AAA on Televisa #911 (11/07/2009)

This is basically a repeat of the week prior, except an hour longer. At least that's what I think going in. I guess we'll see!

Previously: the kidnapping, Mesías/Wagner, Octagon and the Air Force practicing marital arts poses in something we didn't see before, a women's match that I think is airing this week, the battle on the bridge, Mesías' bad knee.

Match 1: Mascarita Sagrada 2007, Mini Charly Manson, Octagoncito vs Mini Abismo Negro, Mini Histeria, Mini Psicosis
Arena Xalapa, 10/09/2009

Winner: Tecnicos via DQ
Match Time: 8:55 (1:15+7:40)
Rating: good
Notes: Mini Psicosis & Mini Histeria enter together, but Mini Abismo gets his own entrance. And a big Abismo t-shirt. None of these guys have the video clips they've been doing, but at least they're getting entrances. Octagoncito is wearing a sailor outfit. Minis love the high seas! Charly has some sort of gold object around his waist. Not sure what it could be. He gets right in Mini Abismo's face. Pepe Casas is ref. This is really cool for AAA, first bell 4:46 into the show.

After some discussion with the técnicos, Mini Charly and Mini Abismo start. Mini Charly looks thin, but very muscular in the abdominal area. Mat wrestle battle for control ends up with a Charly armdrag. Just before they go to more, there's the break.

Rejoined in time for a chop battle. Announcers are talking about Dorian Roldan. After Abismo nails Charly early, neither man goes down on the subsequent ones, or on a clothesline. Psicosis and Octagoncito rush into dropkick them both down and taker their places. Octagoncito over, under, hiptoss blocked, Octagoncito gets one of his own. Middle rope headscissors sends Psicosis out, and he almost dives over the barricade. Histeria in, Histeria takes a spinning backbreaker. Octagon blocks, Histeria flips, him, off the ropes, waved by, back with a spinning headscissors and out goes another rudo. Middle rope dive fake, and pose. Tag to Sagrada. Psicosis misses a dropkick, Sagrada headlock, shot off, waved back, over the back armdrag. Sagrada off the ropes, bodyscissors into an armdrag, and Psicosis is out fast. Sagrada looks very chubby, but pulls of a nice fast spinning armdrag into a headscissors on Abismo. Abismo back in, but faced by Mini Charly. Abismo backs off, Charly comes on his with punches, Min Abismo gets in one leg kick, and the beatdown starts there. All the rudos are wearing a bright shade of red. Histeria and Psicosis clear off the other técnicos and keep Charly in. Whip, Abismo spinning backbreaker. Side backbreaker, flying legdrop combo with Histeria. Psicosis adds a diving elbow drop. Sagrada in, and spun around by his mask. Triple snap kick for him. Octagoncito in, pressed up by two, and dropped on the flat of the feet of the third. Lots of horns in the crowd overpowering the reactions of the crowd, but the fans manage to shout over the boos. Charly back in, and held on the ropes for chops and punches. Whip, under a double clothesline, and getting Abismo with the headscissors. Octagoncito and Sagrada knocks down the other two. Charly goes out after his rival while Octagoncito gives Psicosis a backbreaker, and Sagrada gives Histeria a backdrop. Those rudos take off, Manson brings Abismo back, and the técnicos leave him be. Slow choke on the rope is an odd way for Charly to go here. Whip, Abismo goes under, and then into a monkey flip. Mini Charly chops Mini Abismo, corner whip is all kinda of awkward, Mini Charly charges, Abismo flips him to the apron. Charly fights him off and comes off the top rope with a headscissors. Off the ropes, spinning DDT takes out Abismo. Pose. Crowd shot. Sagrada and Histeria in, Dorada escaping a powerbomb by going up and over for a sunset flip. Think they cut out Sagrada and Histeria spots there, because Psicosis is already in to break it up. Side backbreaker, cover, and Octagoncito breaks that up with a leaping legdrop. Fireman's carry Michinoku Driver, lighting legdrop, and Abismo breaks it up with a big kick to the head. Charly tires to dropkick him, but Mini Abismo sides, scoops him, and slams. Abismo going up, but a far corner away. Mini Charly is up top crotch him on the ropes. Abismo falls back in the ring. Charly grabs him – Northern Lights suplex one two NO. Up and over faceslam is – tough tot ell if it hit or not from the overhead angle on that, but I guess it did. Mini Charly knocks them both out with a big clothesline. Sagrada in with a headscissors on Psicosis. Psicosis stops him momentarily with a boot, but misses a dropkick and sends him self out. Sagrada to the apron, and a Fabian el Gitano Asai moonsault form there - no distance, Psicosis rushing up to save. Octagoncito quickly has his way with Histeria, sending him out with a jarocha spinning armdrag, and following him with an Asai tornillo. Probably captains back in, Mini Charly plancha this, faceslam is shrugged off, Mini Charly goes for a waistlock, Abismo mule kicks him – Pepe Casas waves off the match here. Abismo keeps going, utterly killing poor Charly with the Martinete Driver. Abismo covers, but Pepe Casas pulls him off and awards the match to Charly.

I think Octagoncito thinks the DQ for the piledriver like action on Abismo's double underhook move, so he must've missed the foul. Mini Charly Manson may miss the next few minutes, he seems out. Replays of the dive.

Video Package: Sexi Star & Fabi Apache dramatically pose near a waterfall, except only one of them is wearing a wide array of bikinis, and one is in their gear. I think you can guess.

Vignette: Sexi Star thinks it was so horrible that, at the high point of her career, winning the Reina de Reinas championship, she got laid out by two other women. She's the camp, anyway.

Match 2: Fabi Apache & Mari Apache vs Cinthia Moreno & Sexy Star
Arena Xalapa, 10/09/2009

Winner: tecnicos
Match Time: 7:31 (5:47+1:34)
Rating: OK
Notes: Staggered entrances, so Cinthia comes out first, the Apaches walk out second, and the champ can come out last. Rudas want handshakes. Fabi and Mari discuss – Fabi's thinking no, Mari might consider it – but then the rudas dropkick them anyway and it doesn't matter. Ref is Piero.

Fabi is knocked out, and the rudas double clothesline Mari. Stomps, legdrop, taunting the crowd. Whip, clothesline, Mari taking that one strangely. Fabi comes in, but just gets thrown around by her hair. Cinthia dropkicks her hard in the back of the head. Sexi kicks her in the head less hard. Cinthia headbutt to the midsection! She's tough. Fabi's arm wrapped in the the ropes, and Sexi puts a boot to the side of her neck. Fabi thrown down on her head once more. Elbow drop, Sexi Star waiting to do something, and then just picking her up and forearming her. More Fabi being stretched around the ropes. Crowd shot, and then back to the end of a double team on Fabi. Mari and trying to punch her way back in control, but quickly subdued. Cinthia gets her with a running kneelift. Boot choke, toe hold. Cinthia and Sexi don't have many moving teamwork spots – and as I say that, they double dropkick Mari. So never mind. Cinthia whips Mari into the corner, gets her with a bulldog on the rebound. Sexi adds a kick to the head. Sexi annoys the crowd, which makes someone just stretch their horn noise longer. Double whip on Mari – no, Fabi pulls down Sexi, and Mari turns around the other whip to backbreaker Cinthia. Sexi thrown around by the head and kicked in the head,. DDT by Mari on Sexi, as Fabi brings in Cinthia to beat her greatly. Crazy stomps get warnings from Piero, and Fabi thinks about hitting him. Whip on Sexi, Mari drop toe hold, Fabi dropkick. Cinthia harassed as she comes in. Double DDT for her. Double underhook side backbreaker by Fabi, ax kick by Mari. Replay of that kick, right to Mari's midsection. Piero and Fabi argue about something, mostly because there's no one left to come in the ring. Fans entertain themselves by counting out the rudas, even though Piero isn't even bothering. Sexi back in, missing a clothesline on Fabi and getting kicked. Mari back on the apron now. Sexi miss a clothesline, Fabi armdrags her. Fabi pulls out a an armdrag into a half crab move, looks pretty cool. Cinthia breaks it up with a drop all the same. Whip, Fabi tries to a quick reverse to a clothesline, Cinthia ducks under that, off the ropes, 'rana, rolled thru by Fabi one two NO Cinthia kicks out. Fabi argues the count. Whip, Cinthia sunset flip, hooking the body and rolling around for the Farmer's roll – and break, right in the middle of her finisher! To be fair, they probably don't know.

Still rolling. Lost count. Mari breaks it up at the pin anyway. Mari is very fired up today, I don't know why. Clothesline misses, Cinthia gets her in a crucifix roll up instead, one tow kick to. Cinthia charge, but Mari lifts her up in the Atlantida. Spinning, spinning, and Sexi breaks that up with a kick. Sexi tries a split legged faceslam, which is horribly timed by the two. Sexi stomps her, then set sup Mari for another, hold her there for two seconds and Mari suddenly breaks free. Sexi off the ropes, headscissors sends Mari out, Sexi charges for a silla, Mari catches her and tosses her in the first row! Back inside, Cinthia up and hitting Fabi with a missile dropkick. One two NO. Announcers can't believe it was two. Corner whip, Cinthia charges in to a straight kick. Fabi gets behind – Dragon suplex. One two three!

Replays. If they did this match a few more times, there might be a really good one in it, but not this time. Sexi and Cinthia argue, Sexi mostly showing her the belt as proof about who's fault it is. Sexi's kinda in the right here, and she actually turns and walks away – only for Cinthia to shove her in the back. Clearly, Sexi has no choice at that point, you can't step to the champ like that. Belt shot to Cinthia back, and some horrible belts shots when she's on the ground. Sexi's much more effective grabbing Mari's head and shaking it, only Mari makes her own comeback for a second. Sexi knocks her back down and shakes her, yelling and talking trash. Too bad Fabi's in the ring behind her, and Sexi has no idea. The chant might be a clue. Sexi stands up, having made her point to Cinthia, and turns to see Fabi standing there. Sexi decides to back up – hey, you forgot to belt! - and Fabi doesn't reach to grab her until Sexi's all the way out of the ring, just getting her hair. Sexi starts to walk to the back, but Mari cuts her off, kicks her, and throws her back in. What a bunch of jerks. Huge sit down powerbomb by Fabi. And that's not all – kick to head from Fabi, kick to the head from Mari, kick to the had form both, and one more to the face! Wow, I'm not quite sure if the people who who turned her actually turned. Fabi yells at Piero for good measure. The fans are all cheering the Apaches still, but c'mon, what was that? Apaches help Cinthia up and walk her to the back.

Here's the bit of Octagon, Super Fly and Laredo Kid doing wacky martial arts posing. A highlight pack of Super Fly and Laredo Kid – they must've had that laying around. They show the videos for all the guys in the next match,k though it looks like they didn't bother to do a Super Fly one, and reuse one from the Cruiserweight tournament.

Ah, now I know why there's till 17 minutes of unaired stuff – they've restored the entrances to the matches. Everything else looks about the same. That's it.