AAA on Televisa #952 (08/21/2010)
Recapped: 08/26/10

Previously: Decnnis talks to someone off screen. Super Fly and Laredo Kid have issues about losing. Evil women hit good women with belts. Wagner wants a three way match. Psycho Circus and Cibernético won, but the Perros beat down Cibernético (and just Cibernético). TWO WORDS of Perro's promos are shown, and he still seems out of it.

Decnnis (spelling “Deccnis” - stop it!) continues to talk someone off scene. If the cameraman would just take one step forward and turn to his left, this would be a lot less mysterious. Decnnis says Billy Boy and Poder del Norte are with him. Well, what do we have here – cameraman takes one step forward, turns to his left, and the man that we see is the man we always see: Konnan. Konnan tells him to win, and laughs.

Four sided ring. Full house in Toluca, and they are into the action like usual.

Match 1: Aerostar, Laredo Kid, Súper Fly vs Billy Boy, Decnnis, Tigre Cota
Gimnasio De La Unidad Deportiva, Toluca, Estado De Mexico, 07/29/2010

Winner: tecnicos
Match Time: 7:29 (4:58+2:31)
Rating: Okay, but they’ve had better.
Notes: Joined after entrances. Piero is ref. And still bald. Rudos jump técnicos.

Devastating wristlock by Decnnis. You can just feel the anger. Crowd shot, and Aero is suddenly hooked in the corner for kicks. Decnnis flips Aero with a clothesline (huge flip bump there.) flip into a faceslam does not god aw well, so let's show that flip clothesline again. Laredo runs into a backdrop. Dropkicked from both sides. Decnnis sits on top, Laredo loaded up, and drops for a face first powerbomb. Rudos making sure to yell after every move. Arturo Rivera is talking about Rio Bravo & Tito Santana, which is interesting because he actually knows their names, and also because they haven't been around much lately (and continue to not be.) Super Fly gets a catapult, clothesline, and a flying elbow drop. Arturo also remembers Billy had something to do with Sexi Star. Amazing how we're remembering all these things. Rudos take turns chopping Aero very hard. Those zippers on the front of their suits always end up costing the Air Force. Laredo reverses a whip, Decnnis is able to duck a double clothesline from his partners, and set Laredo on top. Chops to the midsection. Rudo grab Super Fly whip him, Super Fly turns into a handspring back elbow, Cota & Billy take back bumps in the guise of sentoning Super Fly (lucha might not be real), and Aerostar does a splash off Laredo's shoulders. Técnicos dropkick all the rudos out, triple tope. Clip again, there's been plenty. Loose Laredo headscissors sends Decnnis out. Better headscissors gets Cota, who stays in. Superkick knocks him down. Laredo poses, yells. Aero in with Billy. Billy dropkicks him. Clip again? Corner whip, Aero does a lot of front flips for no reason, chop to Billy's back, another to his chest, Billy whips Aero into the corner, Aero shoulder to Billy's midsection, kick to knock him away from the ropes, and a springboard headscissors in. Decnnis and Aero in and Aero with a nice double rotation headscissors. Totally unnecessary crowd shot in the middle of Decnnis' bump. BREAK.

Super Fly's turn. Armdrag/headscissors, double rebound headscissors, boosted headscissors, 619 fake-out to send the other one out, and pose. Back to Aero, and a weird looking scissors to send Tigre Cota out. Springboard reverse spin tope con giro connects, but Aerostar is frighteningly close to not turning over enough. The doctor hurries out just because he's not sure, and security is over there to as well. In the meanwhile, Laredo kicks Decnnis on the same side (oops) and follows with a top rope moonsault the floor. They're just far enough away. Super Fly headscissors Billy out, leads to the apron and follows with an Asai moonsault. Clip, and Aero runs into a Tiger Cota powerslam. Cota going up. Aero stops him with some bad punches, then pulls him of the middle rope with a springboard 'rana. One two three.

Decnnis and Billy check on Cota as Air Force celebrates. One crowd shot later, and suddenly the rudos are standing over the técnicos, having beat them down. Konnan's music plays, and Halloween and Damian rush out – but the técnicos are already beat up, so there's really no hurry. Dorian Roldan also wanders to the ring. Billy Boy suplexes Laredo Kid and drops him with a behind the back piledriver. Three man press slam into a cutter Super Fly. Aero's picked up for a top rope clothesline. Giant swing/dropkick spot seems a bit low power after all of that. Clip. Konnan rants about Marisela, then suddenly points out he's starting a group with these guys – and Chris Stone, who they couldn't bother to have here. Medical personal is back to take off the Air Force. If the point of the segment was to put over the new rudo faction, why in the world did they lose? Konnan names the group (el Milita) and puts Decnnis in charge, so it's very clear these guys are meant to be subordinates. Dorian gets pelted with a drink (I guess, they don’t' show it), and Halloween takes the shirt off his back to dry Dorian off. Dorian does look soaked, and there is plenty of garbage coming in. Rudos stretch this out, because the crowd is very into jeering. Did Dorian offers others a chance to join the Legion, and promises a surprise. Konnan gets in his catchphrases. No one besides Dorian and Konnan gets to talk.

La Parka and Joaquin discuss Decnnis, Billy Boy and – well, Joaquin forgot the last guy's name – leaving AAA. Parka wants all their enemies in one match for Verano de Escandalo. After Joaquin leaves, Parka makes a call to see when someone’s getting there.

Match 2: Fabi Apache & Mari Apache vs Christina Von Eerie & Jennifer Blake in a lumberjack rules match
Gimnasio De La Unidad Deportiva, Toluca, Estado De Mexico, 07/29/2010

Winner: Rudas
Match Time: (10:12 - 4:15+5:57)
Rating: eh. This stip never helps.
Notes: Everyone's already in the ring. Hijo de Tirantes is ref. Billy Boy, Tigre Cota, Decnnis, Atomic Boy, and Gato Eveready suddenly walk down to the ring with straps, which seems random. Christina does not have the mo-hawk today.

Fabi sends Christina out almost right away. The (two!) técnicos want to strap her, but the rudos cut them off and usher her back to the ring. After Hijo de Tirantes massages Christina's sore left back, she walks along the apron as Mari and Jennifer start. Mari's first move is off the ropes, blasting Christina back off the apron. That was either wonderfully time or great comic luck. Jennifer goes out, and gets the same rudo/técnico split. Green haired Naruto seems to have joined the lumberjack at some point and is acting like a técnico. Rudas double team Mari and try throwing her out, but she hangs on. Fabi attacks both foreigners, gets the same treatment. Rudas take control of the ring. Jennifer actually s the ring, gets a chair, comes back, and no one even thinks about getting her. Rudas try things on their beatdown, though it doesn’t come off well. Mari starts the comeback with a missile dropkick, just in time for a break.

Apaches run wild on the rudas. Jennifer almost rolls out on instant and the Apache actually save her. Slingshot into an airplane spin looks nice. Hijo de Tirantes tops their run by pushing down both tecnicas. Apache dropkick him out, and both sides strap Hijo de Tirantes around the ring and towards the entrance. Hijo de Tirantes tries to use a photographer as a shield, and ends up just taking him down. Tirantes makes it back to the ring, barely. Jennifer tries to finish Fabi with a casita, but Fabi just rolls thru and puts on a crossface. Christina grabs Fabi, but Jennifer's superkick connects with her partner. Von Eerie rolls out, and Gato remind her painfully of the stipulate. Blake ends up outside and is hit a bunch too. Jennifer manages a springboard plancha on both Apaches, but Mari reverses a whip into a forearm, and then a spinning forearm to make sure she’s hit Jennifer hard. Christina dropkicks Mari and follows with a high knee, but reverses a whip into a trip, and pulls Christian into a tapatía. Rolling tapatía, with hair pull, but Christina hangs on. Christina manages to reverses a move into a spinning DDT. Jennifer takes her charge and goes to the floor for no reason, but the lumberjacks back off. They also don’t really go after Mari much when she slides out, though I guess it's because she’s safely on the técnico side. Fabi DDT on Christina, cover, but Tirantes won’t count. Jennifer sits Mari in a chair on the outside and dropkicks her over, which is would be a funnier idea if it didn’t require everyone to ignore the stips of the match. The Mililta all get on the apron to attack Fabi. No idea where the técnico lumberjacks are supposed to have gone. Fabi knocks two of them off, but Tiger Cota snap Fabi's head over the ropes, Christina headbutts her, and finishes with a Pedigree. Fabi had no idea how to take that. One two three. See you in five months, Atomic Boy.

Alex Koslov is looking thru a present, sure it's from Christina. A banana and whipped cream? Even though Alex can't quite get the spray to work, he's thrilled, and tells Christina when she and Jennifer come back to the locker room, celebrating. Of course, it's not from Christina. Jennifer looks in the bag, finds bread, chili, a chorizo, and a card from Pimpinela. Foreign girls laugh, apaches come in laughing as well. Jennifer and Christina tell them to clean up, and so they do – taking the trash out, by sending Christina and Jennifer back of the had first into the clocker room. Alex – runs! Apaches drag the women into the bathroom too beat them up more. Mari hears Konnan coming, and they take off. Alex and Konnan arrive on the scene, and Konnan demands to know what happened. Alex: “Nicho and Lider!” Okay, that's at least hilarious. Jennifer dramatically says it's the Apaches – Alex amends it to say it was both. Konnan demands to know how that's possible, then demands to know about the banana and the whipped cream. Alex says it's from Pimpi, and Konnan doesn't even want to know.

Recap: Silver King/Dr. Wagner/Vampiro

Match 3: Dr. Wagner Jr. & La Parka Jr. vs Electroshock & Silver King
Gimnasio De La Unidad Deportiva, Toluca, Estado De Mexico, 07/29/2010

Winner: rudos
Match Time: 8:47 (2:48+5:59)
Rating: usual
Notes: Hey, graphics for each wrestler. That's new. No entrances. Piero is ref.

Wagner gets a run of offense before the Maniacos start a beatdown, just before the break. Parks ducks a double clothesline to start the comeback. Dragon screws around and a Parka tope. Wagner gets in his usual dive too. The rudos end up beating down the técnicos again, with Piero allowing whips into chairs. Parka turns it around, since Silver king into one and rolls him up. Electro breaks that pinfall up before three. Wagner gets a near fall on Electro with a dropkick to the knee and a casita. Parka has Silver King down after a spinning DDT, but Electro pulls Piero out to stop him from counting. Electro foul uppercuts Parka on a leapfrog, and Piero checks on him. Wagner gets in a mule kick foul on Electro in the meantime. Wagner poses, unaware his brother is behind him. Shoo to the back, Death Valley Driver, and they almost miss the pin while showing a replay.

Match 4: Extreme Tiger, Joe Lider, Nicho el Millionario vs Alex Koslov, Damián 666, Halloween
Gimnasio De La Unidad Deportiva, Toluca, Estado De Mexico, 07/29/2010

Winner: no finish
Match Time: 7:43 (5:51+1:52)
Rating: no finish!
Notes: No entrances, but they do show the graphics. Tirantes is ref. Halloween forgets Alex's last name while doing the introductions, or just decides to throw everyone off as he attacks the técnicos, it's not clear. It backfires, and the técnicos take control to start. Hijo de Tirantes is ref. Konnan is with the rudos.

Técnicos run all over the rudos for a while, it moves onto a Extreme Tiger showcase, then suddenly Halloween powerslams him and it becomes a beatdown. Nicho turns it back by catching Alex on a corner charge and powerbombing him on the two guys he boosted off of. Somehow, this led to Nicho suplexing Damian while Halloween was giving him an electric chair splash, and everyone doing a pinfall at once. Everyone does pinfalls, everyone kicks out, Tiger and Koslov are crotched on opposite posts. Nicho and Lider wipe out the Perros with dives. Break.

After the return, Alex and Halloween are placed in chairs on the entrance side, to take a Tiger tope con giro. Not sure why chairs help. 187 brings a table in and sets it up, but Damian throws a chair at both of them. Lider is places on the top rope, but Nicho hits Damian with a chair, puts Damian on his shoulders, and Lider puts himself and Damian thru the table with a DDT. Nicho covers. Tirantes counts one, stops counting, and Konnan breaks it up. Nicho starts punching Konnan, but Halloween races back in the ring to hit him in the back with a chair. Damian is up and fine ten seconds after going thru the table.

Meanwhile, a masked man jumps the rail and attacks the rudos. Powerbomb for Damian. Tree slam for Halloween. Urange for Alex. Powers slam for Billy Boy. STO for Tigre Cota. Not sure why the rudos are running out one by one, but it's always fun to have them get killed in their first night as a faction. Decnnis tries a top rope move, and jumps into a bad spear. Tirantes, the most important person here who's not Konnan, stands up the masked man and gets punched, then a backbreaker. Konnan's left, and Nicho encourages him to hit Konnan. Konnan – just leaves, untouched. Mask off, it's Mesías. 187 are big fans of Mesías suddenly. Alex tells a photographer to get his hat from on top a ringpost. The photographer jumps for it a couple times but can only touch it. Nicho notices what's going on, and decides to keep the hat for himself. Hooray, free hat. La Parka and Joaquin Roldan come to the ring, in no hurry, and shake hands with Mesías and the técnicos. Hey, they forgo the finish. Let me go back and call it when Mesías hit the ring.

Blah blah AAA blah blah Legion blah blah Konnan. People who get to talk: La Parka, Mesías (calling out Perro Aguayo Jr.), Joaquin – I like how he talks about consequences when there never seems to be any.