AAA on Televisa #940 (05/29/2010)
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Recap: Vampiro returns as a rudo, is friends with Zorro, not so much with Joaquin. Hermandad aren't with the Legion, and really have paid a lot for their independence. How much could've they gotten paid to team with Pimpi? Clearly they've lost money on everything that's happened since, especially since Konnan has them working for free. Also, LA Park vs La Parka Jr., which doesn't have the same economic background in it. There's a martinete that we're ignoring this week.

Already at the entrance, LA Park has a microphone (and La Parka's music? Hmm.) Crowd is with him at first (“Viva Queretaro” helps), but not so much when he calls the other guy the copy. Park does a largely face interview explaining his side of the identity controversy, though he is as much thankful to Dorian and Konnan as he is to the fans, and accepts the challenge for TripleMania. He's got about half the crowd behind him by the end.

Backstage, interview guy who only exists to get doors shut on him gets the door shut on him by Parka Jr.

Outside, Hilario is playing in traffic. Guapito stops this and orders him to go to the match. Sometimes, I just don't understand Guapito.

Match 1: Aerostar & Relampago vs Billy Boy & Decnnis
Gimnasio Jose Maria Arteaga, Queretaro, Queretaro, 04/30/2010

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 9:01 (3:14+5:47)
Rating: good in parts
Notes: Decnnis is wearing a phantom of the opera mask for reasons that clearly make sense to him. He moons the crowd for the same reason, though that's blurred for our benefit. Hilario walks around with an unplugged phone headset. Piero is ref.

Relampago and Decnnis smash into each other on planchas with in 30 seconds, only Decnnis has to half get up and roll into position so Aero can drop on him with a springboard plancha. Billy breaks the pin up with a dropkick, and we're speeding right into near falls already. Billy flapjacks and dropkicks Relampago, but eats Aero Star trip escape headscissors. Aero teases a dive, poses, and turns to get shoves by Guapito. Aero is distracted by Guapito, and Hilario kicks him down. Wasn't interference illegal last week? Which is the same taping as this? Oh, who knows. Rudos beatdown from here, Hilario helping out because the big tall blue guy really gives needed credibility to his crew. Lots of kicking, the AAA staple of not wanting to do much on the beatdown. Aero is tossed into the powerbomb, but the rudos opt to throw Guapito on top rather than pin. Relampago back and worked over in the corner, including a Guapito slap. Break.

After the break, Billy flips Relampago on a German suplex, and Decnnis adds a kick to the ribs. Relampago tries to go out, but they hand him off to Hilario to hold for hitting. Aerostar in, and he takes a double chop too. Whip, and Billy tosses him – I can't figure the plan, but Relampago moves, and Aero gets Hilario of the apron with a spinning headscissors. Relampago dropkicks Decnnis in the knee, deflects a Billy Boy kick, kicks him, and then suplexes him. Rudos line up next to each other, and Relampago lands a springboard plancha on both, one two tossed off. Corner whip, Relampago tries for a double jump into a headscissors and nearly pulls it off. Decnnis takes the bump almost on his own. Spinning jump into headscissors on Billy is a similar interesting idea, not so great execution. Aero in and pulling of a double rotation headscissors on Decnnis. Billy stops him with a clothesline, miss a back elbow, and eats a jumping back elbow from Aerostar. Corner whip, Aero flip to the apron, Billy fights him of and joins him out there, Aero charges, flips over Billy to the opposite apron, and comes around the ringpost for a 619. Aero starts a double jump something, aborts, and just dropkicks Billy to the floor. Springboard plancha – gets Hilario, that's probably not the plan. Or maybe Billy was supposed to be already down. Aero and Billy climb in opposite sides, Aero gets Billy with an up and over Toyota roll, one two no. Clothesline misses, Billy gets a suástica briefly, then switches to a Gori stretched, then drops Aero on his stomach. Rollup, one two Relampago breaks it up. Is Aero out? He just lays on the mat while Relampago puts Billy in armbar. Decnnis breaks that up with a kick, and drags Aero to the center of the ring. Two man submission, broken up by a Relampago springboard dropkick. Aero gets up, but is a bit froggy. Decnnis and Aero dropkick their rivals out, and Aero gets him with a spinning headscissors. Inside out springboard tope con giro! Relampago and Billy in, Relampago sends Billy out with a one footed dropkick, then follows with a top rope tope con giro. Guapito draws the referee away while Decnnis loads Aero up – Gory Special, no Aero escapes into a sunset flip. Hilario in, and breaking it up with his phone? AT least he had the phone for a reason. Decnnis doesn't cover, and Aero's the one up first, though groggy again. Aero deices it's a good idea to climb up – nope. Decnnis starts climbing himself. Problems, Hilario has been opening a water bottle with his back to the ring (although he's very obviously peaking over his shoulder for his cue), and throws the water at the man climbing the ropes, thinking it's Aerostar. Decnnis is blinded, Aero flattens him with a springboard senton, one two there. Not sure Hilario couldn't run in that time. Looks like the post match angle is cut out.

Hermandad meet up with Konnan in the parking lot. Nicho tries to calmly renegotiate the contract (Lider is more hotheaded, as usual), and Konnan seems willing to let them out of their $0/match money – as long as they sign exclusive deals with the Legion and never work for Joaquin Roldan again. Instead of just saying SI, Nicho & Lider try to explain the concept of mercenaries again. You've lost, take the money! Konnan will triple their pay (from zero?) if Lider teams with Koslov & Daniels and helps them win. Lider goes off to take care of that, while Konnan takes Nicho aside and to take one on one. How long have they known each other? How long have their families known each other? That's just getting started.

Christopher Daniels talking about being a champion in ROH & TNA and elsewhere, and he's here to add another championship. This is actually not a good promo, this is generic ROH-ish indy heel promo, lacking a personality and yelling a lot. He does say “Xtreme Tiger” with disdain so I can't totally hate him.

Match 2: Extreme Tiger, Jack Evans, Rocky Romero vs Alex Koslov, Christopher Daniels, Joe Lider
Gimnasio Jose Maria Arteaga, Queretaro, Queretaro, 04/30/2010

Winner: Rudos
Match Time: 14:42 (5:20+9:22)
Rating: good
Notes: As Joe Lider enters, there's a cut to Konnan watching backstage, amused. At least someone is entertained. Piero is ref for this one as well. Break after entrances.

Tiger/Lider, as Jack starts a Tiger chant. Lider offer a handshake, doesn't get it, and slaps Tiger instead. Tiger falls to one knee, then slaps back. Off the ropes, under Lider's leapfrog, and flipping off him dropkick. Chop sends Lider into the corner. Whip, Tiger charge in, Lider catches him and places him on the top rope, and chops him there. Tiger kicks him away, tries to kick him away again, and is pulled off into a backbreaker. Lider backs up, charge, and is tripped into the corner buckle. Whip, reversed, Lider tries to German suplex Tiger, tiger gets loose. Lider charges, Tiger flips him to the apron, kicks, him into seated position, and adds a flying legdrop to the floor. Jack in and dodging Alex's shots. Alex dodges the kicks and grabs Jack for a side backbreaker, Jack knees Alex in the head until he lets go. More (generally nice), counters and reversal until Jack lands a standing side kick. Muai Thai kneelifts by Jack don’t look swell from the camera angle AAA picks. Alex puts a stop to that by ramming him into the corner. Overhead belly to belly, Jack flips free, Jack charges, Alex moves, jack jumps back off the buckle, Alex catches him back in that backbreaker position, and this time he lands it. That was a long way to go to get to that backbreaker, but Alex is suitable excited about landing it, while Jack bends like his back has been broken. Alex swats Jack in the head with both hands. Jack fights back, kicking Alex off him. Alex ducks a springboard spin kick, scoops up Jack, and Jack reverses to a swinging DDT. Jack celebrates, and Daniels forearms him in the back. Both Alex and Jack roll out, as Rocky comes in, waiting for Daniels to turn around for a chop. More chops, but Daniels stops that with a knee. Headlock, shot off, back with a shoulderblock. Pose. Crowd is not particularly interested. Off the ropes, cartwheel, over, series of jabs, whip, leg lariat. Pose again, and a shot for Tiger on the apron. Daniels charges, but Rocky moves, forearms Alex for standing on the apron, forearms Daniels a bit. Daniels pushes him away, Rocky ducks his punch and works him over with kicks. Daniels catches one to set up the spinning heel kick. All the técnicos in on Daniels. Corner whip, Rocky running hip check, Tiger running check, Jack in with a cartwheel hip check. Break.

Or not, as we go to the back, where Nicho is watching the match. Konnan very much tries to talk him out of that, walking him into another room while assuring him his guys will take care of the match. Now the break.

Jack tries to springboard breaks in, but Alex trips him up, and Lider takes out tiger and Rocky. Beatdown. Running boot sends Rocky out, while Daniels runs Jack into Alex's boot. Daniels takes the ref so Alex can choke Jack with has flag, and spin Jack around by his neck. Lider tosses Tiger onto the barricade on the outside. Daniels is tagging in. Backdrop for Jack, foot on his neck for added pressure. Back suplex. One two no. Tag to Lider. What are these tags? Kicks for Jack. Over the shoulder backbreaker, one two no. Tag to Alex. Brainbuster, jumping knee drop. Tag to Daniels, who covers. One two no. Jack tries to start a Mexico chant, and the crowd goes with it. Jack fights off all three guys in the corner with back elbows in and kicks, but walks into reverse STO, and I guess that's a Koji Clutch. Wikipedia can be helpful. Lider and Alex cut the técnicos off from making the save, but it's hard to tell if Jack is in trouble. They switch to a shot of him as Jack back bridges the hold into a pin, one two no. Jack nails Daniels with his spinning toe kick, ducks Lider's clothesline, and leads Alex into a superkick on Lider. Alex is livid at Lider for taking the kick, as if it was his fault for Alex’s bad timing. Meanwhile, Tiger wheel kicks Daniels, then drops Alex with a Atlantida slam. Cover, but Daniels breaks it up. Rocky gets Daniels with a in ring plancha, then does the rope hide to trick Daniels out before knocking him over with a diving kneelift. Tiger back in, missile dropkicking Alex, one two Lider beaks it up. Lider stops to yell 187. Probably not the time. Gori Bomb – no, Jack breaks it up. Northern Lights suplex, chaining it to - no, Lider breaks it, and loads Jack into sort of a face first powerbomb. Jack gets dropped hard o, and Lider covers. One two shoulder up. We're all amazed Jack kicked out (more that no one broke it up, since that seems to be the thing.) Lider powerbomb, Jack fights free and out. Kick to the head, off the ropes, running kneelift. Jack stands in position, twisting moonsault, one two Alex breaks it up. Rocky in to face him, and they both suddenly they remember they have issues. A hockey fight breaks out. Alex’s punch misses, and Rocky loudly chops him. Crowd is pretty loud here too. Whip, reverse, Rocky goes over, under – no, he trips Alex going thru. Cover one two no. Trip out of a leapfrog was not quite enough. Crowd chants for Rocky. Slaps to the face, shake, off the ropes, loud superkick by Alex. One two NO. Replay of Rocky's spit going everyone on impact. Alex taking his time going up. That's the CMLL training right there. Frog splash, no one's home, Rocky scoops him up, fireman’s double knee gutbuster. Daniels breaks that up, sets Rocky up and slaps. Modified reverse crucifix bomb – I guess that's the Fall From Grace? One two kickout. Death Valley Driver, one two no. While AAA is showing a replay of this, and Jack is starting a Rocky chant, Tiger gets Daniels with a springboard dropkick. Chop fight. Tiger wins, with a reverse suplex into a stunner. One two no. Chop. Whip, reverses, Daniels charges, Tiger kicks him into the ropes, kicks him in the back to get him to lean over, and tries for the springboard guillotine legdrop, but Lider pulls Daniels to safety. Tiger rolls out of the move, runs off the ropes, and takes out Lider with a tornillo. Rocky in, and he topes Alex. Jack in, and he goes thru the ropes for a tope con giro on Alex. Técnicos celebrate. Lider tries to come in, but Tiger pulls him off the apron and climbs up. Daniels meets him, losing his footing on the rope. Super armdrag, Tiger lined up, Daniel’s Best Moonsault Ever, one two three. Técnicos were held back from breaking it up. Daniels makes belt motions.

Lider and Alex have an argument about something – that superkick earlier? - but before Lider can punch, Daniels spins him and drops him with the reverse STO. Kenzo Suzuki joins the group in the ring. Daniels backbreaker, Kenzo jumping knee drop.

Recap: Zorro & Vampiro.

Rumbo AAA TripleMania XVIII

Match 3: Cibernético, Heavy Metal, La Parka Jr. vs LA Park, Nicho el Millionario, Zorro
Gimnasio Jose Maria Arteaga, Queretaro, Queretaro, 04/30/2010

Winner: rudos by DQ
Match Time: 11:12 (3:56+5:04+2:12)
Rating: eh
Notes: Konnan is out with Zorro. Nicho appears to be unaware what just happened with Lider. He's not angry about it. Park is using Thriller as his music. Rudos jump Metal when he enters first. Cibernético is in no hurry to help, and gets kicked and jabbed with a chair anyway. Park sneaks around to the other side of the video screen when Parka enters, so he's standing behind and watching was as Parka dances (and Arturo calls him the original again – wait, aren't you a rudo?) Park waylays Parka with punches. Park throws a good punch. Whistle blows even though Parka isn't close to making to the ring. Hijo de Tirantes is ref.

Crowd chants loudly for Parka, but which one? One sided beating all the way thru the first segment. Park throws Parka into the crowd, then brings him back in to smash him with a chair. Konnan and Nicho have an argument out of nowhere, entirely started by Konnan. Park tries to talk sense into his old friend, who blames it on Konnan. It seems to be settling down, but Parka leaves to beat up Park some more and Konnan starts yelling at Nicho. Nicho shoves him and spits at him. Alex Koslov was already out to yell at Nicho before the spit lands. Joe Lider, tapped ribs and all, is out behind him, giving him a chair shot to the back. Chessman, Kenzo Suzuki, Hernandez and Christopher Daniels rush out and stomp Lider into the ground. Nicho clears house with a chair shot for all four guys, but Hernandez punches the chair back into him, punches him in the ground, and chokes him out. Alex throws a chair at Lider many times, and the Legion beat him and Nicho to the back. Rudos are a bit casual in the ring for being down a numerical advantage, but somehow that doesn't matter. Park traps Parka's head in a chair and smacks it with another chair. Konnan slams Metal onto the announce desk, so that's helping a little. Zorro kills time with a chinlock on Cibernético. Park – who looks mighty fat here – and Zorro both go up to the middle rope for flying headbutt on Cibernético, but Cibernético moves, then mightily struggles to cradle Park. Zorro breaks it up, not like Hijo de Tirantes was going to count it up. Zorro kicks Metal as he comes in as well, but Park's shot for Cibernético gets his partner instead. Metal dropkicks Park out, and the técnicos go for dives, only for Tirantes to put up the stop sign. No problem for Parka, who jumps off the top rope to the floor on both rudos. Break again.

Crowd chanting for Parka, and now it's pretty clear which one. It's the one limping and with an arm tucked in. Park leads him inside and kicks him as he comes thru the ropes. Everyone else has backed off. Metal and Cibernético are in adjacent corners, which is odd. Tirantes helps whip Parka, which only lead to Tirantes getting kicked. Parka squares off to face Park – and Dorian Roldan leads out a bunch of security (I guess) to grab the Parkas. Hey, Gran Apache. I have no idea why they'd be doing this. Neither do the fans, who boo. I guess they didn't want fighting in their lucha lirbe match. Everyone's just waring street clothes. This would be the greatest time to jump the rail, no one would notice. Parkas are dragged off, ans that leaves Zorro to be stomped by Cibernético & Tirantes tries to pull them off. Switch to a shot of security returning, even though they're not doing anything. Guess the técnicos pushed Tirantes, because he awards the match to Zorro. Técnicos stop for a moment, and then just beat up both of them. Dorian Roldan returns, this time with Vamprio. Vampiro Spike for Metal, Zorro immediately recovers to cane Cibernético a bunch. Vampiro fouls him, headbutts him on the mat many times, and the rudos punch out the técnicos. Rudos pose on the stage.

Highlight video.

In the backstage – the same backstage as last week, anyway – the Legion is destroying Hermandad, including Daniels breaking a light tube on Nicho. Konnan get a shot in too. Nicho is bleeding as the show ends.