AAA on Televisa #963 (11/06/2010) 
Recapped: 10/26/10

Previously: Aerostar won Copa Pena and Chris Stone’s hair. 187 got the better of Konnan. Octagon was beat up. Ozz & Cuervo got involved, Octagon fought Ghost Rider, and Cibernético made a new friend.

Four sided ring this week.

Match 1: Cinthia Moreno & Esther Moreno vs Alyssa Flash & Kitzune Nanoko
Polideportivo La Huizachera, Tehuacan, Puebla, 10/18/2010

Winner: Alyssa Flash & Kitzune Nanoko
Match Time: 13:19
Rating: too long, eh.
Notes: No promo. Graphic is all the new people get as far as introduction. Joined at the whistle. Tropicasas is ref. Esther has a new outfit, and it takes me half the match to realize it's a knockoff version of WWE's Beth Phoenix gear. Actually, not sure it's good I knew that at all.

Arturo is still working out how to pronounce Flash's first name. Come to think of it, I'm not sure of that either. I'm thinking “A LISS UH”, but I dunno. They’re spelling it with a “y” here, which is not the normal way but let’s roll with it. Cinthia and Flash exchange chops, kicks and hair tosses the first time thru. Esther starts off with a flip into a pose, and Kitzune forearms her in the face. That's the way to go. Kitzune (who has no last name in the graphic) talks a lot as she moves around. Why is the building lit blue? Are those empty seats on the upper floor or just a walk way? It’s a lot of empty seats if they’re empty seats. Kitzune bases her offense around kicking Esther in the face and starting a chant only she seems to know. Armbar! Esther reverses out of it and armdrag Kitzune. Esther deflects a kick, both off the ropes, and Esther dropkicks her out. Dive already? Esther tope con giro off the apron. Other two are in, though Flash is slow to realize it. Shoulderblocks, and Alyssa wins. Off the ropes, shoulderblock win again for the American. Whip, Esther up and over armdrag, goes eh. Dropkick ends Flash thru the ropes to the floor, and Cinthia follows with an apron silla. Back inside, Esther puts Kitzune in a tapatía. Rolling it, Kitzune screaming all the way. Up twice, up three times. Esther drops her on the mat, then elbow drops her. Cinthia’s dropkick back fires and gets her sister, and both rudas stomp Cinthia. Slam by Flash, Kitzune off the ropes, and Alyssa drops him in a casadora slam on Cinthia. One two Cinthia kicks out and rolls out. Esther in. Double boot for Esther. Alyssa holds Esther in a camel clutch, and Kitzune kicks Esther in her chest. Big target! Arturo leaps into action, noting Alyssa is doing the hold invented by Gori Guerrero. Awesome. Curb stomp. Rudas pose for photos. Cinthia breaks up the party, but ends up being choked in the corner. Double clothesline for Esther. Corner clothesline and corner running knee (by Kitzune.) That look really good, and Kitzune has a great posing dance thing that gets under the crowd's nerves. Crowd’s mostly been silent for this, though, though it's too soon to tell if it’s the match or the micing. Corner whip, Alyssa misses a corner clothesline, but holds Cinthia in front of her in the corner. That can't work – Cinthia moves, and Kitzune boots her partner. Morenos running wild. Esther gives Kitzune a slam, and then a German suplex that the Japanese woman either had no idea was coming or decided it'd be easier to be dead weight for. Second one goes a lot better. Cinthia takes Alyssa out, and Esther missile dropkicks Kitzune. Hey, another camel clutch, another chance to remind us who did that hold. That's going to be not funny if they do it all night. Cinthia rings Alyssa back in for a bulldog. Double suplex on Kitzune, and the announcers can't remember her name. Esther and Alyssa just end up in the corners, and Kitzune kinda of gets Esther with a running knee in another spot where no one seemed to be on the same page. Crowd has seen enough of this, and is letting them know. Corner dropkick knocks Esther down. Corner whip, reverses, Esther yells, argues, gets lifted to the apron, smashes Kitzune into the buckle, and climbs up. Top rope tope con crushes Kitzune. German suplex #3, one two Alyssa breaks it up. Alyssa a lifts Esther on her shoulder and walks around – crowd is impressed by that. Samoan drop. Alyssa brushes off both shoulders and puts on - kind of a inverted cloverleaf? (Wikipedia says Kondo Clutch.) Cinthia hangs Alyssa in the ropes and pulls her off for a backcracker, but of course they're still in the ropes when Cinthia tries to pin. Kitzune misses a dropkick on Cinthia, and Cinthia stomps her in the head. Farmer’s roll on Kitzune gets the crowd's approval. Round and round they go – two complete circles, one two kickout! Cinthia can't believe that wasn't three. She may have a point. Why did I type this much about this match? Cinthia dropkick Kitzune out and goes for an Asai, but that ain’t happening. Alyssa savers he with a forearm to the face. Esther surprises Alyssa with a missile dropkick, Kitzune surprises Esther with a missile dropkick, Kitzune drops Esther with an enzguri, one two three. Esther got her shoulder briefly up to prove a point. Right person won, but I'm not sure it makes sense. Ah, who cares.

Super Fly and Laredo Kid leave the dressing room. I don’t' know why they want to have their usual argument out in the hallway, but that's what happens. Super Fly: “I'm a professional, and I'm your leader.” Laredo shakes his head. Super Fly has had about enough of this punk kid not following orders, I think.

Match 2: Laredo Kid & Súper Fly vs Decnnis & Tigre Cota
Polideportivo La Huizachera, Tehuacan, Puebla, 10/18/2010

Winner: Decnnis & Tigre Cota
Match Time: 8:25
Rating: good, angle by the end
Notes: No entrances. Decnnis and Tigre Cota pull each other back from attacking the técnicos. They get into a shoving match about it, then salute, and Decnnis charges Super Fly. Super Fly steps out of the way, and Decnnis hits the corner. Piero is ref.

Headscissors for Cota, Headscissors by Laredo for Decnnis. Técnicos are flipped to he apron, but flip back in the ring over the rudo charges. Rudso slide out, and técnicos tope them nicely. Replays. Clip? Técnicos are back in their corner, Decnnis in, Decnnis dropped by a Laredo plancha. Laredo tires to go out with a pescado on Cota, but Cota kicks him on the way down. Decnnis chucks Super Fly out too. Decnnis brought a military helmet with him to the ring, and uses it to hit Super Fly here. Replay of Laredo Kid’s kick. Rudos bring in Super Fly for knees lifts and forearm to the back. Super Fly stood up, just to be thrown down. Cota elbow drop. Super Fly shouldered out. Laredo brought in for kneelifts and slaps to the back. Corner whip, Decnnis charges in with a jumping enziguri, sets up Laredo in the ropes, and wedges a chair in front of him. Meanwhile, Cota puts the helmet on his head, and tightens the strap. Decnnis marches back over, and whips his partner into a running headbutt of the chair! Much safer with the helmet. Cota salutes, but Piero tells him he's had enough of this. Cota tosses the helmet to Decnnis. Clip? Rudos are powerbomb Super Fly. Decnnis has the helmet on, and uses it for a low blow headbutt. Piero threatens a DQ. Laredo back in, kick, leg DDT. Suplex/flying shove on Laredo. Laredo out, Super Fly in. Crowd ignoring Decnnis' orders to cheer them! Two man release dragon suplex on Super Fly. Técnicos regroup on the outside and try coming in at the same time, but gets kicked together. Corner whips, corner charges, técnicos move, Rudos rack themselves in interesting ways. Cota still backdrops Laredo all the way to the floor, but Super Fly gets Cota with a nice double arm suplex. Bridge, one two Decnnis breaks it up. Decnnis drops Super Fly with a wheel kick. Laredo tries a 'Triple A' chant. Laredo tries a double rotation headscissors, but can't get it to work and aborts to an armdrag. Decnnis out. Laredo out after with a moonsault. Cota and Super Fly in, Cota goes out too easy on a shoulderblock, surprising Super Fly. Super Fly backs up, runs, and lands the Space Tiger Flying Drop. Super Fly immediately grabs his right knee, and screams in dramatic agony. Camera stays zoomed in on this for much longer than the other recent accident injuries. Inside, Decnnis has Laredo pinned someone how, but Laredo kicks out. Super Fly is trying to crawl back to the ring, even as doctor checks on his leg. Laredo superkicks Decnnis and goes up. 450 splash connects – but no ref, because he's busy with Super Fly. Piero turns around, one two NO. Clip? Laredo drops Decnnis in front of another corner while Super Fly continues to wriggle on the apron, but none of this matters since

- inset picture of Cibernético arriving to the building. He appears to be alone. Thanks for the update! -

In the main screen, Laredo climbs up facing out this time, but still doesn't see Tiger Cota hitting him with a chair. Decnnis drops Laredo with a cradle suplex, one two three. Militia celebrate, Super Fly is still hurting.

Previously: no Cibernético, but yes Cuervo & Ozz. Ghost Rider tried to get in, and eventually Octagon remembered his cue. Cibernético turned up, won the match singlehandly, and waved his finger at Parka.

Now, back live, Cibernético is in the ring. He's got some things to clear up: he didn't attack Octagon. Only one guy called him to ask his side, Mesías. Cibernético never turned on AAA, Parka and others turned on him, and Cibernetico's not going to play Konnan's mind games. All the fans are in his heart. The camera can't stop moving around during this whole promo, it's very distracting. You may not trust Cibernético, but a deal with Octavio Lopez is a deal forever.

Outside (at AAA's offices) Arturo talks about how the cage match was 4 on 2 – until Cuervo & Ozz joined in. Espiritu joins them, all wearing their fancy shirts and makeup. Cuervo explains it for us: they're part of the legacy of Antonio Pena and AAA, so they're stood with AAA. (Except for the times they helped the Legion in the past.) Sounds like Marisela asked them. Arturo asks Ozz if he really wants to oppose Konnan, and Ozz says yes – they're AAA and against Konnan most of all. Arturo asks Espirtiu the important question: where the heck is Escoria? Espirtiu growl-y explains Escoria has gone an another way. Arturo hurriedly wants to know more about that, but Ozz says it's their problem, and they don’t want to talk about it. Arturo presses and they walk on it. Arturo remakes how this is a good mystery, and seems to believe this means Escoria has joined the Sociedad.

Match 3: Cuervo, Espíritu, Ozz vs Damián 666, Halloween, Super Crazy
Polideportivo La Huizachera, Tehuacan, Puebla, 10/18/2010

Winner: Cuervo, Espíritu, Ozz 
Match Time: 9:02
Rating: OK
Notes: Joined with the Perros already beating up La Secta. Piero is ref. Halloween and Damian look no worse for wear from yesterdays' match.

Plenty of chair shot fun. Good guys Dark Secta wrestle in their fancy dress shirts/vests. The rudo team was much smarter. Arturo does mention these guys went to the hospital after their last match. Damian sets up chairs on the outside, and a stage hand help set up a table across that. That's nice of them. Dark Family start their comeback based on randomly reversing whips and sending the Perros into chairs. Crowd is a lot more into it then, but I'm sure they have no idea La Secta are supposed to be the good guys. Super crazy, who already appears to be bleeding, takes a chair shot to the head. Halloween gets superbombed into some unfolded chairs, but Damian breaks up the pin. Break.

Espiritu leads a high flying comeback, but Halloween puts a stop to that with a spear to Cuervo and a 3D on Espiritu. Ozz breaks up pins on both, but then gets crotched on the post. Halloween and Damian hold Ozz for a Super Crazy low blow dropkick, but Crazy spends too much time near the ropes and Cuervo and Espiritu trip him and crotch him on the opposite post. Espiritu and Damian battle on the apron, and both get bumped off into the (already broken? Easily broken?) wood panel by Halloween. Halloween gets slid out the other side of the ring, and Cuervo follows with a tope. Super Crazy and Ozz left in, Ozz gets in a knee lift and a running corner hipblock. Corner whip, Ozz charge again, Super Crazy kicks Ozz as he turns for another hip attack. Missile dropkick causes Ozz to start to roll out, then remember to roll back in the ring. Standing moonsault, bottom rope moonsault, middle rope moonsault, Crazy says that's it and goes all the way up, and Ozz moves out of the way of this one. Pumphandle piledriver? One two three. No big reaction, but no big reactions to much on this show. Cuervo is thrilled, and the Dark Family celebrate to some cheers. Doctors attend to Super Crazy.

Match 4: Joe Lider & Nicho el Millionario vs Alan Stone & Chris Stone
Polideportivo La Huizachera, Tehuacan, Puebla, 10/18/2010

Winner: Alan Stone & Chris Stone
Match Time: 11:16
Rating: not good
Notes: They're already fighting, and there's already a chair in the ring when AAA picks up the action. Tirantes is ref.

Stones appear to have the better of the right. Alan leaves Nicho hanging in the corner to take a chair shot Lider chopped around. Nicho tries to sneak attack the rudos, but Tirantes pulls him down by his hair. Is Lider bleeding? Lider appears to be checking out the same thing. It's not much of a cut if it is one. Alan's camouflage pants makes his legs look really skinny. All the important info. Stones still haven't found interesting rudo offense. It's all clothesline and dropkicks with not much to them. Tirantes continues helping them, and Lider almost gets him for it. You need much more team offense as a rudo. 3 minutes in, and I just realized Chris lost his hair two weeks ago. You can barely tell, it's just like he got it cut a lot deeper this time. Chris sets up Lider on the top rope, and boost Alan into a 'rana. Chris covers, one two kickout, with Tirantes moving away from the pin to escape Nicho. Alan deals kicks Nicho around a bit. A Chris clothesline sets up an Alan flying clothesline, but Lider breaks up that pin. Militia trip up Lider, and yank him out on his stomach. Alan leans into the crowd for pats on that back, which his at least amusing. Rudos & Tirantes huddle while stepping on Nicho, which gets the crowd going. Tirantes does a good job of stalling when they're waiting for Lider to come back in for some spot. Stones still spend forever working over the técnicos in the corner, before they send Lider to Nicho. Lider backdropped to safety, Nicho takes out the Stones with back elbows and a superkick, and Alan's tripped into the ropes for a guillotine legdrop. Inverted DDT for Chris. Lider asks the crowd if they'd like to see him hit Tirantes. He grabs the chair from the ring. Nicho goes into the crowd to get his own chair. Tirantes begs off, and teases a DQ. This goes nowhere. 187 eventually get back to work. Cutter on Chris, Alan breaks up the pin. Alan breaks thru a double clothesline, but caught on the next pass for a two man pumphandle powerbomb. The 187 crowd response bit is getting stronger. Chris breaks up the pin, but it's not like Tirantes was counting that fast anyway. Chris manages to trip Nicho into a chair, and hiptoss Lider into Nicho and the chair. Lider set up on the top rope, but Nicho chairs Chris in the back as he goes up. Faceslam off Nicho's shoulders, both cover, Alan breaks it up. This match needs to go home. It's not late, but it's closing time. After some reversal, Lider picks up Alan on his shoulders and holds them there as Nicho sets up chairs, then climbs to the top rope, then poses, then finally pitches in his part of the blockbuster/Samoan drop combo. Técnicos both pose, and then bother to try a pin. It's not going to work because Tirantes isn't counting, but they wanted to make sure you knew they could've won this match. Konnan, Decnnis, and Tiger Cota walk out to the entrance, and 187 decide to stand up and watch this. Alan gets up, and clips Lider in the elbow with a chair. That was mostly a miss, but Lider looks actually hurt. Nicho wheel kicks Alan (standing, waiting), knocking him out of the ring, then hits Chris with the chair. Nicho starts unfolding chairs by a corner. Chris is climbing up, but Nicho crotches him easily, and then superplexes him off. I guess the idea is supposed to be Chris shifts his weight and Nicho takes the worst of it, but he was landing with his back on the chair regardless. Dumb idea! Tirantes counts a close to fair one two three for the Milita win.

Lider runs in and stomps Chris, but Alan punches him. Nicho punches him. Lider gives Alan a chestbreaker, then they both give Alan a double underhook DDT on a chair. Tirantes bolts, wisely. Decnnis gets tossed out of the ring, and Cota eats a wheel kick. Konnan decides not to come in. In every single way but the record book, 187 easily won this match. Konnan does get up on the apron, just long enough to distract Lider and Nicho from Damian 666, Halloween, and Super Crazy form coming. They hammer 187, then set up a ladder and more to destroy them. Super Crazy is wearing a neck brace, so they do manage to sell an injury angle for a match. Crazy puts Nicho into a ladder top rope double stomp. Lider is held in front of the ladder for Halloween's spear. Ozz, Cuervo, Espiritu run out for the save with chair and a bat. I'm moderately surprised that actually worked. Ringside guy gives Nicho a chest massage – it was a devastating double stomp. Clip ahead to medical personal and La Secta checking on Nicho & Lider.

Match 5: El Mesías, La Parka Jr., Octagón vs Hernandez, LA Park, Zorro
Polideportivo La Huizachera, Tehuacan, Puebla, 10/18/2010

Winner: rudos
Match Time: 15:38 (5:21+6:23+3:54)
Rating: OK
Notes: No entrances. Fighting going on as joined, with the rudos clearly in control. Tirantes is ref.

Octagons' mask is already tired to the top rope. Zorro pokes his midsection and sides with his cane, which is just funny for some reason. Others guys spend more time brawling, and switch up their partners as they get back in the ring. Octagon gets untied so he can beat around the ring. Zorro does a lot of work on his mask. LA Park beats up Octagon in front of Marisela, and Marisela throws her drink and Park. That's a good thing to encourage. LA Park stands on the barricade for a while and yells at her, then knocks off the hat of the old guy who usually sits in that section. Rudos able back in the ring for three on ones. Octagon words hard to avoid taking a bump, has to for Zorro's cane bit, and then gets flattened by Hernandez's splash.

After a break, and with no setup, Mesías randomly poses up as Hernandez picks him up and starts kicking him. I guess it's not random, since you can see him talking to Hernandez. Mesías' sunset flip fails, Hernandez stands him up, Mesías eye pokes him and goes for a back ride sleeper. Hernandez back him into the corner to easily knock him free. Mesías still punches him, goes to the rope, spends a lot of time sitting there (Herandez gets dizzy, undizzy, and dizzy again to kill time) and tries a plancha. Hernandez caches him, hurks him up for a powerbomb, but Mesías punches free. This is sure a lot of pointless reversals for a mid match section. Mesías chops Hernandez, off the ropes, and Hernandez sends him flying with a pounce. Pose. Well, time was killed. Mesías starts the comeback with a double clothesline 20 seconds later anyway. Parka does the flying headlock dropkick/takeover move on all three rudos. Clotheslines all around, but Parka's left arm is dead by his side again, and that can't be good. Mesías brawls with Park for a bit, and Park tries to take in the crowd Mesías pulls him back and posts him. Meanwhile, Parka works Hernandez over with nerve holds. Maybe they shouldn't show that fight. Mesías tries to throw Park in the crowd, but Zorro gets involved, and accidentally punched by Park. Mesías goes back in and invites Park in, but everyone just rests and resets. Octagon is grabbing his side, which I guess counts as actual selling! Showcase starts with Mesías. [break]

Parka is next, but not in long. Park runs in the crowd to hide from a dive, and something happened because Zorro and a bunch of security are over there puling him out. Octagon, who's face is half uncovered due Zorro's mask ripping, does not seem to get a turn. Or maybe the match is clipped? Zorro, annoyed by a Zorra chant, takes chops from Mesías but manages to pull him into a short arm scissors, quite like the Alberto del Rio one. Parka breaks it up, deflects a superkick, and pulls Zorro in a horrible crossface. Park make a big show of bringing a chair in, and throws it hard at Parka. Parka takes in the face and goes out, Park goes after him, Parka is set in the chair, and Park goes back in. Strut! Pescado, but Parka is pulled out of the chair, and Park hits it with his chest. I guess Mesías did the pulling, but they didn't have him in the camera. Park now chopped in the chair, and Mesías topes him (almost missing, which would've been sad.) Octagon in, spinning armdrag, but grabbing his side. Ozz kicks him in the corner, but spears the post. Octagon tope, and Zorro goes into the barricade. Parka and Hernandez in, Parka getting Hernandez with a running elbow. Parka is having no trouble with Hernandez, and no trouble with Skull Mask when he appears and jumps on the apron. One shot by Parka takes him down. Hernandez hits Parka in the side, lifts him up, and drops with a safe over the shoulder backbreaker. One two three. Fair count.

Skull Mask in, and angrily punching Parka from the mount. It feels as if those two in particular are supposed to have issues. Skull Mask is so angry and punching so much, his mask – this weak, an opera style one like Virus wears – actually starts to slide off, and he has to stop to save the storyline. Cibernetico's music interrupts things, but the rudos don't seem to be so concerned at first. Probably because it takes him forever to show up. Cibernético and Taboo rush in the ring. Spear for Hernandez. Skull Mask begs off and leaves, tripping over the bottom rope on his way out. Bizarros do not give chase. Mesías and Parka end up back I so Mesías can spear him. Taboo gives Zorro a chair shot. Rudos regroup on the outside, Bizarros pose, Cibernético checks on Parka. Skull Mask guy is having a lot of trouble keeping his mask on, but it gives the Bizarros a throat cut gesture. Cibernético stares at Parka for a while, and both he and Taboo shakes their heads. They stare at Octagon too. Stare for Mesías. Cibernético checks Mesías' hand. Mesías doesn't understand why they won't shake anyone's hands, and Cibernético angrily explains to Mesías again. Wow, Taboo's kind of tall. Cibernético height, at least. They pose on the stage. Hmm, Cibernético makes a signal for four

Recap video to end it.