AAA on Televisa #976 (02/05/2011) 
Recapped: 01/27/11

Bizarros video package.

Four sided ring. Packed building, and a loud crowd early on. My sound is all messed up, but they're clearly reacting big or mixed much better than usual.

Match 1: Mascarita Divina & Octagoncito vs Mini Histeria & Mini Psicosis
Centro Civico de Ecatepec, EdM, 01/15/2011

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 5:37
Rating: good for the time
Notes: Tropicasas is ref. Rudos start the beatdown right away, and técnicos go right into showcase spots after the break. Big rudo double team spot is a double press slam toss into the ropes on Octagoncito. Octagoncito does a nice top tornillo to the floor to end his run, Divina does an Asai (that's short and saved a bit by Histeria), and Octagoncito comes back in to armdrag Psi around and finished him with an armdrag into a crucifix.

Even if you have no idea what else is going on, you can always immediately quickly tell if it's a three match show, because they'll hang around showing highlights of the opener for ever. And they'll get entrances, that’s probably easier.

Cibernético narrates from his office. We see Parka at the Christmas party with his three year old kid, who's wearing a cast. From his office, Cibernético is taunting him about the contents of an envelope. What could it mean? There's the back of Mrs. Parka's head. Hey, Cibernético shows off the x-ray and laughs.

Bizarros/Cibernetico video package.

Theme From Pulp Fiction leads the Bizarros to the ring. Cibernético welcomes Charly back, then declares war on AAA and “la Milicia” because he blanked on “Sociedad”. Crowd is sure Cibernético is a técnico and singing his song. Cibernético talks about Parka and disciplining his son. That leads out La Parka, who gets in many punches on Cibernético before the rest of the Bizarros awake. Jack Evans and Extreme Tiger are smart enough to bring in weapons to clear the ring. Parka rants in Cibernético's direction. Parka's really angry a lot for a comedy guy. Oh, a mute. “

Match 2: Fabi Apache & Pimpinela Escarlata vs Sexy Star & Yuriko
Centro Civico de Ecatepec, EdM, 01/15/2011

Winner: tecnicas
Match Time: 10:36
Rating: eh
Notes: Hijo de Tirantes is ref. He seems more receptive to Sexi Stars' advances than Pimpi's for some reason. Break 30 seconds in for some reason.

They're really pushing this “send us your photos!” contest for whatever reason.

This seems set into an usual bit of match between the four – Fabi/Sexi is what we've seen before - but Yuriko and Pimpi have a fun slap fight and seem motivated. Pimpi really hasn’t looked good on the athletic spots he tries – there’s a really bad headscissors here – but he's still throwing himself off the apron for dives. Crowd is LOUD. Rudos take over the beatdown after that, working over Fabi with Pimpi waiting on the apron.

Cavernaria/bulldog combination looks nice. Pimpi's brought in, thrown around by the hair and choked a lot. Sexi legdrops with the correct leg, and then takes a bow. Pimpi ducks a double clothesline, and takes care of Sexi Star as Fabi chaes Yuriko around the ring for a quebradora. Back inside, Pimpi flapjacks Yuriko, and holds Sexi Star for a Fabi dropkick. Fabi lands a silla on her on the outside. Pimpi missile dropkicks Yuriko and oddly pulls him into a cradle for the match. Tirantes is distraught about having to count Yuriko down, because Yuriko is so important? Técnicos demand Tirantes raise their arm, he refuses, and Sexi Star has to save Tirantes from Fabi. That doesn't work well for Sexi Star, but Tirantes gets out of there fine.

From a pool hall, Heavy Metal declares he shall return. He has a random woman and a midget (standing on a pool table) with him, and they’re all wearing sunglasses in this dark room. I have no doubt this is a true view of Heavy Metal's every day life.

Arturo recaps the Parka/Cibernético angle we just saw a half hour ago.

Match 3: Extreme Tiger, Jack Evans, La Parka vs Charly Manson, Cibernético, Escoria
Centro Civico de Ecatepec, EdM, 01/15/2011

Winner: Bizarros
Match Time: 11:01
Rating: OK
Notes: And the Bizarros are back. Separate entrances, so Escoria can use the group music. I will not call him “Dark Escoria Bizarro”, Arturo. Cibernético is using a baseball cap to cover his head, good move. He's going to wear that gear with the Invasors (mostly non-descript) log on it for the next year, I bet. Cibernético wears the Bizarro mask to the ring. Jack hugs many people on the way to the ring. What a friendly man. Parka is so angry at Cibernético, he stops to dance on the stage and high five everyone on the way to the ring. Parka slowly chases Cibernético around once Parka finally reaches the ring. Break before the match really gets started. Piero is ref.

Técnicos agree to leave to Parka and take Cibernético one on one, but they rudos just rush them all and that's the end of that. Rudos bring chairs in play, and Piero is okay with it. Tiger takes a hip toss onto one, and it looks quite something. Cibernético does the chair into a chair into a groin bit. Rudos focus to take down one guy at a time, though I'm not always sure they're on the same wave length with their plans. Catapult/kick back/flying legdrop bit on Jack is pretty good. Parka sidesteps a second set of corner charges and everyone runs into his moves so he can start the comeback. Mobility is not a Parka strong suit this week. Break as things settle down.

Técnico showcases. Escoria and Tiger come close to having a literal flipping contest. Tiger's springboard dropkick to send the bit doesn’t look so good, but maybe it was the angle. Parka throws Escoria into the crowd for no reason. Jack matches up with Charly, and Charly likes throwing questionable punches. Jack front flip dropkicks him out and lands the big dive, Charly just moving in the place again. Tiger comes back into sends Escoria out with a headscissors and follow him with a tornillo. That leaves Parka and Cibernético. Clotheslines of dubious quality. Parka gets the better of it. Charly runs into take some quebradora. Piero checks on him, Cibernético fouls Parka (Oh – Piero was distracted by Cibernético, as if it matters) and Charly puts on El Pozo. No sign of Jack or Tiger. Parka does fight for a while, but gives. Cibernético and Charly Manson do the dance from Pulp Fiction! I AM SOLD. Charly just can't stop dancing. I wish they'd have a better gif of this.

Taboo walks to the ring with the Bizarros mask and the manila envelope. Hey, there's Jac, he's dead on the floor. Good to know. Rudos remove Park's mask and put on the Bizarros mask. Hey, Extreme Tiger is alive! And now he's dead because Escoria back suplexes him. Bizarros leave with the Parka mask. Parka's sitting up with the envelope. Bizarros do the dance on the stage!

They have so much time to kill, Parka and Tiger get to recover and raise their arms in the ring. Did I miss Jack? Replays. And show.