AAA on Televisa #951 (08/14/2010) 
Recapped: 08/12/10 – off the Mexican telecast

Previously: Mini Vipers decide they should win the minis title. Mari Apache is a maid for a while, and then she's not. Elegido punches Chris Stone, which has strange repercussions. Silver King believes he's the best Dr. Wagner going today. Vampiro believes he can hit anyone h wants with a chair, and appears to be correct.

Four sided ring, same ring as the rest of the expo. They've got a lot of ring around ringside for dives, and a ramp leading up to it.

Match 1: Mascarita Divina, Mini Charly Manson, Octagoncito vs Mini Abismo Negro, Mini Histeria, Mini Psicosis
Centro Banamex, 07/25/2010

Winner: Rudos
Match Time: 6:45
Rating: good for the time
Notes: Pepe Casas is ref. There is no audible ambient noise. Either the crowd is quiet or not miced, and the announcers do not sound live. If I remember right, the crowd was the same last year. Crowd is full anyway. Joined right before the match starts, so you're hard pressed to remember who has that minis belt anyway. The ring is really loud.

Mascarita Divina showcase leads into all the técnicos taking turns plancha-ing the rudos, but the rudos get control from there. Rudos are a killing machine. Triple facebuster on Octagoncito, Veg-O-Matic on Divina looks good. After a clip, Charly sidesteps a Histeria corner charge to start the comeback. Boot for Abismo knocks him down, Octagoncito springboard dropkick gets Psicosis. Octagoncito top rope quebradora Psi, while Charlie doe a springboard plancha on Abismo. Match settles back down. Histeria knocks Octagoncito over with a running back elbow and celebrates it a lot. Chest slap. Whip, Corner whip, Octagon kips up and rolls away, Histeria charge out in an armdrag, Psicosis back with a headscissors, and Histeria rolls his way over to the bottom rope on the way out. Octagoncito to the apron, waiting on the bottom rope, then jumping all the way to the top rope for a tornillo to the floor! Octagoncito really didn't get much spring but landed pretty well. Charlie in and missing Psicosis with a dropkick. Psicosis misses a clothesline, and runs right into a chest slap. Another one sends him to the corner. Corner whip, Charlie charges in, Psi flips him to the apron, they stare at each other for a bit, Psicosis throws a punch, Charly barley blocks it but get in his kick anyway. Missile dropkick one two no. Whip, reverses, Manson back with a headscissors. To send Psi out. Charlie waits for Psicosis to recover on the outside, and flattens him with a springboard plancha. Abismo and Divina in, maybe to finish it? No, Abismo need to stop to get people chanting his name. A few do, for a little bit. Chop battle goes Divina's way by the numbers, but Abismo's way by the power. Divina’s shoulderblock can't get Abismo down, but Abismo offers him another shot - and then slaps him along the way. Hard running kick to the face, off the ropes, over the drop down, picking Divina up, whip, reversed, under the leapfrog, and Abismo runs into the monkey flip. Divina gets Abismo over with a rebound flipping armdrag, and gets him out with a double spin headscissors. Divina all the way up – flying headscissors to the floor! It goes well, like it does every time by that once. Octagoncito eats up Histeria with armdrags, flips off the corner, lands and pulls Histeria in a 'rana. One two no. Octagoncito off the ropes, up and over - no, Histeria stops him from going over, big sit down powerbomb, one two three.

Histeria, still under the belief this promotion might be working with traditional rules, starts to get his arm raised, but then goes out to collect his partners so they don't get counted out. The music is playing, you won. Arturo did note it was the champion who got pinned, and I guess we see if that meant anything when these guys show up again (in two month or so!) Replays.

Oh, there's more! Backstage, Mini Histeria (subtitles as Mini Psicosis) somehow is entering a hallway from a different direction than Mini Abismo Negro and Mini Psicosis (subtitled as Mini Histeria), so they literally run into each other. They're all happy about the win. Histeria is on the same page as Arturo – he beat the champ, so he should get a title shot, and then he'll win the title. Abismo is totally excited for this possibility, Mini Psicosis less so. This makes sense when Mini Histeria walks off – Abismo is just humoring his friend, he's sure Octagoncito will easily beat Histeria. Mini Abismo is sure he's the best, and the guy who will the title and the clear best. Psicosis: “And me?” “You too.”

Verano de Escandalo teasing Los Perros.

Alex Koslov is fascinated by Christina Von Eerie – or maybe just her mohawk. Christina and Jennifer Blade both mock Alex, explaining Christina is here to wrestle and nothing else. This vignette seems cut off before it's actually over.

Match 2: Cinthia Moreno, Fabi Apache, Mari Apache vs Christina Von Eerie, Jennifer Blake, Sexy Star
Centro Banamex, 07/25/2010

Winner: tecnicas
Match Time: 6:56
Rating: OK.
Notes: and this match appears joined in progress. Hijo de Tirantes is ref.

Rudas beatdown. Gringas double suplex Mari, but have issues with a wheelbarrow/legdrop. Sexi legdrops with the correct leg, always a victory. Sexi pulls Cinthia's arm around the top rope while doing the splits in a completely pointless extra bit. I love it. Cinthia's thrown around by her hair, more multi-colored than last we've seen. She's thrown out, but goes back in instead of the Apaches. Cinthia ducks a double clothesline and lands one of her own, and the Apache come in to clean up. Quebradora on Jennifer, and the rest seems a lot of stomping and yelling at Tirantes. Blade back in for a camel clutch dropkick bit. Christina thrown around by her hair, whipped into a superkick, ax kicked by Mari, and double stomped by Cinthia. Sexi Star gets corner whipped, and falls down after Mari's corner clothesline. Not sure if Mari accidentally yanked her down, but she has to set the ruda back up so Mari can kick her right in the jaw, and so Cinthia can run her over with a rolling body press. Técnicas threaten Tirantes again, so he can tease a DQ again. Sexi manages a surprise bodyscissors cradle on Cinthia for two, but Cinthia reverses the next roll up and ends up with a tirabuzón. Gringas break that up, apaches dropkick them. Seems to be some anti-Apache people in the crowd, booting their offense. Apaches reverse whips and DT the Gringas. Fabi holds Von Eerie for a Mari missile dropkick, and Fabi goes out to DDT Jennifer on the floor. Mari bowls Christina over with a tope con giro for good measure. Cinthia and Sexi back in, Cinthia catches Sexi with an odd side slam, one....two...kickout. Tirantes slow counting. Sexi drops Cinthia with a face first powerbomb, quick count is not quick enough. Sexi Star shakes her butt for no particular reason, then goes up to the middle rope to tell the crowd to quiet. Cinthia slaps heir on the backside, plucks her of the ropes, and drops her with a bridging electric chair suplex. One....two.....three.

Técnicas threaten Tirantes again, but probably should just celebrate. Fabi slaps Tirantes after he gets a bit handsy. Tirantes unsubtly hands some black object to the Gringas – belts? Técnicas do a poor job of not seeing them coming, and the rudas attack them with those belts. Tirantes is left along with Cinthia, but Sexi Star recovers to attack her too. Got to make sure the pin doesn't doesn’t remembered. Tirantes gets to kick Cinthia while Sexi hold her.

In the back, Fabi and Mari are angry, but Mari's the one talking about how they're complete luchadors compared to the rudas and Fabi's the one angrily slapping the wall with a belt.

Comex/La Parka ad – get an official mask.

Match 3: Chris Stone, El Elegido, Relampago vs Cuervo, Escoria, Ozz
Centro Banamex, 07/25/2010

Winner: rudos
Match Time: 7:46
Rating: not much
Notes: Entrances? Entrances. Piero, still bald, is ref. Ozz attacks Elegido as he enters last.

Rudo beatdown to Elegido clothesline comeback straight into Elegido showcase. Elegido offense is more about the people doing crazy flips to make it look good, and Escoria does his part off one of the clothesline to start the comeback. Chris Stone is not particularly interesting, and acting like a técnico with no problems in the world. Crowd boos the técnicos here as well. After a Relampago springboard splash and a springboard headscissors, they suddenly clip back to Elegido offense. Elegido’s heavily booed trying to put a submission hold on, but Escoria breaks that up in part for everyone to break everyone up. After Ozz dropkicks Chris out, Relampago starts to get on the apron to get in, stops, and Ozz just rolls out on his own. Odd. Cuervo comes in, points at Relampago, waves at him to finally come in, and Relampago finally does. Cuervo immediately clotheslines him. Corner whip, corner clothesline. Clip again, and Chris Stone is dropkicking Escoria out. Tope con giro follows, Scoria not really catching at all and Chris Stone slipping down onto his head instead. Relampago gets Ozz with a headscissors and walks up the corner for a plancha. Cuervo pulls down Elegido's trunks, and he makes sure to spin 180 degrees before getting them back up (lot of girl screaming). Elegido drops Cuervo with a Samoan drop, sets him back in the corner, set shim on the top rope, and eaves to the crowd. Elegido slaps Elegido on the backside, and drops him with an electric chair suplex. Chris drags Elegido slightly into position, and Cuervo squashes Elegido with a senton con giro. He got all of Elegido with that one. One two three.

Announcers discuss how Chris Stone had no reason to actually turn. That's what I take it as, anyway.

Backstage, Elegido bugs Alan Stone about Chris turning on him. It seems like Alan doesn't want to get involved, but Elegido is so insistent, he's turning Alan on himself.

AAA upcoming tapings! Why do they cut this out for the US version?

Arturo talks to Extreme Tiger ABOUT TRIPLEMANIA. Took them six weeks. Tiger says Relampago was one of his friends, they used to train together, but they had issues. It's a personal issue that Tiger doesn't want to talk about, but he wouldn't mind facing off in the ring. He's not sure if Relampago is a rudo. Arturo tries to find out if it's about a girl, but Tiger won't spill.

Besuited Silver King talks to his brother Dr. Wagner, and does his whole bit about his father liking him better, but now he's got audio tape. I think Silver King offers to trade it for a title shot, and Dr. Wagner is so moved he accepts, but I have trouble following this discussion.

Dorian, Konnan, Chessman (DTU shirt?), Zorro, Hernandez are in the ring talking – well, no, Konnan is talking about LAX again, everyone else is standing around. 187 remains not on their level. Konnan points out to Kenzo's injury, and Chessman's fractured ankle, and warns the Roldan that they either go along with his and Dorian's Nueva Era or it's going to be just as bad for them. Dorian gets to talk, and thanks everyone, and talks about the Legion, LA Park and the Perros coming together. Konnan gets in his catchphrase, and no one else gets to talk.

Upcoming lineups.

Match 4: Dr. Wagner Jr. & Extreme Tiger vs Electroshock & Último Gladiador
Centro Banamex, 07/25/2010

Winner: rudos
Match Time: 11:16
Rating: lot of brawling. Better live than on TV.
Notes: UG has his belt. You can hear the ring announcer under the dubbed in ring announcer, which is quite odd. Wagner has his world title belt, and the AAA video game belt. Piero is ref. Wagner hugs Marisela and gives her the Wagner touch, but his blatant sucking up is disrupted by Ultimo Gladiador.

Electroshock and Wagner start of the match by brawling into the crowd. Way into the crowd, halfway up the bleachers, thru them, and back again. Clip to Electroshock being in the ring, and Ultimo Gladiador and Wagner brawling in the crowd. Extreme Tiger takes a flapjack on the ramp, which can’t be fun. Despite being attacked the whole way, Wagner ends up in the ring way before UG, giving him plenty of time to stagger around shaking the ropes for the fans. Crowd way more into this than anything so far. Wagner takes one clothesline (and maybe a clip) and starts his comeback with a dragon screw and such. Back thru the crowd? Back thru the crowd. Meanwhile, Tiger hops on Electro’s shoulders and punches him in the back of the head repeatedly. That might be a way for him to sell for a cruiserweight. Técnicos bring chair in and jam them into UG's crotch. Piero will allow it. Chair shot to Electroshock's head.

Teams regroup. Tiger gets a showcase on UG, but, as always, Electroshock just tosses and kicks him around, Tiger getting no comeback. Wagner backdrops him to safety, and they both pose for a while before starting with shoulderblocks and such. Electroshock sends himself out with a knee bump in the corner, and Wagner follows with a tope con giro from the apron. Been a while for one of those. Tiger gets UG with a wheel kick, stands him back up, runs, but UG escapes the tilt-a-whirl. Superkick knocks Tiger into the ropes, UG charges, Tiger flips him over the ropes, sits him down, and dropkicks him to the floor. UG is on the floor, so Tiger does another 450 on top of him. He came down very odd. Wagner back in, Electroshock very slowly after him. He actually tries to send UG back in, but Gladiador’s done. Electro takes down Wagner and puts on the Electro-Lock, but Wagner holds on, turns around the hold, inside cradle Electroshock, one two foot on the ropes (not shown.) After that hold being certain death for so long, Wagner escaped easily. Electro tries a kick, Wagner catches it and dragon screws him. Wagner listens to the crowd, reaches for Electro, and gets kicked in the head. Electro charges, Wagner tosses him face first into the buckle, Electro stumbles out, Wagner Driver. Piero counts, slowly for him, one two and he has to hold up because Tirantes hasn't hit him with the chair yet. Tirantes taunts Wagner, which seems foolhardy. Wagner considers it, asks the fans an, and get into a chop fight with Hijo de Tirantes. Tirantes tries to whip him, but Wagner reverses it and drops him with a quebradora con giro. (Piero is already getting medical help and is taken to the back.) Wagner thumb across the throat, Tirantes lifted up for the Wagner Driver, holding him, and Vampiro eventually shows up to club Wagner in the back. One, they need to give out the cues to start running in a few seconds earlier, and two, Arturo yells “VAMPIRE! VAMPIRE!” which is just weird. Urange on Wagner. Electroshock pulled on top. One two three.

They play Vampiro's music, I think. Sound system is not great. Vampiro arrives, rips off Wagner’s mask, so completely face has to be blurred out. Tirantes helps Vampiro and stomps, but Vampiro tells him to go get the belt. Vampiro puts the belt on his shoulder. Vampiro poses with the belt, taunts Wagner, and throws the belt on him. This goes on for quite a while, and then Vampiro decides that he's got to clothesline Wagner and powerbomb him. Vampiro starts to leave, then stops to beat up Wagner more. Tirantes tells him he's done enough, and Vampiro leave – to get a chair. Tirantes cuts him off.

In a dark parking lot, Dr. Wagner asks Joaquin Roldan to defend against Vampiro & Silver King in the same match – for WagnerMania! Joaquin is eventually convinced to do it.

Verano plug.

Vampiro and Dorian discuss – he works for Dorian, but he wants nothing to do with Konnan, nothing much. Vampiro says this is the last time he's going to tell Dorian to keep Konnan away form him, or else.

Match 5: Cibernético, Monster Clown, Murder Clown, Psycho Clown vs Alex Koslov, Hernandez, Konnan, Zorro
Centro Banamex, 07/25/2010

Winner: Cibernético & Psycho Circus
Match Time: 9:52
Rating: about usual.
Notes: Jennifer is out with Konnan. Tirantes is the ref.

One more COMEX/Parka ad before this gets started. It's the only time Parka is seen, and there’s no mention of last week's match.

Verano de Escandalo plug. Upcoming lineups plug.

Defying all odds, the match starts with everyone in their corners, no brawl. Once Killer Clown throws Alex around and elbow drops him, it starts to break down. Zorro canes him, taunts the Clowns, and they storm all in. Legion takes control quickly. General beatdown stuff. Clowns turn it around on a whip after a couple minutes, stomping Zorro & Alex while the other guys just hang on the apron. Cibernético is also content to hang on the apron during all of this. This is really a 3 v 3 match with Konnan and Cibernético watching but not participating. Monster's big splash from Murder's shoulder gets a big reaction, as does Koslov taking a dropkick from a top Murder's press slam. Three Clown are enough to get offense on Hernandez. When it's Konnan’s turn, he shoves Blade into the Clowns and takes off to save himself. Blade’s forearm smashes have no affect on Murder Clown. Body slam, Psycho adds a top rope low blow headbutt, of course. Alex moves out of the way of a Murder Clown charge, and manages to drop him with the springboard plancha. Zorro dismissively watches as Monster Clown does jumping jacks, and casually moves out of the way of his dropkick. Tremendous jerk. Zorro’s clothesline just prompts more jumping jacks, but Zorro doesn't go down to the clothesline either and does his own jumping jacks. Monster Clown throws himself out on a missed dropkick, and Zorro follows with a tope con giro! That's unusual for him. Hernandez sets up for his dive, but Psycho is behind, waiting with forearms. Corner whip, Hernandez flips Psycho to the apron, Psycho slaps him away, then top rope plancha-s the two rudos on the floor. Tirantes tells Hernandez not to dive, but he's got to – over he top rope tope onto the rudos. Cibernético and Konnan back in. Cibernético’s wearing Psycho Circus t-shirt. Good to see someone has one. Cibernético punches Konnan in the head, and Konnan staggers back in the corner. Jennifer grabs Cibernético by the hair and Konnan, completely unaffected by those punches, grabs a cookie sheet and swings. Jennifer takes it, of course. Cibernético hits Konnan in the head, covers, and Tirantes counts – one two three.

Tirantes is shocked – I guess he forgot? Wasn't paying attention? Los Perros music is playing – we've got Damian, Halloween, and Bestia 666 all attacking Cibernético. Cibernético is quickly beat down (the Clowns sort of disappear), though it’s hard to catch everyone who’s involved because this is very clipped. Perro Aguayo Jr., having learned something from Black Warrior, is wearing a white suit coat, white shirt, and light blue jeans. He's also with the Unidentified Ski Mask muscle guy. Perros starts talking about Cibernético, then loses his train of thought and talks about Konnan and Dorian, then wavers back to Cibernético, all the time talking with a hoarse voice and seeming half out of it. No condition to perform, indeed. Dorian Roldan walks out, off no particular cue, and looks glum. Perro’s point seems to be the Perros are with Konnan and Dorian (which we already knew.) No one else talks before the cut away. Replays and they're done.