AAA on Televisa #936 (05/01/2010)
Recap: 05/03/10

Previously: Rudas used a broom! Sect walked out of a match – continuously showing me this clip does me give any additional hope they're going somewhere with it. Heavy Metal decided he wasn't with the Legion. Wagner wants a shot at the championship, and Electroshock wants to fight. Sabu appeared, put Wagner thru a table, didn't make much sense. Parka put Park thru a table. Lot of damage to tables.

Four sided ring.

Match 1: Atomic Boy, Gato Eveready, Laredo Kid vs Billy Boy, Decnnis, El Brazo
Gimnasio San Damian, San Martin Texmelucan, Puebla, 04/06/2010

Winner: Rudos
Match Time: 9:41 (2:32+7:09)
Rating: expected better, but still above average
Notes: Already in the ring. Hijo de Tirantes is ref. Hilario and Guapito are with the rudos. Atomic Boy still has the ugly yellow and red gear. If they really cared about him, they'd tell him to stop wearing that.

Standard match – showcase to beatdown to comeback to dives to finish. Showcases weren't as great as hoping with the crew; Gato's was the best, and Atomic Boy's turned into Brazo/Guapito/Hilario comedy. Atomic Boy got to make up for later, with a sweet run up the corner plancha to hit Billy Boy far away from the ring. Hilario freely participated in the beatdown, Tirantes having no objections. Laredo and Gato got in good dives to set up Brazo's off the apron tope con giro, and Atomic Boy and Billy were left in the ring for about a half minute to sort it out. Billy got in his behind the back powerbomb on Atomic Boy. The técnico was out, but Tirantes still quick counted so we would know he was there.

Hilario, not wearing a Cibernético like horned mask, tries to give his shoe to Guaptio as a phone. Guapito does not appear this stupidness and tells him to go do his job now, whatever that is.

Pimpi is fixing his hair backstage. Wagner gives Pimpi credit for his performance last week and shakes his hand. Huh.

Match 2: Aerostar & Fabi Apache vs Alex Koslov & Rain
Gimnasio San Damian, San Martin Texmelucan, Puebla, 04/06/2010

Winner: Rudos
Match Time: 8:49 (2:24+6:25)
Notes: No entrances. Piero is ref.

Rudos apparently jump the técnicos, though Aero quickly dismisses Alex with a double rotation headscissors. Aero rests on the ropes, while Fabi is still getting boot choked by Sexi. That does not seem like good teamwork, but maybe Aero's done the match and realizes Fabi is going to win that one soon enough (and she does, as Sexi throws herself out of the ring.) Fabi gets Sexi with a silla, Aero gets Alex with his head crushing no hands tope. Rudos quickly turn it around in the ring anyway, beating the técnicos down. Fabi takes some of those head kicks she's been giving out.

Alex chokes Aero out with his flag, while Sexi uses a broom on Fabi. Aero starts the comeback with a handspring back elbow, and the crowd gets very loud when Fabi lands a silla on Sexi. With the women back in, Sexi manages a top rope plancha on Fabi, then a bodyscissors cradle. Aero breaks it up with a crushing springboard dropkick to the back of the head. Absurdly hard. Aero gives Alex a quebradora, Alex ducks a 619, but Aero just tries another again while Alex celebrates and connects this time. Alex charges, and throws himself out thru the middle ropes. Aero jumps to the top rope, jumps across the corner to the top rope, and off with a tope con giro to the floor! Nice. While they’re showing replays, Fabi has Aero has Sexi pinned, but Sexi kicks out a two. Fabi shakes Sexi by the head. Fabi ducks a clothesline and sneaks in a superkick. Kick to the head, swinging fisherman's suplex near the ropes. Sexi going up? This seems like a horrible idea. Fabi is quickly up and stopping Sexi. Superplex? Yes! Unfortunately, they're both too hurt to cover, so in come the men. Alex works over Aero with forearm and chops. Whip, Aero escapes the quebradora, Aero ducks the superkick, off the ropes, plancha caught, Alex spins him around and hold s him up, but Aero reverses into a spinning DDT. Delayed cover? NO, Aero picks up Alex – dropkick gets Alex's arm, another to his backside. Something went wrong on the first one, but they're trying to cover. Aero clothesline Alex over, and goes out – springboard plancha. Piero directly in position to count, but stop to look at the entrance way, where Hijo de Tirantes is waling out. New Legion shirt, though I'm not sure why they have the Canada flag on there anymore. Aero stops covering to grab Alex,. Whip, reversed, Alex miss a clothesline, Alex waves him by, handspring caught and Alex drops Aero on his face. Crossface, Aero in trouble. Fabi comes in, but Sexi wards her off with the broom handle, hitting Fabi until she can’t get up, before playing dead. Piero finally turns around, looks at the hold, looks at the crowd, and I guess calls the match for the rudos, but AAA misses the shot.

Tirantes comes in, measures Fabi, this her in the back with the broom – and INSTANT CUT AWAY.

Daniels video package! Not hat I'm especially excited for Daniels, I'm just impressed they’re actually remembering to hype someone else before they come. This is full of TNA clips, so everyone must be happy with each other this week.

Match 3: Extreme Tiger, Jack Evans, Rocky Romero vs Cuervo, Escoria, Ozz
Gimnasio San Damian, San Martin Texmelucan, Puebla, 04/06/2010

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 9:36 (5:58+3:38)
Rating: OK, random ending
Notes: No entrances. Tirantes is ref, huddling with the rudos before the match and helping them through out.

Showcase -> beatdown -> comeback. This crew has had better showcases; Jack goes first, there's a big clip, and they come back just in time to see Tiger badly aim a springboard dropkick. (No Rocky offense, this portion.) Tiger's trying to springboard into a dropkick on a seated Ozz's face, but Tiger goes too high, coming down on the back of Ozz's head on his way over. Ozz is down for a bit, then on the outside being checked on for a bit, as the other rudos quickly start the beatdown. Ozz rejoins for tandem offense. Jack starts the comeback before the break.

Everyone breaks up everyone else's move, leading an Extreme Tiger tornillo Cuervo. He's too high again and Cuervo doesn't actually catch him. It's not Tiger's night. Dive train from there - Ozz tornillo, Romero – no, Tiger trips him up. Cuervo drops Rocky with a back suplex powerbomb, then Tirantes helps him put on his aluminum foil spikes? The glove is so much better. Anyway, Tirantes turns around to look at the crowd no real reason, Cuervo teases a punch of doom, and Jack sneaks behind to backslide, bridging on top. Tirantes turns around but does not even look at the pin, and speed counts three. Hooray? Crowd definitely approves. Tirantes figures it out as soon as he stops counting. They stick with the post match for all of two more seconds before jumping away.

Konnan and Dorian are discussing plans backstage, but Nicho (in a NOAH t-shirt? Did they get that in exchange for the titles? Why would Nicho really want a NOAH t-shirt right now?) demands to have a word with Konnan. Many angry words about what the Legion pulled last week (uh, winning a match?) Nicho swears, and then apologizes about it to Dorian, awesome. Nicho's point is 187 never ever went against the Legion, they just took care of Dr. Wagner, so why is the Legion bringing in Japanese to take their titles away? Nicho is very loud on this point. Nicho wants no part of teaming with Konnan tonight, but Konnan points out the contract – business is business – and tells Nicho he's working for free tonight and helping the Legion, or there will be problems for Nicho and his whole family. That gets Nicho to back off.

Recap: Heavy Metal no esta Legion.

Heavy Metal & Tropicasas chat, while Mesías and Cibernético sit near by. Cibernético is not a fan of Heavy Metal calling it His House – it's their house, it's the Roldan's house, in the AAA fans house. Mesías works in catchphrases.

Match 4: Cibernético, El Mesías, Heavy Metal vs Joe Lider, Konnan, Nicho el Millionario
Gimnasio San Damian, San Martin Texmelucan, Puebla, 04/06/2010

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 12:01 (3:46+8:15)
Rating: about what was expected of this match (not much)
Notes: Konnan brings the contract to the ring! Just in case they need to refer to any subsection during the match. Cibernético has his ram horned mask. Hermandad think about walking out, but the announcers loudly discuss the contract, and that's the end of that. Pepe Casas is ref, and I'm sure that won't go anywhere.

Almost complete técnico domination to start. Nicho & Lider force Konnan to face Cibernético, and that doesn't work well for anyone. Wait, for a guy who was going to be retired after his match with Cibernético, why do I have to see that again? Cibernético and Mesías get in their beatdown before the first break, Metal after it (including a thru Nicho's legs dropkick to the outside.) Nicho throws a chair in the ring at an unsuspecting Metal to start the beatdown. Tropicasas will allow it. Konnan contributes a lengthy armbar on Cibernético, laying down on the mat while applying it. After Hermandad go thru the other two, Konnan holds Cibernético for a clothesline from either side. I don't know how this is supposed to actually work, but it doesn't, and Konnan gets clothelslined. Técnicos start the comeback, Konnan tries to walk out on his team. Nicho & Lider opt to walk to the entrance and tell Konnan to go back. Konnan is forced to wrestle Mesías, which is punishment for everyone. Mesías ends up with a bad clothesline, on the man who's taking it. Mesías has his left arm tucked in to his body. After a pescado on Lider, Konnan runs Mesías into the post, bad shoulder first. Hermandad mange to get Metal with a big boot/second rope back cracker combo, but Cibernético breaks that up. Stunner on Nicho, chokeslam on Lider. Konnan watches, waits for Cibernético to cover, and breaks it up. Out goes Cibernético. Of all the things to to do, Konnan decided now is a great time to grab the contract and shove it in Nicho's face. Nicho spits at the contract, shoves Konnan, and pays no mind to Metal sneaking up from behind. Back suplex, casita has some issues but gets done, one two three. Poor Lider, still down selling the chokeslam, gets kicked in the mouth after Nicho rolls free of the hold. Nicho's very sorry.

Konnan walks over to Metal and Cibernético, and gives them the softest foul kicks ever. It kills them, of course. Konnan seems to call for someone, but that's the end of this.

Electroshock tells Silver King that they're friends, but his brother, Dr. Wagner, is...standing right in front of them now, how awkward. Wagner really wants to hear where that one was coming. Silver King tries the “if one of us champion, aren't we all champion?” theory, but Wagner points out that he's so clearly the best (making the Ultimo Guerrero otra nivel signal), he should always be champion. Electroshock objects to this disrespect, and so does Silver King – Wagner's been making bad decisions for the group. Wagner says he's the guy who get to make the decisions and walks off. Electroshock asks Silver King who he's with, and Silver King thinks about it.

Match 5: Dr. Wagner Jr., Electroshock, Silver King vs Chessman, Kenzo Suzuki, Zorro
Gimnasio San Damian, San Martin Texmelucan, Puebla, 04/06/2010

Winner: Legion
Match Time: 11:25
Rating: eh. Usual “swerve” that’s not really a swerve because they went too far the other way to set it up. Kenzo wins!
Notes: Piero is ref. Full introductions.

Legion jumps the WagnerManiacos. After a minute and a half, Wagner simply runs thru a double clothesline to start the comeback. WagnerManiacos beatdown, peaking with a Silver King moonsault on Kenzo and the trio posing together, as if there was no problem in the world. Sudden clip to Kenzo, Chessman, Silver King, and Wagner fighting in the crowd. From there, it was the usual big move/break up/big move bit. Around 9 minutes in, Wagner gave Kenzo a Dragon screw a shining wizard, but was distracted by Electro insisting on their W touch. Wagner walks over, touches him, and Electro spits a bottle of water in his face. A punch for good measure, and Kenzo finished Wagner with a back heel trip. Oh my, Kenzo Suzuki has won a match! Crowd confused, quiet.

Electro lifts up Wagner and does for his mask. Legion decides they don't need to help here. Silver King jabs Wagner with the chair a few times, so he's clearly okay with this. Powerbomb on Wagner. Clip, to Pimpi posing in the aisle. One more chair shot to Wagner. Long shot of a kid watching. Clip ahead to Pimpi attacking both Silver King and Electroshock, until Silver calmly hits him with the chair too. Whip, chair shot to the chest. Beatdown continues straight into a replay.

Show recap.

Zorro appeals to his friend (off screen, but his shadow I seen) to show up next week and help him out. He calls his friend “Vampiro” and the silhouette is of Vampiro. I wonder who it could be? I guess maybe we're not supposed to be sure if Zorro is talking to Vampiro or a horse. It's a fair concern! (Not that Vampiro looks like a horse.)