AAA TripleMania 18 (06/06/2010) 
Recapped: 06/23-24/10

Hype video package of found video. War themes. WOLVES. Clips from TripleMania past. Hey, Super Calo being unmasked! Most of these fare from earlier years, but they do seem to have older footage for once. Wait, this show is 4+ hours, I probably shouldn't be bothering with this flag. Antonio Pena flag, Antonio Pena ashes, moving on to the opener.

Same stage setup as last year for TripleMania, and the lighting is a lot like the Pena memorial – the ring is bathed in light, but the crowd is totally dark. Six sided ring, with more room at ringside than usual. Different, lesser looking graphics than usual.

Match 1: Mini Abismo Negro vs Mini Charly MansonOctagoncitoMascarita DivinaMini Histeria,  La ParkitaMini ChessmanMini Psicosis for the AAA World Minis Championship and in a ladder match
Palacio de los Deportes, DF, 06/06/2010

Winner: Octagoncito
Match Time: 9:07
Rating: ** ¼
Notes: Mini Chessman now has an outfit that closer resembles Chessman's current gear. They're all wearing special gear for the occasion, of course. Mini Vipers enter as a group, have a pose, and bring some of the ladders and tables from the entrance way to the ring. Crowd is really quite for some of these guys, like Divina. No Mascarita Sagrada. Copetes and Piero are in the ring to start the match.

A typical ladder match, and actually one of the better ones in AAA because there wasn't a lot of moments were the match ground to a halt to set up furniture. There was only one bit in the middle where Psicosis took forever setting something up that didn't quite go right with Charlie anyway, but otherwise they kept it moving for the 9 minutes it lasted.

That sort of time didn't allow more than a few memorable moments, and some guys got nothing. Divina got in his multiple rotation headscissors and his headscissors to the floor went a lot better this time.

La Parkita bodyslammed Mini Histeria onto a table; in usual AAA fashion, the surface did not break but the legs gave out. Parkita hit the table with his arm first, which might have been the cause of his injury. The medical personal took a while to come out (as always) but they were pretty quick to get him out of there. Mini Histeria stayed down with people looking at him as well.

As that was getting cleared up, Abismo attempted to jump off a ladder to put Octagoncito thru a table, but Divina delayed him. Abismo shoved Divina off a ladder (Divina might have been hurt there), but that gave Octagoncito enough time to get up, hit Abismo in the back with a chair, climb the other side of the ladder, and sunset flip him thru the table. (That one actually broke.) Octagoncito got back up, climbed the ladder and unhooked the belt for the win. It was the first and only time anyone seemed close to doing it. Everyone else got wiped out when they got close.

Doctors were checking Abismo's neck after the match. It seemed to be more about the ending spot than a real injury, but he was down a long time.

Match 2: Jennifer Blade, Rain, Sexy Star vs Cinthia Moreno, Fabi Apache, Mari Apache loser is a maid
Palacio de los Deportes, DF, 06/06/2010

Winner: Rudas
Match Time: 7:11
Rating: * ½
Notes: Gringas Locas don't appear to have graphics, so I can't figure out what Jennifer's lat name is this week. Sexi Star waves a small rainbow flag. Perhaps that means something different in Mexico? Perhaps not? That would be far more interesting. Sexi Star has headphones anon is apparently dancing to her music – the same music they're already playing on the sound system. Hijo de Tirantes is referee. Nice new suspenders!

Técnicas destroyed the rudas for two minutes, rudas beat up técnicas for two minutes, técnicas got individual showcases for two minutes and then it just ended. Those commas are deceiving, because they may imply there were some transitions between the different sections. This is false. They just stopped and moved onto the new bit with no rhyme or reason. Rudas at least had better teamwork; this seemed better than the recent TV matches but not a major show match. Camera completely missed a Rain moonsault during their beatdown, keeping the spirit of AAA alive.

Match seemed like it just suddenly ended as well. Sexi Star wiped out Fabi & Cinthia with a thru the ropes tope con giro. Hijo de Tirantes had interfered plenty in the match, so after taking out the rudas with forearms and getting warned, Mari fouled him and killed him with a clothesline, just absolutely murdered him. Jennifer got the broom, cracked it over Mari's back, and Tirantes popped back completely to life to count the three. Immensely stupid for Tirantes to stop selling that clothesline after ten seconds. That finish doesn't help, but he didn't bother acting groggy on the count. He was hurting again after the match.

Rudas tried to stuff the maid outfit on Mari after the match, couldn't, and were just happy laughing. Everyone made it seem as though it was only Mari who would be forced to be a maid, which at least starts to explain some things. Rudas yelled at Mari that her thirty days started now. Mari decided to hit them all, then gave Jennifer a brainbuster. Gran Apache ran out at this point, ready to fight and yell at Tirantes. Tirantes tried to get him to back off, but Konnan stormed the ring, grabbed Mari by her hair and threw her to the rudas.

Match 3: Silver King & Último Gladiador vs Atsushi Aoki & Go Shiozaki and James Storm & Robert Roode and Joe Lider & Nicho el Millionario for the AAA World Tag Team Championship
Palacio de los Deportes, DF, 06/06/2010

Winner: Maniacos
Match Time: 13:11
Rating: ** ¾
Notes: Silver King & Ultimo Gladiador get separate entrances because this show has to last as logn as possible. I have no idea if the NOAH team has the right music. No reaction, of course. Announcers are quiet when it comes to their names, then it's Jesus (who I expect better from) who says “Nosawa!” Shiozaki has a confused expression on his face for a moment. The announcers try to figure out the names off mic, but not so far off mic that we still can't hear Arturo ask. Konnan is right there, he should know. Quiet. Quiet some more. Finally, “Shiozaki and Atshuhi Aoki”, except they're already onto Beer Money's entrance. Oh well. No one really knows these guys either. Nicho & Lider are preparing backstage when Dorian Roldan walks up to them, informs them that Konnan is at ringside, and tells them not to mess with Konnan. Lider, who has a black eye, appears to want to mess with Dorian right then and there. Nicho stops him and focuses him. Copetes and Pepe Casas are referees fro this match.

Jesus thinks the TNA guys are called “Beer”. Arturo has to correct him. Arturo! Just chaos to start, which makes perfect sense for a four way and works for this match, but it's what we've seen in three straight matches now. The teams are far more on the same page than you'd expect when half the guys haven't really worked here (so I guess that rehearsal was a smart idea!) Announcers only refereed to the NOAH team by name once, and that was saying the whole team name so they wouldn't have to even try and guess which guy is which. Good thing they were first out, Nicho wiping out Aoki with a tornillo and superkicking Go into a Lider flying backcracker. For no discernible reason, the NOAH guys come back to crotch the Maniacos when they're trying to finish off Hermandad, then leave.

Announcers really don’t know the individual names of the Beer Money guys either, just referring them to the team name for most. It's Arturo who identifies James Storm! Arturo did his homework, credit to him. Hermandad are romping on Beer Money when they get into another argument with Konnan, then Lider turns around into a Storm chairshot to the face. Rood holds off Nicho for the pin.

The remaining guys try to do near falls, but everyone's distracted for a bit with Nicho threatening but failing to hit Konnan. Jesus refers to the TNA team as “Beer Company”, which is awesome. No idea who we're supposed to be rooting for here, but Silver Kain does help out by waving to the crowd. Match is good until Ultimo Gladiador wipes out Robert Roode with a tope. Silver King and James Storm on their own turn into the usual move, cover, kickout, other guy's turn to do a move bit and it lasts too long. Silver King finally lands a Death Valley Driver – Konnan says “fireman's buster”, which is new to me – and that finishes it.

New champions pose for a long time. Music finally plays, and Hijo de Cien Caras and Mascara Año 2000 Jr. walk down to the ring, clapping for the new champ. They get more of a reaction than Aoki & Shiozaki did. That's sad for everyone. They shake hands with the announcers, and Konnan calls them names. Both Dinamitas get microphone time to challenge Silver King to a title match. Ultimo Gladiador gets no respect. Silver King calls himself “Silver King” while accepting the match, and Arturo has to loudly correct. Dinamtias even get the last word, and they want to keep talking even after the Maniacos are leaving to their music.

Even after that, they're in no hurry to get to the next thing (which needs to be setting up the cage.)

AAA Hereos en el Ring video package. All the lines are in English, which is kind of odd for this audience.

Cage is already up when they're back, so it must've lowered from the ceiling quick.

Joaquin brings out people wearing Televisa green shirts. They talk about the electronics recycling, but the crowd is whistling and chanting against them in no time. The announcers kill more time, though the cage seems to be set up.

Match 4: Alex Koslov, Chessman, Hernandez vs Heavy Metal, Octagón, Pimpinela Escarlata  in a cage match with Piero and Hijo de Tirantes' hair on the line
Palacio de los Deportes, DF, 06/06/2010

Winner: Rudos
Match Time: 12:27
Rating: *
Notes: Chessman has a crown, his sword, and a cape. He's a barbarian king! He also appears to be wearing a skirt, but I'm not going to say that to him. Maybe it's a kilt that just happens to be all black? Chessman climbs to cage just because he's Chessman. Hijo de Tirantes accompanies Hernandez. After the ten minutes it takes for everyone to make it to the ring, Alex demands silence so he can sing. Alex gets about forty seconds in before Pimpinela sneaks up behind and lays a thong on his head. Despite being in a cage with five other guys, Alex is sure this is a women's thong – until he smells it. Fight is on from there.

Typical brawling cage match early, with the announcers sounding bored. Rudos are in control until Chessman misses a charge on Octagon. Octagon hangs around enough to get in some of his moves and lay out the other team with kicks before taking off.

With the other rudos holding Metal in a corner, Pimpinela have a short sequence in the center of the ring. Alex tries the stop sign, Pimpi tries kissing, Alex pushed him away and climbs, Pimpi climbs up and kisses him. Alex still manages to escape, though he's got to go over the cage and a metal ring circling the top, which is probably used to raise and lower the cage.

Pimpi and Hernandez have their own sequence, Pimpi kisses Hernandez and climbs up, Hijo de Tirantes climbs the other side to stop him, Pimpi kisses Hijo de Tirantes to get him to back off.

Heavy Metal continues to get destroyed. He's gotten no offense in, and it's been 10 minutes. Hernandez Border Tosses him into the cage, then climbs up the cage, climbs on the ring, teases it for a while, and lands the big splash. Big pop for the rudo's move. Konnan goes crazy for all of this at the announce desk, and they actually have multiple angles. Hernandez and Chessman both turn to leave. Hernandez goes out one side, easily. Chessman tries the other side, and is knocked down Piero. Having Piero knock down Chessman is weird on many levels. AAA misses the shot the first time, but they have a replay.

Metal is still down anyway. Chessman gets up, elbow drops Metal, and climbs up the cage. All Chessman has to do is put one leg over the side of the cage and he's won the match. Chessman doesn't tease it, doesn't even consider winning the match, just keeps on going onto the ring to do his move. Moonsault misses, Metal rolling out of the way even before Chessman jumps, because Chessman's looking the wrong way. Metal slowly limbs the cage, and Chessman catches up to him and holds a leg. Metal breaks free, but Tirantes just pops him with a chair from the outside of the cage, and Chessman climbs over the top this time. That's it. Crowd boos.

Piero argues, but goes in the cage to get his head shoved. Metal keeps shoving it away, trying to take the hair cut himself. He gets a razor to his hair, but there's no real reaction to it before Piero gets the razor away. Piero takes his hair cut, but somehow manages to hit Tirantes with a chair when he comes into the cage.

Match 5: Abyss & Cibernético vs Vampiro & Zorro
Palacio de los Deportes, DF, 06/06/2010

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 10:49
Rating: -*
Notes: Someone people dress up for TripleMania. Zorro is not wearing a shirt. So little reaction for Abyss, it appeared the sound was broken on my recording. Cibernético has a new elaborate pre-entrance video of comic book images, then metal forging while an actual metal band plays, then Cibernético looking all post-apocalyptic Iron Man. It's very Cibernético. Cibernético has the same gear on when he walks out, and I'm not sure if it's supposed to light up or do something, but two stage hands runs over to help Cibernético get it off. Copetes and Pepe Casas are referees – all these matches have two refs tonight, which is odd.

A boring match, seeming much longer than it actually was. As strange as it sounds, Abyss was totally wasted here, as he seemed like the only one of the four interested in having a match. Outside of about one Cibernético suplex, they split off into pairs of Zorro/Cibernético and Vampiro/Abyss for the match. Cibernético and Zorro were content holding each other in chokes for long period of time, while Vampiro kicked Abyss and teased a table bit (which, when finally done, looked backyard-ish.) Vampiro was more interested in arguments with Konnan than the match.

Just before the eight minute mark, Abyss clothesline both rudos for a bit, then lifted Zorro up for his finish. Chessman, Alex Koslov, Nosawa, and Christopher Daniels all ran in to attack. Abyss fought them off for a moment, but only then. No idea where Hernandez was. Referees decided to allow it. Cibernético id not show any particular interested I helping out, preferring to kick Vampiro for a while,t hen wait for each rudo to feed themselves for a move. It was done way too slow to look anything but staged and lame, though the rudos tried their best to sell big. Not sure why Daniels & Nosawa are getting laid out like filler before they even have their match.

After all the rudos were laid out, Vampiro just dropkicked Cibernético in the knee, and that was the end of him. Abyss popped back to life, Zorro hit him with the cane, Abyss no sold the shots to the head, and gave Zorro the Shock Treatment. Hernandez turned up this time, swinging a chair for Abyss. Not that it would hurt Abyss, if the cane shots proved anything, but Abyss moved out of the way and Vampiro took it instead. Cibernético weakly speared Hernandez. This STILL wasn't the end, the match continued to lurch on with Vampiro improbably moving out of the way of Abyss' charge. At this point, Konnan limped to the apron and got into an another argument with Vampiro. (This included the most useless insert screen yet.) If Konnan is this much not a fan of Vampiro, why did he have his guys run in this match? Konnan pulls some power form his pocket and throws it at Vampiro. Cibernético, watching this whole thing, chokeslams Vampiro for the three count.

Legion returns after the three count, beating up Cibernético and Abyss again. They don't touch Vampiro, though he clearly doesn't seem to be a friend of the Legion. The stomp down goes on for a while, so long enough that they give up and show replays. The técnicos roll out and Konnan and Vampiro are let in together. They look like they're going to fight, but Alex and Zorro get between them. Now, long after it mattered, Nicho & Lider rush to the ring. Alex is the only one left inside, and Hermandad send him into Abyss' Black Hole slam. Spinning DDT onto a chair too. Rudos paint 187 on Alex' back. Alex's friends seem utterly unconcerned with this, and do not try to make the save despite having the numbers. Abyss and Cibernético walk off, and still the Legion doesn't care to do more than have Konnan rant from outside the ring.

Meanwhile, Vampiro walks around the ring and insists on whispering in Marisela's ear, though she doesn't want anything to do with him. She remembers Vampiro putting her husband thru a table, even if no one else seems to. Vampiro wanders back to the announce desk again for a fight. They're spending a lot of attention in setting up a match they supposedly have no interest in doing. Security has to force Vampiro away.

Match 6: Nosawa vs Christopher DanielsJack EvansExtreme Tiger for the AAA World Cruiserweight Championship
Palacio de los Deportes, DF, 06/06/2010

Winner: 20:17
Match Time: 4843
Rating: ** ½
Notes: No reaction to the foreigners. Copetes is the only ref for this match. Maybe they're getting tired and that's why there's only one.

Actually, it became clear why there was only one. Copetes was randomly a rudo, slow counting the técnicos pinfalls. First time he'd been a rudo all night. To be fair, it got over more than a lot of the wrestling. Match was cold; they really needed at least one rudo who the audience actually care about. They were into the técnico's offense but not much else.

Daniels was cut open early, either by Tiger's thru the ropes dropkick or by getting rushed into the post.

This was worked as a tag match, mostly one on one with the others resting outside until it was time to break up the pin for the first six-seven minutes. There was some rudo teamwork, a quick técnico comeback, and Jack taking out Daniels with a dive. It must've been some dive, because Tiger found time to 450 splash Nosawa on the outside, drag him back in, cover, get a slow two count, kick Nosawa into the ropes, and guillotine legdrop Nosawa for the pin without the other two having been seen.

Jack and Tiger tease going at it, but Daniels runs to attack them both. They recover, and destroy Daniels for a while. Daniels tries to walk out, but Jack brings him back for Tiger to beat up more, than tries to sneak cradle Tiger for the pin. That doesn't work, but it does start the Tiger/Jack sequence. Tiger has Jack almost finished off after a behind the back faceslam, but when he goes up, out runs a man in an Extreme Tiger mask, no shirt, and jeans. The man gets Tiger's attention and pulls off his Tiger mask to reveal himself as Relampago. Arturo is unbelievably lightning quick to identity him as Relampago. Tiger is still confused when Daniels inside cradles him from behind. For the pin. Relampago runs off before the pin is even counted. Tiger is much more concerned with fighting Daniels after the count than Relampago, though he does come around to pay attention to the match.

Jack vs Daniels is OK, but also slow and missing some spark. They get some time and Jack kicks out of the Best Moonsault Ever before hitting the 720 twisting senton for the win. Copetes slow counts one more time for no reason. Huge cheer for the win, biggest reaction of the night. Konnan will not shut up about how many championships have changed hands, so that's one person who cares about these belts.

Jack celebrates with a Mexican flag, then runs around ringside hugging and high fiving people.

Who ordered Generic Dr. Wagner promo #1?

Match 7: Dr. Wagner Jr. vs Electroshock for the AAA World Heavyweight Championship
Palacio de los Deportes, DF, 06/06/2010

Winner: Dr. Wagner Jr.
Match Time: 22:39 (11:43+10:56)
Rating: * ½
Notes: Bald Piero is ref. He actually looks cooler that way. Dr. Wagner is wearing the colors of the flag, of course. During the pose with the belt, Electro starts yelling at people, then tries tog et other people to chant for him. Wagner, a mask over his mask, is unconcerned.

Very very slow to start. Not really mat work, but a lot of chain wrestling. Nothing creative or interesting, just very basic stuff with the holds held a bit longer. Electroshock got all the técnico spots, probably because Dr. Wagner would rather be a rudo, but didn't work at all in terms in giving the crowd spots they'd care about.

After a bad headscissors not long before, Electro wiped up Wagner with a tope at the 12:30 mark. When they come back in, Electro turns a Wagner clothesline into a fujiwara armbar, and the crowd starts to turn on the match. Electro just gives up the armbar, Wagner walks to the corner, and Electro just puts him on top rope. The only struggle is Electro getting his footing on the ropes for a suplex, which gets two. Crowd whistles as Electro continues to get near falls off moves, and Wagner is content doing little more than waving after he kicks out. Crowd gets excited when they think Wagner might do something, and he does mange tor ever another powerbomb into a 'rana for two. Unfortunately, they've reached the point of doing a move, doing a pinfall, taking a break, which doesn't pick up the pace any more. There's a spot of rolling cradles which comes off as more silly than dramatic, but sends Electro out so Wagner can get in his dive.

Match does pick up when they return. Wagner gets the Wagner Driver out of nowhere, in such a fashion that it catches everyone by surprise and there's no reaction. Two count. Electro plays Shocker with big boots, and Wagner catches the second for a dragon leg whip. Shining wizard, straps down, Wagner Driver, one two three. Match just sort of ending.

Wagner's music plays for about 30 seconds before Mesías walks down to the ring with the AAA belt. No idea why he has the AAA Heavyweight championship. He's wearing street clothes and doesn't appear to be favoring his shoulder. Mesías hands over the belt, shakes hands, and hugs Wagner. Fireworks blast out form one corner, and Mesías flinches. That was loud. Electroshock shakes Wagner's hand and kneels in front of him. They hug, and Electro wows to him as well. That's an odd way to end a match built around one guy turning against each other, especially since they're not ending that feud.

La Parka promo – sound breaks up during this.

Match 8: LA Park vs La Parka Jr. winner gets to be La Parka
Palacio de los Deportes, DF, 06/06/2010

Winner: LA Park, though not officially
Match Time: 28:51
Rating: *** ½
Notes: Joaquin Roldan enters first. It seems like the LA Park promo and entrance is cut out from the version I'm watching. Copetes is referee. Parka slips off his entrance gear before coming into the ring, since Park is ready for him. They are nice enough to wait to be introduced before fighting, even though Copetes is making no effort to keep them apart.

Also, they're in no hurry to fight even after the whistle, trying to compete for cheers. Crowd cheers Park and boos Parka, so we've got that. Park proceeded to mug Parka for the next 12 minutes. Beating him in the ring, throwing him over the barrier to beat him up, ripping up Parka's mask and blooding him, hitting him with a chair, putting him thru one table, and setting him up for a second. Parka has no offense during this whole stretch, and Park is slowed down more by having to go up the aisle to get tables than anything Parka does. (And he's not even slowed down that much, since Copetes helps him set up the tables.) Park is so dominant, it seems like the crowd turns against him for being too dominant, then back for him for just cleaning up.

Park sets up Parka for a superbomb thru the second table. The table is nowhere near close enough to the corner, so it's no big surprise when Parka reverses it and sends the original thru the table (and chair on top of it) via superplex. Big reaction for that. Lots of cheers at first, then the boots come in. Parka brains Parka with an unprotected chair shot to the head, then does the lucha bit of taking Park back to the same exact place s they went the first time to the do the same exact things to him. Including ripping the mask, blooding, and using LA Park's belt.

LA Park was able to stop the run, and it was more back and forth from there, though not the one move/pin/repeat bit of death. They did a far better job of building drama on the near falls and submission than in any match tonight, which was only amplified by the crowd caring tremendously more about this match than any match prior. Crowd was heavily behind LA Park in the last third of the match, booing La Parka any time he had a near victory. Much like many Wagner & Mesías matches, there was no question who the fans were behind, and it wasn't exactly the way you'd think the promotion wanted it (though I'm never sure about these things.) Park was working really hard, more focused than he usually is in his indy work. Parka tried hard, looked sloppy at times, and almost got caught in the ropes on tope, but was better on offense than usual while doing no comedy. Copetes' rudo act was unneeded distraction from the issue, but not enough that it really detracted from the match.

They teased a ref bump for him early, but things started to break down permanently after Copetes was bumped to the outside off a Park shoulderblock around 25 minutes in. Copetes somehow landed on his feet, fine, but was wiped out by a LA Park tope. Parka had moved out of the way. Parka clothesline Park slowly twice, and seemed to be looking for something in between falls. Parka picked up Park for a martinete, and while the announcers (especially Konnan) yelled about it being not legal, Dorian grabbed Parka's leg from the outside. Park was dropped to the mat safely, and popped up to enziguri Parka. Dorian rolled in a chair he'd been holding for a while and Park thought over his own move. Park gave Parka a martinete on the chair, with Parka shaking after taking the move. Dorian handed Park another chair, and I believe Park was thinking about giving Parka another chair shot. Before he could, Joaquin hit the ring to interpret. Park thought about hitting him, but Park took away the chair and asked Park to clam down. Parka responded by forearming Dorian, and smacking Joaquin with the chair. Konnan approved off half of that. Fans started thorniness garbage at the ring. As AAA shows replays, Dorian recovered, walked around the ring behind Parka, and then smacked him in the back with the chair. One unprotected chair shot to the had, and Park is down. Crowd is loud for this.

Dorian kicked Park while he was down, and you should've seen Park flop all over the place for this kicks. Dorian slides out. Before there's too much time to let this sink in, Halloween and Damian 666 hit the ring - they actually miss this shot for about a half second before recovering. With no one else left standing, they just drag Park on top while their music plays for about 3 seconds. No referee. After five or six seconds, Hijo de Tirantes shows up from somewhere off camera, and counts the one two three.

As The rudos celebrate, Perros del Mal come to the ring together. Black Warrior, in white, is out in front, and they all climb around on the ring as Halloween and Damian give Parka a ride on their shoulders. X-Fly has his belt on his shoulder as much as possible. Konnan says “X-Fly”, but that's about as deep as he goes. La Parka Jr. just vanishes somewhere in here. The video screen shows a limo pulling up, with security o the exterior. Perro Aguayo Jr. exits the limo. Announcers talking about Rayo de Jailsco? Perro Aguayo walks to the ring with his security, who all kind of make him look short. Oh well. Perros pose together as Perro Aguayo explains this means they're better than AAA. AAA's music starts to play,s tops then plays. Much much after the invasion happened, AAA runs out – in the form of the técnicas from the opener, and the likes of Extreme Tiger. HEY, Elegido got on TripleMania! Perros are utterly unconcerned about these people circling around the ring. Perro reiterates that the Perros del Mal is the best promotion and has the best luchadors. Perro's security blocks the AAA guys from getting to the ring, though we don't get many shots of it actually happening. Perro says lucha libre needs a change, and the Perros del Mal are that change. Also, Park is the original, the best and a Perros del Mal. Arturo starts to explain the commission angle here, but goes quiet so La Park can thank Dorian for bringing him in, so he could bring in Los Perros. LA Park says they're taking out AAA – and Konnan, Dorian and the Legion. Hijo de Tirantes is till in the ring? I guess at this point, he realizes he shouldn't be in the ring. Announcers are explaining the changed referee makes the finish not legal. Lots more kicking at the AAA guys, and we can only see their heads in the picture.

Sometime later – concert was cut out - Los Perros pose on the stage. AAA poses in the ring with Pena's ashes. This is where Marisela mentions the finish doesn't count because the Perros ran in. I wish they picked one story and stuck with it. This announcement is booed, by the way. AAA group in the ring doesn't include Cibernético or Heavy Metal or Dr. Wagner or anyone more credible than Pimpi & Octagon. And that's how they end the show.