AAA on Televisa #979 (02/26/2011) 
Recapped: 02/22/11

Previously: Konnan said La Milicia was the future of AAA. Park beat Mesías. Zorro and Charly had issues.

Konnan wants to know what's up with Zorro and Charly Manson, but Zorro doesn't want to hear that name. This doesn't get far before Park shows up, hitting the metal stair railing with Zorro's pole and asking when he's going to get his title shot. Zorro is not happy to hear that either, but yells at Konnan and Park before walking out. Anyway, Park wants the shot at Rey de Reyes, where he'll be a new champion. Konnan quickly tells him he's got more to do to become champ and walks off after Zorro. Park's all “Whaaaaat?”

Match 1: Fabi Apache & Sugi vs Ronin & Sexy Star
Arena Naucalpan, 02/04/2011

Winner: rudas
Match Time: 7:13
Rating: not enough Sugi.
Notes: Ronin is a guy who is probably Japanese and may or may not be a former Fruit. Sexi Star now has a vocal opening (with Pink Panther music?) before going into her regular song. I think Sugi, back here with no introduction, has new music. Hijo de Tirantes is referee, as always for a Fabi Apache vs Sexi Star match.

Match actually starts with no sound besides the announcers, but it kicks in before they actually get going. Tirantes wastes no time in getting involved. Crowd way behind Fabi. Those two don't get far before tagging out. Tirantes tries to do a bowing comedy bit with Ronin, who has no time for such nonsense. Crowd not into Sugi's evasiveness until he actually does a headscissors. And they tag back out there. Tirantes helps Sexi Star again, and roughly boots Sugi off the apron. Beatdown starts there. Sexi Star is back to legdropping with the wrong leg, or maybe that was supposed to be a double legdrop. Break.

Fabi gets hold of Sexi long enough for Tirantes to pull her off. Sugi ducks a Sexi clothesline, and gets Ronin with a spinning armdrag into a Spinning headscissors. Fabi kicks Sexi into the corner, and Sugi adds his running the ropes dropkick, this one as a low blow. Double hiptoss for Ronin, double dropkick (though Sugi sets his up with a flip, of course.) Sexi traps Sexi in the rolling armscissors, but Ronin returns to make the save. Sugi missile dropkicks him out, and follows with a slingshot headscissors to the floor. (then grabs his own knee.) Fabi slaps Sexi around and drops Sexi with a Tiger suplex. Tirantes refuses to count, then breaks up the pin. Fabi slaps Tirantes in the face, Sexi sneaks in a backcracker, one two three.

Sexi Star rolls out, and pulls a mini bat from underneath the ring. Who knew Nicho was starting a trend? Sexi hand it to Tirantes, who climbs Fabi’s right knee twice. Apache finally turns up to make the save then. No idea what happened to Sugi or Ronin. Oh, there's Ronin, walking off with Sexi and Tirantes (who's ranting to the camera.) Sugi turns up by Fabi's stretcher, limping.

This week, Arturo Rivera actually explains the Rey de Reyes groups this week. Hooray. ???? in Carlito's spot.

Match 2: Joe Lider vs Cuervo and Chessman and Extreme Tiger in a AAA's Rey de Reyes Tournament semifinal match
Arena Naucalpan, 02/04/2011

Winner: Extreme Tiger
Match Time: 11:39
Rating: a good match
Notes: Pepe Casas and Piero are referees. Why do we have two referees?

Cuervo charges Lider, and those two end up going out. Tiger and Chessman face around, Tiger ending him for now with a sliding dropkick thru the ropes. Cuervo's on Tiger, and it's just going to go like that for now. Cuervo topes Tiger and I think Lider dives on Chessman and the cameras completely miss it. Both back in, Lider works over Cuervo with a series of kicks and a half straight jacket reverse neckbreaker. Move! Kickout! Next move. Cuervo big boots Lider, kickout. Chop fight. Both off the ropes, both tripped up and pulled out. Chessman slaps Tiger as he charges, then grabs him by the head and points to the crowd. German suplex, Tiger flips out, then flips out of the ring with a slingshot tope con giro to crush Cuervo’s face. Chessman topes Joe Lider, and ends up falling over the barricade into the crowd.

Chessman makes it back in while Everyone else recovers or brawls on the outside. Tiger throws Lider in, but Chessman superkicks him off the apron. Chessman has to stop to as the crowd that they want when he's hitting Joe Lider. I think they want you to continue hitting Joe Lider. Instead, we get Lider blocking a clothesline and eventually grabbing the other leg and then the head and the landing a bad backbreaker, maybe? I dunno. Break time.

Lider gives Chessman an inverted DDT off the middle rope, but Tiger breaks up that pin. Tiger doesn't get much going before it's Cuervo's turn to get involved. Cuervo takes out Tiger with a dropkick counting a roll, takes out Chessman with a DDT, kicks Lider of the apron, and comes of the top with a senton con giro – but Tiger beaks up the pin. Why are they breaking up pins? I ask this every year. Cuervo and Lider collide on plancha, but move in time to evade Chessman's moonsault twisting splash. Lider double underhook hanging DDT on Cuervo, Tiger breaks it up. Lider Storm on Tiger, Chessman breaks it up. Lider gets Chessman in a crucifix, and Tropicasas really would not like to go down to count it, but he must, and Chessman kicks out. Lider clears Cuervo off the apron and rests. Tiger surprise him with a flipping dropkick, but Chessman throws Tiger out and sets up in the corner. Spear to Lider, one two three.

Cuervo dropkick Chessman low on a roll, but Chessman kicks out at two. Cuervo argues the count, throws a clothesline, and Chessman reverses to a short spear. One two three.

Tiger tries to surprise Chessman with an Oklahoma roll, but losses him. Tiger tries laying on top, and only gets one. Chessman off the ropes, slightly kick tripped into the ropes, and caught in them. Tiger adds a guillotine stomp, pulls Chessman out of the ropes, covers, and Chessman puts his feet back on them. Crowd loudly behind Tiger. Tiger chops Chessman, off the ropes, back again, and up into the Atlantida. Atlantida drop, and Chessman points to the crowd and poses for a moment. They cut to the crowd instead of showing the pinfall, and then go to a break. Fantastic editing here.

Chessman covers, but Tiger gets a foot on the ropes. Tiger pulls himself on the apron, ducks Chessman’s punch, kicks him away, and comes in with a springboard 'rana – except Chessman blocks it and sits down for crab. Chessman gars the ropes, so Chessman pulls him back up for a powerbomb, and Tiger reveres it to a 'rana. One two three. Yea, you really couldn't wait one more minute for a break.

Replays take a while.

Cibernético talks to a mystery man. I guess this is the mystery Milica man. I guess he want to see LA Park.

Highlights of Mesías vs LA Park.

Match 3: El Mesías, Espíritu, Ozz vs Decnnis, LA Park, Zorro
Arena Naucalpan, 02/04/2011

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 18:12
Rating: ok.
Notes: Piero is ref. They have so much time, we don't just get entrances, but we get people screwing around for a minute before the fall starts.

Rudos immediately jump the técnicos. Park beats up Mesías on the outside while the other two work over the Dark Family for a bit. Crowd is behind LA Park. Espiritu is whipped into a chair shot form Park. Piero will allowed it. Props to Park for finding a folding chair in this weekend, or breaking a plastic one to better meet his needs. Break as the beatdown is still going.

Rudos hold down Mesías, and Park clears out the other two before finally kicking Mesías in the face. Brawling and such. Parka takes off his belt to – well, dance, but eventually he's probably going to hit Mesías with it. Wait for it. Wait for it. There we go. One for the back, one for the chest. Park does not put the belt back on, and that will in no way hurt him later. Park whips Mesías, técnicos pull him out, Mesías duck a double clothesline, kills a second by punching Decnnis, and then topes Park to start the comeback. Espiritu and Ozz clear out the other two, and Mesías misses sure to get in some chairshots on Park. Director really have trouble keeping up with the action tonight, just sticking with the close camera too long and missing some of the action. In a shocking turn of events, Mesías uses Park's own belt on him. Decnnis takes a chair shot in here too. Everyone settles to their corners, and rudos nominate Decnnis to face Mesías. That lasts for one shove. Espiritu in, and Decnnis use his helmet on him, then puts it on for safety. Charly is shown watching this in a monitor. Espiritu armdrags Decnnis out, headscissors Zorro, ducks Park's clothesline and topes Zorro into the crowd. Break.

Parka and Mesías engage in a slugfest, until Park gets annoyed and walks off. Decnnis talks trash to Mesías, but can't knock him down with a shoulderblock. Mesías comes back with a shoulderblock of his own, running over Decnnis. Decnnis is able to pause Mesías with a slap, but misses on another and takes an urange. Zorro spears Mesías with his cane, and the crowd gets all over him. Powerbomb? No, Mesías backdrop, Zorro sunset flip, Mesías rolls thru and dropkick him. Mesías misses on a clothesline, Zorro avoids and hits his own. This is the first time Zorro's come across as important here, and not just filler. Crowd chants for him. Mesías whips him into the corner, Zorro fights off his charges, but charge out into a spinebuster. Mesías stares at Zorro, and Park forearms him from behind and forearms him down. Park misses a corner charge and takes the missed dropkick bump in the corner. Mesías punches him there, Piero pulls Mesías off, and Park gets in a cheap shot. Mesías falls on top of Piero, Park goes for a middle rope splash, and it gets Piero but not Mesías. Mesías dropkicks Park out and goes for a dive, but Decnnis breezes him with a flying back elbow. That barely hit, but it was enough to send Mesías out. Espiritu in, Decnnis ducks his boot, Espiritu flips him to the apron, Decnnis hold him there, but Zorro's charge in to accidentally hit his partner. Zorro flattens Espiritu with a rolling dropkick. Kick to Ozz misses, Zorro catches Ozz’s kick, Ozz flips out to escape, and Espiritu boots him into a dropkick to send Zorro out. Zorro runs – slows down at the ropes, and tries a pescado. Rudos catch him and toss him over into the empty seats, Ozz runs – thru the ropes tornillo wipes out both rudos. Everyone down on the floor. Park climbs on the ropes and takes a look at the mess. He turns out around to see he's left with Mesías, and is very concerned. Quick kick to surprise Mesías. Corner whip, charge in, Mesías get his boots up, Park charges again, Mesías gets his boot up, Mesías out, in a powerslam. Piero is alive and counting, one two NO. Park tries to chant a Yes We Can chant, though no one goes with it. Decnnis has a huge bump forming on his head, ugly. Another corner charge, Mesías elbows and swing kicks Park away. Mesías up top, plancha connects. Mesías powerslam, one two no. A doctor is now looking at Decnnis’ bump – the doctor touches the wound, and Decnnis freaks out in pain. Inside, Park drops Mesías with a full nelson bomb. Is Zorro hurt too? A doctor is checking on him in the crowd. Park with a rope flip moonsault (?) but Mesías gets his legs up. Mesías charges, crowd shot, and Park is suddenly down. Mesías lets everyone know he's going up top. Top rope splash connects, one two three.

Decnnis suddenly jumps up and beats up Espiritu on the outside. Park beats up Mesías on the outside. Cuervo appears to save Espiritu and the three Dark Family remembers kick Decnnis around. LA Park is still punching Mesías in the ring, and waiting for someone to make the save. The Dark family finally does, and Park walks off. Replays.