AAA on Televisa #942 (06/12/2010)
Recap: 06/14/10

I'm working off the Sunday version, which started about 8 minutes late but still managed to finish on time.

Hype video for all the matches.

Minis recap: Mini Abismo Negro won the title last time they had a match, and then highlighted of the other matches. Only the Vipers and Octagoncito are hyped, so there you go.

Cruiserweight recap: Generico knows that the only way you're the best cruiserweight in the world is if you have the belt. Oddly smart bit for this show. Tiger highlight video.

Nosawa highlight video. Maybe Arturo should've watched this rather than just introduced it?


Highlights of Christopher Daniels one win and promo.

Arturo sits down to chat with Jack Evans and Extreme Tiger. Usual mutual respect talk. Jack says this is the biggest match of his career and believes he's #1, but doesn't want any bad feelings between him and Tiger. They shake hands.

Cruiserweight video package, including promos from Jack and Tiger they didn't show before. Jack seems to have taken Generico's words to heart.

Gringas Locas promo, followed by Sexi convincing Konnan to help her out. Highlight video of the feud, which is mostly the técnicas getting beat up. Also, the angle from last week with Gran Apache that they short of cut out.

Arturo talks about the Lucha de Apuesta match. Recap of the feuding referee storyline.

After a break, a recap of the two sides picking their teams, and Metal and Octagon explaining why they've picked their side. Also, footage of Alex, Chessman (with no makeup) and Hernandez training Hijo de Tirantes. I have no idea why, though I could use more Chessman showing how to do a proper kneelift.

Hermandad recap. Whoever put this show this week was a big fan of string music. Must be someone new!

To last week's clips, where Konnan had Lider bleeding and got Nicho to follow. This week, we follow Nicho to the back to chase them down. Nicho literally runs into La Parka Jr. & Joaquin Roldan, who I don't think are supposed to be in a building yet. Either that, or they were really polite to wait until after the match to go to the ring. Nicho turns the other way and storms out to find Konnan. No lucky, but he apparently passed Lider on the way out. Nicho yells at the camera.

Arturo talks about the other participants in the tag title. He did know those names at some point!

Beer Money Incorporated Corporation clip.

Vampiro as a técnico highlights, followed by Vampiro's return as a rudo. This angle's going nowhere, really. Nothing that's gone on with Joaquin and Vampiro since this bit.

Not sure they they keep putting a break in the middle of talking about a match. Recap of Mesías' injury. Also, Zorro being crazy, and the rest of this angle. You'd real think they were doing Cibernético/Mesias vs Zorro/Vampiro based off of this. Abyss video package. Cibernético video package, followed by Vampiro & Zorro beating him up backstage – last week? Some previous point in time? It doesn't actually matter. The next clip is Cibernético recovered and vowing revenge.

Dr. Wagner Jr. vs Electroshock video package. Recap of the turn. Maniacos promo. Recap of the turn again, this time focusing on the trios it set up.

Recap of the cage match.

Arturo, no longer able to stand the excitement of this show, is now sitting next to a random phone. Arturo throws it to an interview with Wagner, “at his home in Torreon”, which looks a lot like the fountain outside AAA's offices. Must be a coincidence! This live interview is very obviously clipped. Dr. Wagner Junior thinks he's going to win! Wagner says his friends in AAA will keep the Maniacos from interfering in the title match. I like how the cage match is the one with interference, and the normal match is the one with out it.

Recap of Dorian being swayed to Konnan's side and introducing Konnan to his special friend. LA Park's debut. Highlights of LA Park/Dorian vs La Parka Jr./Roldan, and on and on this goes. They give this feud the most time, and so they should. It does seem like they better explain why La Parka was being arrested, and I don't think they showed the glass breaking bit from earlier. Long LA Park interview about the feud with La Parka Jr., Antonio Pena, Dorian, Joaquin. They actually have 2 seconds of him being La Parka back in the day, which seems like 2 more seconds than they showed earlier. This ends with LA Park yelling into the camera about being the true Park.

No interview from La Parka Jr.

Many AAA wrestlers – we've got Extreme Tiger, Murder Clown, Octagon, Heavy Metal, Pepe Casas, La Parka Jr., Marisela Pena, Arturo Rivera, Joaquin Roldan, Psycho Clown, Monster Clown, Guapito, Fabi Apache and Nicho (maybe?) surround a cake to celebrate the 18th Anniversary. Split screen to Dorian watching from a doorway and calling someone to alert Konnan, Vampiro and LA Park. Marisela gives a speech, Joaquin talks about his son, Marisela talks about La Parka Jr. being the real Parka. Parka nods his head to agree. That's the end of the show.