AAA on Televisa #916 (12/12/2009)
Recap: 12/14/09

Previously: Mesías & Wagner agreed to a final battle, with stipulations. They only show highlights of the TripleMania match, which seem to be a good idea. Alex videotapes himself being chokeslammed by Cibernético – it must've happened after AAA ended for me last week. What goofabll Alex turned out to be.

This week: Zorro – in therapy, again. Latin Lover. Mountains. Those are probably not on the show.

Vignette: in a poorly miced segment at the AAA offices, Joaquin Roldan tells the minis that they'll participant at Guerra de Titanes. Minis are happy. That is your segment.

Match 1: Mascarita Divina, Mini Charly Manson, Octagoncito vs Mini Abismo Negro, Mini Histeria, Mini Psicosis
Plaza de Toros la Concordia de Orizaba, 11/20/2009

Winner: Tecnicos
Match Time: 8:51
Rating: Very good
Notes: Entrances - or maybe just the last tone. Charly has a gold object of some sort. Pepe Casas is ref. Abismo meets Charly at ringside, and just kills him with a double leg takedown. Charly tried to get by, and he got tossed. Abismo stomps him and picks him up to kick more as the rudos beat the tecnicos in the ring. No captains.

Brawling beatdown doesn't last too long – mostly because they clip to the crowd to cover up something us outside of Mexico are not meant to see. When they go back to the ring, Mini Charly is held for Mini Abismo to destroy. Octagon brought in for a big slap. Abismo picks up Octagon for something, Octagoncito starts spinning for a tilt-a-whirl, but that's not what Abismo has in mind, so Abismo just drops him and picks him back up. How odd. Just to prove to point, Mini Abismo Negro pulls Octagoncito up into a powerbomb simply by yanking his belt, then throws him down hard. Histeria adds the top rope legdrop. Divina in, double press slam for him. Divina is sat up, an the rudos dropkick him questionably low. Charly in, kicked as he steps thru the ropes. Replay of the Divina spot, and then back live as Abismo pulls Charly off the top rope for a ‘rana. Double elbow drop by the lieutenants. Mini Abismo directs his men to hold Charly near the ropes, sets up, runs, and the dropkick some how gets his partner instead of Charly. I don’t know how that’s actually possible, but it happened. Divina in with a springboard headscissors on Mini Abismo, Octagoncito missile dropkick on Psicosis, and Charly gives Histeria a spinning backbreaker. Partners switch, so Manson can get Abismo with a spinning backbreaker too. Divina backdrops Histeria, and Octagoncito adds his springboard splash. Charly kicks Abismo in the mask a couple times, and owes him more than that. Rudos all spill outside, so the tecnicos regroup in their corner.

Octagoncito and Psicosis are the first in, Octagoncito quickly getting in a springboard headscissors. They’re a bit tentative off that, and the spinning armdrag doesn’t go right, if that's what it's supposed to be. Abismo lays out Octagoncito with a clothesline. Chop. Whip, Octagoncito flips off Abismo's chest, up and over faceslam, and Abismo rolls out, grabbing his face. BREAK.

The trivia is back. But not so much that I remembered the answer.

Histeria and Divina in, Divina the first to actually connect with anything, via jumping heel kick. Chops in the corner. Corner whip, reverse, Divina flips to the apron, Histeria hits the turnbuckle and comically staggers away. Divina knocks him away when he charges to the ropes, and gets him out with a springboard headscissors. The smoke from the fireworks refuses to go away, and Histeria just passes thru a cloud on his way out of the ring. Psicosis in, Divina gets him with a springboard plancha. Spinning armdrag sends Psicosis out, and Divina does a springboard roll fake out. Charly in, and immediately killed by Abismo. Abismo stomps the heck out of Charly, and then yells at the crowd. Crowd gets loud towards Abismo. Chops. Mocking the Charly chant, which gets Abismo more booed then the chant is actually sung. Whip, reversed, Charly goes over and powerslams Abismo on the next pass. One two no. Charly big boot to the head, chest slap, chest slap, kick, headbutt. Corner whip, reversed, Abismo charges in but there's no one home, and Charly takes off his head with a big boot. Charly’s fired up. Punches to the head. Whip, reversed, Charly ducks a clothesline, back, Abismo tries a tilt-a-whirl but Charly reverses it into a spinning DDT. Charly to the top rope, and pushing off on a missile dropkick. Histeria in, clothesline misses, and Charly stops him with a chest slap. Histeria fires up, and gets knocked to his knees by another slap. Kick to the head to quiet the rudo. Whip, reversed, that keeps happening, Charly goes up and over for a sunset flip, Histeria rolls thru, Charly dodges the dropkick. Kick to the head. Whip (no reverse!), Charly waves Histeria by, and Histeria comes back with headscissors. Charly is spun to the outside, and Histeria just gets there on a tope, clipping the ropes on the way thru. He went thru the ropes, butut his feet he the top. Divina and Abismo in, Divina getting Abismo with a nice double rotation headscissors. Dive? No , Abismo back up to the apron, so Divina springboard dropkicks him down. Abismo stays on the apron, so Divina comes off the top rope with a headscissors, ending Abismo to the floor while Divina grabs the ropes and sits on the apron. Clip during a replay here? Octagoncito jumping in and armdragging Psicosis. Inside cradle one two no. Psicosis and Octagoncito having trouble again, but Octagoncito grabs a missed clotheslining arm and hooks a leg for a cradle, one two no. Octagoncito off the ropes, spinning armdrag goes much better this time. Octagoncito swings to the outside, tope rope Asai moonsault, Octagoncito getting some amazing height. Divina back in, so is Histeria. Divina slides under his plancha, and then hit him with a 'rana on the next pass. One two three. That was good. They're rolling right now.

They stay with the result for roughly 6 seconds before hyping the women's match. Oh well.

In some tunnel, maybe outside the building, Fabi is being interviewed by random person when Sexi Star wanders by, belt on her shoulder, and giving Fabi the evil eye. Sexi points out who has the belt, and she and Fabi have an animated discussion. Hijo de Tirantes wanders over and yells for everyone to calm down. That works as well as it always does. Anyway, random media interview guy asks Fabi if she'd put her hair up against Sexi's mask, and Fabi's down with that. So is Sexi. Hijo de Tirantes is the only one against him – they want to keep their fighting in the ring only. Good luck on that.

Match 2: Cinthia Moreno, Fabi Apache, Mari Apache vs Jennifer Blake, Rain, Sexy Star
Plaza de Toros la Concordia de Orizaba, 11/20/2009

Winner: Tecnicas
Match Time: 6:19
Rating: Best the'yve had since the new women came in
Notes: No entrances. Sexi has to be held back by the foreigners, but it's Mari who's angry on the técnica side. No idea why. Mari breaks free and charges just as Arturo’s finishing up, but the rudos scatter and Mari comes up empty. That's not a good start.

Rudas throw out everyone but Mari, and work her over in the corner. Jennifer Blade has both interesting hair and a new interesting outfit. She is fascinating. Mari is whipped to the tecnica corner, though Cinthia and Fabi are hiding out in a neutral corner for no reason. Blade is whipped in, Mari ducks her, waits for the rudas to turn around (this takes a second), and then clotheslines them both. Técnicos run wild, Sexi getting out of there and Rain being kept in. Clip here, because suddenly Rain's standing on the outside and Sexi is trying to sneak and slide in. Sexi Star is many thing, but sneaky does not appear to be one of them. Técnicos kick her around, then throw her around by her hair. Big Fabi dropkick. Boot to the face. . Harder boot to the face. Boot to the side of the head, double ax kick to the top of the head. Sexi escapes just before Cinthia can add the rolling kick to the head. Blade in, but the tecnicas are completely unconcerned with her, waving to the crowd instead. Cinthia left alone. Forearm, whip by Blade, Cinthia tries a plancha, Blade catches and spin her out into a powerslam. One two no. Hijo de Tirantes is counting fast here. The Apaches yells at him about the count, Blade covers again, and Tirantes counts just as fast. Blade goes up to the top rope to celebrate him for no reason, and Cinthia takes the opportunity to slap her in the backside many of times. Electric chair Suplex with bridge! Hijo de Tirantes runs around the pin back and forth, and then starts to count. One......two....Cinthia lets go. Blade grabs her back as if she’s hurt, but I think she was going to kickout eventually there. Cinthia argue then turns her attention back to the match. Whip, clothesline misses, Cinthia kicks her on the next pass - chokeslam! Hijo de Tirantes thinks about counting, but Rain breaks it up. CLIP. Back just in time for a DDT, I think. One, two, kickout. Cover again one two NO. Cover again! One two NO, this time Mari breaks it up to be sure. Whip, quick reverse, Rain inside cradle, one two NO. Rain's a smart one, she s' figured all she needs is a quick pin to win this. Too bad Mari just clotheslined her. Sit down powerbomb. Hijo de Tirantes ponders it, and Sexi brakes up the pin with a kick. Sexi whip, Mari reverses it, and then punches Sexi in the side of head. Sexi stands up, so Mari clubs her. Sexi collapses to one her knees. Kick to head, and Mari forces her onto her back. Sexi kicks out before Hijo de Tirantes even gets down to count, though he’s not quite in hurry. Mari off the ropes, but Sexi knocks her down with a bicycle kick . Sexi yells to the crowd. Knee, bad looking fisherman’s suplex. one, and Fabi runs in to break it up. She's fired up. Whip, reversed, Sexi charges in, and gets nailed by a Fabi high kick. Fabi off the ropes – why is the arena filling with smoke? – Blade grabs Fabi by the foot from the outside, but Fabi turns and kicks her in the face. Sexi doesn't have time to recover anyway, missing the clothesline and eating a German Suplex. Hijo de Tirantes gets on one knee and considers counting, but Rain breaks it up. Stomps, as Hijo de Tirantes yells at the fans, and a fog rolls over the ring. What is going on? This is actually a hot match, but it looks it also literally might be one soon. The foreigners are left in with Cinthia, but Blade accidentally kicks Rain. Down. Cinthia chops Blade. Whip, monkey flip, Blade blocks, but Cinthia scissors them both out. Rain misses a clothesline, and Mari lays her out with a wheel kick. Rain is hurting, but it’s no over – brainbuster. Hijo de Tirantes down to his knees, not happy – one...two............three. Tecnicas confront Hijo de Tirantes, but he did actually count the pin. Which is sort of dumb. At least the smoke rolled out. Rudas roll out Rain, who might have actually gone into a coma to be pinned for that long. And id' believe Mari's wheel kick and brainbuster could do it.

Replay. That was actually one of Hijo de Tirantes faster counts – he held out on three a lot longer on Cinthia’s bit. This segment somehow keeps on rolling to Sexi Star going to the back and getting – Alex Koslov? To be fair, Sexi wants someone to beat up the tecnicas, and that's not part of Billy's skill set. Superkick for Mari Apache, spinebuster for Cinthia. I don't know why the técnico needs to get beat up – ah, there’s a dropkick for Fabi too. Blake comes back to the ring, and helps Alex hold Fabi, so Sexi can cut off a lock of hair from the back of her head. She got a big chunk of it, too. Hijo de Tirantes would get involved here, but he's been listening to something in his ear piece off and on for the last few minutes, and probably shouldn't be as close to the camera when he does it. Hey, look, Rain got to her feet, hooray.

Tag Match hyped.

Media person catches up with Fabi backstage – she's angry, she's accepting the match, she doesn't want to talk no more.

Match 3: El Elegido & Rocky Romero vs Alex Koslov & Ozz
Plaza de Toros la Concordia de Orizaba, 11/20/2009

Winner: Tecnicos (by DQ)
Match Time: 10:07 (4:51+5:16)
Rating: improved over last week
Notes: Does Alex have a new Soviet logo tattoo on his pec, or is that paint? I probably should be able to tell, but I can’t. Actual entrances for this match.

And yet the match seems joined in progress. Ozz and Elegido take turns hitting each other twice with chops, as the announcers note/mock. Elegido with a Boston crab! Technical skill! Alex puts a stop to that. Piero is your ref, by the by. Elegido spits at Alex, which cause shim to fall of the apron. Despite the help, Ozz almost immediately fails on his own, landing a clothesline but misses a spinning splash. Technical master Elegido goes for a double armbar, but Alex puts a stop to that too. Elegido tries an abdominal stretch next, but is ready to knock down Alex this time. Ozz gets dropkicked and rolled out. Elegido grabs Alex, holds him in the center of the ring, then pulls him in the corner and tags in Rocky. Alex backs off, but stays in. Usual reversals, then chops. I'm thinking that's paint and not a tattoo, because it's fading away. I'm Sherlock Holmes. Alex slaps Rocky down, so Rocky fires back and chops him. Rocky makes a knee lift/clothesline fueled comeback, knocks Alex to the floor, and dives thru the ropes for a corner tope that just makes it there, even less than one in the minis match. Clip to Elegido and Rocky in – oh, the rudos have a beatdown going. Replay of Rocky’s dive, which really should not get replayed. Clip ahead again to the rudos taking turns working over Rocky. Guess they’re doing hot tag now. Alex jumping knee drop. One tow no. Replay of that. Chest slaps. Tag to Ozz, who adds some stomps. Rocky fights back and leaps for his corner, but Ozz catches him and rams him back into the corner. Rudos get Piero to hold back Elegido, and stomp down Rocky in the corner. Break.

Ozz chops Rocky in the direction of Elegido, almost backing him up into the corner for a tag. That's not how that should work. Corner whip, when Rocky turns it into a flying kick on Alex. Rocky’s three step back heel kick for Ozz. Rocky crawls for a tag, but Alex forearms Elegido to cut him off, and brings Rocky all the way back. Rudos stomp Alex. Alex spits at Elegido to get him in, so the rudos can work over Rocky more. Of course, the rudos are so slow that Piero catches them in anyway, and don’t do anything about them. Rocky kicks Ozz, uses Alex to kick Ozz again, and dropkicks Alex. Tag to Elegido. Crowd does pop for it this time. If Elegido can do anything, it’s clothesline people when they present themselves for him. Dropkick for each técnico, rudos dropkicked out, and Elegido presses Rocky over his head, tossing him out onto the rudos. Elegido pulls his partner in the ring so they can celebrate. With this duo, this means dancing. Replay of the dives. A lot more teamwork in this match than the one last week, a lot funnier that way. They clip ahead to Alex and Rocky evading each other back in the ring. Alex drops Rocky with his leg lariat. Clip again? Reversals lead to a Rocky spinning DDT. Alex rolls out, Rocky yells. Clip again during that replay? Elegido armdrags Ozz out, but Alex cuts him off with the stop sign. Alex feels himself up, but Elegido stops him with a kick. Chest slaps. Whip, reversed, Alex charge, Elegido puts him on the rope , Alex kicks him way, Elegido crotches Alex on the top rope, and then tosses him off. Kick to the back of the head. Elegido leads the ‘otro’ cheers, and Alex uses the moment to pull down Elegido’s trunks. (blurred this week! Why do I keep doing these updates?) Ozz takes advantage to superkick Elegido, but misses the dropkick and throws himself out. Elegido goes after him with a tope, leaving the cruiserweights in. Rocky is going crazy trying to get the crowd to cheer, which sadly lasts for a second. Headscissors sends Alex into the ropes. 619 hits. Standing fireman's carry, Alex slips out the back for an inside cradle one two no. Alex shoves Rocky into Piero, Piero is not really hurt, but does give the crowd an annoyed look. Alex seizes the moment, tossing Rocky in the air and fouls kicking him. Alex covers, and Piero looks around at the fans, who are all yelling about the final. Ale demands Piero count. One two three. Alex goes to celebrate in the corner, and Piero reassures the crowd with a wave. Rocky’s arm is raised for the DQ win. Alex has no idea until he turns around, and is not very happy about it.

Alex demands his arm get raised, but Piero sticks with the técnicos.

Coming up: Cibernético. And various video footage, from security and otherwise.

Random interviewer guy ask Roldan about Cibernético and Konnan. He doesn’t seem to share the view of Hijo de Tirantes – those two have a personal feud, and it has no part of AAA or the ring.

Cibernético/Konnan video package includes matchup stats, because this is all about the tale of the tape. This is one of those things that I'm sure was done specifically for me to write down, so let me do my job:

1.84 km
1.83 km
115 kg
122 kg
45 kg
47 kg

I can't stop laughing.

Hey, there's Konnan being a royal jerk. They splice together the two videos, which is nice. Even better, they've got back in the day footage of Konnan, and it's not the usual clips they show every time they need back in the day footage. Pretty sure there's a shot of WCW. Or is that TNA? I dunno. Plenty of now shirts. Cover of ACDC's Thunder. At least I think it's a cover. This a pretty good hype package, better than just the talking.

Match 4: Dr. Wagner Jr., Electroshock, Silver King vs Chessman, Teddy Hart, Zorro
Plaza de Toros la Concordia de Orizaba, 11/20/2009

Winner: WagnerManiacs
Match Time: 9:23
Rating: at least it's shorter
Notes: Teddy yells some naughtily language directly into the camera on the way to the ring. He is Teddy Hart. Chessman, dead last week, perfectly fine this week. Zorro has a lot of fireworks, for this show anyway. Hijo de Tirantes is ref and hanging out with the rudos before the match. Wagner’s get separate entrances this week. Why did Electroshock win Rey de Reyes? I'm not sure. Wagner has some new fireworks. If Zorro's getting them, the champ needs to be getting them. Legion somehow went to the back during Wagner’s entrance, and run back out to rush the Wagner. I’m not sure the point, but it works.

Teddy takes Electroshock into the crowd, perhaps determined to win a fight there. Thru the sets they go. Oh, everyone’s going into the crowd. Wagner teases going up the grandstand, but the gate is closed. He and Chessman just fight around the outside, Zorro and Silver King join him. Electro finds an open way up to the grandstand, and brings Teddy Hart out. Zorro somehow turns around the fight enough to bring it to ringside, but gets decked by Silver King coming over the barricade.

This is just a crazy brawl. Wagner and Chessman fight over chairs, but Silver king comes over and helps his partner. Electroshock turns up and gets a chair, hitting whoever. Elector tease a chair shot on Arturo, which the crowed seems to dig. Hijo de Tirantes gets him off the desk and back to the ring, where the Wagners are beating up Teddy. Double pres slam into a chestbreaker. Chessman takes corner clotheslines, Electro hiptossed by his partners into Chessman in the corner, and landing sort of on his upper back. Triple pose. Hijo de Tirantes attacks the Wagners. Seems like it's just going to lead to Hijo de Tirantes getting killed, but the Legion hits the ring before the Wagners can even tough Hijo de Tirantes. Legion beatdown includes Zorro biting Wanger's mask, and forcing him to talk around with him. Crowd loudly behind Wagner. Seems like there’s a big clip near the end of this. Legion aren't working as well together as the Wagner, for sure. Elector, Teddy, Zorro, and Silver King work thru some weirdness, just to prove the point. Zorro hits the post on a charge and goes out of the ring. After a Silver King backdrops Teddy the apron and slaps him out. Electro gives Silver a boost, Silver King hops on his other foot for an eternity (or maybe four seconds) and then jumps off for a moonsault over the rope and the floor. Silver barely got over those ropes. Electro tries for a dive, but Tirantes trips him up, and Electro rolls out. Wagner and Chessman back in, jousting with chair again. This time, Wagner wins, but both hit each other in the back. Much better than the head. Wagner kicks the chair away from Chessman and tires to go for that chair shot to the head, but Hijo de Tirantes grabs the chair. Wagner and Hijo de Tirantes tug of war over the chair, and Chessman is supposed to accidentally superkicks his referee friend. Instead, Chessman kinda only kick hits Wagner in the hip, and everyone falls down. Hijo de Tirantes recovers quick, picking up Wagner for a chair shot – only Wagner ducks out of the way, and Chessman gets the referee for real this time. Hijo de Tirantes is out, but Chessman still spears Wagner. Pose, cover – uh..., Chessman. Teddy and Chessman both try to shake the life back into Hijo de Tirantes. Replay of the spear. Piero's hit the ring during a replay – one two NO. Chessman has unzipped his top for some reason. Chessman off the ropes, dropkick doesn’t come close. Wagner off the ropes under, dropkick to the knee, shining wizard kick to the head, dropkick to the head. Wagner dramatically poses, pulling down his straps. Guess it’s a tie. Wagner Driver. Silver King and Electro cut off the Legion and Piero counts – one two three. Teddy throws a fit.

Hype for Cibernético/Konnan

Cibernético comes to the ring with a kid, who looks to be about 10 or so. Kid looks very nervous, but Cibernético brings him into the ring, and lifts him while posing to the fans. Kid clearly wants out of there. Before Cibernético can even say anything, the Legion walks to the ring. We've got Teddy, Zorro, Blade, Rain, and Chessman. Alex is down in the ring already, and the kid is out of it and walking away, so there's something we missed. Cibernético has no problem until Zorro get in the cane shot, and then he has lots of problems.

Backstage, Nicho & Lider are posing for photos with the belts and a bat, when someone alerts them to Cibernético getting beat in the ring. Actually, I think they're alerting the photographer to go take photos of it.

Legion continues to stomp down Cibernético in the ring. Nicho and Lider hit the ring awful quick for guys who weren't even moving towards the ring 10 second ago. Legion all backs off, Lider backing them away with a bat and a chair. They help Cibernético up. Cibernético is bent over, Nicho places a chair on his back, and Lider whacks it with a bat. I don't know how that hurts more, but apparently that's the case. Legion goes back to work. Zorro removes one of Cibernético's knee braces, I think. Hermandad come back with a table. Konnan's sure taking his time – oh, there he is. Gotta get his music. Konnan directs them to put Cibernético on the table, and Nicho goes up top – tope rope legdrop while Lider adds a butt drop. Turn off the strobe lights, for the love of god. Nothing’s happening here, so I'm going to fast forward before I get a seizure. Rudos lay the table fragments on top of Cibernético, and then hit the table fragments with a chair. I don’t know about that either. Oh good, Konnan talks too. Yay, the lights are off. Legion celebrates . Cibernético started bleeding while he was under the table, and had bleed a lot now – though none of it on his white shirt, sadly. Points for forethought, anyway.

Video package to reminds us what we just saw, of that happened the last few weeks. I don’t remember seeing that Nicho senton chair spot before.

Cibernético's stretcher out, as they warn of the serious images again – discretion advised. Legion bets up Cibernético again in the back. Fire extinguisher. Cibernético’s' almost as red as Chessman, and they pose next to each other to make it clear. Zorro rants in Chessman' face, the worst punishment of all. Legion stomps him on the way out. Cibernético’s collapses on some white sheets, which make the blood stand out. Cibernético goes into convulsions as the medical personal try to put him back onto the backboard. Someone is so concerned, they take a camera phone pictures. Announcers are hyping this as the worst beating of Cibernético’s career. It seem to take ten men to roll him twenty yards into an ambulance (where an AAA cameraman is already waiting.) Into the ambulance, and off they go.

Show goes directly into the next match.

Match 5: El Mesías, Latin Lover, Marco Corleone vs Joe Lider, Konnan, Nicho el Millionario
Plaza de Toros la Concordia de Orizaba, 11/20/2009

Winner: tecnicos
Match Time: 14:27 (5:30+8:57)
Rating: not much
Notes: Nicho & Lider comes right back out for the next match, though Lider has had enough time to get his hockey mask. Big fan of hockey, that's it. Konnan comes out in Cibernético's plane – he got his gear on quick. Mesías has corner fireworks. No captains, Piero is ref.

No rudo beatdown to start until Mesías throws Lider around some, and then it starts. Beatdown goes on for a while, and it's not as interesting as the stuff done earlier. Corleone makes the comeback at 4: 30 with his leapfrog spots, though it doesn’t seem like anyone but Konnan is in the right spot for it. As he does, Konnan backs up the stage rather than fight after the beatdown. Marco and Konnan walk backstage for a bit. Konnan limps back to ring side as they go to break.

Showcases go Mesías (a lot with Konnan, who holds his own, takes one bump off a punch, and gets out of there), Marco (who gets into a posing competition with Konnan - Konnan again takes one punch and goes down. Maybe this is why he didn't make it as a boxer! Leapfrog run is a lot better this time), and Latin last. Latin/Nicho is very fast paced reversals. Lider get sent out by a Latin bodyscissors, and Mesías adds a pescado. Marco limbs the light tower again, and jumps of for a clothesline on Lider. Nicho drops Latin with a clothesline and spits at him. Pose. Chop. Whip, Nicho charges in, Latin flips Nicho onto his shoulders and spinebusters him forward. Casita, one two three. And good, there's only 40 seconds to the hour.

Latin and Marco pose in the ring. Hey, they got their win back, how about that. Mesías wanders off, not to be seen.

Replay of the Legion beating up Cibernético, and that’s it.