AAA on Televisa #932 (04/03/2010)
Recap: 04/16/10

Recap: Sexi Star has issues with all the women, Tiger aand Alex have a title match, Pimpi wants to be a WagnerManiaco and I'm still not sure why. Also, Konnan and Cibernético will have a match of some sort, and a title will be on the line.

Dorian Roldan talks to someone, and is happy they're coming. WHO COULD IT BE.

Match 1: Cinthia Moreno, Fabi Apache, Mari Apache vs Christina Von Eerie, Rain, Sexy Star
Plaza de Toros Santa Maria, Queretaro, 03/12/2010

Winner: tecnicas
Match Time: 8:43
Notes: Entrances? They have five matches. Sexi is wearing a skirt, so short to make it pointless. She always has to dress up for the big shows.

The match is pretty good, a step and half up from the previous week's match, and a pretty good match in itself. Christina looks better than the previous week and Rain remains fearless about taking anything. The foreigners almost exclusively work with the Apaches, which may be about as much as who they've been practicing with as the title match they thought they were building up here.

The referee bit does come in to play here – Piero stops Sexi from using her belt as a weapon, Hijo de Tirantes runs out to shove Piero down, Fabi takes out Tirantes with a off the apron headscissors (!) - it's irrelevant to the finish.

That finish is Mari taking out the foreigners with a huge double clothesline of a tope, a great looking spot, leaving Sexi and Cinthia in. Sexi was too busy setting up for her own dive to notice, and got dropped with a chinbreaker for the pin. All one segment.

Roldan talks to his mysterious friend in a car. How can his friend by in the driver's seat if his friends' son was the getaway driver? So confused. “La Era Dorian Roldan” is said.

Match 2: Extreme Tiger vs Alex Koslov for the AAA World Cruiserweight Championship
Plaza de Toros Santa Maria, Queretaro, 03/12/2010

Winner: Extreme Tiger
Match Time: 7:17
Notes: Entrances. Pepe Casas is ref. Alex swings out of the ring and clocks Tiger in the back of the head with his leg before the match starts, and everyone else is confused expecting a title presentation.

Chairs are legal this week. Or at least legal with this referee. Alex throws Tiger in the crowd after his sneak attack, Tiger surprises him with a chair shot to the head, and Alex is bleeding from the peak of his forehead the rest of the way.

This is the match where Alex fouled Tiger, but Tiger kicked out, revealing he'd worn a cup. Not only was that bit not particularly built to (it's not like this feud was about Alex fouling Tiger for wins), but it doesn't particularly go anywhere. They do more spots and that one means nothing by the time it's over. Same thing just after – Tiger brings in thumb tacks, only Alex gets them and spreads them out on the mat first. There's no reason for thumb tacks, it doesn't make any sense in the context of the match or the feud, but here's a thumb tack spot. Alex tries to press slam Tiger onto the tacks, but Tiger gets free and guillotine legdrops Alex into the tacks for the pin. All I can figure is they wanted an excuse for Alex losing, but that's Tiger's normal finish anyway, so I probably should figure something else.

Pimpi/Wagnermaniacos recap.

WagnerManiacos are sure they're not going to lose on this night, though Wagner seems more concerned with Electroshock than this match.

Mr. Anderson rants, very close to the camera. Good place here as any to note Latin Lover's name has not been mentioned the whole show. They've disappeared him. Anderson vows to have sex with the title belt after he wins it. Usual evil foreigner bit, but at least they bothered to introduce him about an hour before the match. “MUNDO” is the double word of the day.

Backstage, Pimpi hangs out by himself. Parka checks on him and calms his nerves. This night is Pimpi's night!

Match 3: Joe Lider, Nicho el Millionario, Pimpinela Escarlata vs Dr. Wagner Jr., Silver King, Último Gladiador
Plaza de Toros Santa Maria, Queretaro, 03/12/2010

Winner: Pimpi's team
Match Time: 11:36 (5:58+5:38)
Notes: Ultimo Gladiador has a CAPE. Win. WagnerManiacos enter first, and Pimpi sneaks around the ring to try and kiss Wagner. Hermandad appear without any special surprise announcement, at least one we see. Tirantes is ref.

Hermandad immediately attacked the WagnerManiacos, which set the tone for the match. Both sides were essentially rudos, though Pimpi wrestled like normal (and so did Wagner, appealing to the crowd.) Despite that, Tirantes bizarrely decided to favor the WagnerManiacos over the Hermandad, though I can't quite figure out why he'd care about this match. It was all just set up for Piero running in, dropkicking Tirantes for a pop, and counting the fall on UG after a Pimpi missile dropkick and a Nicho DDT onto a chair. This was chaos, leaning towards the entertaining side.

Kiss for Piero. No kiss for Nicho & Lider – I bet they got that in the contract.

Mesías doing the Mesías promo. Mesías mentions Latin Lover, which makes me wonder when this was bit was taped and when they actually found out Latin wasn't coming to the show.

Joaquin tells Piero he's doing a good job, and wants to talk to Zorro about what he did last week. Piero says he saw Zorro with...Dorian.

Match 4: Cibernético vs Konnan in a lumberjack rules match
Plaza de Toros Santa Maria, Queretaro, 03/12/2010

Winner: Cibernético
Match Time: 3:06
Notes: Entrances are heavily clipped. Zorro is out here, Joaquin should talk to him now. Copetes returns from where ever the heck he went to referee this match. Match starts with Konnan throwing powder in Cibernetico's face, so this'll be great.

Heavily edited, nothing but lumberjack spots early, then just short clips. It looks like someone dumped ten pounds of flour in the ring. Rain and Christina run in just so Cibernético can beat them up. Chokeslam for Copetes for limited reason. Horrible chokeslam on Konnan, that's a two man job. Copetes is out, but Pier slides in to make the count.

Even the post match is edited up, with Hernandez and Alex hitting the ring for all of ten seconds before a clip to Mesías running out and cleaning the out. Mesías its taken out by badly timed chair shot from the outside. Man is all black, covering his identity, and announcers think he may b some fan. Mask reveal is done away from the camera – of course it is – and there's no loud reaction to LA Park, at least audible to those at home. There are some people who recognize him when the mask is shown, but it's not people going crazy. Announcers do go crazy.

After a break, Dorian is in the ring, as the rudos go after Mesías' left shoulder. Dorian crows about his big surprise. CLIP yet again, to Joaquin and La Parka Jr.. in the ring, and both guys kicking at each other. We really needed to see that entrance, not them fighting. And really, the Roldan's should not be enough to hold them back. CLIP. They manage to have a conversation within three feet of each other, which also shouldn't happen. Park talks about being the original. CLIP. Konnan's face is covered in blood, and Dorian get to talk some more. Clips of trash talk between the two. Parka Jr. angrily dances!

Hermandad are happy about the money they made, and their show of independence.

Electroshock talks about winning the title for himself.

Recap of the build to this match. Not there was much of one, with Latin not being involved, and the other guys not really finished. TNA footage for Anderson, though it seems like the same two matches shown again. Hey, LATIN LOVER (when Electroshock is making the challenge.) They either did this after Latin no showed or edited him out after the fact.

Match 5: El Mesías vs Mr. Anderson and Electroshock for the AAA World Heavyweight Championship
Plaza de Toros Santa Maria, Queretaro, 03/12/2010

Winner: Electroshock
Match Time: 10:57
Notes: Anderson walks out wearing a Parka mask, takes it off, and spits in it. That's probably the last thing they really need after running an Parka angle – couldn't have used someone else's mask? One more Anderson promo, straight with the microphone from the sky. Anderson tells Arturo to shut up so he can say his name more. That's kinda rude. Mesías has his torch bearers, and a taped up shoulder, and he makes sure to show us how much it hurts. He can't even lift his left arm up before the match.

This was just a usual three way match. Anderson and Electroshock both worked on Mesías' shoulder early on, but then started fighting each other when they both wanted the pin. Mesais' shoulder did not prevent him from spearing Anderson with it, but he missed a spear on Electro and ended up hitting the post on the way out. Mesías spent the last couple minutes of the match slowly recovering and crawling back in. In the meantime, Anderson gave Electroshock the Plunge (his forward fireman's carry slam), but Electro kicked out at two. Electro rallied, landed the running RKO, and put Anderson in the submission he's won with for the last year. Since this match, he's said to call it the Rey de Reyes, which is a lame idea, but there you go. Mesías made it back in the ring enough to see Anderson in the hold, but didn't crawl over in time to break it up.

It's very interesting that, given a clear excuse which they spent the match (and the attack prior) building up, Mesías still wasn't the one who took the loss. Crowd reaction is an oh of disappointment.

Joaquin comes out to present Electro with the title, as medical personal tend to Mesías. Roldan gives Elector the title and a hug. Break.

Video recap of the show, including the WagnerManiacos stuff they haven't yet shown.

Dr. Wagner Jr., flanked by Ultimo Gladiador and Silver King head to the ring. Wagner offers a handshake, Electro thinks about it – this is all clipped up, obvious due to the music jumping – and accepts. No problems, though the WagnerManiacos immediately leave. Electroshock hug for Marisela Pena, and that's it.