AAA on Televisa #921 (01/16/2010)

Arturo Rivera and a Christmas Tree welcome us to the show and wish us happy holidays. Well, the tree doesn't do as much of that.. Arturo immediately starts talking about the matches at Rey de Reyes, subtly reminding us that nothing that happens in January or February matters in AAA. Long introduction, and then no clips before the first break.

In front of a mosaic of his mask, Arturo Rivera talks about Abismo Negro and his passing. This leads into the the tribute video they showed after his death, though it may be a longer one.

From there, directly into the Rey de Reyes semifinal with Abismo Negro, Black Abyss, Latin Lover, and Ozz. Latin doesn't get his handshake, but does get to cut a promo about winning the final.

Rey de Reyes: Alan Stone, Joe Lider, Silver King, Elegido. If they redid this today, would Alan beat Joe Lider? No, because Alan isn't on TV ever. Silver King talks about his win.

Rey de Reyes: Super Fly, Octagon, Nicho, Electroshock. Electroshock promo.

Rey de Reyes: Super Porky, Escoria, Kenzo Suzuki, La Parka Jr. and La parka Jr. promo. I'm not sure spending 45 minutes on semifinals that didn't really matter is the best use of your Best of show, but they must have time to fill.

Rey de Reyes: Final, with Electro, Latin, Silver King and Parka, joined in progress. Most of the other matches have been as well. Electroshock's win never really went anywhere. Silver King and Parka's feud didn't really go anywhere,though it was used for explanation of Dr Wagner's kinda rudo turn. Note that Electro wanted to win the match fair and square here, and the Legion has no problem with it (but tremendous issues with it when Jack wanted to do the same thing a couple months later.)

And that's hour 1.

Rey de Reyes: Marco Corleone joins AAA.

Rey de Reyes: Dr. Wagner Jr. joins AAA

Verano de Escandalo: Skipping ahead five months (huh), the end of the Billy, Sexi, Fabi, Aero hair match.

May 25: Jack Evans joins the AAA side, is killed by the Legion.

December 18: the last 10 seconds of the Psycho Circus beating the Legion,with Konnan on commentary for 55 wins. This is odd – because this show hasn't aired yet! They're looking back at something that hasn't been show! Circus brawl with the Legion, leading to – nothing. At least here.

Verano de Escandalo: Dr. Wagner vs Mesías in a cage. They only show Mesías climbing the cage once, which is nice. Wish it really would've been that way.

Heroes de Imortales: Electroshock vs Chessman, in a hair match. No mention of Charly in Arturo's preview.

Heroes de Imortales: Dr. Wagner vs Mesías.

And that's it. Very random, but it leaves plenty of stuff to cover for the next week. Or two weeks.