AAA on Televisa #950 (08/07/2010) 
Recapped: 08/08/2010

previously: Mari Apache turned on her teammates, and so they lost. Alex & Christian won, and they mange to make this not look bad. (Very few Christina highlights.) Perros appear to have won clean without problem in this retelling. Legion beat up 187, but technically lost. Park & Wagner won.

Match 1: Billy Boy & Tigre Cota vs Laredo Kid & Súper Fly
Poliforum Zamna, Merida, Yucatan, 07/04/2010

Winner: rudos
Match Time: 6:28
Rating: good for the time.
Notes: Joined right before the start. Piero is ref, bald.

Action start, up until Super Fly decides he need to pose for the crowd before they can go on. After his showcase warps up, there's a big clip and they return and odd moment, switching between the técnicos. Laredo headscissors Billy Boy out, walks under a Cota clotheslines, and side kicks him out. Sling to the apron, Asai tornillo from there. Laredo lines up the two técnicos, and Super Fly goes up – nice looking moonsault on both. Replays. Técnicos slam the rudos and head up for moves. This is shown from as far away as possible, and the Air Force guys kind of blend in with the background as they fly. Looks like it's Super Fly with a simple reverse plancha and Laredo with a 450 splash, but the rudos kick out of both. Sure, why not kick out of the 450 splash. I'm sure you have a 900 splash coming. Rudos walk thru a turn around spot, dropkick the técnicos out and following with topes. Laredo makes it back in with the rudos, and is flapjacked and clotheslined. Whip, double boot. Super Fly in. Corner clothesline, whipped out into a clothesline. Billy hangs Laredo on the ropes for a Tiger Cota guillotine elbow drop. Three people cheer. It's quiet, even thought there’s lots of people. Super Fly flips Cota to the apron on a charge, but Billy stops him with a side kick to the midsection. Powerbomb/inverted bulldog combo on Super Fly. Rudos pose rather than think about a pin. Wow, someone was really giving out red shirts to people in the front row, because everyone has the same one. No idea what they’re for, actually. Clip in the middle of the comeback setup, so that must've one poorly. Rudos dropkicked out, Super Fly running tornillo on Tiger. Laredo gets Billy with an up an over sunset flip, but Billy kick out at two. Clothesline missed, Laredo bodyscissors cradle one two no. Laredo clothesline is caught, and Billy lifts Laredo up, then walks around with him before dropping him with the inverted Gori Bomb. One two three.

Super Fly was a moment late making the save, and throws a fit rather than check on his partner.

In AAA's offices, Arturo talks to Laredo Kid and Super Fly. They discuss what happened last week with Mari Apache. Super Fly thinks he was totally in the right, and since they did lose the match when Laredo got fouled, he's got a point. Laredo wants to be a team, win or lose. Super Fly is not sure he wants to stay a team. Thinking about shaking the hands, thinking about it, reluctantly shaking the hands. Why didn't they show this before the match? Whatever, someone just call Octagon to solve this again.

Match 2: Fabi Apache, Mari Apache, Pimpinela Escarlata vs Alex Koslov, Christina Von Eerie, Jennifer Blake
Poliforum Zamna, Merida, Yucatan, 07/04/2010

Winner: rudos
Match Time: 5:42 (4:07+1:35)
Rating: better than last week's version.
Notes: Joined right before the match starts. Piero is ref. Christina's normal look is back.

Match itself is pretty short. Rudos take control pretty early, just after some Alex/Pimpi comedy, then beatdown the técnicos thru the first segment. There's some yelling at Mari to help out, but it doesn't help the rudos much. Pimpi leads the comeback, with Fabi holding the girls for Mari's tope. Pimpi kisses Alex, but Alex superkicks him for the pin. Announcers don't know it's a three count for five seconds after the pin.

Mari announces today's her last day serving these rudas – and she and Fabi attack Jennifer and Christina. Harsh drop toe hold/dropkick to the face combo on Von Eerie. Alex is stunned for a moment, then just knocks down both Apaches with forearms to the back of the head. Aerostar rushes out for the save, so he must've been in the secret dark match that never gets reported. Double rotation headscissors sends Alex out, and Aero decides he might as well get his money’s worth – springboard inverted tope to the floor! Rudos regroup as they walk to the back.

Backstage, Chessman is in intense pain. The doctor is checking on his left ankle and telling him he needs to get to a hospital. Konnan walks in and asks what happens. Chessman explains it was Joe Lider who attacked him. (Close!) Konnan doesn't want Chessman to go to the hospital – he's the Rey de Reyes, they need him! - but the doctor says Chessman's career is in jeopardy if he doesn't get this taken care of. Konnan vows to avenge Chessman, then actually hurts his ankle more getting past him to the exit.

Match 3: Damián 666, Halloween, Super Crazy vs Dr. Wagner Jr., Joe Lider, Nicho el Millionario
Poliforum Zamna, Merida, Yucatan, 07/04/2010

Winner: Perros del Mal
Match Time: 11:11 (4:57+6:13)
Rating: better than average
Notes: Hijo de Tirantes is ref, and enters with Los Perros. They pull out a kid from the crowd wearing a Perros del Mal shirt and pose with him. Hmmm. Rudos have a present for Hijo de Tirantes - his own Perros shirt! How nice of them. What pleasant young men. Nicho appears to have a bat! Imagine the damage it could do if it was used on someone's ankle. Wagner haws to get in his catchphrase before he can wrestle, which actually results in the rudos jumping them.

Rudos dominate the first segment, with Hijo de Tirantes assisting, and it seems like the técnicos make hteir comeback during the break. This comeback includes the chair into a chair into a groin spot, as required. Técnicos have a really silly group pose, before a clip takes it to técnico showcases. Wagner gets in his offense first, then it's 187's list of moves. Lider goes for a pinfall after his jumping backcracker, since it's his move and all, and things break down from there. Wagner takes out Crazy with an apron tope con giro, 187 lays a chair over Damian and Nicho heads up. Lider just stands there posing as Konnan (limps) to ringside. Konnan comes in the ring, but doesn't do anything – that's still enough for Halloween to run in and hit people. Wagner punching out all the Perros himself, but Konnan punches Lider as well. Técnicos still have Konnan cornered, but that's jut because they repeat the same bit, and this time the Perros do beat up the técnicos. Super Crazy gets in an Asai moonsault that's missed by the camera. Damian grabs Nicho but can't just beat him by his own, he's got to walk him over to the ropes so Konnan can hit Nicho with a chair. Nicho takes a silly backflip bump, Damian sets him on the top rope, there's the Valagueza, there's the match.

TripleMania recap: La Park vs La Parka Jr. The Dorian and Park turnign on each other angle is shown, even though it's been dropped. Park's martinete is not shown – it's Dorian chair shotting Parka, Perros pulling Park on top, and Park winning. No mention of the overturn.

Match 4: La Parka Jr. vs LA Park
Poliforum Zamna, Merida, Yucatan, 07/04/2010

Winner: La Parka Jr.
Match Time: 14:03 (1:56+5:36+3:46+2:45)
Rating: not as good as TripleMania. Very one sided.
Notes: Super Crazy, as Park's second, helps point out the Original on Park's boots. Park has the Messi jersey this time around. Is that Parka shirts they've given out to everyone? At least one guy think it's Park. They seem to be muting the sound for Parka's entrance, which is interesting. Piero is ref, at least to start. Parka has no second. The red shirted fans are singing for Park, so there you go.

Parka armdrags Park around. Backbreaker, dance. Boos seem louder for the AAA guy, and he seems a bit disconcerted. Super Crazy gives him a thumbs down. Park off the roeps, tripped up by Super Crazy. Park stomps, argues with Piero. Parka rolls out, and Park distracts Piero's as Crazy forearms Parka in the back. Clip ahead to Park brawling with Parka on the outside. Park pulls the clone right in front of the red shrited fans, lays him on top of the video screens, and punches him. Fans count along one two three 4 5 6 7 8 9 10. Piero tells Park to bring it back inside. While they discuss. Super Crazy gets in his own shots. Park pulls Parka off the monitors, and it's time for the first break.

Brawl continues on the outside. Parka smashed into the steps. Park takes the top step off it's foundation, and tries to drop it on Parka. Doesn't quite land right, but the thought is there. Piero asks Park to please reconsider his strategy. Park walks with Piero back towards the ring, while Super Crazy stays behind and DDTs Parka on the step. Park comes back, as Piero decide maybe he should just count. Suplex on the sage for Parka. Super Crazy runs to the ring to slow down the count, and Park brings Parka back in. Park takes his belt off, and loudly slaps Parka in the back with it. Powerbomb? Takes two tries, but Park manages it. Cove with his feet in the ropes, one two NO. Park tries the pin again with a hand on the ropes, and again Piero catches him. Park lets go, Piero agrees to count, one, hand back on the ropes, and Piero stops again. Park gets up to argue with the referee, allowing Super Crazy to choke and forearm Parka again. Park keeps the distraction long enough for Super Crazy to taunt the crowd and start choking Parka all over again. Crowd is against the Perros del Mal two, just because of their blatant cheating. Super Crazy fans Park with his towel for a bit. Parka stood up in the corner, and punched in the face. Once more. Third. Corner whip, reversed, Parka charges in, Park puts him on the top rope, Parka kicks him away and catches him in a flying codebreaker. Konnan, limping even more now, walks out, telling Hijo de Tirantes to run to ringside. Piero is down to count, but Tirantes stomps him, forearms him, throws him into the buckle, and throws Piero out, where Super Crazy can also get in his stomps. Konnan tells Super Crazy to take Piero to the back, and so he does. Meanwhile, Parka corners Tirantes, Park slips behind him for an inside cradle, one two NO. Break.

Parka thrown out, and Konnan and Super Crazy (back, with no ref) kick him around. Super Crazy pulls Parka up and tosses him in. Parka really could use a friend. Park kicks him in the ribs, covers, fast one two NO. Park stops to high five Konnan. Focus! More punches from Parka. Armbar, Parka back with his own punches, Hijo de Tirantes hooks an arm, Park kicks his rival in the leg and struts. Rudos huddle for a moment. CLIP. Punches. Corner whip, reversed, lots of boos as Parka ramps up for his charge, and he doesn’t make it far before Tirantes trips him up. Park off the ropes, dropkick to the face (or would be if Parka didn't move any too soon.) One two no, counts till not fast enough. Armbar, Parka reverses to chop, Tirantes steps in, Park accidentally punches him. Parka shoulderblocks Park, off the ropes, and grabs the ropes and jumps to avoid Super Crazy's trip. Parka turns around and kicks Super Crazy, then sidesteps and Park accidentally dropkicks his partner thru the ropes. Park running out allies. Parka waits, charges, Park backdrops him, Parka bad tumble over the ropes but regains his footage on the apron. Parka smashes Park's face into the turnbuckle, heads up (Tirantes back up and conspicuously in the wrong spot), Parka's plancha get the ref and not the rudo. Parka casita, but there's no ref (and they're under the ropes.) Tirantes recovers, look around, starts to count, one two and his shoulder hurts. Konnan tells Tirantes to come over so he can look at it, but Parka confronts the ref. Third break.

Park surprises Parka with a small package, one two NO. Count faster, please. Rudos are all frustrated. Park off the ropes, Parka catches him in a floataround DDT (heroic work by Park there.) Parka covers, but Tirantes checks and thinks Park's shoulder might be up. Now he'll count, one two aw, wrist huts. Konnan massages it, and Parka confronts again. Parka thinks about punching him. Why think about it? Park back up, charging, and missed a corner dropkick, taking a big fall. Parka covers, one two....kickout. Tirantes grabs Parka, Parka charges, both guys moves, and Parka armdrags Park. Park charges again, and this time only Parka moves. Down goes Tirantes for the third or fourth time. Park off the ropes, Park lifts him up and uppercut fouls him. Park celebrates, dances. How about a cover? Tirantes think that' a good idea, but Park asks for a little more dancing! This is the new best part of this match. Park and Tirantes argue dance or not dance, which really works against Tirantes favor. Rudos just stand around talking for a bit. Park cover,s one two Piero rushes out to attack Tirantes, breaking up the pin. Tirantes is thrown out of the ring, but Park just punches Piero in the face. CLIP. Parka small package, Piero back in, quick one two three, that's the match. There are a lot of really happy here, though not the fans in red.

Halloween and Damian are immediately out and attacking Parka. Super Crazy climbs in the ring to join them. Dr. Wagner Jr and Nicho rush in. This time, Nicho seems to have a different object – maybe that's the padded bat? Rocky Romero, Zorro, Alex Koslov and Hernandez rush in to help the rudos. Announcers, who appear to have been taped after the fact, ignore Romero. Joaquin Roldan has the rest of the male técnico locker room carefully walk down the stairs, then run to the ring for the save – they've got Cibernético, Joe Lider, Super Fly, Laredo Kid, Pimpinela and Aerostar. Rudos leave rather than deal with the numbers. Joaquin gets the microphone and says AAA is united against the perros and the Legion. Clip while he's still talking.

Video package recap leaves out that match too. That's the show.