AAA on Televisa #943 (06/19/2010) 
Recapped: 07/06/10

Previously: Broom related madness, and angles involving Gran Apache which never seem to anywhere. A cage match where Wagner loses because the Maniacos interfere, which is at least a nice echo of the last cage match if not actually a good match. Parka vs Park; amazingly, the only time we hear the crowd in this segment is to chant Parka's name. This is as subtle as the Gringas bends in front of the camera.

Four sided ring. The floor does not seem to be utterly destroyed when the show starts, but I'm sure someone will be complaining later.

Match 1: Alex Koslov & Sexy Star vs Aerostar & Fabi Apache for the AAA World Mixed Tag Team Championship
Auditorio Municipal Torreon, 05/22/2010

Winner: técnicos (retain titles)
Match Time: 8:04 (2:31+5:33)
Rating: good
Notes: No entrances. Being “helpful”, AAA shows the names of the participants on the screen all at once. There's no way of matching the names to the people and it's totally unhelpful, but it is hilarious. Sexi Star seems to have a broom in her corner, which may come up later.

Alex and Aero start off with near falls, trying to end the match in under two minutes without the women ever tagging in. This does not work. Aero pulls of a satellite armbar, but Sexi breaks it up with a kick to the head. Fabi rushes in, but takes Alex's enziguri. Break.

The ad for TripleMania on the video boards is obscured by the ring. Not so effective. More effective is Alex's flag choke spin on Aero. Sexi throws Fabi around by the hair, but Fabi is not so hurt that she can't slap Alex a couple times. Maybe you should grab both arms when you hold her, Sexi? Alex kicks Fabi down. Alex suplexes Aero, and drops a knee. Fabi ducks a double clothesline to start the comeback. Alex throws himself out, and Aero kills him with a no hands plancha. Fabi chases Sexi in the ring, out of the ring, around the ring, and back in the ring, before just grabbing the broom. Piero takes it away, and Fabi wastes time arguing with him. Sexi gets a near fall with a bodyscissors cradle, but Fabi pulls her into a rolling arm scissors. Sexi stands up to get free and put on a knee stretch, and Aero has to pose for the crowd before breaking that up with a spank. Alex knocks Aero down with a big boot to the face. Clips here makes it look like Alex stands around for a while waiting for Aero to roll out and back in – maybe he did. Aero gets a headscissors to send Alex out, then walks up the corners, scoots across the ropes, then jumps off into a tope con giro on Alex. Back inside, Fabi flattens Sexi with a missile dropkick. Sexi miraculously recovers to backslide Fabi for two, then gets her swinging fisherman’s suplex for two. Sexi goes for the broom, and Piero doesn't take it away from here. Sexi just misses the swing, Fabi kicks her in the face, and the broom goes out. Fabi goes out after the broom, brings it back in, smacks it on Sexi’s back, and Dragon Suplexes her for the pin. That seems a bit much.

Jennifer Blake rushes in this Fabi with a broom stick, and Rain is in right behind her. Aero throws them down by their hair and kicks them away, and Alex shoves him down. Wow, he waited until after the match to get in the superkick. Might have won if he did it earlier. Alex throws Aero out and stomps him, so the rudas can break the broom stick over Fabi's right wrist. Mari Apache is out, kicking Jennifer down. Rain decides to hide by sitting on the top rope. This seems like a poor idea. Gran Apache runs on, slaps Rain off the top rope, then slaps Alex when he tries to run in. Gran Apache lines Rain up, and Mari adds a top rope senton con giro. Fabi seems to temporarily forget how much her wrist hurt during this. Clip to the rudos regrouping and the champs getting their belts back. Aero is keeping his crush on Fabi way on the down low this time.

Backstage, Alex rushes into a room with a really short door (???) to alert Konnan about what has just occurred. Namely, Sexi Star losing the match, totally not Alex's fault. If Alex could just get the perfect partner he had in mind – Konnan just wants him to get it done so they can get all the titles. Konnan doesn't care where she's coming from, just win the freaking titles. Alex asks too many questions and gives too many apologizes and Konnan has to yell at him to leave. Poor Konnan!

Match 2: Dr. Wagner Jr., Octagón, Pimpinela Escarlata vs Electroshock, Silver King, Último Gladiador
Auditorio Municipal Torreon, 05/22/2010

Winner: rudos
Match Time: 13:17 (4:25+4:52+4:00)
Rating: eh
Notes: Hijo de Tirantes is wearing a personalized red soccer jersey. For England, maybe? Wagner gives him a quebradora con giro and yanks the shirt off. This is not a DQ, because the match hasn't even started. Octagon and Wagner rip up the shirt. Electro and Wagner banter back and forth before the Maniacos just jump the rudos.

Beatdown isn't much, and doesn’t last more then a couple minutes until the entire trio leaves the ring to argue with the fans. Somehow, the técnicos are not able to mount a comeback in this gap. Rudos are a bit more focused on their return, but Wagner gets the crowd to chant for him just by running around the outside. Wagner turns the tide in the ring, and suplexes Electro on the steps. Break?

Hernandez complains about Mexican's diet. These two lines could've used more awkward pauses. Break.

Backstage, Joaquin asks La Parka to calm down. How can he be calm when he's still trying to figure out how that last match ended? Oh, wait, he's upset about Park. Or maybe Joauqin telling him to clam down a hundred times here. Parka hits a wall after Joaquin leaves, so that didn't work.

Wagner went thru the crowd to get a plastic crate, and Pimpi teases kicking Tirantes for the second time this match without doing it. Wagner does hit Hijo de Tirantes with the crate. Clip ahead to showcases, going Octagon, Pimpi and Wagner last. Pimpi finally gets that kiss on Hijo de Tirantes to end his bit. There's a second break before Wagner gets started.

In the second break, a Galavision promo airs hyping up the Psycho Circus, the Vipers (with Abismo Negro & Mr. Niebla), the Hellbrothers, La Secta, Zorro and Kenzo Suzuki. As random as you can get.

After everyone gets in dives, they're back to Electro & Wagner. Wagner kick down Tirantes for getting involved, Electro fouls Wagner, and Tirantes speed counts three for the win. Tirantes celebratory dance is pretty funny.

Piero walks to the ring as the rudos occasionally stomp Wagner. Just to have something to do. The rudos decide they don’t like Tirantes enough to help him here, so they shove him over to Piero and walk off. Tirantes doesn't just follow them, then gets trapped in the ropes when he finally decides to escape. Before Piero can do anything, Alex, Chessman, Zorro and Hernandez are in and stomping a mudhole in Piero. Hernandez lifts Piero up, and Alex goes all the way up for a – weak axhandle, huh. That one was not quite worth the effort. Tirantes thinks he's won, but he's the one who's got to referee the next two matches. Zorro's red Z shirt is sort of awesome.

Backstage, Park is dragging Heavy Metal backwards thru the entrance way because – because they're showing things on out of order? I'll tell you in about a half hour, I guess. Anyway, Park is merrily stomping Metal when Parka, from out of nowhere, suddenly breaks a large wooden object over his head. We barely saw it, and Park certainly didn't. Parka gets his revenge until security can drag him off. Hey look, Piero is perfectly fine and dragging Parka off. Forget about lasting more than a week, this injury angle didn't even last a segment!

In a bathroom, Alex Koslov is laying face first on the floor, with a 187 spray painted on his back. This last about 10 seconds.

Wagner vs Electro cage match video package. Show this after the match, sure, why not.

Match 3: Cibernético & Heavy Metal vs LA Park & Zorro
Auditorio Municipal Torreon, 05/22/2010

Winner: no contest?
Match Time: 13:32 (5:15+8:17) - when Vampiro ran in
Rating: not much
Notes: Rudos jump técnicos. Metal isn't so hurt that he can't discuss his father with the announcers. The Zorro/Cibernético is a thrilling preview to their TripleMania chinlock highlight reel, leaving Metal just to get beat up by Park for a while. It's sad that I cheer out loud when Zorro lets go of one chinlock to put on another chinlock. Metal seems to be bleeding from behind the ear, and Parka takes him into the crowd (of course.) Zorro chokes Cibernético with one foot, and watches the two in the crowd. This is the shot AAA decides to stick with. Break while beatdown continues.

Crowd, bored as I am – I need to fine something to wake me up for the rest of this show – starts to chant for Cibernético. Parka starts to dance, and the crowd boos. Hooray for AAA! Park is legit upset about them not cheering his knee shaking bit. After a crowd shot, the técnicos finally make their comeback, Cibernético back elbowing Zorro and feeing Park into a Metal middle rope headscissors. Cibernético weakly spears Zorro, Metal slingshot tope con giro's Park, and Cibernético smashes Zorro into the desk a couple times. Comeback goes on for a while but isn’t much interesting, including Cibernético slowly chasing Tirantes around the ring. In this showcase, Zorro gets in his cane shots on Metal, and Park and Zorro milk it for a minute and half. Park insists on getting to show off his own ability to spin the cane around, and accidentally hits Zorro twice when aiming for Metal. That was actually great. Metal comes back with armdrags, tries to hide in the ropes, and lust legitimately crotch himself, because he stops and rolls out. Park slowly, slowly climbs up, and finally Parka's music plays. Parka dares Park to chase him, but Tirantes tries to hold him back. Park calmly walks over toward Parka, and they challenge each other to go first. Finally, Metal recovers to clothesline Park in the back. Parka leaves, Park kicks Metal from the ground, they grab each other by the hair and walk to the back – hey, I bet I know what happened next! What a bunch of goofballs.

Cibernético and Zorro decide to actually try now, Zorro superkicking Cibernético and posing. Crowd chants for Ciber, Ciber catches a kick and chokeslams Zorro. Tirantes doesn’t want to count, starts counting slowly, Vampiro's music plays, Tirantes does not abort counting (though it's not like he's doing more than laying there and thinking about it), ABRUPT CUT, and on to Vampiro pulling Cibernético off the pin. Really dying to know what got botched there. If Vampiro tripped coming in, you'd think the fans would still be laughing. Clip again to Vampiro having Cibernético on the outside and bleeding. No finish!

Match 5: Joe Lider, La Parka Jr., Nicho el Millionario vs Chessman, Hernandez, Kenzo Suzuki
Auditorio Municipal Torreon, 05/22/2010

Winner: no contest?
Match Time: 15:23 (2:35+4:43+5:21+2:44)
Rating: about usual
Notes: For the third straight match, the rudos jump the técnicos. Piero, who was destroyed by the Legion earlier, calmly stands nit he corner while they enter for this match. If you like clothing based chokes, this opening beatdown is for you. Hernandez tries to break the length mark on a hanging suplex for Nicho, but no one's counting for him. Not enough of a goofy indy. Chessman has enough time to give Lider a F5, stare at Lider a bit, then walk over to Hernandez to alert him that he can let go now. Kenzo was too busy putting his belt back on. Replay of Chessman alerting Hernandez about letting go to let gravity do it's work. Chessman knows a lot about gravity. Sudden break.

The beatdown goes on. Agile La Parka starts the comeback with an armdrag/ dropkick combination. (Chessman is underrated again.) Kenzo begs off with Parka gets his belt, but I think it's more because he's afraid of his pants falling down. They stay on, thankfully. Rudos kill a lot of time talking on the outside. Third break.

More huddling. Maybe I should jus stop typing until this is over. Hey, look, the electronic sign says TripleMania started at 6! If only I knew that a month ago. Only interesting thing about the showcases it takes both of 187 to take down Hernandez, and it's only barely even then. Chessman eats a Park tope, and Lider holds Kenzo in a choke over the ropes for a long time. Kenzo manage not to suffocate while Nicho is near totally ineffective on Hernandez. Piero occupies himself with the choke, missing Nicho foul Hernandez. Unfortunately, Piero is still looking at Lider while Hernandez has a submission on. Third break of the match!

Técnicos get tried of killing time with the submission holds. Lider let go and disappears. Nicho tries something else on Hernandez, and Zorro appears to run him over with a cane shot. Piero will allow it. Lider reappears to punch Zorro around, but Hernandez his him. Nicho manages to take out Hernandez with a trip in the buckle. Parka thinks about hitting Zorro with a chair, turns around to look at the crowd, and Zorro grabs his cane. Nicho reacts quick enough to get the cane and hit Zorro himself. Nicho stands over Zorro as La Park walks in, walking past Nicho, and smashes Parka with a bottle, which breaks over Park's head. Nicho is unaware or uninterested in saving his friend this time. By the time they’ve shown replays, security has hit the ring to grab Park and pull the bottle away from him. No finish? (No shot of Park using the bottle again.) AAA técnicos storm the ring, with Legion guys (but Park) all missing. Park is forced into a corner while medical attends to Parka. Parks' partners return to get him away from the ring and hold him back from the fans. Chessman does most of the work and could use some help. Joaquin talks about TripleMania.

Recap video.