AAA on Televisa #910 (10/31/2009)

Previously: kidnapping. Then, somehow, they've go straight out of the previously and into Wagner faking Mesías out on a handshake. And the WagnerManiacs and the Yakuza trying to cross a bridge at the same time! Here's of all the matches tonight, including the half they cut out.

Fireworks, and an odd edit from the minis music to everyone in the ring for

Match 1: Laredo Kid, Octagón, Súper Fly vs Cuervo, Escoria, Ozz
Arena Xalapa , 10/09/2009

Winner: Tecnicos
Match Time: 8:07 (4:53+3:14)
Rating: good
Notes: Seems like this is joined in progress – they show the end of the entrances, then the sound jumps and they're already fighting. No captains announced, obviously. Ref is Hijo de Tirantes, ring is 4 sided.

Corner whip for Laredo, Ozz in with a clothesline, and to all fours for Escoria's boosted hip check, but Laredo slips out off the ring to avoid it. Springboard headscissors for Cuervo, Laredo ducks Ozz's clothesline and sends him out via spinning headscissors into an armdrag. Camera goes with the guys on the outside instead of those still in, oops. Nice spinning DDT by Laredo on Escoria. Laredo leaps to the apron, heel kicks Escoria, and follows with an Asai Moonsault. Back in to pose, but they show a replay of the dive instead. A couple replays. It's a nice Asai. Super Fly, who may or may not be a rudo, takes a chest slap from Cuervo. Super Fly kips up while Cuervo is posing. Repeat. On the third try, Super Fly ducks a clothesline, does his flipping run, and gets Cuervo with a headscissors. Again, they follow the guy sliding out of the ring, instead of the action in the ring. Super Fly gets Escoria with a walk up the ropes flipping armdrag. Ozz kicks Super Fly in the back of the leg to knock him down and stops to pose. Lots of horns tonight. Loud, tight audience. Corner whip, reveres, Super Fly turns in charge, dumped on the apron by a backdrop. Ozz charges after a delay and gets shouldered away. Super Fly goes up, tornillo plancha connects. Shoulderblock, thru the rope fake sends Ozz out, and Super Fly with a handstand back flip dive fake to pose. Octagon in. Don't know if the gear shrunk or the food is good, but Octagon looks especially large tonight. Cuervo and him in, Octagon misses a plancha, armdrag for Cuervo, off the ropes, spinning armdrag sends Cuervo to the ropes. Escoria in, armdrag of him, Ozz in, spinning armdrag for him. Spinning backbreaker for Escoria – well, in theory. In reality, Octagon can't be bothered to go to one knee to actually do the backbreaker part, so it's a spinning hip bump or something. One for Ozz, kick combo and flip for Cuervo. Cuervo has the joker makeup on, no that we've seen much of it. Clip from the técnicos all celebrating, to the rudos all jumping the técnicos and chopping them. Inverted atomic drop and spinning kinda slam by Escoria. Long debate over it being a foul, at least by the announcers. Leg lariat, maybe, by Escoria. Laredo is isolated in, and Escoria is tossed into a flying sit on him, actually leaping off of Cuervo's head in the process. That was probably not planned, but Cuervo didn't seem to bugged. Super Fly's turn. Spear by Cuervo. Slingshot out into a Cuervo front backbreaker, and a running kick to the head by Escoria. SUDDEN BREAK.

Though they still can get in a tease for the Konnan/Cibernético stuff.

Laredo and Super Fly both brought in. Laredo dropkicked out, Super Fly chopped around. Whip, Super Fly ducks a double clothesline, sunset flip on Cuervo, and reversing him back to be kicked by his partners. Técnicos beat up the rudos – Octagon returns from wherever he was hiding to attack Ozz. Brawling. Chops. Octagon hits Ozz with a shot inside the thigh, and Hijo de Tirantes spends the next minute teasing a DQ he's not going to call. Rudos regroup on the outside. Cuervo and Ozz get into a chop fight, and again Ozz does the weak near foul. Octagon trips Cuervo into throwing himself out, but gets kicked down by Ozz. Ozz tells Cuervo to hold Octagon, and of course Cuervo can do that – Ozz's tornillo take out his partner. Laredo and Escoria left, in, and Escoria manages to knock Laredo down. Spinning back suplex, and Escoria is way fired up. Going up, right next to where Super Fly is standing on the apron. Super Fly trips him up. Laredo up top with him, moonsault side slam has looked a little more neater – Escoria kinda got launched on his own there. Like last week, Laredo stands up to pose/yell at the crowd instead of going for the pin. Super Fly wisely adds a top rope senton con giro and covers, with Laredo coming over to help cover once he realizes what's up. One two three.

Laredo seems to have absolutely no issue with Super Fly taking that pin. In fact, they do a short standoff before they slap hands and hug! Okay, that was a 3 second blowoff to an a storyline that'd gone on for five or six months, and totally doesn't fit – but at least we got the 3 second blowoff! Baby steps! Yet more proof that winning = good chemistry.

Here's Joaquin's speech from last week that I didn't pay any attention to last time, so why do you think this time is really gong to be any different. I'm trying to figure out what the sixth mask is on the mantle behind him. It's got three faces of Pena, Parka, Gronda – and maybe Silver King. Hey, here's Konnan at the restaurant from last week too. It's good we have time for all these things when the show is cut in half. Oh, that was only a clip.

Later: Wagner's vs Yakuza, and maybe Wagner vs Mesías.

In Ring Promo: Mesías is already doing his catchphrase as they pick up. Crowd is loud tonight, and into him. However, they do start a Wagner chant when he's brought up. Mesías demands another shot. NO! Wagner comes out, and thru clippage, he's in the ring immediately. Crowd appears to choose Wagner over Mesías again, and Mesías gets annoyed at him for paying attention to the Crowd instead of him. Welcome to every match. Mesías notes, the last two times they fought, WagnerMancias interfered, which isn't very respectful. Wagner note the record book has him as the winner, and maybe Mesías can earn another title shot. Mesías says he's Mesías, he's the best, he should be getting a title shot. Wagner asks the fans, and then asks Mesías for a handshake. Deliberation. Mesías reaches in, and Wagner pulls the hand back matador style. Why would you ever root for Mesías here? Wagner's so much awesomer, and awesomer isn't even a word. “HAHAHAHA” Wagner actually gets thru his whole catchphrase without Mesías hitting him. Is Mesías actually letting him get away? Looks like it – then Mesías attacks him from behind and starts a punching. If only Wagner had some friends – oh, here's they are. Electro and Ultimo Gladiador forearm Mesías down and stomp him. Chair shot to a shot. Chair shot to the back. Grinding the chair into his left leg. Parka and Marco belatedly show up to make the save. UG and Electro leave, while Wagner makes a point to grab the belt and face off with the técnicos. He's not scared. We never see how that goes. Doctor – new Doctor? - waves for help. This heinous attack on Mesías is greeted by Wagner Wagner Wagner chants.

Vignette: Both the Yakuza and The WagnerManiacs want to cross the bridge at the same time! ONLY ONE CAN PASS. What is this? I like Sugi's side, he's the guy with the sword.

Match 2: Dr. Wagner Jr., Electroshock, Último Gladiador vs Go Shiozaki, Kenzo Suzuki, Sugi
Arena Xalapa , 10/09/2009

Winner: WagnerManiacs
Match Time: 10:13 (3:02+5:05+2:06)
Rating: OK
Notes: Again, no entrances. Go is mentioned in passing as an international star, but no one watching this show has any idea who he is or why they should care. This is most definitely not build like a champion vs champion encounter. They mentioned his GHC title when he was first announced as coming, but that was two weeks ago anyway. Piero is ref. Crowd behind the WagnerManiacs. Again, no captains announced.

JIP, with Go having Wagner in the corner. I can spell Go, that's why I'm Sugi that Go. Gives Wagner a clean break, to boos. Lockup, Go waistlock, Wagner down down into a legscissors. Go turns it over, and out into a headlock. Shot off, back with a shoulderblock. Go is proud of himself, Go waiting for Wagner to get up. Announcers explaining the Mafia/Yakuza concept. Lockup. Go headlock. Cranking it in. Shot off, over, and they have no idea what they're doing with each other. They battle with over a hiptoss when they get it settled, and then get into a chop battle. Go Wagner tells Go to bring it, Go does for a while, then comes off the ropes in a powerslam. Dropkick to the back of the head. Go grabs his head and backs off, though Wagner waves him forward. Crowd shot. Go has Wagner stuck in his own corner, but Wagner breaks free. Go backs off, and Wagner takes in UG. Another Crowd shot. Looks like Kenzo was in, but Sugi comes in instead – and abrupt break.

Joined in progress again. UG misses a 519, when Sugi ducks, then 519 barely hits UG on a top rope version. UG goes out, and checks his head. Sugi, who was limping trying that move, walks out of the ring, and sits down next to a ringside guy. That's sure seems like it's it for him, but he returns later in the match. Kenzo and Electro in. Clip. Electro headlock. Kenzo fights and fights and tries to get out of it, but Electro locks it on. Barely – Kenzo's near his tight for some reason. Electro shot off, under a clothesline, and hitting his own. Kenzo's slipping all over the place, then kinda rolls under a clothesline. Electro gets him on the next pass. Replay shows Kenzo bounces bad – I think is aw Piero waiting for help here. This match is going fantastic! Kenzo is slow to get up, but at least Sugi is back on the apron. Piero grabs Electro's arm from throwing a punch for some reason, and looks away form Kenzo while doing it. Kenzo touches the secret Japanese gland, and spits mist in Electro's face. The other Yakuza attack the other WagnerManiacs, though Sugi's doing little more than headlocks punches. Rudos are disorganized. Kenzo slaps Wagner around, and Sugi manages to pull off the walking the ropes dropkick. He's very distracted by his leg. Kenzo suplexes Wagner. That same crowd shot again. Replay of the mist, replay of the dropkick. Yakuza really not on the same page for the beatdown, with Sugi super passive, and Yakuza not triple teaming anyone. Kenzo stomps Electro low, but it's so low it actually misses Electro, at least based on the replay. Kenzo slaps UG around. 619 on Gladiador. Brainbuster by Go. Kenzo's wacky knee drop is extra super wacky this time. Somehow, Sugi ends up outside with Wagner, who takes a couple forearms and then turns it around, ending up sending Sugi into the announce desk. Inside, the other Yakuza whip the other WagnerManiacs into each. Sudden break.

Go powerbomb on UG, and holding for a pin. How odd. One two Wagner breaks it up. Wait, where did Kenzo go? They jumped again. Wagner chops Go many times. Whip, sunset flip, Go totally overshoots him, Wagner puts himself in, then rolls out to kick go in the head. Wagner sets up, clothesline sends Go out. UG poses on the apron, apron senton con giro. Electro misses a clothesline on Sugi, and Sugi superkicks him. Electro doesn't go down, and doesn't go down after a big lifting dropkick. A springboard dropkick finally knocks him down. Sugi goes up, thumb across the throat, taking way too long, and his 'rana is caught and blocked. Electro hurks him up and powerbombs him down very hard. Electro calls for his finish, but Sugi's wall done. Electro-lock. Wagner comes into pose with him, and that's it. Where DID Kenzo go?

WagnerManiacs celebrate. Still not sure where Kenzo went. Replay of that killer powerbomb. Piero was shocked about that powerbomb, and he was just standing next to it. Are they going to show the past match stuff? Guess not. Nice to know you, Sugi.

Backstage: the doctor checks on Mesías' left knee, with Park standing nearby.

Vignette: Mesías, Parka, Hermandad in a military yard. Parka dancing on a plane. I guess Marco and Cibernético were busy that day?

Vignette: Cibernético stands in front of a caricature of Antonio Pena with many of the AAA wrestlers of the time. Including masked Cibernético, of course. He and the Hermandad are going to bring death to those oppose them, at least in the main event.

Match 3: El Mesías, La Parka Jr., Marco Corleone vs Cibernético, Joe Lider, Nicho el Millionario
Arena Xalapa , 10/09/2009

Winner: Rudos
Match Time: 13:29 (5:24+8:05)
Rating: nothing memorable
Notes: No entrances, again, except for Mesías limping out with his bad leg. Both the doctor and Hijo de Tirantes argue with him, but he shrugs them off. Quick shot of the ring, too quick to see if Octagon is even in it. Again, no captains. Teams aren't even announced. Rudos jump técnicos after Mesías fireworks go off.

Hermandad are fighting while wearing belts again. Mesías is not fight much at all, walking around, limping and being knocked down. Hijo de Tirantes takes away Lider's belt after he uses it as a weapon, so at least there's that. Brawling. Cibernético standing on the bad knee is amusing. Mesías knee is so heavily taped, I don't now how he keeps bending it. Cibernético goes head first into the steps. Chair into the chair into the knee. Nicho chokes Parka inside a chair, which seem a bit much. Puts boots. Marco legs inside a chair, wits the chair, and then realizes that won't probably work. More chair shots to Mesías' knee. Chair to chair to Parka's groin. Clip, and suddenly the técnicos are in completely control, Parka lifting up Nicho for Marco's dropkick. Wavy transition back to replays. It is a nice dropkick. Técnicos all standing around in the ring. Clip, and Lider and Mesías have Nicho down. Mesías makes the comeback on Lider, of course. He press Lider over his head, then remember his knee hurts and he can actually plant with that. Comes and goes. Nicho rushes in, stomps Mesías, punches Marco on the apron, and gets Hijo de Tirantes to hold the técnicos back. Nicho has no plan past that, but he was doing okay for a while. Lots of chops. Nicho off the ropes, in a powerslam. Mesías covers, but Hijo de Tirantes stops counting even before Cibernético breaks it up. Break.

Replay of the powerslam, as the announcers are going nuts about something. Cibernético picks up Mesías. Leg really bugging him now. Cibernético taking trash. Off the ropes, into a punch, punch, clothesline. Hey, maybe tag out, Mesías? Mesías opts to pose. Then a tag. Camera man tries to shoot the match from the view finder of someone else's camera. I dunno why. Nicho and Marco have a pose off that makes just as much sense. I guess it's because she's taking the match for Japan? Nicho tries sunset flip with predictable results, but Lider gets in a stunner while Marco is dancing, in and Cibernético adds a spear. Rudos more interesting in posing the following up. Lider eventually comes over to the spot where everyone is waiting for him, and it's the the Marco leapfrog run from there. Kip out of the corner, over Cibernético, over Cibernético, over Nicho, over Lider, springboard plancha onto everyone, and leap onto the apron to pose. Replay shows he actually over shot Lider, or Lider was just in the wrong spot. Marco tags in Parka. Nicho offers a handshake, and parka pulls the hand away – just like Wagner did earlier. Hope Mesías doesn't get annoyed about that. Nicho after handshake, and La Parka pulls it away – causing Nicho to hit him. Nicho knocks down Parka when they're showing Cibernético instead. Whip, reversed, Nicho misses a clothesline, Parka armdrags him, armdrags him, and gives him a spinning backbreaker. Lider knocks Parka with a running dropkick to the back. Parka double whip, under a double clothesline, dropkick for Lider, armdrag for Nicho, waved by both guys, and runs by them again, and again, and again – until Parka gasses, which does not take long. Nicho grabs him, but Lider ends up dropkicking his own partner. Spinning backbreaker for Lider. Cibernético kicks Parka and talks trash. Whip, Park comes back with a lame faceslam. Cibernético stumbles around, catches a kick, and Parka sort of enziguris him with the other leg. Tag to Marco. Punches for both tag champs. Corner whip, Nicho puts Lider the top rope, Marco and Nicho charge, Marco leapfrogs Nicho, Lider kicks Marco, Nicho superkicks Marco, Lider gives him a middle rope backbreaker and cover,s but Parka breaks it up before Hijo de Tirantes can even get down. Nicho charges, Parka's not really for him so he whips him again, then slides him out. Lider misses a dropkick and lands on his head, missing the ropes he wanted to back off. Bad time for replay, by they did it anyway. Parka bodyscissors Lider out, and Marco adds a over the top plancha on the tag champs. Marco walks off to pose, leaving Cibernético and Mesías in. Cibernético tries whipping Mesías, out won't or can't go anywhere. They just stand there for bit, then Cibernético whips him anyway, Mesías coming back with a spinning neckbreaker. One two no. Cibernético up, but Mesías can't get to his feet. He finally does, just to get speared. Cibernético overs, one two NO. Kinda of quick count. Cibernético waits for Mesías to get up. Mesías uses the ropes, kick stunner, one two th-no. Crowd's died here for whatever reason. Cibernético waits for Mesías to pull himself up again, but this time just clips the knee. Stomp to the knee. Not sure where they other four guys went to. Cibernético pulls up Mesías in a choke. Chokeslam. Mesías landing on his shoulder. Cibernético covers, one two three.

Clip to the rudos having left, and the técnicos checking on Mesías. He's still down, hurting. There are about 10 minutes left in the hour – don't tell me that's all Konnan and Roldan, as the main event.

Oh, a break is going to eat up a lot of that.

Roldan promo! No one's staying tuned. We see video of Cibernético backstage after having won his plaque. Did he just walk by Ultimo Gladiador with his mask off? Yes he did. There's a couple more guys we probably shouldn't be seeing going the other direction – Decnnis and Alan, maybe? Cibernético's talking about how much winning this plaque means to him, because it's Antonio Pena's. Konnan walks by, saying “[bleeping] Payaso”. What a jerk. Cibernético swears after him, following him into a dressing room, and that's where we pick up with a different angle of the YouTube argument. That explains cameraman #2! It's the same bit, just with a lot better picture. Camera man does check out to check in on Cibernético in the hallway. We never do see where the “security camera” would be, because it's hidden right around a corner., but it's not a place where a security camera makes sense. Back out in the hallway, someone gets blurred out because they're unmasked (and only in their underwear, ew), but no Cibernético. I guess the point is Konnan is a jerk? Did I need a another video for that?

Teasers for next week

Promo: Konnan via phone, to demand Alex Koslov being reinstated, if they want to see Dorian again.