ends up starting instead. Histeria is wowed by Octagoncito's many kip ups. Octagoncito eventually sends him out with a headscissors, but Tirantes jumps him from behind and tosses the mini from the ring. Apache tries to get Tirantes, but he runs again. Exoticos in, Pimpi's walk rope armdrag does well. Tirantes tries to cut Pimpi off from a dive, Pimpi tries to kiss him, Tirantes slaps him away and runs before Apache can get him again. Women in, and Sexi fares as bad as everyone else. Tirantes walks in and slaps Mari on both sides of her face. Bad idea. Mari starts throwing forearms (Tirantes ducking away from them). Mari off the ropes, but Tirantes is able to shoulderblock him down. Tirantes is proud of himself. Rudos mock from their corner. Corner whip, Gran Apache flips his daughter to safety, Tirantes is the last man to find out Apache is standing behind and waiting. Chop fight, with Tirantes ducking and kicking. Corner whip, reverses, Tirantes gets a boot up and slaps Gran Apache. Apache sidesteps and drops him with a quebradora. Dropkick sends Tirantes out. Mari dives on to him with an apron tope con giro, which the cameras mostly miss. Histeria jumps on Apache's back, which doesn't work, but it does allow Sexi star to get in a kick to Apache, and the rudas take control from there. Mari rushes in to help, but one Histeria axhandle stops her. Sexi Star still has a bad legdrop. Pimpi turns the tide quickly, with Tirantes running into his backside from a log way away. Gran Apache slaps everyone, Piero ducks his, and Pimpi kisses Gran Apache to stop it. When opening card bits collide. Gran Apache is just kind of confused. Pimpi and Yuriko stay in and slap it out. Bad Pimpi dropkick sends Yuriko out, and he rolls with a tope con giro onto Yuriko. Women in again, wheel kick drops Sexi Star, she rolls out, and Mari planchas all three of them. Histeria looks to add his own dive, but Octagoncito cuts him off with a flying armdrag, and then sends him out to the ramp with an extra rotation headscissors. Tornillo follows. Back to the men, though Pimpi is standing on the ropes in an odd place for no obvious reason. Tirantes rips off his shirt – he doesn’t have the physique he had a few years ago – misses a clothesline, and takes some Apache punches. Whip, reversed, Gran Apache collides with Pimpi, (duh) and Tirantes kicks Apache into the corner. Corner whip, Apache flips himself to the apron, Tirantes slapped away, Apache climbs up, Tirantes slips climbing up with him but Apache just stands there waiting for the super armdrag. Running senton, one two no. Tiny bit slow count, and Tirantes and Piero argue. Tirantes slaps Piero in the face a couple times, which is not going to help him. Piero dropkick. Fabi Apache, with a slight limp, runs to the ring, climbs the top rope, and lands a missile dropkick. Fabi lands near the ropes, but runs thru the ring while Gran Apache gives Tirantes the double underhook faceslam. Piero counts one two three. Tirantes sure got screwed there.

Jennifer Blake runs out with a chair, and all the other rudos sudden have chair is to hit the técnicos. Team wins match and gets beat up, now I know it's an AAA show. Gran Apache takes a chair shot to the head. Fabi gets stretched out, and it's not even clear what happened to here (or if anything happened to here after the dropkick.) New random music plays after the match.

Bizarros video package.

Bizarro traitor angle.

Backstage, Los Bizarros look at a guy on the floor under black sheet, who I guess is Billy Boy, thought we just saw him as Billy on the last taping. Was this supposed to be part of the last skit? Maybe. It's a totally different room, that seems to be an important detail. I guess it works like the old APA office, magically transported from arena to arena.

Match 2: Jack Evans, Joe Lider, La Parka, Nicho el Millionario vs Billy el Malo, Cibernético, Escoria, Nygma
Plaza de Toros Monumental Aguascalientes, 03/18/2011

Winner: rudos
Match Time: 19:05
Rating: decent story, though nothing noteworthy in this feud
Notes: Cibernético gets his own entrance, though Taboo is with him. Lider has his IWRG and DTU belts. Jack has his title belt. Noticing a pattern! It's a big show, because Parka has backup dancers. Park wants to start the fight as he hits the ring, but AAA's stick with the backup dancers. Nothing much happens, so maybe that's the right call. Copetes is the referee. Billy is wearing white facepaint this week.

Técnico showcases (Jack, Lider, Nicho) with Cibernético staying far out of it. It's Nicho, and not Lider, who's offense is full of chairs. Nicho brings in Parka to get Cibernético, and crowd is much more interesting than they have the rest of the match. They don't touch before Billy gets in a cheap shot, and the Bizarros swarm the técnicos. Individual beatdown, with Cibernético eventually taking Parka to the outside so Taboo can more easily hold him. Parka's ask is ripped and he appears to be bleeding. Rudos do big moves, are unconcerned with pinning. Rudos get bored with that and start teaming up for multiple men dropkicks, though Cibernético pretty much stays on his own. Taboo fights Parka a lot on the outside. Cibernético powerbomb on Lider just when I wasn't expecting anything. After being beat for a while, Park simply ducks a double clothesline and armdrags and dropkicks the Bizarros. Quebradora on Nygma just leaves Cibernético, so Cibernético decides to leave. Taboo blocks off Parka from Cibernético, and Copetes gets involved for no particular reason. Nicho & Lider beat up the Bizarros while Jack tries to find Parka. Nicho is very set on throwing Billy into the crowd, and eventually gets to a portion of the crowd Billy wants to go in.

Everyone goes to their corners, and crowd is very loud for Parka. Escoria stays in to face him. Two backbreakers and a side slam for Escoria, Nygma has to make the save. Nygma plants Parka with a big DDT, Jack plants Nygma with a fireman’s buster, Billy plants Jack with a crucifix bomb. Lider makes the save, gets into a fist fight with Billy, rips his shirt, and ends up bulldog him off Nicho’s shoulders. Escoria takes out both 187 with thrown chair shots and mocks their chant. Escoria tires a Tornado DDT off the outside of the ropes on Lider, but Lider blocks it, sets him on the apron, and pulls of the Spanish Fly to the floor from there. Inside, Nygma holds a chair in front of himself to get dropkicked. Nicho sets up the chair, and leaps off it for a tope con giro on Billy, and Jack does his dive onto Nygma. That leaves Cibernético and Parka gain, crowd loud again for this. Punch battle is all Parka, but Cibernético kicks Parka into Piero, and they both go down. Parka DDTs Cibernético, but no ref. Copetes is stirring, but looking the wrong way. Nicho tells Copetes to turn around, and Parka grabs Copetes. Meanwhile, Cibernético pulls out knucks from underneath one of his knee braces, and makes a show of putting the knucks on his hand. Too bad for Parka and Copetes that they’re missing the show. Loaded punch, Cibernético rolls Parka over and covers, one two three.

Bizarros fit Parka for another Bizarro mask. Cibernético has a – torch? Maybe a 2 & 4? Cibernético put Parka's mask on the end, and lights it. The non-Parka técnicos object to this from outside the ring, but don’t actually try break it up. That mask and torch lilt up on fire really quick. Cibernético talks trash, but Nicho runs in and grabs the torch away. One swing at a fleeing Cibernético (and the torch goes out, just that fast.) Psycho Circus makes the save after Nicho’s already cleared the ring. Nicho is so upset, he yells his number to the camera. Bizarros leave, técnicos are helped to the back, Parka still in the Bizarro mask.

Match 3: Dr. Wagner Jr., Monster Clown, Murder Clown, Psycho Clown vs Damián 666, el Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Halloween, Super Crazy
Plaza de Toros Monumental Aguascalientes, 03/18/2011

Winner: Perros del Mal
Match Time: 11:08
Rating: fine, another crazy brawl
Notes: Psycho Circus are right back out next. Jesus knows all the Clown names! A fine moment for him. Ringside people are setting up tables on the outside. Perros take their time hanging out with all their fans at ringside, and aren’t in a hurry to get in the ring with the clowns. Well, except for Perro, who just poses on the apron without getting bugged for a while. Wagner gets last entrance. Rudos stomp Wagner as he comes in the ring, before he has his entrance gear off, and the fight starts there. Piero is referee and just staying out of the way.

Announcers emphasize this is no rules. Murder Clown helpfully bends over for a chair shot, that was really nice for him. Chair shots for everyone. A barbed wire covered wood panel is brought in. Damian and Crazy try a double hiptoss spot on Monster Clown, and it fails badly. Perros try to whip Murder into the barbed wire, but he blocks it first, then stops short and throws Damian through it. Big pop. Halloween is able to knock Murder Clown down with one shoulderblock, because they need to get to the next spots – topes by the other clowns. Perro misses a chair shot on Wagner, Wagner gets the chair shot and hits Perro in the head twice. It takes both of them to get him to go down, and the técnicos all stomp him into the mat. Amazing Perro isn't bleeding when we next see him, but Wagner goes to work at punching his forehead. Is Wagner going to take off his entrance gear now? Ah, beating on Perro while the Circus has their way with the others. Perro is bleeding next time they get a clear shot at him. Monster Clown now has a belt that says “MONSTER”, so hopefully that should help. Halloween gets curbstomped into thumbtacks, and then thrown down into them again. The second time gets no reaction, and now here are thumbtacks on the mat for the rest of the show. Good times! Crazy takes the flying sit. Wagner powerbombs Damian. Perro, with a face half covered of blood, demands to fight Wagner, and the rest leave so they can slug it out. Wagner wins that, but Damian breaks up a pinfall of a casita. Wagner gets a casadora cradle, and Damian breaks it up again. Halloween is finally able to stop Wagner with a spear, and slams him to set up a super Crazy running moonsault. Monster breaks up the save. Monster jumping jacks get no reaction, and his spots with Halloween do not look well. Chair shot sets up a pin, Damian breaks up that, Damian takes a sunset flip but manages to hit Monster with a chair in the middle of that. Damian goes for the pin, but gets up before Psycho Clown even gets in. Air Raid Crash anyway, Crazy’s turn to break it up. Crazy dropkicks Psycho out – or at least he tries, because Psycho's path is blocked by Wagner standing on the apron and Monster sliding a table in for no clear reason. Psycho and Wagner both clipped in the feet by the chair and go to the floor. Murder Clown takes a big spinning DDT, and Super Crazy sets up the table, as the Perros set up a double stacker on the outside. Close to a finish, I see. That DDT keeps Murder Clown a while for Crazy to set up and position the table, and no one else gets involved. Crazy handles Murder and tries to set him on the table, but Murder blocks it. Murder lifts Crazy up, but decides to sit him on the top rope rather than just fall backwards and suplex him thru the table. This will totally backfire! Murder Clown superplex thru the table! I was totally wrong! Murder Clown is up and fine within ten seconds, because he has to get hit by a chair shot and roll out. I think they could’ve skipped that, I dunno. Monster comes in, chases Damian out, and does the jumping jack again. This kills time, as Piero frantically cleans the ring. Rudos trip up Monster from the outside, and drag him onto the double decker. Halloween to the top rope, which Piero very obviously spotting him. Below, the Perros (including a totally fine Super Crazy!) are lighting the bottom table on fire, but they shot this in such a way that it's impossible to see what's going down there. Halloween leaps, splashing Monster thru both tables, and the flames are finally visible on the way thru. The flames get trapped and do not go out, but Monster rolls off there as soon as possible. Psycho Clown in with Damian and Perro, fighting hem off until Damian stops him with a suplexes. Wagner in, still in his warm up gear. I guess he’s never taking that off! Wagner waits, and waves in Psycho Clown. Clothesline and back elbow for Damian and Perro. Psycho in, Psycho out with a corner tope on Damian. Wagner firing up in the ring, but needs someone to fight. Perro in and sliding a chair and – turning to a corner instead of fighting. Uh huh. Wagner takes a moment to look around. Both charge, Wagner armdrags, armdrag, Perro clocks him with a running chair shot. Wagner dragged to a corner, chair laid on top, Perro up top, top rope double stomp. Perros are stomping Murder Clown from coming in – the others seem to have vanished. Perro covers, one two three.

Let's zoom in on a t-shirt for PIERO. Good work.

Perros beat up the técnicos and take off their masks. AAA cuts to crowd shots for most of this. It is an impressive crowd, and this angle is going nowhere. Clowns get replacement masks.

Zorro vs Charly Manson video package.

Match 4: Zorro vs Charly Manson for the AAA World Heavyweight Championship
Plaza de Toros Monumental Aguascalientes, 03/18/2011

Winner: Zorro
Match Time: 13:44
Rating: horrible
Notes: Charly is back in the red Marilyn Manson outfit, but not signing his way to the ring. Billy is with him, Jennifer is with Zorro. Advantage, Zorro. Referee is Copetes.

Jennifer tries a Zorro chant. This does get the Charly chant going. Zorro is wearing a lot of purple; outfit makes it look like he has a gut. Chest to chest to start, with some looking at the crowd to get them to look back, and some shoving. Punch fight, missed at the start, and then the two just hold each other to throw punches at the same time. Copetes forces his way into break it up for some reason. I guess fists, maybe. Circle. Zorro backs Charly into the crown, clean break. Crowd chants Charly. Zorro points at them, they chant louder. Lockup, long crowd shot. We appear to have missed little. Zorro throws a running punch, which involves him slowing down and gently throwing the punch, and Charly finally ducking. Charly measures his chops. Zorro grabs an arm and gives it as sort of armbreaker. Zorro slowly talking to Charly. Armbar! Indian deathlock style hammerlock. Regular old hammerlock. Zorro loads Charly onto his shoulders. Crowd is quiet. Zorro dumps him forward, Charly is supposed to reverse it to a small package, pulls out a bad one, it is not enough for the pin. Both up off the ropes, Zorro dropkicks ends Charly out. Zorro backs up slowly, but Charly cuts him with off with a springboard dropkick. Pin one two NO. Copetes didn't look like he was going t count three either way, which the announcers discuss. Charly picks up Zorro, Zorro breaks free, casadora cradle. One two no. Crowd is much less excited for this when they started. Zorro slow to his feet. They're selling a tiring match after four not so tiring minutes. Zorro chops Charly in the corner, and seems to have a long message for him. Corner whip, Charly gets an elbow up, Zorro charge again, Charly kicks him away, Charly charge out a full speed into a powerslam. Casita is not without it's issues, one two NO.

Another corner whip is preceded by both guys looking at something outside ring. Corner whip, reversed, Zorro kips up and out, Charly runs past and moonsaults bodyblocks Zorro – or maybe not, as Zorro just brushes Charly off as he goes behind and slaps him one. Zorro tries to springboard plancha, but blows the springboard on the first try. Crowd all over them. Charly rolls thru the plancha, one two no. Both slow up. Zoom in on Charly calling spots! Zorro kicks him, goes for a powerbomb, Charly double leg for two, Zorro sunset flip for two, Charly counter for two, Zorro counter for two. Crowd is not impressed. Zorro misses a sweep kick, Charly takes him down, back bridge cover, one two Zorro back bridges up, the turn over spots doesn’t cover off well, the backslide bit looks like they saw it on tape once but have never actually tried it themselves prior. It doesn't go anywhere anyway, not even to the pin. Charly misses a clothesline, Zorro kicks him lightly as possible. Charly walks backwards to the ropes in incredibly unconvincing fashion, and gets clothesline out to the floor. This is comedy now, and the crowd is letting them know. Tope con giro connects – Charly doesn't really make any attempt to catch, and gets kicked in the face on impact. Crowd rallies to chant for Zorro as they recover. Both are slow in. Plenty of time for crowd shots. Whip, reversed, Zorro ducks some horrible “back elbows” from Charly. Zorro whips Charly, clothesline misses, Charly back with a spinning headscissors – wait, no, he may have missed or he may have meant not to do it. Anyway, he goes for El Pozo (hooray!), Zorro kicks him off, and Charly spears Jennifer off the apron. Jennifer's the MVP of this match right now. Charly casually backs Zorro into the corner. Corner whip, Charly charge in, Zorro sets him on the top rope, and Charly headscissors him over. Charly actually runs here, and that leads to a nice fast tope on Zorro.

Charly in first. Zorro taking his time, allowing more replays. Charly grabs Zorro and pulls him up to the top rope from the outside. They fight there, and Zorro goes for a sunset flip powerbomb. Charly blocks, Jennifer slaps him, Charly lets go, and gets a 'rana anyway. One two no- reversed, one two- no. Copetes is doing a fine job of letting us know these pins aren't going to the finish by just holding his hand up in the air after two. Both to their feet again and trading shots. Charly wins with punches, but runs into an overhead belly to belly. Other Zorro decides this is a good time to pose on the stage. I don’t know who Other Zorro is, but I wish he was working this match instead of This Zorro. This Zorro decides to slowly walk towards him, and Other Zorro slowly walks backstage. Zorro can't possibly follow him back there, so he walks back to the ring. Charly is up and waiting by the time Zorro stops looking at the stage, and Zorro knocks him for El Pozo. Charly pauses before putting it on, waiting quite a bit, allowing Jennifer time to toss the cane to Zorro. (It actually this Charly in the back of the leg, but Zorro is able to grab it.) Zorro throws the cane back to Jennifer, who argues with Copetes about it going in the first place. Billy Boy gets on the apron, gets punched. Zorro brings him in, and powerbombs him unnecessarily hard. Zorro bends over and grabs his right groin. Meanwhile, Jennifer sings the cane towards Charly, misses, and Charly gets the cane. Charly spanks Jennifer with the cane, twice, not really taking it easy. Charly drops the cane and knocks Zorro around with forearms. Running tornado DDT, Charly poses, and Jennifer jumps on his back. Charly tosses her down and attempts to spank her again, but Jennifer gets free. Charly looks out at her, and Zorro gets the cane and clonks him in the head. Canek bends on impact, huh. Zorro does a move to Charly that the camera misses. Back suplex faceslam, one two three. That is his move, today.

Match 5: Electroshock vs Heavy Metal in a hair match
Plaza de Toros Monumental Aguascalientes, 03/18/2011

  1. Electroshock Rey de Reyes submission (2:44)

  2. Metal crossface (1:16)

  3. Metal casita (3:01)

Winner: Heavy Metal
Match Time: 7:01
Rating: seems actually lesser than some of the previous matches; three fall format didn’t help
Notes: Heavy Metal's girl has a very skimpy outfit on; they don't really show it. Electroshock makes a big show of firing up the fans and giving thumbs up. He MAY be a técnico here. This is said to be a bull terrier match, but the whistle blows without anyone putting the chain on (and no one ever does.) Pepe Casas is ref.

Electroshock drops Metal first, but Metal rallies back and uses the unhooked chain to choke out Electroshock. Electroshock seems to go limp, but is able to break away. Metal goes after him, and gets punched around and kicked down. Whip, reversals lead to Metal decking Electroshock to send it out, and following with a tope con giro. Metal throws Electroshock back in, and Electroshock punches Metal around. Jawbreaker, Rey de Reyes submission, Metal gives up. Announcers are very confused that's it. Crowd is even more confused. I'm pretty sure I heard Arturo Rivera call this a one fall match.

Electroshock kills time by slapping the mini. Pepe Casas finally raises his arm. Announcers realize it's three falls a minute into the break. Metal’s seconds, bored, exchange guitars. No one in the production truck knows it's three falls, or they don't have two falls.

Electroshock goes crazy urging on an Electro chant. Double clothesline spot, only Metal goes down. Electro charges, Metal flips him to the apron and kicks him off there in a near spot. Metal thru the ropes dropkick ends Electroshock throw a wood panel, set up outside for no apparent reason. Metal brings Electroshock back in, whip, drop down, bad Electroshock casita, Metal reverses to a crossface, Electroshock gives. WHY WAS THIS THREE FALLS? Crowd reaction is mixed.

Electroshock, when not firing up the crowd, bring up a wood panel, or at least part of one. Metal, who's brought in his won, trips up Electroshock as he comes in. Electroshock decides to go after the midget while he’s there. Metal is in no hurry to save his small friend. He does amble over and Electroshock works over Metal with headbutts. Electroshock sets up the wood panel so it’s sitting on the top rope. I hope they're not planning on standing on that. Electroshock gets around to Metal, and Metal slaps him. Corner whip, Electroshock charges back out, and Metal tosses him up, so he breaks the wood panel with his face. That was different. Metal, unconcerned, sets up the other wood panel in the corner. Corner whip the other way, Electroshock reverses it, Metal kips up, Electroshock lifts him on his shoulders and gives Metal running powerbomb thru it. Replay of this – so they misses Electroshock laying out Rock. Lokillo hits Electroshock in the leg and backside wit his small guitar, and Electroshock isn't hurt at all. Boot to the head, guitar to the head – well, at least it broke before it hit. Pepe Casas argues, and Electroshock punches him right out of the ring. Quite the bump by Pepe. Metal kabongs Electroshock in the back of the head with a guitar, then straight to the head again. Casita, but no one's home. Ah, Piero runs to the ring, and counts a fast one two three.

Pepe Casas is quickly carried out. Rock is very concerned about Lokillo (though more so about her pants, which can't stay up.) Metal, not so much. Electroshock is distraught. A barber belatedly runs to the ring. Lokillo is strechered out while that gets sorted out. Electroshock's head gets shaved pretty quick. Meanwhile, we're joined by Chessman (nice to know you exist, still), Super Crazy, Halloween (in his street clothes and with no facepaint) and Konnan. Konnan has the Club, which may have barbed wire on it. Barber is getting out of there, smart man. Metal is bleeding? Anyway, Konnan wants to know if Metal is in the Maniacos or not. Before Metal even gets the mic to say yes (or no, more likely), Chessman superkicks him. Cameras miss this shot. Metal gets right back up like nothing happened, and Konnan clonks him in the shoulder. That gets Metal to stays down and everyone stomps him. Electroshock quickly clears the ring, including slapping Konnan (who has to waiting, holding his face out, for quite a wile.) Numbers quickly catch up to Electroshock. Bat shot to the midsection. Pose. Konnan rants to the camera as they cut away. Konnan makes Indian notices? Legion poses on the stage. Electroshock and Metal help each other up – Metal is sure quick to get over Electroshock punching his father – and Jesus proclaims them a new faction. They need help to the back, though Electroshock still poses on the stage.

Shot of the announcers. They kill time.

Match 6: Extreme Tiger vs El MesíasLA ParkCarlito in a AAA's Rey de Reyes Tournament match
Plaza de Toros Monumental Aguascalientes, 03/18/2011

Winner: Extreme Tiger
Match Time: 20:02
Rating: good
Notes: Tiger is out first. He points to the sword a few times. Not much of a reaction to him. Carlito takes a look at the sword. Park dances on the stage for a bit, and points to himself and the sword. Mesías is missing his druid, but does find time to grab onto the sword and yell catchphrases to the camera. Piero is referee.

LA Park/Mesías and Carlito/Tiger face off, but then they turn and the técnico fights the técnico and the rudo fights the rudo. Park ditches Carlito and struts. Tiger jumps on Mesías’ back for a chinlock lasts longer than Jennifer’s did earlier. Park in no hurry to get involved, and we miss how that ends thanks to a crowd shot. Mesías has Tiger in a headlock when they go back. Mesías is shot off and runs the ropes, while a cloud of smoke seems to be floating in from the camera side. No idea. Park cheap shots Mesías from the apron on the second try, Mesías reaches for him, Tiger shoves Mesías down, and Mesías turns and shoves Tiger down. Another cut away covers Park's shove, and then Carlito is back in and shoving Park. Four way brawling on the floor, just to establish the point. Tiger's much smaller than everyone else here. Carlito looks like a shorter guy in WWE, but is normal sized guy here.

Parka and Carlito are the first ones to make it back in. Parka tries to appeal for peace and non-violence, and both guys look around at the crowd while considering it. Carlito on Park with kicks and punches. Corner whip,re versed, Park spins around and charge, in dropkick hits nothing, no one home, Park taking the bump right on the back of his head. Superkick knocks down Park. Carlito is in the wrong lucha promotion, he'd fit in over in the other place with all the extraneous superkicks. Carlito stands around, smiling and adjusting his elbow pad, and Park kicks him down. Carlito sits up, and Park entertains himself by kicking Carlito in the face with the top of his boot many times. STRUT. Chop. Look at that crew guy, randomly standing in the middle of the entrance. Whip, clothesline misses, springboard back elbow drops Park. Carlito covers, one two Mesías breaks it up because we are all idiots here. Mesías chops Carlito into the corner and then switches to right hand punches. Pose. I feel strongly about Mesías' new goatee, and not in a positive way. Corner whip, Carlito flips to escape, Mesías turns out and charges, Carlito stunner. No reaction! Carlito is reading himself as Mesías gets up, facing away form the ring. Carlito finally tries to do his move, Mesías shoves him away, but Mesías big boots him. Carlito grabs Mesías again, Mesías back elbows him and drops him with his own back cracker. Mesías covers, and Tiger is already coming in to break it up, so it's just a one count. Tiger puts all he can into a chop, it's not bad. One more, which causes Mesías to flip his hair. Tiger yells, chops again, and Mesías is hurt, but not falling. Mesías grabs Tiger, lifts him up, has much problems with a press but no problem tossing Mesías. Park teases coming in, decide to hang out on the apron. Mesías chops Tiger. Whip, Tiger ducks under a clothesline, off the ropes, Tiger ducks under another, off the ropes, jumping leg DDT by Tiger. Tiger yells for Mesías to get up, off the ropes, and creamed by a Mesías surging clothesline. Tiger appears to be alive. Mesías powerbomb, no, Tiger flips thru, sunset flip, one two Park breaks it up. Shot of the Pena's watching, looking kinda bored. This shot goes on for way too long. Back in the ring, Tiger attempts a double spin headscissors (maybe) goes awry, but they come up with a nice flip dropkick before Park flips Tiger to the apron. Park struts, unaware Tiger is there. Tiger smacks as he turns around, springboard plancha is caught, and Park struts with him in hand. I miss 1996 WCW too! Park sets Tiger on the top rope and patronizingly pats him on the cheek. Park starts to strut away, waves on the people, stops, struts some more, turns, and eats Tiger's top rope headscissors. Tiger casadora – uh, into a Park side slam? Not sure, but that's what they're going with. Park covers, one two NO. Guess Carlito is still taking a break. Eye of the Hurricane! One two Mesías makes a diving save to break it up. Park waistlock on Mesías, Mesías kicks him elbows him away, Park charges, and Mesías powerslams him, one two NO. Mesías blocks Park into the corner. Corner whip, reversed, Park clotheslines Mesías. Park out to the apron. Park going up? Yes, and pulling Mesías by the hair to get him up on the second rope too. What's the plan? Not entirely clear they know. They both end up on the top rope – off the top rope headscissors by Mesías! That was something. Park shakes around the mat like he got killed. Slow motion replays do not do that move any favors - “head” should be in quotes - but it was still impressive. Carlito breaks up the pin, because we have to keep up breaking the pins. Reverse neckbreaker on Mesías, one two Mesías kicks out. Chop. Whip, head down too soon, Mesías kicks it. Mesías off the ropes, into a Carlito spinebuster. One two Piero stops counting before Tiger dropkicks the pin. Tiger suplex, no, Carlito small package, one two NO. Clothesline, neither guy goes down, but somehow Carlito standing there and swinging again causes Tiger to acrobatically backflip to the mat. Maybe Carlito just needed his feet planted? Carlito sets Tiger up on the top rope and goes up with him. Top rope superplex? Tiger fights it, they both stand on the top rope, and then they both kind of slip, crotching each other, and Tiger hitting the top rope and the apron on the way tot he floor. Carlito is stuck crotched on the top rope, and Park fixes that by getting a chair and knocking Carlito into the ring. Shot for Tiger on the floor too. Mesías hits Park, but walks past him to attack Tiger. Park works over Carlito for a while, then charge Mesías, and gets backdropped in to the front row, with the fans completely not expecting it. Mesías stands on the video board in front of the section and poses – I think he's diving in, but there's a dozen people still pulling themselves and Park out there. Mesías waits until there's a little clearing, and jumps on Park. They go off brawling into the crowd. There's no camera with them this crowd brawl, and we can only see their heads amongst the crowd, and not even that. A camera catches up to them, mostly because Mesías and Park run out of room at the each of the grandstands. Park shoves Mesías up to the next floor, and climbs up after him. More brawling there, lots of punches. Park pushes his way thru the crowd, then stands unsteadily on the flat railing. There's no where else to walk thru, but Park kicks Mesías while standing on the edge. Park walks the railing to an entrance way, and Mesías follows after him. (No idea where Tiger & Carlito are doing.) They punch each other on the railing, both positioning themselves carefully. Mesas brings Park back towards them, and they both carefully climbing down. Mesías drags Park around by his mask, and throw shim into objects. Both guys get chairs, and swing them hard at each other, making solid impact. The lighting on the near shot is nonexistent, but the far shot makes them tough to make out. Mesías knocks Park down with a chair shot, hurriedly climbs back up to the grandstands (top rope height) and jumps off onto Parka, and presumably thru something. Crowd in the area gets very loud. Many replays. Looks like there was a table Park happened to fall on.

Shot of the ring, where Carlito and Tiger are watching this, and Piero is counting both guys out. Not actually sure how they get counted out, or why it's taken so long to start a count if they can get counted out, but whatever. Carlito and Tiger are content to fight, though Carlito does shove Tiger once. Piero gets to 20, and so they're done.

Carlito makes fun of Tiger's height. Mesías and Parka headbutt each other, laying on the ground. Carlito shoves Tiger down, I guess, because they cut away. Stomps. Tiger stood up and punched. Arturo announced the countouts over the microphone, and fans loudly boo and then start chanting naughty things to Piero. Carlito takes his time in between stomping Tiger. Tiger and Carlito avoid each other, thru commercial screw ups, until Tiger knocks down Carlito with a kick. Tiger waits for a Carlito get back up, and I guess he's taking his time because they’re waiting for people to stop paying attention other things. Carlito misses a clothesline, and runs into an awkward dropkick. Tiger waits for Carlito get up on the outside, Carlito takes his time, Carlito off the ropes, sliding out, Tiger charges Carlito, and Carlito flapjack him onto the apron. Carlito tosses Tiger back in, covers, one two NO. Fans distracted as Park and Mesías finally make their way back thru the crowd. Carlito sets up Tiger in the corner and chops him. Oh, Park found a big stick to hit Mesías. Tiger whipped in to the corner, but moves out of the way, drops Carlito on his hair, and lands a sort of rope flip legdrop. Quebrada eats knees. Carlito quick up, spinning neckbreaker, one two NO. Carlito can't believe that wasn't it. Suplex? Carlito walks around before letting up Tiger, and then holds him up there for a while. Tiger rolls himself close to the ropes, Carlito hooks the far leg, one two Tiger grabs the ropes. Announcers think Tiger is the smartest man ever for gabbing the ropes. Carlito sets up as if he’s going to powerbomb Tiger out of the ring. Of course not. Tiger flips him to the apron, ties Carlito in the ropes, kicks him there, hurries to the apron, and hits Carlito with a springboard dropkick. One two no. Crowd reacted big on that one, but the announcers are also yelling very loud. Multiple replays of Tiger's dropkick. Back live, Carlito is standing in the corner, Tiger is on the other side. He charges, but the dropkick misses, crotching Tiger. Carlito smiles as he gets up, sets Tiger in a spot, look around and casually goes to the apron. Carlito in the opposite of a hurry. Pose on the ropes. Carlito slowly climbing up. Smiling. Finally all the way up and – did Piero shake the ropes? Announcers say Tiger hit Piero into the ropes, but it was yet another missed shot on this show. Tiger rolls over Carlito, drags him in position, heads up top, lose his balance, set himself, and lands the 450 splash. One two three.

Lots of yelling. Confetti. Tiger is exhausted. A lot of confetti. Joaquin Roldan and Dr. Wagner come to the ring, and Wagner presents the sword to Tiger. The sword is NOT taller than Tiger. Tiger poses with it and such. Crowd seems happy for him, though I'm not sure if they made a new star. Wagner gets the microphone to get himself over. Hey, I typed this before he started talking, how did I even guess! Wagner welcomes Tiger to the elite of AAA and congratulates him. Is Tiger going tog et to talk? He's getting his hand raised by everyone. They play Tiger's music again, so I guess Tiger's not going to get to talk. A few more minutes of posing and replays – this one shows Tiger shoving Piero into the ropes.

That's it.