AAA on Televisa #934 (04/17/2010)
Recap: 04/26/10

Previously: random stuff! Okay, now that they settle down, it's Piero/Tirantes, Legion attacking the Mexican women, and the Sect beating up the Air Force and Jack but still losing for unclear reasons. Also, Chessman is your Rey de Reyes and there was one too many Parkas in the ring.

Match 1: Rain & Sexy Star vs Cinthia Moreno & Fabi Apache
Gimnasio Juan de la Barrera, 03/19/2010

Winner: técnicas (by overruled decision)
Match Time: 5:37 (2:31+3:06)
Rating: they've had better
Notes: Rain has a broom. Sexi has her transparent robe. Hijo de Tirantes is ref. I have no idea what's going on in Cinthia Moreno's entrance video. She was made in a factory? Certain parts for sure. Fabi does not appear happy to be here. Maybe she wanted to see Dos Leyendas? Rain is still sweeping the ring as the match starts. Sexi takes a turn. This greatly offends the técnicas and they chases them out. Eventually, Tirantes gets a turn, Fabi turns to confront him, Tirantes tosses the broom to Rain, and they use it to attack Fabi to start the match.

Match is basically a 3 on 2, Tirantes keeping one member of the técnicas away while the rudas double team the other. Double teaming is OK. Sexi drops Fabi with her spinning fisherman's suplex, but Rain misses a tope rope moonsault, and Fabi dropkicks her to start the comeback. Sexi takes a quebradora. Fabi gets the broom, but stands around posing with the broom and never actually swings. Rain attacks Fabi from behind and Sexi tries too, though he totally whiffs on a dropkick. A lot of Sexi's moves doesn't look especially close, as if she's short of kicking people or she's falling away from kicks before they get to her. Once Tirantes starts breaking up pins, I sort of check out. Fabi has a mad run of destruction – hard clothesline to Sexi, three kicks to train, including two the side of the head, Angels' Wings for Sexi, and big boot to Rain's head – but of course that means it's just about to end badly. Tirantes hands the broom to Rain, who breaks it over Fabi's back as Sexi DDTs her. Quick count three.

Piero dramatically walks to the ring and slides in. Shove for Tirantes, match awarded to the técnicas. As usual, this is just to set up exciting feuding referees. Lots of time for posing and replays after.

Outside, Tirantes talks trash about Piero. One day, I'm going to stop watching this promotion (hoping soon!) and the thing I'm going to miss least is feuding referees. Is he still talking? It's been a minute and a half? The point is Piero can't boss around Tirantes, though that does appear to be what we just saw.

Next week: Heavy Metal returns. Look at Morishima in the background, absolutely bored.

Gran Apache asks Fabi what's going on – maybe try watching the show? What's going on with you. Fabi is sick of all these of these foreign women and their brooms. ANGRY.

In the ring, Dr. Wagner Jr. talks and talks and calls Electroshock. Let's save a few minutes and get to their part when Wagner congratulates Electroshock for winning, and demands a title shot. They should probably find a way to shoot Dr. Wagner that doesn't showcase all the empty seats in the upper level. Electroshock reminds us he's all about himself. BREAK during an interview.

All the Arturo Rivera teasers for upcoming bits sound really low quality/overpeaked.

Anyway, Electroshock tells Wagner he has to fight for the shot if he wants it. Electroshock draws a line in the ring with the belt and they face off. Silver King rushed out to calm things down, and fails. Security separates everyone, though this takes forever.

Electroshock demands respect backstage. They're not friends! He's not subjugating himself to a group any longer.

Match 2: Extreme Tiger, Jack Evans, Rocky Romero vs Rió Bravo, Tigre Cota, Tito Santana
Gimnasio Juan de la Barrera, 03/19/2010

Winner: técnicos
Match Time
: 6:49 (2:03+4:47)
Rating: better than I figured
Notes: Poder del Norte have an entrance worked out, and they're going to do it right, even if that means they have to ignore each other. Very focused. Pepe Casas is ref. Shoving match turns into a fight before the whistle.

This match was the normal Poder el Norte vs Air Force match, with the roles of the Air Force being played by people who actually get pushed. Not to diminish this match at all, because it's really a nice fun sprint. They probably could've done more with more time, but they didn't waste any of it they had, and in the usual showcase->beatdown->comeback->dives->finish sequence. There are nits to pick (Jack's comeback doesn't come off so well, there's stuff with Rocky that doesn't work so great), but it's still an enjoyable match. No storyline on the finish, just Rocky beating Tigre Cota clean with the fireman's carry gutbuster for the three count.

There was a near tragedy. As Tiger fought Rio Bravo on the outside, two woman (one holding a kid) were not taking them seriously at all, just kinda laughing at the thing. That was, until Bravo came charging at them with a kick, actually aiming for Tiger but close enough to freak out the laughing woman. Tiger ducked, picked up Bravo and spun him around to set him up for the his guillotine legdrop, and Bravo's boot nearly connected with the child's head. You could tell they were freaking out, and were still in shock when Santana & Jack came flying by.

Alex Koslov sings the Russian national anthem. This is what happens when they stretch a normal taping over 2 shows. Anyway, Yurem, Mexican making the band reality TV show celebrity, is sitting next to Maricela just so he can – holy crap, look at all those empty seats – so he can be called into the ring by Alex here. They had issues at the press conference earlier this week, which was very barely shown here. Even though Yurem was challenging Alex to a match, now he doesn't want to get in the ring. Alex is so angry, he's speaking English. Is Alex leaving? He's leaving. He's stopping to yell some more. Okay, now he's leaving.

Match 3: Yurem vs Alex Koslov
Gimnasio Juan de la Barrera, 03/19/2010

Winner: Yurem
Match Time: 1:42
Rating: no Dhani Jones
Notes: And now, the actual match. Yurem is acting wacky and wearing a yellow bodysuit.

Alex does take out Yurem after all of one kick, so that's nice. Yurem appears semit-rained, or at least they've been working out a few times. Alex has Yurem hurting after a side backbreaker, when who should appear but Pimpinela. I don't know why. Yurem uses the distraction to get in a top rope plancha. Alex tries to clothesline the yellow guy, Yurem ducks, Pimpi grabs Alex and goes for the kiss. Alex fights to get free before Pimpi can kiss him, giving Yurem time to foul Alex. There's no ref out here, so no DQ. Pimpi shoves Alex over for Yurem to cradle, but Yurem has problems with that part and Alex falls on top of him. Pimpi puts Yurem on top of Alex, and counts three. Hooray. Pimpi and Yurem celebrate. Crowd seems to boo.

Pimpi tries to kiss Yurem, and Yurem runs.

Arturo Rivera hosts not-Noti AAA.


Next week, LA Park vs La Parka, plus more surprises (hey Sabu)

KOSLOV CAM: please stop. On screen graphics explain people throwing thongs to Alex. Hey, it's Sunny. Hey, someone got something out of going to ROH.

Match 4: Aerostar, Laredo Kid, Súper Fly vs Cuervo, Escoria, Espíritu
Gimnasio Juan de la Barrera, 03/19/2010

Winner: rudos
Match Time: 8:54 (3:48+5:06)
Rating: disappionting
Notes: No loaded glove! Maybe Ozz brought it to Japan? Tirantes is ref. I can't believe they put together an Air Force video. Actually, they could've put it together months ago and this is the first time they've had non clipped entrances.

This felt sort of a response to the Jack/Rocky/Tiger vs Poder el Norte, these guys trying to top those guys. First match won, easily. The match with Extreme Tiger & Jack Evans had a better sense of escalating drama, a scary sign for all involved. Nothing really wrong with the Sect, but they were going into end of match near fall/break ups from about 2 minutes in, and the Air Force was only connecting about 80% of their offense while trying to squeeze in as much as possible. The only time either side wanted to pause was to quiet the crowd down before a loud chop, but it's not like the crowd was especially into it anyway.

Aerostar at least got to his his inside out springboard tope con giro. Super Fly tries to go for something Asai related, but it went so wrong that AAA actually cut to a shot of the crowd. Ringside people were very visibly running back and forth to get a stretcher (the doctor was the last guy out), so it might've not been pretty at all. Laredo has Cuervo all but beat, but Tirantes shoved Cuervo out of the way of a twisting 450 splash, then quick counted the pin after a Cuervo brainbuster. Piero did not come out to overturn this call. The Sect did not drag anyone to the back this time.

Recap and that's it.