AAA on Televisa #941 (06/05/2010)
Recap: 06/13/10

Recap video.

Four sided ring, with a ramp connecting it to the arena. Too tiny of a building for the bigger arena.

Match 1: Mascarita Divina, Mini Charly Manson, Octagoncito vs Mini Abismo Negro, Mini Histeria, Mini Psicosis
Arena Actopan, 05/19/2010

Winner: Rudos
Match Time: 8:58 (5:09+3:49)
Rating: good, not as good as a straight trios, but explained the TripleMania match
Notes: Mini Vipers are wearing matching black, red and yellow. Mini Abismo has some belt. Mini Histeria has a chair, which is nearly as meaningful as a championship. They're going to stare this camera right into the flashing lights all night long on entrances, right? Look at that mostly empty upper level/ Pepe Casas is ref.

Normal showcase -> beatdown -> comeback match, though the Vipers change up the beatdown by including ladders and chairs for no reason except that's the match that happens to be coming soon. Abismo and his partners have slight issues. Abismo hits Psicosis when he's spinning the ladder around, then Histeria and Psicosis screw with Abismo by shaking the ladder slightly as he's climbing up. Abismo misses a frog splash from the top rung to star the comeback, thought técnicos have a lot of stuff in their way.

After the break, Octagoncito does his own ladder dive, but connects on the top rope splash. While Octagoncito is dead on the mat, Divina actually asks the fans if they'd like to see it again. Divina looks perfectly fine on his return, and makes a point of trying that dive from the top rope to the floor into a headscissors on Abismo again – his knee does not explode this time. Técnicos all look really good, though there's some noticeable clipping in Charly’s first turn and during the beatdown. Brief near fall sequence is just as setup for more dives (Histeria's tope and Octagoncito's Asai tornillo.) Divina and Abismo (who missed a moonsault in addition to his other move), use a table top, but don't ever actually stand it up. Abismo slams dive on top of it and goes up top, Divina crotches him and tries a 'rana, but Abismo blocks it and powerbombs him on top of the table top. That's never good. One two three. Painful way to return.

Backstage, Mini Abismo is happy with the win and excited about how they'll work together to make sure Abismo is still champ after TripleMania. Histeria and Psicosis agree that the title will stay with the mini Vipers, though they have differing views about who it will stay with.

Rain & Blade interview starts with someone bending over; check! The promo, even with Sexi Star bringing in the maid outfit, is downhill form there.

Match 2: Cinthia Moreno, Fabi Apache, Mari Apache vs Jennifer Blade, Rain, Sexy Star
Arena Actopan, 05/19/2010

Winner: Técnicas
Match Time: 4:42 (1:57+2:45)
Rating: not much
Notes: Blade & Rain are using American Woman! Inspired. They have brooms and Sexi Star has a chair and the bag with the maid outfits. Rudas do a group pose and rush the técnicas, that's at least hilarious. Hijo del Tirantes is referee.

Rudas punch and boot choke and the técnicas make a random comeback of punching and kicking and thinking about hitting Hijo de Tirantes but not actually hitting him. You may have seen this match. Match turns into chaos after the break, but técnicas and end up in charge after Mari wipes out Jennifer and Star with a double clothesline and a huge tope. Cinthia planchas those rudas, leaving Rain and Fabi in the ring. Rain goes for the broom, but misses the swing. Fabi breaks it over her back, powerbombs her, and Hijo de Tirantes reluctantly counts one two three after a long pause. Good build to make you believe that might happen again at TripleMania (well, as likely you are to believe it), though the match wasn't much except for the ending minute.

Piero and Joaquin Roldan talk about the Legion attacking Piero – Joaquin will take over. Next, Parka Jr. complains about Park. Joaquin is looking perfectly fine for being put thru a table. That is normal.

Dorian and LA Park are in the ring, and Dorian is already ranting about LA Park being the original and the unique. Guess this is the contract signing, because Dorian has some paper, though no table. Parka and Joaquin are out within seconds, Parka pointing out those cheering for him. The Parkas shove and have to be kept apart. Joaquin's response appears clipped, so we can go ahead to signing. LA Park has a very long signature for “LA Park” - maybe he was writing his full name down there, but we couldn't quite seen. La Parka waste no time signing, and holding the paper in Parka's face.

Clip – Parka is being dragged out of the arena by police. This is not explained, they did not show the bit in the ring. You can hear a promo going on in the arena. Joaquin, a cameraman and a driver jump in the car to follow.

LA Park versus La Parka promo. I assume this is for the TripleMania PPV, but there's no mention of here

KoslovCam – Russian National Anthem music video. Lots of Koslov singing and posing, teasing him signing the anthem at TripleMania. This was short.

Outdoor (at the AAA offices?) Silver King says he and Ultimo Gladiador will beat Hermandad to prove they deserve the next title shot. UG gets about three ones in.

187/Konnan breakup video package.

Match 3: Joe Lider & Nicho el Millionario vs Silver King & Último Gladiador
Arena Actopan, 05/19/2010

Winner: draw
Match Time: 5:53 (3:19+2:34) – seemed a lot longer than that, timing issue?
Rating: moves
Notes: Graphic still has him as Silver King.

Piero is ref. Lider & Nicho jump their opponents. After a clip, UG evades a dropkick from Nicho, knocking Lider out of the ring, then drops Nicho with a cradle piledriver. I see how road agents are really helping!

Match is people doing moves to each other, occasionally doing big moves to each other, than popping up to do moves of their own. Lider takes an epically hard chair shot to the face on a sunset flip reversal, which somehow causes Hijo de Tirantes to come out and stomp Nicho el Millionario. Tirantes starts helping the rudos for no reason, but no problem, the Hermandad have control and lose it again over the next minute. Nicho and Silver King foul each other, UG & Lider cover an opponents, and just because this can not be overbooked enough, Hijo de Tirantes pulls out Piero from making the count, then Piero pulls out Hijo de Tirantes from making the count, then they fight. The guys who are fouled recover to roll up the other guys, and the referees count both pins.

Nicho could care so little about this, he gets the microphone to threaten Konnan.

Dorian catches up to Carlos and Carlos' iBook to talk about Dorian's family. Dorian goes on and on and on. Konnan says he's doing everything great, but he's known Vampiro a long time and knows Vampiro will be a traitor, that's what he does. Dorian is not concerned. Konnan seems to be coming up with his own plan after Dorian leaves.

Electroshock serious promo. Bad.

Wagner being Wagner promo. He tries to make the point that he's representing AAA, so the Octagon mask.

Match 4: Dr. Wagner Jr. vs Electroshock in a cage match
Arena Actopan, 05/19/2010

Winner: Electroshock
Match Time
: 10:02 (6:32+3:30)
Rating: not good, didn’t make me excited for TripleMania

Notes: Piero is on the outside, but so is Silver King & Ultimo Gladiador. The height of this cage is so scary and dangerous that a cameraman just sits on top to film the whole thing.

Wagner beats up Electroshock, can't get out because the Maniacos block his exit. I guess it's ironic because Wagner won the same ay in his cage match with Mesías, but it's also just as uninteresting. Silver King comes into a cage, but the point of a cage is just a high place for people to jump from.

Wagner goes thru both Maniacos while UG is smart enough to stay on the outside. Also, he's there to cut off Wagner when he tries to climb out again. UG comes in at that point to triple team Wagner. Maniacos all climb up to the top of the cage, and Electroshock poses on the top, so that's a win. That may have no been much good and killed the point of the stipulation, but at least the finish made sense.

Cibernético tries to get a hold of someone on the phone – it turns out to either be Joaquin or Parka, but they're going not going to be back in time for the match. He decides to find a partner that's against Konnan. OK.

Konnan finds Zorro, who is standing outside in the dark and talking to himself. Or a rock, I'm not sure. Konnan wants to know if Zorro's with the Legion or with Vampiro and, not to influence him, but Konnan also reveals Zorro is his best friend. Zorro says he may be with Vampiro now, because he needs his help, but he'll always be with the Legion. Konnan is cool with that.

Match 5: Cibernético, Heavy Metal, Nicho el Millionario vs Chessman, LA Park, Zorro
Arena Actopan, 05/19/2010

Winner: rudos
Match Time: 8:21 (3:00+5:21)
Rating: eh
Notes: Cibernético explains La Parka is arrested, so he thought of someone else who wants to fight the Legion – Nicho. Nicho rushes out, but the rudos immediately beat up the técnicos. Piero is ref.

Another weapons match in a show full of them. They mix it up and use the steps! Parka and Nicho go into the crowd, which is not a surprise. I guess the arena has theatre seating, which explain why everyone was making sure to bring chairs to the ring. Doesn't explain Park broke one of the chairs and brought the back of it into the ring. That's going to be a pain to fix. Técnicos start their comeback while we're being shown a replay of something else. Maybe it was a clip? After the técnicos have hit everyone with the seat back for a while, Konnan appears on the stage, beating a bloody Joe Lider. This gets Nicho’s attention, and they all go back thru the entrance. Metal and Cibernético remain in control, with Parka throwing Metal into a pescado onto Chessman, and adds his own tope. Rudos finally use the numbers, Park attacking Cibernético just as Cibernético has Zorro set for the chokeslam. Zorro fouls Cibernético with the cane, this him around the head, and covers him. I don't know where Piero was during that, but he has no problem counting the pin.

La Parka Jr. and Joaquin Roldan walk calmly to the ring. The show ends as he goes thru the ropes.