AAA on Televisa #958 (10/02/2010) 
Recapped: 10/02/10

Previously: Histeria wants a title match, Abismo doesn't believe he'll win. Something something Relampago something Extreme Tiger. Militia. 187 vs FdT had a match. They do find a good shot of the crowd chanting along with Lider, so that's good. Cibernético got hit with a chair.

Four sided ring. Building looks like your typical basketball gym.

Match 1: Octagoncito vs Mini Histeria for the AAA World Minis Championship
Deportivo Tlalli, Tlalnepantla, 09/14/2010

Winner: Octagoncito
Match Time: 4:59
Rating: not really that good; not the best singles wrestlers, Histeria especially
Notes: No entrances for the title match. Psi is Histeria's second, Octagoncito has Mini Charly. Tropicasas is ref.

Armdrag exchange loads to a chop exchange leads to a clip. Octagoncito holds in a sort of half crab, but Histeria is able to crawl to the ropes. Jarocha sends Histeria out, and Octagoncito follows with a running slingshot tornillo. Replays. Both back in, Octagoncito tries a running dropkick on Histeria, Histeria moves, Octagoncito goes back out, and Histeria follows with a tope. They really could've done something at all in between the dives there. I guess not. Replay. Histeria in first, and the crowd boos. Octagoncito fights him off from the apron and springboards in with an armdrag. Octagoncito runs right into a drop toe hold. Técnicos lands on the bottom rope, and Pepe Cases distracts himself so Psi can get in an apron legdrop. More punches. Shouldn't Histeria be the one distracting the ref, and not Charly? That's not what's going on. Octagoncito is so hurt by this, he reverses a hiptoss into a pin. Psicosis puts Octagoncito out and kicks him around. Pepe Casas is really late getting distracted, but the rudos aren't helping him much. Histeria stomps Octagoncito after he's brought back in. Yell for the crowd. Whip, Octagoncito back with a springboard tornillo for a one count. Shoulderblock, Psi trips up Octagoncito again. This time, Psi by the apron and poses, and Histeria dropkicks his partner when Octagoncito moves. Charly runs, leaping over Histeria for a tope con giro. Cameras nearly miss it. Pepe Casas looks at the mess outside and misses a Histeria pin. Histeria argues with him, and Octagoncito runs the ropes instead of going for the easy rollup. Octagoncito runs right into a powerbomb, one two no. Replay of Charly's dive, and they miss Histeria moves to set up another two count. Dropkick, one two no Octagoncito spinning headscissors into a cradle, one two three.

Joaquin Roldan and LA Park are in the ring for, I don't know, I'm watching some scrolling messes that's completely obscured in the most eye catching manner possible. Roldan announces the Elegido/Air Force vs Militia match in the least exciting fashion possible. Joaquin moves on to the cage match announcement, and sounds bored and not particularly interested. Parka and Cibernético are in the match, and Parka says what happened last week was an accident, but then starts yelling at Cibernético thru the camera. Cibernético watches this backstage, displeased. Parka is supposed to be a passionate defender of AAA, but comes off as a jerk.

Dorian and Konnan are unconcerned.

Mesías/Perro video package.

At a gym backstage (?), Extreme Tiger is having words with Relampago about what happened at TripleMania. They both say they should be in AAA. Joaquin wanders over, tells them they have to get along for the sake of AAA. They don't appear to be happy about it.

Militia video package, including a new promo of them talking about how long they've been held back. Billy is not there for that. You know, they eventually need someone to agree to join them if they're going to keep asking more people.

Match 2: Extreme Tiger & Relampago vs Decnnis & Tigre Cota
Deportivo Tlalli, Tlalnepantla, 09/14/2010

Winner: rudos
Match Time: 6:42
Rating: good
Notes: 20 minute break between matches here. Piero is ref. Arturo calls the técnicos Real Fuerza Aerea because all these flippy guys look the same to him. Actually, since the whole point is the técnicos aren't together and the rudos are, that's a problem. Militia salute each other and then shove each other to fire each other up.

Fired up, Decnnis charges the técnico corner – and is drop toe holded into the buckle by Relampago. Northern lights suplex, Extreme flips to the apron, and back in with a seated dropkick. Relampago goes a long way for a springboard splash, one two NO. That would've been something. Cota attacks Relampago, takes a springboard cross body. Relampago flips over Cota and dropkicks him from behind into the ropes. 619, springboard legdrop and out he goes. Relampago tease the dive, poses. Replays, and Decnnis has knocked Relampago down in the meantime. Hanging suplex almost gets dropped early, but Decnnis finishes it off. Extreme in, scooping Decnnis on his shoulders and dropping him for a Samoan drop. (Right here was where I remembered there are two Tigers in this match and I needed to go back and fix a bunch.) Cota is already on the top rope, though, and keeps Extreme down with a flying elbow drop. Clip.

Rudos crotch Relampago on the post. Clip?

Decnnis leg DDT for Extreme, Cota adds a dropkick to the face. Suplex/plancha combo on Extreme. Relampago's clotheslines over Decnnis' knees, and Cota dds a middle rope elbow drop. Decnnis and Cota are pretty adept as a team. Rudos hold Extreme near the ropes, discuss something, and whip Extreme – who slides right out. Huh. Rudos lets Relampago back in, he charges after Decnnis, and Cota calmly walks over and hits him in the back. Rudos pull of a sort of two man exploder suplex, flipping Relampago onto his front side. Extreme Tiger manages to grab the ropes on a whip, which ends up setting up a Decnnis accidental enziguri on Cota. Both rudos are dropkicked out, with Relampago diving off the apron for a DDT on Decnnis. The crowd is way into Extreme Tiger after he dropkicks Cota out, so that's true at least on this show. Clip?

Relampago does his double springboard rope moonsault to the outside, landing on Cota. They just picked up with him starting that. Decnnis is dropkicked out again, and Tiger follows with a springboard tornillo. Relampago comes in with a silla on Cota, one two no. Corner whip, Cota charges in, Relampago boosts him onto the ropes, crotching him. Relampago stops to pose, which is bad idea, then climbs up. Punches – one two- and then stops to go for a 'rana. Cota blocks it, lifts him back up, and drop him with a superbomb. One two three. Way to lose, Relampago.

Extreme Tiger talks to Relampago backstage – I think he's suspicious of Relampago causing him to lose at TripleMania, and now losing to the Militia.

Decnnis tells someone, just off camera, that they've made the right decision to join La Sociedad. Camera just can't pan 10 degrees to the right to see who it is, no.

Match 3: El Elegido, Laredo Kid, Pimpinela Escarlata vs Alan Stone, Alex Koslov, Chris Stone
Deportivo Tlalli, Tlalnepantla, 09/14/2010

Winner: Rudos
Match Time: 12:03 (4:17+4:57+2:49)
Rating: perfectly fine lucha match
Notes: Tirantes is ref, and is already fighting off Pimpi when the match starts. Pimpi's got a new hair color. Clip right of the bat.

Técnico showcase to start the match, with everyone getting plenty of time. Pimpinela looks good, Laredo's nothing to write home, and there's a long stretch of run mishaps for Elegido's run. Rudo eventually get it together to start the beatdown, which lasts thru a break.

Militia video package

Right after the break, Elegido starts the backdrop by clothesline. Alex on a corner charge, helping Laredo flip off him, and clotheslines both Stones (though Alan takes a laughable bump.) Everyone ends up pulling each other out without a dive, but that clear the ring for Pimpi and Alex near falls. Pimpi 'rana is blocked, and Alex holds him upside down for a dropkick. Laredo dropkick. Alex out, and gets Chris with a casadora bulldog, but quebradoras into Chris' boots. Elegido clears house on both Stones, and powerslams Alex for good measure. Big clothesline for Alan, clothesline to send Chris out and a tope to follow that. Alan follows with his own tope con giro. Laredo signals his dive before following – step over the ropes moonsault. Alex in for his dive, but Pimpi tries to cut him off with a kiss. They grapple for it, Pimpi gets closer, and Alex kicks him in the face, Pimpi charges, Alex tosses him into the corner, jumping enziguri, running tornado DDT, that should do it. One two three.

Pimpi is strechered out as Elegido makes the challenge for hairs and masks versus “the traitors” for Copa Antonio Pena. Rudos wave it off. Alan says they don't want to unmask these guys – they'll be ugly, unlike the Stones.

Backstage, Alan is hanging out with women when Pimpi comes over for a kiss. Alex has women for that, and also to keep Pimpi away. Pimpi wants a title match, a chance for the mixed title. Pimpi tries to force Alex to man up in front of his women, and it seems to have worked.

Backstage, Hernandez is working the heavy bag, with Zorro holding and Konnan talking. “Do they even know what 187 mean?” They're not street like Hernandez, who promises an actual 187. Zorro says Zorro things. Konnan wishes them well as Damian and Halloween visit – Konnan still hasn't heard from LA Park, but they tell him not worry about it. He sent Konnan a gift (something in a bag we don’t' see) and Halloween has his shovel again.

Match 4: Joe Lider & Nicho el Millionario vs Hernandez & Zorro
Deportivo Tlalli, Tlalnepantla, 09/14/2010

Winner: rudos (DQ)
Match Time: 8:51 (4:18+4:33)
Rating: OK
Notes: Entrances. Zorro fans loses her mind when Zorro points to her. Tirantes is ref. Nicho rings a ladder, Lider brings a bat. Before the match starts Dorian Roldan talks from the entrance. Crowd chants at him, distracting. Arizona line. Anyway, 187 can't use any weapons or they're gone from AAA.

Rudo beatdown, even while Hernandez wanders off to set up a table. It helps that Tirantes is there. Lider takes the big pounce on the outside and is toss off the top rope, but is moving fine ten seconds later. 187 get a mini comeback on Zorro to set up Hernandez'' springboard clothesline. Nicho grabs a chair, but Tirantes takes it away – why, doesn't he want him fired? Beatdown continues to the break.

Perro/Mesías video package.

As they return, Hernandez is trying to throw Nicho out of the ring thru a table, but Lider breaks it up with a dropkick to star the comeback. 187 double flatliner takes out Hernandez, double chop takes out Zorro. Clip. Técnicos have weapons, but Tirantes takes them away. Crowd shot. Clip again? Double flapjack, another crowd shot while Lider has trouble getting Zorro up, and back for the Samoan drop/jumping neckbreaker combo. Técnicos cover while watching Hernandez climbing to the top rope, and Hernandez accidentally splashes his partner. Rudos sent out, Pescado on Zorro, Nicho uses Felino's usual dive to drop on Hernandez. Técnicos bring it back inside and promptly get beat up. Lider fights Hernandez off for a second, only to try a plancha and get caught. Powerbomb, and Hernandez calls Tirantes over to count. By the time he finally does, Nicho breaks it up. Nicho tries to clothesline Zorro out, but Zorro reverses it into back suplex into a faceslam. Wait, is that his move? I forgot Zorro had a move. Zorro drags Nicho in position and for another Hernandez top rope splash. Nicho rolls, and Lider pulls Zorro into the post. Lider tosses the bat to Nicho, Nicho waits and hits Hernandez in the ribs and jabs him in the head. Lider does the Zorro cane flurry on Zorro, but Tirantes pulls it away before Lider can finish him and calls for the DQ.

Técnicos think it over and punch out Tirantes. He manages to roll out before they can him with a chair, but 187 decides to attack Zorro instead. They're taking their time here. Alex Koslov rushes to the ring, with a bat and a bag. 187 turn around and spot Alex, so Alex decides to back up and leave. Smart but not effective. He left the shovel behind. Sort of camel clutch and leg hold on Zorro. Alex circles around the other side, so now Damian 666 can run and attack, while 187 are still looking an Alex. Shovel shot to the back of both guys. Damian hit s people with a shovel badly. Play Konnan's music. The Militia watch form the stage as Konnan comes in the ring. 187 beat down. Rudos call Tiger Cota in for a cross ring top rope dropkick into a ladder into Nicho's groin. Hernandez's gets that Gringo Killer on Lider, sending him thru a table (which actually breaks!) Militia are beating up Extreme Tiger – I guess they were there to fight off anyone who might help, and Tiger tried. Relampago is next, gets press slammed into the barricade. Laredo Kid kicked down. Elegido swarmed. Something's going on in the ring too, but they can't show both at once and they pick the other Elegido beating mostly. The rudos are pouring Draino down Nicho's mouth (or, they're pouring Draino on a plastic sheet that covers Nicho's mouth) but we only see a little bit of that and Konnan walking around with the bottle after. Arturo thinks it's gasoline, and it may meant to be. Nicho's face is bloody. Mesías and La Parka finally shove their way thru the Militia thru the ring. Mesías is a a big hurry, Nicho is not so much. Mesías and Parka hurriedly yank Nicho out of the ring and drag him to the back, as if he might be dead. The doctor is looking at Lider. Rudos pose together.

Dorian/Joaquin feud.

Match 5: Cibernético, El Mesías, La Parka Jr. vs Damián 666, el Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Halloween
Deportivo Tlalli, Tlalnepantla, 09/14/2010

Winner: rudos
Match Time: 9:56 (4:41+5:15)
Rating: eh. Perro getting cut in the back of the head to start the match didn't help.
Notes: No entrances. Fight has already started in the ring. Piero is ref. Mesías cracks Perro's head with a chair even before the match has started.

Perro is not as much hard as it allows him to go right into the staggered selling and punching. They brawl exclusively while the other four split up, Damian with Parka and Halloween with Cibernético. Crowd is behind Mesías. Cibernético disposes of Halloween and feeds Perro into another chair shot. Perro just circles around in pain until Mesías knocks him down with a third. At last Perro's getting his hands up. Mesías brings Perro around ringside and argues with Arturo. There's actually no table at ringside, and they're sitting in the front row, in the middle of the fans. Mesías and Perro walk around ringside with even punches, but the other Perros randomly get control on the other técnicos. Damian seems to use a foul, which the announcers point out. Perro finally gets Mesías after Damian holds him and Perro foul kicks his rival. Perro is bleeding, but it's more evident on his white gear than it is on his face.

Parka makes a comeback after they come back with a horrible looking armdrags/dropkick spot. Parka really hasn't not looked psychically well. While his boys are getting beat up by Cibernético, Perro is wandering around the aisle towards the entrance, checking the blood on his head. He may be be bleeding from the back of his head, because that's where all the blood seems to be. Perro wanders back in the ring, and is run into his partners for a while, and takes stunner. No, Perro's face is covered, but the upper back of his shirt all red. It's very strange. Perro takes forever stumbling out, and Parka just watches him instead of fighting more. The doctor grabs Perro to take a look – it looks like the cut sis on top of his head.

Clip. Halloween is slid out on his chest, and Parka stop to pose. Mesías in. Perro takes a while to take off his shirt before he can start tart, and then stare at the crowd. It's hard to tell if Perro being spacey here is his usual act, a product of blood loss, something else, or a combination of everything. Perro is in no hurry to start, at anyway, wandering around a bit to stoke the crowd. Chop fight when they finally start, though Perro needs to be pumped up by his team after one. Mesías press Perro, Perro kicking his leg all the way and getting there. Clothesline misses, Mesías powerslam, and the Perro breaks up the pin. Mesías powerbombs Damian, but Halloween slaps him to break it up. Clip, and Perro gives Mesías a chair shot to the back on the outside. His one weakness! Parka bodyscissors Halloween out. Cibernético spears Damian, one two three.

Joaquin appears, telling security to throw that trash (Perro) and they drag him out. Joaquin asks Cibernético if he's with him. Cibernético still has his Bizarros shirt. Mesías and Parka ask him to help out, for Antonio Pena's sake. Will he put his hand in with the rest of them? Cibernético thinks it over and goes it.

They stay on that for 2 seconds before going to Konnan and Dorian. Konnan says they'll rip the heart out of AAA, and Dorian sees dark days for AAA.