AAA on Televisa #964 (11/13/2010)
Recapped: 11/10/10

Four sided ring with a ramp. Preview of the show pretty much shows all you need to see from the show, so that's nice.

Match 1: Fabi Apache & Mari Apache vs Alissa Flash & Sexy Star
Arena Actopan, 10/20/2010

Winner: Alissa Flash
Match Time: 8:50
Rating: eh
Notes: No entrances. Tirantes is ref.

Really basic lucha match for the most part. Técnicas control early, rudos take over off a Sexi Star kick to the outside, and Mari flips Fabi to safety to start the comeback. Nothing really that interesting during the first two thirds. Building seems packed and really loud. Alyssa really seems like a person in need of a gimmick, especially in this promotion. Apaches have an ice rolling senton/legdrop combo on Sexi star, rudas mange a two person faceslam on Fabi. After Mari takes out Sexi Star with a silla, Fabi and Alissa suddenly click into big match finish. Alissa gets a near fall off a Samoan drop, Fabi escapes another and kicks Alissa in the head, Alissa ducks under Fabi’s Shining Wizard, and finishes her with an Air Raid Crash for the clean win.

Konnan, Damian and Halloween talk about Psycho Circus. Damian and Halloween aren't impressed by the clowns, and they'd like a chance to end the steak, Tijuana style.

Dorian talks to someone on his phone about Joaquin – no, wait, he's talking to Joaquin? And they're friendly? And Dorian wants to talk about his mistakes with him in person next week? So confused.

Match 2: Argenis, Crazy Boy, Gato Eveready vs Billy Boy, Tigre Cota, Tito Santana
Arena Actopan, 10/20/2010

Winner: Rudos
Match Time: 8:50
Rating: OK, leaning towards good.
Notes: No entrances. Welcome back to the living, Tito & Argenis. Pepe Casas is referee.

After an opening of Crazy/Tiger Cota, this somehow ends up being a missile dropkick contest. Billy Boy wins, but ends up facing Argenis, so is he really a winner? To be fair, Argenis was improving last time I saw him. To be unfair, Argenis nearly falls down on his walk up the ropes armdrag, his first tricky spot. It goes better from there, and he clears the rudo side well. Gato battles both Billy and Cota, getting the latter with his tornillo. Rudos get the advantage by having Crazy Boy miss a dropkick, and then standing around a bunch while occasionally chopping him. It's not the most dramatic sequence of events. They make up for it with double team moves, including a new bit where they all blast Crazy Boy with invisible shotguns. This is why you give people new gimmicks every so often, you get to find out what new weird (and possibly really politically incorrect) ideas they have. Double teams are basically Billy/Tigre, with Tito setting up and staying out of the way. A double team faceslam goes bad, but Tito cleans up with a top rope splash. Boom for Gato too. Argenis manages to dropkick Cota to the ramp, but the other guys pound him. Argenis is flipped to the ramp, chopped up it a way, and whipped back into a rebound faceslam on the ramp. Clip? Crazy Boy takes out the técnicos one by one, peaking with a front cracker for Tito. Billy stops Crazy's run with a dropkick, but Crazy flips him to the apron and swing kicks him off. Moonsault to the floor flattens Billy. Tito slaps Argenis around, corner whip, Argenis front flips to the apron and Tito spectacularly throws himself thru the ropes. Argenis follows with a plancha, which seems a bit lesser after that, but the crowd is still really impressed. Gato springboards in for a tornillo armdrag into a STO on Tigre Cota. Gato springboards again, but Tiger takes him out with the anti-aircraft dropkick. Sharpshooter – Cota does NOT grab an armbar, doing it more the US way, and that's it.

Arturo Rivera talks to Gran Apache. Apache says he's tranquil – he's content with his daughters and his grandchildren, everythign is okay. Arturo tries to stir things up by asking about his feels on Dorian and Konnan, but Apache isn't interested in him. The only thing bugging him is that referee – Hijo del Tirantes. Hey, it's this angle again. I wonder if it'll go anywhere this time?

Bizarros vignette: Escoria. Hey, there's your spoiler for later. Escoria actually started out with a homeless gimmick and seems to have gone back that way. Or mayb ehe's just a guy who likes campfires and raggedy clothes?

La Parka calls out Cibernético. Didn't he just see he's out in the middle of the badlands with Escoria? Escoria clearly did not have a TV. Parka is content to talk to the camera, trying to explain why he accused Cibernético of being a traitor: he's done it before! A couple of times! That seems reasonable. Anyway, Cibernético won the match and now he won't return phone calls, but Parka would like talk.

Konnan addresses the troops. The troops being Billy Boy, Tigre Cota, and Skull Mask, not actually wearing his Skull Mask this week. He’s missing his one defining feature (though I guess I figured it out – it was the hair.) I guess Tito Santana has already returned to the void from which he came. Konnan explains what he needs Skull Mask to do this week (run in during a match, be ineffective, same as every week) when Billy asks about the whole 'two attackers' bit. Konnan strongly suggests Billy not ask those questions and sends the Militia off on an errand. Konnan and (the mute, but gesturing) Skull Mask immediately trash Billy for daring to ask such a question. Well, then.

Konnan, who's a busy man this week, talks to Ultimo Gladiador and Silver King. Konnan asks where Electroshock is – UG says not here. Silver King, sadly: “Mal, mal, mal, mal.” That was great. Electroshock is still only in for beating up Heavy Metal, so he may not be so interested in the main event. Moving on, Konnan explains the stipulations to the next match – one guy from each team will be handcuffed, so the idea is to free your guy first and take advantage of the 2 on 1. Hey, that was helpful!

Match 3: Joe Lider & Nicho el Millionario vs Silver King & Último Gladiador in a handcuff match
Arena Actopan, 10/20/2010

Winner: Joe Lider & Nicho el Millionario
Match Time: 14:43
Rating: ok enough, though
Notes: Piero is referee. Arturo again explains the rules. There are already chairs in the ring. Silver King is not really in to this handcuff idea but does let it on before the match gets started. Nicho gets handcuffed for the other team. Just to make it more complicated, the keys to the handcuffs are handing from light towers set up in the corner – so it's like key on the pole.

Gladiador and Lider to a couple minute sequence of being equal for each other, including colliding at high speed on a plancha. They both give each other top rope moves when the other goes for their key, to keep it even. Nicho, smarter than the average bear, actually tries climbing up the ropes himself to get the key, but it doesn’t quite work and the other guys get in the way by fighting over. Gladiador and Lider nearly kill each other on a Lider Spanish fly – they didn't turn over until the last moment. UG's turn is a top rope sort of powerbomb. After some chair play, UG takes out Lider with a (poor) tope. Gladiador hurries back to the ring, rips the key from the crowd, and unlocks Silver King. This last part takes a while longer than it should. Gladiador gives up, handing the key off to Silver Kain and holding off Lider with a chair shot. Silver Kain yells at Gladiador to come back over – it looks like Gladiador has another key (passed by Pierro?) At any rate, Silver king is finally able to get free, and the rudos beat up Lider and Nicho.

WagnerManiacos tries to finish of Lider with chair shots and such. A top rope flying chair shot is prevented by Lider breaking free from Silver, crotching Gladiador, DDTing Silver King, and stopping to pose. Everyone in the crowd knows he should be going for the key instead. By the time he does, Gladiador is up and hitting him in the back with a chair. Nicho too. Lider takes a few more chair shots, but ducks a double clotheslines to start another move intensive comeback. Crowd not as into this one. Lider opts to hit both rudos with chair shots instead of going directly for the key, but he does connect on the shots. Lider retrieves the key, but drops it on the middle of the ring instead of any place useful. Lider has to collect it, and stops to pose with it for a while. What a maroon. Konnan arrives, and does his best to kill Lider with a chair shot to the head. Konnan has the key! Someone in the crowd has the key, because Konnan just chucked it! Konnan decides that's enough for today, and leaves. To his credit, Nicho doesn't pull a Parka and freak out, but instead goes to work on the lock. No idea where he got something to pick a lock with. Nicho stops working to yell at Piero to go help Lider, then goes back to jimmy the lock. Where did he get a lock pick from? Upstanding of Nicho not to use it until the key got thrown away. Nicho finally frees himself, wings Silver King with a chair, and throws it at Gladiador. Nicho stops to pose, stops to slap some sense into Lider, and they get to work. Kick combo, STO/bulldog onto a chair for Silver King. Long time setting up a spot on UG. Two man toss out of him out of the ring into a chair on the ramp. Nicho tries a chair boosted slingshot senton giro out of the ring into Gladiador, and doesn’t really comes close to hitting him. Those two are out, which allows Silver King to go back to beating up Joe Lider. Walking tornado DDT, one two no. Silver King misses his moonsault, and Lider goes back to the chair. Silver takes out his knee with a dropkick, gets the chair himself, whiffs, holds in front of his head, and bends down so Lider can front cracker him. One two three.

187 celebrate for nearly 30 seconds before Militia hit the ring. Nicho & Lider are smart enough to run into the crowd this time.

Arturo Rivera talks to Chessman, who explains he's been gone thanks 187 being unprofessional and injuring his ankle. Chessman thanks Konnan, Dorian, and his Doctor. Chessman vows revenge on 187, though he seems more angry with Lider. Or maybe he's just refusing to say Nicho's name?

Match 4: Cuervo, La Parka Jr., Ozz vs Chessman, Hernandez, Zorro
Arena Actopan, 10/20/2010

Winner: rudos
Match Time: 12:42 (7:41+5:01)
Rating: usual
Notes: No entrances. Tirantes is ref. Konnan is out with the rudos.

Rudos seem to jump the técnicos while we're looking elsewhere. Cuervo takes a Border Toss from the ramp into the ring, then Hernandez flies in the ring with a tope on Parka. Cuervo takes a superplex from Zorro, a springboard legdrop from Chessman, and slingshot splash from Hernandez. Parka takes two cane shots from Zorro, but magically ducks the third, to start the comeback. Clothesline for Chessman, one for Zorro, for Hernandez but Hernandez isn't budged. Ozz and Cuervo manage to clothesline him out, so that'll work. Técnicos try to get to Konnan, are largely unsuccessful. Parka tries to going thru the crowd, but that doesn't work.

Técnico showcases show us neither member of the Dark Family is able to knock down Hernandez on their own, but they can take him down if they both take him down. Ozz and Parka are next, with Parka doing a lot (or the other guys doing a lot for him. Idea is till Parka wants to get Konnan but can't. After Parka takes out Chessman with a tope and Ozz gets Hernandez with his thru the ropes tornillo, Cuervo has Zorro down to a floataround DDT. Cuervo choose to argue with Konnan, and Zorro lights him up with the cane. Zorro gives Cuervo a horrible looking curbstomp, and that's the match.

Hernandez drops Parka with a safe over the shoulder backbreaker and Zorro lays out Ozz with a chair shot to the head. Stomping. 187's music plays. Nicho, wearing a DTU shirt, walks out with a taped cane of his own. Rudos look at him, so totally distracted as to miss Lider coming in from the other side with a freaking ladder. Lider’s not too smooth with it either, and just uses it to hit people with an oversized ladder. Very unwieldy. I am sure they are setting up a TLC match, or at least were at this point. There has to be something with a ladder coming up, or it makes even less sense than usual. Rudos are easily run off. A limping Parka chases a less limping Konnan (hooray!) to the back. Rudos get pelted with a lot of a garbage, and Parka gives up quick. He's really hurting.

Heavy Metal says hi. He explains his injury, and we get footage of it and close up pictures of the ankles. He's going to recover and get back at Electroshock and Konnan.

Bizarro vignette: Taboo.

Match 5: Cibernético, El Mesías, Octagón vs Damián 666, Electroshock, Halloween
Arena Actopan, 10/20/2010

Winner: rudos
Match Time: 8:17 (1:06+5:55+1:16)
Rating: usual, seemed longer than the time.
Notes: and now here's Cibernético just in a match. And also Electroshock. Piero is ref.

Electroshock walks over to Mesías and slaps him right in the face. The two proceed to have a fantastic fifteen second slap to the face fight, perhaps the greatest thing either man has ever done. Mesías, being the técnico, beats Electroshock and clothesline him directly out of the ring. Octagon and Cibernético get the best of the other two, of course, but it’s not as cool. Break.

Técnico offense, check. Halloween teases walking out, check. After everyone gets a turn, rudos finally get the advantage when Mesías tries to pin Electro and the others run into help beat him up. Second break during the beatdown.

Match seems a lot longer than it actually is. I may be just be really tired. Mesías stats comeback by tossing elector and following with a plancha. Cibernético chokeslams Damian. Skull Mask, not in his Skull Mask, runs in and attacks Cibernético from behind. Octagon tries to help out, gets speared by Halloween, and Piero counts a three count without an issue.

Not Skull mask continues stomping Cibernético as Perros del Mal music plays. It switches over to a different tune – Cuervo & Taboo run in, so it must be the Bizarro music. Damian charges them, and gets backdropped out of the ring onto the ramp. That's a heck of a bump. Halloween's slid out on his chest. Electroshock is too busy messing with Mesías to kill the cruiserweights. Not Skull Mask takes his leave. Bizarros and técnicos regroup in the ring, so Cibernético can refuse some more handshakes. Mesías tries to talk some sense in him, wrong guy for that.

Wrap up video, and it's over.