AAA on Televisa #956 (09/18/2010) 
Recapped: 09/23/10

Previously: A Militia is formed. Electro and Metal fought a lot. Dr. Wagner Sr. said some things. Perro beat Mesías. Cibernético put on a t-shirt.

Today: A meeting of the minds. Only the rudos have a meeting.

In a badly miced segment, 8Arturo (who has left wrist in a cast) sets up this clip

In the ring, after their match, Decnnis asks El Brazo to join the future of lucha libre and join the Militia. Brazo is making fun of Decnnis as he makes the request, never a good sign. Brazo says he's not interested. Decnnis gives him the thumbs down, and Billy Boy jumps him from behind. That last about 2 seconds before they clip to

Match 1: Aerostar, Gato Eveready, Laredo Kid vs Oficial 911, Oficial AK47, Oficial Fierro
Arena Naucalpan, 08/19/2010

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 6:42
Rating: fun
Notes: Everyone's in the ring. Arena Naucalpan looks packed, and a lot better looking than it did on the Teleformula show. Camera feels like it's higher up, and they're zoomed out farther from the ring (which makes telling the Oficials apart harder.) Pepe Casas is ref.

Gato and Fierro start. Fierro off the ropes, under a leapfrog, under a back flip, waving Gato by and taking out his knee with a dropkick. 911 rushes into connects in a dropkick to the head, and ignores Pepe Casas' warnings. Corner whip, 911 misses the charge, Gato pushes him down and springs off his back into a headscissors on Fierro. Flipping armdrag gets 911, Gato teases the dive but walks on his paws instead. Laredo and AK47 in. Oficials take a break to salute. Off the ropes avoidance ends with Laredo springboard headscissors. 911 in, Laredo flips off the obvious hand hold, Laredo waved by into the ropes, and back with a headscissors. Crowd shot. Back to the ring, where Aero Star is being slapped by Fierro. Hmmm. Corner whip, Fierro charges in, but stops when Aero does a corner front flip. Fierro charges again, Aero moves, Fierro hits the buckle. Aero is flipped to the apron, but pulls Fierro down by his mask, then takes him out with a springboard headscissors. AK47 in, half rotation spinning headscissors there. Aero slides out towards AK47, who ducks down and doesn't' see the técnicos. Aero surprises him with an under the bottom rope 619, then a rolling on the apron headscissors to dump AK47 into the front row. Aero comes back in top pose, and the crowd approves. Laredo in, and immediately forearmed down by 911. The rudo cleans house, with his partners coming into help. Double rebound hiptoss on Laredo, and a dropkick sends them out. Aero in, triple powerbomb for him, then picked up for a second. Gato takes corner charges, then is set up top for a super hiptoss and a top rope splash. Oficials are thrilled with themselves. Laredo in, his top unizipped so they can chop him loudly. Whip, Laredo back with handspring to escape a double backdrop, and moves in time for AK47's partners to kick him. Oficials recover, miss another clothesline on Laredo and are springboard armdragged and dropkicked out. Laredo lands a giant plancha on one of the Oficial, into the second row, and the cameras almost miss it. AK47 superkicks Aero to the apron, but Gato is able to scoop him on his shoulders, and Aero steps off his back into a headscissors on Fierro. Gato drops AK47 and goes for a moonsault , but AK47 moves in plenty of time. Gato gets up to his knees, and Aero boots off him towards AK47. AK47 flips him to the apron, misses a clothesline on Gato, but manages to send him into the corner, AK47 charges, Gato moves, and the rudos spears the spots. Aero walks the outside of the ropes to the buckle on that side, and flattens 47 with a tope con giro. Gato sort of slides Fierro out, but it's mostly Fierro doing a high speed tope under the bottom rope to the floor. Oficials are a bit fired up for this match, safe to say. Gato gets him with his running tornillo. Back to Laredo and 911. Laredo tries a kick, 911 kicks it away, kicks Laredo again and scoops him up in a Gori Stretch. Dropped into a Gory Special, and going up. 911 takes his time cutting his throat, and Laredo jumps up to kick him in the head. Both standing on the top rope – moonsault sideslam. One two three. Técnicos are very happy with their win – and Laredo makes belt motions! Who doesn't want to be champion of IWRG? Arturo even points out the title challenge.

LA Park is upset – because Konnan is hurt and can't wrestle. He's angry at 187 did to his friend Konnan and assures Konnan that he'll get some revenge. Lots of bleeping here.

After a break, Konnan and La Militia are in the ring. Decnnis has a fan club! Good days for Decnnis. Konnan is talking about Joaquin & Marisela, complaining about a legend of his standard being treated so poorly. Konnan is important as Chavo de Ocho and Las Marichais, and thanks the fans for their (highly fictional) cheers. Konnan points out Park beating Park, Perro beating Mesías, and starts to talk about La Milita, when La Parka Jr. and Joaquin Roldan interrupt. Half the crowd chants for Parka, the other half adds a naughty word to the chant. Why IS Konnan wearing a Steelers cap? Joaquin says stuff I don't pay attention to. Konnan talks about how great the Militia are, and Joaquin says Parka is better than all of them. Parka gives a big rah rah speech, and out come Mesías & Jack Evans to – uh, talk some more. Mesías speaks for about a minute just so he can get his catchphrase, and then play his music again. Anyway, Billy and Decnnis argue with him and the segment ends and time was filled.

LA Park (in full gear), Konnan (in a jaunty beret), Dorian, Damian 666 (no facepaint – slacker) and Perro Aguayo Jr. (leafing thru his notes?!?!) are having a meeting in a conference room. Same bad audio as the Arturo segment to lead off the show. I don't know how this made air sounding this bad, honestly – they're peaking out in the first sentence. Perro sounds like the microphone isn't quite near him. I have trouble understanding what anyone says, but Konnan does a lot of eye rolling and head shaking.

Match 3: El Elegido & Heavy Metal vs Alan Stone & Chris Stone
Arena Naucalpan, 08/19/2010

Winner: rudos
Match Time: 8:13 (4:47+3:26)
Rating: eh.
Notes: Joined with the Stones attacking the técnicos during their entrance. A girl reaches over the railing to hug Heavy Metal after he's been hit - maybe that's not the best time. Hijo de Tirantes is the ref.

Stones are more aggressive, bu their offense isn't that interesting . Elegido start a comeback off a missed charge and clears the ring with no help from Metal (on the outside, taking a break.) Chris puts a stop to this with a foul from behind, though the rudos and Tirantes claim it was a clean shot. Metal comes in, and gets to make his own comeback off a whip spot. At least that gives us Chris Stone falling backwards like a tree to the Heavy Punch. Metal does his own run off 1 on 2 offense while Elegido is in parts unknown. Sudden break.

Metal continues kicking people in the face. Tirantes is not taking an active role in the process, but Chris is finally able to hit Metal from behind to stop him. Stones switch back to beating up Elegido. Elegido starts the third whip reversal related comeback of the match. Maybe they should just stop doing that? Metal punches Chris around, but Elegido accidentally dropkicks his partner out. Elegido doesn't let this bother him, and inevitably whips Chris into a tope on Metal. Alan gets a rollup on Elegido, Elegido manages to kick out before Tirantes can count him down. Back to chopping Elegido around. Metal has a guitar? Metal show off a a read guitar and brings it in, but there's the sound of some electric buzzing – yep, Electroshock. He zaps Metal from behind with a shock stick , and smack Elegido with the guitar. Elegido does not go down – he wants for Alan to bulldog him. So weird. Alan covers, Tirantes covers one two Tirantes tops counting Elegido then kicks out. Oh, Chris was supposed to get in his walk the ropes splash. He does, and then they get the pin.

Security swarms Electroshock, holding him in the ropes and dragging him off. Doctors come into – Metal gets stretchered out, Elegido gets stomped out of the ring by the rudos. I guess the doctors aren't so concerned about him. Yay, Alan's music. Boo, they cut it off to play Metal's.

Electroshock may be dragged out, but he still can stay long enough to yell a promo to the camera about Metal.

Elsewhere, Konnan and Billy Boy say something is perfect. Good to see them friends after all that Sexi Star business. I guess they're happy about Los Maniacos being with them, based on Electro helping the Militia win the match. Zorro pops up from behind a curtain, quoting prophecies. Konnan and Billy both think he's loco, but Konnan assures Billy that Zorro's a good solider.

Back in the board room, the sound is slightly better this one. Dorian's plans are movies and magazines – those have worked out so well. Anyway, to get in on the sweet deal, Dorian needs Parka, Damian and Perro to sign contracts, and hand them out. Before Parka signs, he asks who's running things when the Sociedad takes over, and Konnan says “Konnan & Dorian”, the order of which causes some consternation for Park. I guess he's worried about Konnan taking over? Perros don't sign yet either.

At the chapel, Ultimo Gladiador is saying a prayer when Silver King interrupts him so they can yell loudly at each other. They're upset people think 187 is the better team, because they're the real champions.

Match 2: Silver King & Último Gladiador vs Cien Caras Jr. & Máscara Año 2000 Jr. for the AAA World Tag Team Championship
Arena Naucalpan, 08/19/2010

Winner: Silver King & Ultimo Gladiador
Match Time: 9:34 (2:48+6:46)
Rating: OK
Notes: Everyone's in the ring when they join,. They start to show the belt presentation, then cut it. Hijo de Tirantes I ref.

Maniacos want handshakes before the match. Capos slowly accept, and get clotheslines for it. This at least a more interesting tag team beatdown than the one immediately preceding it, because Silver King and Ultimo Gladiador (oddly) have more teamwork ideas than the Stones. Maniacos rip up the Capos' masks while the announcers do their Dr. Wagner impressions. Silver King brawls around the ring while M2K and Ultimo Gladiador kill time in the ring. Tirantes helps out, of course.

Ad for Lucha de Vuelta appears to think the matches on this show are all singles matches.

Clip during the break, since UG is suddenly walking form the back with wood frames(which just happen to have been spraypainted “Maniacos”.) He's also got a giant chokeslam, which he uses on Cien Caras. Crowd seems slightly more behind the capos, which turns up when Silver King is thrown thru the wood panel himself. UG takes the cookie sheet to the back, and the capos threaten to hit Tirantes as well (but miss?) Capos use a similar casadora/backcracker combo as the Maniacos did, but it doesn't look near as good. Mascara does a move on UG so bad that I'm not sure what it was meant to be. Silver King takes the required smash into the freezer, then picks up a tiny step ladder on his way back to the ring. The capos use it, and hit the Maniacos with it. Champs are whipped into each other, Capos cradle them, Tirantes counts one, pauses a long time, and counts two just ash they're kicking out. Crowd gets on him for that. Diamantas double team fails, and the Maniacos dropkick them all out. UG tries top tope Mascara Año 2000, but MA2K Jr. just walks away and UG crashes and burns into the front row. Silver King's on his own for now. Clip? Powerslam on Cien Caras, one two kickout. Tirantes can't count fast enough. Punch and chop for Cien, Kick for Mascara as he gets on the apron. Cien scoops up Silver King and drops him in a behind the back powerbomb, but Billy Boy and Decnnis are out and attacking Mascara Año, and Tirantes paying no mind to the count. Director switches between the fight on the inside and the fight on the outside at all the wrong time, but the point is Tirantes still isn't going to count for the IWRG guys. He does get taken out by a Silver King dropkick, and misses a Silver King martinete on Cien Caras. Tirantes looks around at the crowd before counts, but makes the fair one two three.

Decnnis, walking to the back after this bit, runs into Gato and holds him up. Decnnis makes his usual pitch to join his team – the true spirit of AAA is with Dorian, Konnan and Los Perros, not the Roldans – and it feels like they're playing a tiny bit off of Gato's unmasked identity and his former partnership with Decnnis. Anyway, Gato has no interest, he's a técnico and not going with the rudos, and Decnnis tells him you're either Nexus or you're against us as he leaves.

Recap, now with dramatic video effects and music: AAA vs Perros from Vernao de Escandalo.

Arturo, who's sound is bad, calls up Cibernético on a speakerphone, so the sound is even worse. At least they put up captains for Cibernético. Cibernético has no idea how Arturo got this number! He's busy right now! Cibernético hangs up on him when Arturo asks who's side he's on. That was great.

Match 5: El Mesías, Jack Evans, La Parka Jr. vs Billy Boy, Decnnis, LA Park, Zorro
Arena Naucalpan, 08/19/2010

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 19:53 (5:57+7:22+6:34)
Rating: the usual
Notes: When doing the intros, Jack is nicknamed “el terror de mujeres”. I must have that wrong. Joined as the rudos are bating down the técnicos, with way too much time left in the hour. Piero is ref.

If you like hitting people with chairs, this is for you. Lots of crowd brawling by Park, of course. That's his move. Decnnis and Billy are energetic setup men. Park powerbombs Mesías off the apron thru a wood panel, in a spot that will mean absolutely nothing by the end of the match.

Rudos are beating up Jack with chairs after the break.. After six minutes, Konnan accidentally brains Zorro with his crutch, leading to a crutch-rific comeback. Another break after the brawling beatdown has worn out it's run. Crowd is into the match, I'm checking my phone.

Zorro and Mesías have a good sequence, then Parka breaks it up with a strong belt shot. Park takes a swing at Parka, they have words, and crowd chants for Parka. Their sequence ends with a Parka tope. Jack has a good run with Zorro and Billy Boy, including a flipping stunner the post on the apron which doesn't quite come right but is still cool, and the usual dive. Konnan throws the crutch into Decnnis, but Mesías dropkicks it into his face. Mesías tosses Billy in a belly to belly suplex too – they're not on his level. Konnan gets on the apron, slowly, and Mesías punches him down. Decnnis charge into a spear/spinebuster thing. Faceslam for Billy. Mesías going up? Crowd chanting for him, that's pretty clear. Top rope splash connects, one two three.

One more break. After, Mesías challenges Perro to a singles match. This takes a while.

Back at the meeting, Dorian and Konnan make it clear that Dorian will be the leader, and leave the rudos with their contracts. Konnan comes back, and assures the guys that he'll be the one really running the show. (I think.) He leaves, and Park & Los Perros think they'll take over from them.