AAA on Televisa #919 (01/02/2010)
recap: 01/05/10

Hype for Fabi Apache vs Sexi Star and Konnan vs Cibernético


Random highlights from the show we're about to see. Guerra de Titanes is said many times. And then a break!

Repeat: Minis are having a match at Guerra de Titanes. I wonder if they came into this meeting with Roldan thinking they were getting fired or something.

Repeat: Sexi cuts off Fabi's hair, Fabi demands a hair vs mask match

Video Package: everyone beats up Cibernético. Konnan muted out this week.

In an echo filled empty movie theater – not totally empty, because you can hear someone else having a conversation and moving around loud objects off camera, how did this air – Arturo Rivera talks about something. I'm clearly not paying attention too. And another break! Not seeing why this is 2h30m this week.

Announcers – no Dr. Morales this week – talk briefly about the show. This may be clipped. And then there's the normal big show open, with the Pena flags and such

Match 1: Mascarita Divina vs Mini Histeria, Mini Charly Manson, Mini Psicosis, Octagoncito, Mini Abismo Negro, Mini Chessman, La Parkita, Mascarita Sagrada 2007 for the AAA World Minis Championship and in a battle royal match
Centro de Convenciones, Ciudad Madero, Tamaulipas, 12/11/2009

Winner: Mini Abismo Negro, new champion Mini Abismo Negro
Match Time: 13:20
Rating: good, though the trios matches have been better
Notes: Entrances. They've got two big monitors on either side of the entrance, and glowing light panels on either side of that. I guess they're just doing a random entrance order. Mini Chessman has the classic Chessman look. Big pop for Parkita's music, and then less so when they realize it's the small guy, it seems. Mascarita Sagrada looks fat. Its' probably just his weird body. Mini Charly, with a gold object of some sort, is out last. Piero is ref, who gets a round of applause for hitting some year mark. Break before the match starts.

They actually pout Charly's name on the belt. Never noticed that before.

Everyone starts brawling as the whistle blows. Charly and Chessman aren’t friends here, Charly dropkicking him out. Everyone starts to clear out, including Charly dropkicking near Mini Psicosis, and while Mini Psicosis was leaving of his own free will. Mini Abismo and Min Charly are left, and Abismo gets him with a back elbow. Whip, quebradora reversed into a spinning DDT. Charly goes to follow up, but Mini Histeria comes in and boots him out. Parkita in, chest slap there. Histeria kicks, whip, Parkita sunset flip, Histeria rolls thru, Parkita covers up, Histeria dropkicks him in the side instead, and celebrates being smart. Whip, clothesline misses, Parkita get Histeria with a bad headscissors. Parkita running tope. Announcers use the word athletic, which is not the word I'd use to describe Parkita here. Octagoncito comes in with a springboard plancha on Chessman. Octagon flips off him, then pulls off a spinning armdrag. Into a cradle, one two no. Octagoncito shoulderblocks, springboard splash, one two no. Octagoncito tornillo armdrag sends Chessman out, but Psicosis socks him with a clothesline. Psicosis waits, and Sagrada gets him with a tope rope headscissors. Sagrada bodyscissors armdrag sends Psicosis to the ropes, but he stays in, and Sagrada escapes a backdrop to armdrag him. Sagrado the apron, Asai moonsault. Crowd very into Sagrada here. Divina and Mini Abismo in, Divina stopping to wave to the crowd. Chest slap battle, Abismo gets in a knee. Shot off, clotheslines misses, Divina back with a spinning headscissors into an armdrag into a headscissors. Nice. Tope con giro into a headscissors on the floor fails – Divina ends up kicking Abismo in the head with a misplaced right left boot. Divan's right leg doesn't come close to connecting, and Divina ends up planting it on the lading – that's probably the knee injury right there. He's grabbing it immediately. That's it for him, though it'll take a little while longer for everyone to realize it.

Inside, Mini Histeria misses a dropkick, and Charly does not miss his clothesline. Fireman's carry lift, dropped off into a powerbomb. One two NO. Odd count there by Piero, who must've been checking on Divina, from where Piero rushed into the screen. Charly stomps Histeria, and grabs him – double underhook faceslam, one two Abismo breaks it up. I guess that makes since, he wants to help his teammate. They showed the break up from the crane shot, so you could see one crew guy checking on Divina, who is still down on his back and not moving. Big slap by Abismo to Charly, big chop. Piero is still looking out towards Divina, but is talking to someone about it, so they must be doing something. Charly gets dropkicked out, and Sagrada comes in with a big spinning headscissors on Sagrada. Histeria in, helicopter spin headscissors on him too. Divina is strechered out. Meanwhile, Mini Abismo belly to belly suplexes Sagrada off the top rope, one two three.

Parkita in, ducking an Abismo clothesline hooking on – a reverse figure four? Histeria break is it up. Replay of Divan's dive gone bad, with a replay of the knee injury , back and forth, with oohs and aahs. Back in the match, Parkita barely manages not to get his hide spiked on an inverted powerbomb by Histeria. Both were having trouble with it, but no more trouble for Parkita – one two three, he's done. Announcers note 3 técnicos are done already.

Charly dropkicks Histeria out, and big boots Chessman. Nice on, at that. Charly lifts Chessman on his shoulders, and powerbombs him. Fireman's carry powerbomb sure are popular. One two three.

Histeria misses a dropkick, Charly kicks him, Northern Lights suplex, one two the other Vipers break it up, and kick Octagoncito off the apron. Three man stomp down on Mini Charly, much to the crowd’s displeasure. Mini Abismo has his friends hold Charly for some chest slaps. BREAK.

Rudos still in control, but Histeria & Psicosis are pressured to go the apron. Mini Abismo casually picks up Charly, gives the thumb across the throat, and Charly snap mares him and rips his mask. Mini Charly kicks him on the head a few times, then repays the rudo by ripping up the mask this time. Slam, Charly lands on top to cover, one two NO. Probably going to need more than a bodyslam to get Mini Abismo. Charly goes up, and hits a nice missile dropkick. One two no. Charly chest slap. Whip, Vipers try to start an anti-Charly chant and get booed. Whip, quick reverse, Abismo locks on a reverse figure four – and Mini Charly gives up, quickly! That’s it for the champ.

Octagoncito is the only hope left of the técnicos. He kicks Abismo out, but Psicosis punches him around. Powerbomb, one two no. Fireman’s carry powerbomb (see what I sad) one two no. Just a two hand press cover by Mini Psicosis on that one. Whip, reversed, Mini Psicosis back with for a 'rana, but Octagoncito holds him up, and drops him with a running powerbomb. One two three.

Histeria in and stomping Octagoncito like mad. Scoop, slam. Mini Abismo adds a frog splash, they both cover, one two Mini Abismo pulls him up? Mini Histeria leaves, leading these two. Oh, he's going up. Side slam, legdrop combo one two Mini Histeria pulls him up. This one was much clearer than the first one. Double whip, Abismo toss him up, Octagoncito comes down with a 'rana on Mini Histeria while Abismo is posing and facing the other way – one two three.

Mini Abismo still posing. He finally turns around and is baffled. Octagoncito off the ropes, corkscrew armdrag sends Abismo out. Octagoncito is so quick to the apron. Asai moonsault to the floor, and everyone lives form this one. Explosive replay! Crowd start to count them both out, while both seem to think they'd like to take a break. Wow, the upper deck almost completely empty. Octagoncito up top, plancha for Abismo as he comes in, but Abismo rolls thru, one two no. Whip, Octagoncito flips off Abismo’s shoulders, 'rana, one two NO. Octagoncito off the ropes, rolling up Abismo, Abismo shoves him away, Abismo clotheslines misses, Abismo mule kick foul, I don't know how Piero missed that. Abismo holds Octagoncito in a front facelock for a second, then drops a DDT. Piero checks on Octagoncito, and waves off the foul. How odd. Abismo taking his time going up - and Octagoncito jumps up and crotches him on the top rope. Guess it wasn't much of a foul. Octagoncito slaps Abismo and goes up. Off the top rope – blocked by Abismo! Abismo holds Octagoncito, just letting him hang upside down for a moment, then hurks him up – superbomb, but that’s reversed into a 'rana. Octagoncito can't hold the cradle, though, and has to drop on top after a pause, one two NO. Crowd that was it. Crowd sounds distant but loud. Octagoncito slap. Whip, reveres, Abismo charge in, Octagoncito tosses him face first into the corner. Inside cradle one two NO. This is good. Both men tired. Octagoncito off the ropes, jarocha, one more – no, Mini Abismo blocks it and turns into a sit down powerbomb. One two three!

Octagoncito raises Mini Abismo's arm as he get the belt. That's nice of him. Highlights from the match, including Divina’s injury from many angles. And video of Divina being checked on backstage.

Recap: Fabi Apache vs Sexi Star

Match 2: Fabi Apache vs Sexy Star in a hair match
Centro de Convenciones, Ciudad Madero, Tamaulipas, 12/11/2009

Winner: Sexi Star
Match Time: 11:23 (6:46+4:37)
Rating: bad on all levels
Notes: Aerostar is in his gear to be Fabi's second. Fabi's kneebrace on his right leg is really noticeable here. Sexy Star's cape is attached to her arms, making for a nice effect, as if she's expecting to metamorphism into something here. Her outfit looks very nice. Billy Boy is wearing some gym shirt over his gear, but they'd much rather show Sexi Star's front and back before showing any Billy Boy. Hijo de Tirantes is ref? Oh, Jesus Zuñiga explains they're protesting Hijo de Tirantes as ref, and Fabi gets the microphone to make that point clear. Hijo de Tirantes get ticked and walks off. How dare they question his integrity, I guess. Announcers question Billy Boy's manhood for whatever reason. Piero walks out to be the new ref. Rudos are not happy with this. Break.

Wow, someone actually made a new commercial for Lucha de Vuelta – one with actual AAA wrestlers!

Sexi Star rushes Fabi, and works her over with kicks. Head into the buckle. Boot choke. Kick to the head. Kick to the head. Snap mare, spine kick. Sexi celebrates, and Fabi yanks her head from behind. Before she can do anything, Billy rushes in to take out Fabi with a kick to the back of the knee, and rushes back out. Sexi takes advantage with a kick to the head. Looks like Aerostar will actually grab Billy by the hair this time, but not do much. Whip, Sexi with a fancy heel kick to the midsection. Stomps. Choke on the ropes. Stretch around the ropes. Kick to the head. Choke on the ropes some more. Billy pulls Fabi by the hair from the outside, despite Piero warning him about it. More stomps. Whip, clothesline is so bad. Sexi Star stomp. Stomp. Slam, scoop, slam, legdrop – with the wrong leg! You're supposed to use the inside one, right? That's one I’ve seen I've seen it ever. Billy boy gets on the apron to tell Sexi Star something, Sexi star wanders over to him, then takes Piero’s attention, and Billy comes into kick Fabi in the back. Aero argues, much help that is. Stomps to the knee. Kick to the head. Sexi finally picks up Fabi. Head to the middle buckle, and against. Boot choke. Sexi Star has no real offense here. Billy pulls Fabi's hair from the outside. This is a lesser version of the Reina de Reinas match. Aero chases Billy around the ring, but gives up the chase. Sexi slaps Fabi around. Slap. Slap fight, breaks out. Billy trips Fabi up and pulls her halfway up. Piero will allow it. Choke on the ropes. Aero chases Billy around again, and there’s more action in that non-fight that his one. Sexi takes the ref, thinking Billy Boy will choke Fabi on the ropes, only he's busy running form Aerostar. Sexi tries a seated choke instead. Billy returns, holds Fabi's head on the ropes, and Sexi runs for a dropkick – that gets Billy, not Fabi. Still, Sexi manages to kick Fabi in the head. Corner whip, Fabi push on the breaks, then drop toe hold Sexi as she charges around the corner. Fabi grabs Sexi by the back of the head, yanks her around by her hair, swats her on the back of the head many times, and goes mad stomping on her. Sexi covers up, a wise move. Crowd existed for him. Whip, reversed, Sexi charges into Fabi's kick (sorta) one Kickout. Fabi grabs Sexi, but Sexi manages a backslide, one two NO. Whip, reversed, Sexi gets in a short clothesline, but Fabi doesn’t go down. One more, and Fabi's still up. One more, and Fabi goes down on a delay, as does Sexi. One two no. Sexi says this is it – and Fabi armscissors her, then pulls her into a rolling armscissors submission. Rain's music starts to play – very loudly – and she and Jennifer Blade walk to ringside as Fabi is still rolling around. BREAK.

The women both give a hug to Billy Boy. I bet this would tick off Sexi Star if she wasn't waving off hits submission. Foreign women root Sexi on, and Sexi manages to stand up while still out in the old, and then just gets free when Fabi lets go. Sexi fixes her hair, but mostly looks way out of it. Kick to Fabi's head, but Fabi's getting up anyway, and kicking Sexi in the face. Sexi fights back with a high kick. Fabi comes back with her own, and kicks Sexi in the knee. DDT, cover, one two NO. Close one, as the women on the outside overreact to. Both women off the ropes, Sexi misses a clothesline, Sexi stays on the ropes for a second, then charges, and both women sort of collide oddly. Tough to tell who did what with the angle they gave, but didn't seem right. Billy must come in, because Aero comes into cuts him off with a springboard plancha. Reverse spin headscissors send Billy out, and Aero follows out with his inside out plancha – he didn't get much over the top rope there, but he got enough. Billy is in a lot of pain on the floor from something there. Fabi and Sexi are still both down it the ring, and Rain and Blake are still just watching from outside. Billy’s back up, and yelling something to Sexi Star. What are we waiting for here? Fabi gets Sexi with her shining wizard variant, one two and both foreign women help put Sexi Star's foot on the ropes. Piero questions them about, though he clearly saw the act. Split screen shows Pepe Casas watching this match backstage. HMMM. Fabi kicks Piero in the backside when going for Sexi. Piero is hurt but not exactly cleaned out by this. Sexi kicks Fabi and gets her, but Fabi reverses to a small package. No count – I don’t know why Piero can't crawl over and count, but for the sake of the story, that was one heck of a kick to the backside. Pepe Casas starts to climb the stairs to walk out (which would take forever for him, why bother) when Hijo de Tirantes appears and tells Tropicasas that someone's got to see him over that way. Tropicasas goes the other way, and Hijo de Tirantes goes to the ring. Looks like Piero is sitting outside the ring, and grabbing his head. I have no idea. At least Fabi gave up on the small package. Hijo de Tirantes shows up and poses on the stage. The doctor – the doctor who couldn't manage to make it out to Divina in a reasonable period of time – is out to see Piero. Of course he is. Fabi gets Sexi with an inside cradle, but Hijo de Tirantes is actually grinding with Rain and Jennifer Blade, so no luck. Sexi inside cradle, and now Hijo de Tirantes dives in – one two NO. Sexi misses a clothesline, on the ropes, comes back, double underhook faceslam by Fabi. That's her move, this should be up. Cover, Hijo de Tirantes slowly gets to his knees to count. And stops, so Rain can give him a kiss. Fabi lets go and shoved Hijo de Tirantes. Hijo de Tirantes has words with her, and Fabi slaps him in the face, much to the crowd's approval. Fabi suplexes Sexi Star, but both Rain and Hijo de Tirantes push Sexi over, and she gets a small package. One two three. What a HORRIBLE match, on every level.

Okay, Arturo being generally gleeful (and shocked) that the ruda won is kinda great. “Welcome to pelona city! Ticket please!” Rain gets over-friendly with Sexi celebrating the win, but that's okay too. Sexi has a hard time believing she won. As for the crowd, there was a big gasp, then silence, then boos, then more silence. Break.

Gran Apache hits the ring, and chases Hijo de Tirantes around it, and towards the back. Billy Boy and foreigners go with him, though they all hang out on the stage. Sexi Star is eventually reunited with them. Lots of posing and pointing and such. Thing settle down and the Rudos start to come towards the ring, and Gran Apache and Aerostar chase them all the way to the back. Fabi is still in the ring, talking to Piero, who appears to be apologizing. Gran Apache and Aerostar come back to the ring, and Fabi gets down on her knees to get her hair cut. Fabi seems to be talking about how she knows she has to get her hair cut, it’s the right thing to do. Replay of Piero getting kicked - in the hip, I guess. And not even hard. You needed much more than that. Gran Apache starts to go to cut, but then stops to complain to someone. Rudos mock Fabi from the stage. Gran Apache discusses with Piero, as they show Fabi's double underhook faceslam and slap to Hijo de Tirantes. And the finish. Gran Apache goes to cut, and cuts a little, but Billy Boy comes back in the ring. I guess she wants to make sure they get the hair. Gran Apache cuts a little more, but stops when Hijo de Tirantes gets mouthy. Técnicos threaten to kill him. Whip – Gran Apache backbreaker. Técnicos stomp him out of the ring. Billy at least has some hair, and rants to the camera about it. Gran Apache cuts off more – this haircutting is lasting much longer than usual, because they don't have a razor, and because Gran Apache has to stop argue with the rudos periodically. Sexi rants to the camera. Gran Apache has one side cut short, thou that's all he's doing, when Fabi suddenly grabs free and chases Sexi Star all the way to the back. Aerostar follows. Técnicos come back out to pose, and then go to the back.

Sexi Star talks to the camera with Fabi's hair. She's the Reina de Reinas.

La Parka mumbles to himself. I guess that was a promo, but it last 10 seconds and didn't seem to be complete thought.

Cibernético vs Konnan hype.

Match 3: El Elegido, Extreme Tiger, Pimpinela Escarlata vs Electroshock, Silver King, Último Gladiador
Centro de Convenciones, Ciudad Madero, Tamaulipas, 12/11/2009

Winner: tecnicos
Match Time: 9:05 (6:22+2:43)
Rating: about usual
Notes: Weirdest part of Elegido's entrances: altar boys, or nuns on short skirts? I know people like to think Konnan has be all end all power in AAA and sometimes I like to think that too, but Elegido would not be getting steadily more elaborate entrances if the person in control did not like him, and clearly Konnan would not be that person. Pimpi wars a Santa Claus themed outfit. WagnerManaicos get separate entrances. Pepe Casas is ref. No captains.

Life's too short for you to read play by play on this match. I'm just trying to help you out. It's the usual WagnerManiacos brawling beatdown (while appealing to the crowd) → comeback → showcase. Pimpi seems motivated, but his body is letting him down. Electroshock takes delight in killing Tiger, again. Break as that gets started.

Just like the last encounter, Electroshock doesn’t feel any of Tiger's offense, leaves him to get laid out, and Tiger never gets a comeback. WagnerManiacos get another run of destruction, before Tiger starts another mini comeback - and this time, he actually does get a headscissors on Electroshock, leading to a tornillo on Silver King and Electroshock – too bad he overshoots both of them. Elegido drops UG with a sit down powerbomb, but Silver King breaks up the pin – and then my video skips ahead to Pimpi having won the match. That's annoying.

WagnerManiacos beat up Pimpi and strip his gear, which gets hoots from the crowd. Silver King tosses his boot into the aisle for some reason. Silver King goes to leave Pimpi in a thong, and thankfully they break away.

In the empty movie theater, Konnan manages to stop sucking on his blow pop (no, really) to explain what a big star he is in the world and asks Cibernético why he'd be so crazy to go up against him.

In the empty movie theater, Cibernético says a lot of catchphrases and not much. But he's intense.

Pimpi is on a backboard on the outside, in tears about what the rudos did to him.

Match 4: Cibernético vs Konnan in a street fight match
Centro de Convenciones, Ciudad Madero, Tamaulipas, 12/11/2009

Winner: Konnan
Match Time: 10:53 (4:54+5:59)
Rating: just an angle
Notes: Konnan wears his mask, and a Cuban flag boxer's robe to the ring. Konnan does shadow boxing, in between saluting Hijo de Tirantes. Konnan unmasks himself after his intro. Look at all those tables set up near the ring. Crowd is loud for Cibernético, who's got a sleeveless jumpsuit as gear. Odd. If this is a street fight, why aren’t they in jeans? So confused. Are they really going to start it with only these two in the ring? Arturo says AAA takes no responsibility for this match, a wise move.

Here we go. Konnan looks out into the crowd, while Cibernético forearms him in the back many times (weakly) and headbutts Konnan. Punches to the back. Head to the buckle. Head to the buckle. Konnan is shaking but not going down, of course. Konnan climbs out, Cibernético follows, and rams him into the post. Crowd shot. Konnan is down to one knee. Cibernético kicks him in the back. Apparently Hijo de Tirantes has gone to the back to get help. Teddy Hart is back with him, and decides to help by climbing the light tower. Of course he does, he's Teddy Hart. Flying clothesline hits Cibernético in the back. Konnan tells him to take Cibernético inside. Konnan holds Cibernético down, and Teddy goes up – Tornillo elbow drop. Punches. Crowd boos. Teddy poses. Cibernético kicks him and stunners him, so I guess he's fine. Konnan takes off again. Cibernético gives slow chase. Konnan stops, which allows Cibernético to actually catches up to him. Cibernético punches his way up to the stage. Alex Koslov is standing on the light tower, hangs over the entrance set, waiting for someone to come near. Cibernético is still knocking Konnan around the opposite stage, and eventually goes over to the right side. Cibernético spits Alex, Alex comes off with a flying – axhandle, maybe, he sort of forgot to do anything – Cibernético catches him, and then falls down. Alex stomps the heck out of Cibernético and works him over with forearms. Teddy returns to get in punches to the head. Announcers wondering where Cibernético's friends are. Cibernético need no friends – he spears both Alex and Teddy, who are really no match for Cibernético right now. Konnan walks backstage. Cibernético does not hit Hijo de Tirantes, but goes backstage. Always entertaining for the live crowd. Just as entertaining for us, who just see Alex and Teddy getting up slowly.

Backstage – is that Chessman? Chessman wearing a cut off shirt, I guess, forearms Cibernético in the back. Zorro helps choke him. Somehow, Alex is already back there, having made it to the back awful quick. They herd Cibernético back out to the crowd, Konnan leading the way. Teddy tries to drag Cibernético to the ring, but need some help and only gets him to the foot of the ring. Much more interesting is Chessman, who is back to red face paint, and has removing the sleeves and the lower quarter of his current outfit (leaving him in shorts) – he sort of looks like a red faced Mexican Rhyno. Oh, break here.

Everyone not Konnan works over Cibernético on the outside, while Konnan walks around inside. Cibernético’s rolled in so everyone can beat him. I guess she's bleeding, though it's hard to say from where – his top half is red. Cibernético makes slow punch/clothesline comeback against everyone. Crowd cheers more his posing then the idea of a comeback. Cibernético wins the five on one fight. Why is that women with too much eyeliner crying? Why are the Legion attacking one on one? Big chokeslam for Zorro, but the Legion get their act together and Cibernético’s worked over some more. Cibernético has blood allover him, and I don't know when he was hit or where the wound is. It's very odd. I guess they got Cibernético’s brace off at some point, because Konnan hits him with it. Nicho, Joe Lider, Rain, and Jennifer Blake show up. After asking for one for a while, Konnan gets a cheap handheld camera, then spikes out in the pavement on the outside. Huh. After Cibernético gets beat for a while more (stomps and punches), Rain blocks the rudos pat. Konnan throws her down, she does it again, Konnan throws her down. WHAT?

Cibernético uses this confusion to start another comeback. Takedown for Teddy, bad spear for Alex, clothesline for Chessman, Lider runs out and get thrown out, Nicho runs and gets thrown out, stunner for Zorro, stunner for Teddy, and only Konnan is left. I guess this is where Rain fouls him? No, Rain throws powder in his face instead. So they had Rain do the fake save, after having Nicho & Lider doing it last time, and I still don't understand what they gained out of it. And why did she throw powder? This is just very dumb, that's the only explanation. Lider tapes a metal stake around Konnan’s boot – it's on top of his boot, pointing sideways, but there's till an edge pointing out, and Konnan kicks Cibernético low, though they don’t get much of a shot of that. Ring crew is frantically helping the rudos set up a couple tables on the outside. Cibernético is laid on the top table, a d Lider and Nicho splash him thru both tables. Nicho must land odd, because he's grabbing his ankle. Looks like it got folded up under him. That sucks. Crowd chant for Cibernético now, after not having done it all match. Alex and the women shove Cibernético back in. Back to crying girl, to cover up something the crowd reacts to – this must be the fan run in – and Konnan covers, one two three. No particular reaction.

Rudos taunt Cibernético more, pose. Oh, wait, is crying girl crazy snake girl from a long time ago? Maybe? So she's probably a plant? Rudos pose with an out of it Cibernético. Will this ever end? La Parka's music plays, and he shows up a few seconds with a chair. Nicho walks right into a chair shot, and everyone else scatters out of the ring. Parka actually walk chases them away. Parka goes back in to check on Cibernético. Cibernético, who was dead before, now is sitting up and firing up like an undead zombie. Some killing. Is that a cut across his head, or his hair? Cibernético does a big scream, so I guess he's fine.

Recap of Cibernético getting laid out, and now next week – tag title, #1 contenders, Wagner/Mesías