AAA on Televisa #931 (03/27/2010)

Previously: someone's in the mood for some 90s rap, I guess. Konnan's on good terms with Sxi Star, not so much with Hermandad. Tirantes and Piero are having differences, Mesías and Cibernético are not. Electroshock is winning matches, much to the surprise of Dr. Wagner Jr.

In a locker room, Fabi Apache is getting ready for her match, but Mari is concerned. It's not a good thing for them that Konnan and Sexi Star are close. Hmmm. Anyway, Fabi points out Sexi Star is still dumb and they're prepared for anything Konnan has planned .

Silver King is excited to prove the power of the WagnerManiacos by taking out that dancing La Parka this week, and Dr. Wagner will get his revenge on Mesías for dropping him on his head, and then get back his title. Enter Electroshock, which who doesn't exactly fit into the Wagner brothers plans. They walk out on him, but Electro just laughs.

Match 1: Fabi Apache & Mari Apache vs Christina Von Eerie & Sexy Star
Gimnasio Miguel Hidalgo de Poza Rica, 03/05/2010

Winner: Rudas
Match Time: 7:57
Notes: No entrances, no even mention of Von Eerie's name before the match starts. Tirantes is ref, and the match is surely joined in progress despite an attempt to dub in a whistle. Oh, wow, announcers actually give a bio of the new person! Christina's mohawk is looking super great here.

Match stretched out over two breaks, and was a back drop for the Tirantes/Piero issue. Tirantes helped the rudas by preventing the técnicas from diving or hitting at times, and AAA showed Piero watching and shaking his head backstage. After a bit of everyone hitting a move but their pin being broken up, Alex Koslov and Konnan hit the ring and attacked the Apaches. Alex's superkick on Mari looked great, thanks to both people, and Konnan actually got Fabi up for a powerbomb. Piero appeared to be headed to the ring to call a DQ, but Zorro cut him off, choking Piero with the cane while telling him to stop interrupt the work Tirantes was doing. Piero did not recover before Tirantes had (unnecessarily) fast counted pins for both rudas off moves the men did.

Christina looked okay for her debut. The match lacked the normal flow – rudas got the beatdown only after the Apaches were beating them up outside, and Sexi randomly whipped Mari into a post – but that's a lot more on the people who are normally here than the new person. Fabi messed with Christina's mohawk over and over. It's too bad they torched the hair match stipulation last time out, because Fabi/Christian for the hairs would otherwise be fun.

After the match, Sexi promised more surprises and reminded us she's the Reina de Reinas.

Jack Evans is doing flips on trampoline for no apparent reason! Like me, Marco & Rocky are amused. Rocky stumbles on his words. This is one of those promos all in subtitles. Jack & Rocky are excited to face the Hermandad, Marco really isn't so interested in his match. That's too easy of a joke, let's move on.

Match 2: Joe Lider & Nicho el Millionario vs Jack Evans & Rocky Romero
Gimnasio Miguel Hidalgo de Poza Rica, 03/05/2010

Winner: Hermandad
Match Time: 10:20 (5:08+5:12)
Notes: Rudos are jumping the técnicos as the match is joined . Piero is ref.

And again, the story here was less about the match and more about the referee. The Hermandad wanted to use chairs right after the beatdown, but Piero took them away and told them they couldn't. They tried again later, and were told no again. Lider tried again at the end, got into a tug of war with Piero, and Jack hopped Piero's shoulders to pull Lider into a 'rana for the pin. It was one of the lesser looking spots in the match, but the tug of war was more important.

As much as Piero was concerned with the chairs, he wasn't really bothered by too many people being in the ring at the time. This was just guys taking turns doing moves and getting out of the way for the next spot (Teddy Hart lives!) with no real build to a climax. There was a Rocky tope into an armdrag on Nicho to let you know the finish was next, but that was about it. There were a lot of well done moves, except for a first segment sequence where Rocky and the rudos were very slowly setting up intricate stuff. If you were hoping for moves, you got them.

After the match, Hermandad got their chairs, threw one at Piero, and destroyed the técnicos. Piero was unconcerned with this as well, though more concerned with the rudos chased him to the back.

Alex Koslov talked to the camera while his women attended to him and such.

Match 3: La Parka Jr. vs Silver King
Gimnasio Miguel Hidalgo de Poza Rica, 03/05/2010

Winner: DCO
Match Time: 9:38 (6:11+3:27)
Rating: boring
Notes: Piero is ref. Actual entrances here!

After making a huge fuss about no chairs in the last match, this match (seemingly under the same rules) features Silver King going for a chair in the opening minutes and using it on the outside with no warning. The oddity is Silver King doesn't reach over the barricade or under the ring to get one – he taps on the side of the ring, and someone unseen under the ring slides it out to him. That's not all – Silver King gets a ladder and a wheelbarrow of junk to turn this into a garbage match. Announcers do make some mention of it being no disqualification, but didn't really announce it as such before the match. Silver King beats up Parka for about 4 straight minutes on the outside, with Piero hanging in the ring for a moment

Naturally, the match later ends in a countout, Piero making a count after not bothering for the rest of the match. This is awful. This match is bad (horrible ladder spots) and this promotion is worthless. And the show is only half over.

Anyway, after Silver King beats up Parka for ever, Parka gets a run. He's cut off by Ultimo Gladiador, evidently the guy hiding under the ring. No explanation why he'd need to hide. Silver and Gladiador beat up Parka forever. They set up for some sort of powerbomb combo thru a wood panel when Octagon runs out. In the scrum, UG bumps Parka and Silver King off the apron thru the wood panel, which looks very safe. Naturally, they're now unconscious and can't get up. Octagon chases UG off, giving up right around where Parka is laying, but doesn't bother to try and get Parka up and in the ring in time. In his defense, Parka is fat.

The Legion discusses something, but this is the one time they can actually see the camera. I'm glad we found out the Legion was having a conversation, I would never figure that out on my own.

Joaquin Roldan on the phone. Non stop excitement. Roldan is happy about whoever Pimpi is teaming with.

Match 4: Cibernético & Extreme Tiger vs Alex Koslov & Zorro
Gimnasio Miguel Hidalgo de Poza Rica, 03/05/2010

Winner: Rudos
Match Time: 7:11 (2:57+4:14)
Notes: These guys get entrances. Tirantes is ref.

Highlight of this match is Cibernético giving Zorro an awful faceslam, then doing a lucha roll and pose. That may be the highlight of the night.

Again, this match was more about the refereeing, with Hijo de Tirantes being a distraction to help the rudos get the advantage. Técnicos made a comeback (Tiger doing a dive), and Cibernético had Zorro pinned with a stunner. Hijo de Tirantes looked uncertain, and slowly made the count – until Piero pulled him out. Tirantes was counting slow, but didn't even have time to count three (or not) before Piero pulled him out. Piero wasted more time arguing with Tirantes, then crawls in to count himself, only for Alex to pull him out at 2. Zorro looked like such a chump (but did fly far on the stunner.) Konnan ran in, and leveled Piero. Cibernético took out both rudos with punches and then the cane (Tiger retrieving it, tossing it to Cibernético, then suddenly dying for no apparent reason). Cibernético caught Konnan coming in and teased hitting him, but teased too long and Konnan just punched him low. Zorro covered, Tirantes quick counted the pin.

Match was not much good. Cibernético does not appear to see Koslov on his level. He wanted nothing to do with Alex, and the little he was going to sell was going to be with Zorro. At the same time, Alex is all over the TV lately (and it's about to increase), so there's a clear difference of opinion.

After about a minute of post match punching, Mesías ran down for the save. Konnan and Cibernético exchanged words.

Backstage, Dr. Wagner is explaining to Gladiador how it's Gladiador's chance to take out that annoying Boricua. I'm not sure Wagner knows there's other técnicos in the match. This is interrupted by Electroshock, asking if Wagner has a problem with him. Wagner does – Mesías is his to beat, and the Mega title is his to have, so he doesn't like Electroshock taking that opportunity at Rey de Reyes. Electro says he earned it and he wants it, and by winning he'll prove he's the best wrestler in the world. Wagner isn't down with any of that, and it's all Ultimo Gladiador can do to keep them apart.

Recap: Roldan befriending his kidnapper.

Match 5: El Mesías, Marco Corleone, Octagón vs Dr. Wagner Jr., Electroshock, Último Gladiador
Gimnasio Miguel Hidalgo de Poza Rica, 03/05/2010

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 11:28 (6:18+5:10)
Notes: Entrances. Pepe Casas is ref. Gladiador is still just keeping his partners apart. They get it together enough to attack the técnicos, but immediately get in problems again.

Thru the match, they continue to disagree, with Electro coming off more of the técnico. Both he and Wagner seemed like rudos in the backstage vignette. Wagner still has his support against Mesías.

End game starts with Octagon toping Ultimo Gladiador - strongest tope from Octagon in quite some time. Elector puts Marco in a hold while the other two fight (and they're in no hurry.) Wagner powerbombs Mesías, gets up for no reason, and Electroshock tries to sneak the cover again. This time, Wagner catches him and pulls him off. While they argue, Mesías gives Wagner a sunset flip. Wagner fights it, but Electro slaps him in the face. Marco cradles Electro, and the técnicos have simultaneous rollups for the win.

Electro and Wagner argue over the microphone after the match, though it seems like half the crowd is leaving.

Video recap.

Zorro rants.