AAA on Televisa #935 (04/24/2010)
Recap: 04/30/10

Previously: Nicho & Lider had issues with Konnan about who was part of the Legion and who was ending up with the belts. LA Park declared himself the original. The Hermandad segment puts together previously shown videos to make it clear it was Joaquin Roldan who paid for the Hermandad to team with Pimpi, to get some revenge on both the WagnerManiacos and the Legion.

Konnan introduces the group (already in the ring) as the Legion & Dorian Roldan Enterprises. Let's see, we've got Hernandez, Alex Koslov, Kenzo Suzuki, Zorro, Konnan, Dorian, Rain, and Morishima and Ishimori. Chessman is in Japan, right. Konnan says the Japanese are here as part of his plan for the Legion to win all the titles, which is more of explanation than they usually give anyway. Dorian gets a turn, talking about returning to the home of AAA, Juan de la Barrera, and bringing home an AAA original, LA Park. Today, they've got one more surprise. Back to Konnan for one more signing: Heavy Metal. Girls cheer. Heavy Metal does seem excited to be there, unlike his last year or so of CMLL appearances. The Legion seems happy to see him, Zorro maybe the most. Metal tells jokes, demands applause for his father (not out there), and tells the Legion they're all great wrestlers, but he wants some time to think about it. Dorian refuses to give him time – is he with them or against them? Heavy pulls the crowd, who is mixed and not as loud as they should be. Heavy talks his way until giving taking until the end of the night, and thanks Konnan and Dorian for invited him.

After a break, Konnan catches up to Nicho & Lider backstage. He's got one question for them – what were they doing with Pimpnela, teaming with him and being paid for it by Roldan. Joe Lider tries to explain the concept of being a mercenary one more time to Konnan, but I just don't think you can explain something like that Konnan. Konnan doesn't do anything just for the money, he's doing it because he totally believes in the cause and can't see why no one else believes in it. Konnan decides he's had enough of talking to Joe Lider and appeals to Nicho on an amigo to amigo basis, stop working for Roldan. Friends are friends, but business is business, Nicho & Lider explain.

Match 1: Taiji Ishimori & Takeshi Morishima vs Joe Lider & Nicho el Millionario for the AAA World Tag Team Championship
Gimnasio Juan de la Barrera, 03/19/2010

Winner: Taiji Ishimori & Takeshi Morishima
Match Time: 8:54 (6:25+2:29)
Rating: not good
Notes: No reaction to NOAH guys. I'm shocked. Hermanad bring chairs to the ring. I wonder if they'll be legal this week. Break before the match. Arturo calls Morishima the Monster of the Osaka Laguna, which might have made this whole match worth it.

Sure enough, Piero is the ref, and the first spot involves a chair. I hate this show. It's a bad show. It's a very bad show. At least Nicho is getting his hands up on chair shots to the head, since it's the first minute of the match and I'm pretty sure it's completely meaningless. Evil Japanese jump the champions and destroy them. After not DQing for the chair shots, Piero decides to enforce TAG RULES in this AAA match. AAA guys are beat up all the way thru the first segment.

NOAH has Lider beat after a super gutbuster, but they pull him up. Whip, Morishima chair shot misses, and Nicho springboards in with a spinning kick (that didn't hit so well.) Piero makes no attempt to stop Nicho as he gets Ishimori with a Falcon arrow. Lider hits Morishima in the back with the chair, and Piero finally takes it way form him. Champions try to set up Morishima in the tree of woe, but he's too far. Champs sit Morishima on the second rope, and he immediately falls off. Ishimori is belly to belly suplexed on top. Odd. Nicho sets up the chair in the corner (Piero will allow it and he and Lider whip Ishimori in. Ishimori is so hurt by this, he immediately backdrops Lider on the charge, then rushes out to swing at Nicho. Nicho reverses for a reverse DDT/flying double stomp combo where Lider doesn't actually come close to landing the stomp. This match, I dunno. Hermandad try to beat Morishima after snap kicks. It does not work. Maybe try the small guy? Series of dual kicks to him, climaxing in a double kick to the head, but Morishima awakes and breaks it up. Morishima is too after for Lider to sunset flip, but Nicho breaks that up and DDTs the big man. Ishimori pins Lider with a complicated move (crucifix driver?), but Nicho breaks it up. Nicho pins Ishimori after a hanging DDT, but Ishimori kicks out. Champions decide chopping Morishima is a good strategy – no. Nicho & Lider do end up with a superkick/backbreaker combo, and some how Lider doesn't get squashed. Cover, but Morishima is well in the ropes and Ishimori breaks it up for good measure. Ishimori dropkicks Nicho, handspring backflip elbow drop, Lider breaks it up. Lider Strom on Ishimori, Morishima breaks it up. You've got a finisher you want to do? Morishima withstands Lider's kicks (including an enziguri), then gives Nicho an urange. Lider charges and dropkicks Morishima out, then follwos with an Asai moonsault. Tough to miss there. Ishimori 450 splash on Nicho, one two three. That seemed kind of sudden, but it's not like the match was going anywhere.

After a break, Konnan meets the NOAH guys (with their new belts) on the stage, then tells Hermandad that this is what they get for working for Joaquin Roldan. Business is business!

Backstage, somewhere, it sure sounds like Hernandez is offering to hook Dorian up with TNA's Beautiful People. An interview with a cameraman. After some back and forth, we establish Hernandez isn't going to do this interview in Spanish – he's got Mexican heritage, but he refuses to speak anything but English, and isn't really too proud of that heritage: “If I could go to a hospital and get every ounce of this Mexican blood out of hem, I would do it!” He's here to destroy every “stupid Mexican”, and Mexican lovers like Marco Corleone. Dorian starts to translate, but Hernandez just throws the interviewer thru a wall. Dorian tells him to take it easy as they leave.

Recap Video: Dorian being kidnapped, and becoming friends with his kidnappers. I like how Dorian returned is so unimportant that it's not ever shown. Dorian & Konnan at the club. Roldan using La Hermandad, which I'm not sure what has to do with this. Dorian bringing in LA Park.

Psycho Circus & Cibernético rant to the camera. Undefeated! Cibernético tells Dorian that Konnan isn't the way, and tells Heavy Metal to listen to the fans.

Match 2: Cibernético, Monster Clown, Murder Clown, Psycho Clown vs Alex Koslov, Hernandez, Kenzo Suzuki, Zorro
Gimnasio Juan de la Barrera, 03/19/2010

Winner: CiberClowns
Match Time: 11:29 (4:19+7:09)
Rating: eh
Notes: When Alex is not giving a kiss to a random woman who jumps the rail, he's limping as if he's been fouled, and I struggle to remember why – maybe they should've shown the Yurem thing again? On the other hand, maybe it's good they never show it again. Monster abducts a child, security takes it, but Monster almost gets to keep a shoe. Cibernético has a crazy ram horn mask - the crowd shot they keep going thru to cover clips has a couple people wearing the same mask. Pepe Casas is the ref. Announcers try a half dozen different chants before the mach. Everyone stands around waiting until the whistle, which is unusual for both teams.

Legion dominates to start, as Heavy Metal watches from in front of the stage. He's more interested than I am, but then this is probably the first AAA show he's seen in six years. It's a bit more fresh. Beatdown focuses on the Clowns, of course. Murder Clown is a tough guy to chop down, and Hernandez demands to go face to face with him. Legion clears out as they try shoulderblocks and can’t get each other down. Zorro came back in, dropkicked Murder, and Hernandez was able to knock him over with a shoulderblock. Break as Hernandez appeared to be setting up a dive.

Back for Hernandez's over the top tope. Legion continues to control, including chairs shots and smashes into the announcer table. Comeback spot is Zorro whipping Cibernético towards Hernandez as Hernandez holds up a chair. Hernandez just stands there, Cibernético shoves the chair into his head, knocks down Zorro & Kenzo with punches that don't come close to connecting, tries to clothesline Hernandez out, fails, tries again, gets it that time, and pres slams Alex on top. That was some bad wrestling. After the Clowns clear the ring, Alex gets pulled back I because he's fun to toss around. Murder Clown presses him on he outside, and Monster and Psycho dropkick thru the ropes to knock him down. That was crazy. Everyone stomps Zorro. Is Heavy Metal writing notes?!?!? Low blow flying headbutt on Zorro. Kenzo gets held on the ropes and topped over after a low blow dropkick. Hernandez actually fights back on the corner charges, so he's clearly new here. He ends up pulling himself up to the top rope (which an impressive spot, but an odd time for one) and eating a two man superplex. Murder legdrop, Cibernético elbow drop. Hey, pin? Anyone? Anyone? Legion regroups, and Hernandez goes back in for a bad clothesline run. He, more than anyone else, is the guy they're clearly trying to build up in this match. Psycho Clown, the brains of this operation (!) takes out his knee to stop that, and Psycho and Monster chop him into the ropes. Alex tries to springboard plancha onto those two, but gets caught, and tosses. Alex lands on his feet (sorta), ducks a double clothesline, but Hernandez gets clotheslined anyway. And now, a long crowd shot to cover up things. When they’re back, Monster is toping Alex, and Psycho is plancha-ing Hernandez. Cibernético goes Zorro, who decides he wants to back away. That leaves Kenzo and Murder, Murder Clown press Kenzo (!), drops him in a sort of side slam, and covers for three.

Zorro runs in and immediately clocks Murder Clown with the cane. Cibernético comes in, and blocks Zorro' shot, grabs the cane, throws it down, and starts punching Zorro. A Psycho Clown masked fan – one shown earlier – jumps the rail and attacks Cibernético from behind. It's Konnan, though I'm not sure why he had to hide his identity. Pepe Casas gets shoved own. Heavy Metal is quickly to the ring after that with a chair. Konnan tells him to hit Cibernético, and Heavy polls the crowd again. Metal pulls back the chair, and this Zorro. One to Alex, one to Kenzo, none to Konnan. Everyone got their hands up, hooray. Clowns clear the ring.

Back in the ring after a break, Cibernético welcomes Heavy Metal back to AAA. Really dumb of Konnan to shove Pepe Casas, he had to know that wouldn't have gone well. Metal says he's happy to be home. Everyone pose.

La Parka Jr. wants to know from Joaquin how it was possible for LA Park was able to get him. Joaquin blames Dorian, and Parka rants about Park being a traitor and having no respect to the fans – how could they let him back in their house and talk like that!

Heavy Metal and Pepe Casas talk backstage. Metal is really touchy. Pepe is happy he's back, and Metal is happy he's back.

There's a camera outside the building so we can see if LA Park runs in, but there's no sign of him. Maybe they should've shown this earlier?

Match 3: El Mesías, La Parka Jr., Octagón vs Dr. Wagner Jr., Pimpinela Escarlata, Silver King
Gimnasio Juan de la Barrera, 03/19/2010

Winner: Técnicos
Match Time: 13:08 (3:14+9:54)
Rating: eh 
Notes: Pimpi gets a separate entrance than the rest of the WagnerManiacos. Octagon has a blow robe that really showcases his ample midsection. Someone should've told him! Piero si ref

Rudo beatdown to start, with Pimpi having no trouble working with the rudos. Parka gets in a double clothesline after about 2:30 minutes to start the comeback. Break as everyone is slowly walking around ringside.

Técnicos showcases after the break. Parka first, lots of comedy with the Wagner brothers. Pimpi was waving cheers for the Parka during this, oddly enough. Match is clipped, but it seems more like a content issue than the usual time randomness. Parka's interactions with Pimpi get almost totally removed. Rudos do a fine job of flying around to make Octagon's armdrags look devastating. They try to tease Mesías and Wagner as a grand face off, and the crowd isn’t as warm to it. Crowd very loudly boos Mesías when the técnicos try to get a chant for him, and later as he poses. Wagner makes the martinete motion after knocing Mesias down, so at least someone remembers that storyline. Pimpi is not allowed to join in on the WagnerManiaco pose. Pimpi flies across the ring on Mesías shots, and takes a big bump when pulled off the top rope. Parka gets another run of comedy spots, then takes a slow knee bump to the outside to set up Wagner’s dive. Octagon dropkicks Pimpi out and gets in his tope, knocking him over. That leaves Mesías and Silver King in last, and that's not going to go well for Silver King. Mesías powerslams Silver King, poses (more boos), jumping STO, one two three. Scattered yells. Hey, Silver Kings' mask is just about peeled off. Oh well.

The Legion walk to the ring, picking up a table that just happened to be leaning against the barricade. Sabu walks out behind them. No reaction. He brings in a table. The Legion beat up on the WagnerManiacos on the outside, and the técnicos inside. Wagner is draped on a table, and Sabu jumps of the top rope for a gentle sit on him Wagner to put him thru the table. LA Park runs out to attack La Parka Jr.. Parka fights back as everyone else mills around, doing their own thing. Hernandez powerbombs someone and I have no idea who, it's impossible to tell. Maybe Extreme Tiger? Jack Evans flips in the ring thru the ropes, and gets in one shot before Zorro grabs him for a powerbomb. That was actually caught pretty well, but Zorro has to wait forever to actually give him the move. Laredo Kid limps to the ring, gets beat off camera. I'm so glad they made the effort. Aerostar – why are they doing it run by one – immediately gets clotheslined by Morishima. Wait, maybe that was Rocky Romero earlier? Tiger comes in, and immediately gets slammed. Wagner is doing his usually “I'm hurt, but not so hurt that I can't wave for you guys to chant for me.” Ishimori is putting way too much effort into his stomps. In the ring, Hernandez and Alex help load up La Parka Jr. to LA Park, sitting on the top rope. LA Park can barely keep him up as it is, so it's good all he has to do is a powerbomb. Stomping, stomping, hitting him with the left over table bits, Konnan blah blah blahing. Konnan talking about Dorian makes me wonder why he's not out here, but that's probably for the best. Everyone pose! Arturo tells the kids to go look up Sabu on the internet! I'm going to be right on that!

Recap video.

Joaquin is angry about Konnan, Dorian, LA Park and maybe whatever got blurred on that screen. That's it.