AAA on Televisa #909 (10/24/2009)
Recap: 10/28/09

Last week: Konnan talked a lot from his limo. Here's shots of Dorian in his hotel room they didn't use last week. Here's lots they did. Don't use your computer in the dark, you're going to ruin your eyes. Who's putting the times on the screen? Why does Joaquin watch the whole video and Konnan taking before doing anything? I'd be totally freaking out. Heroic efforts to find people in the crowd who care about this – I like the guy who's giggling.

Open. Which is more amusing: fired Alex Koslov is in this, or Groon XXX quitting and likely being shown here for the next two years (while the Gronda sticking around is not seen.) No Espiritu, which causes me to check to see if I still have him listed in the promotion. (Yep, still wrong spot shows.)

Repeat: last week's title match. (7:43+6:32)

Match 1: Argenis, Atomic Boy, Laredo Kid vs Rió Bravo, Tigre Cota, Tito Santana II in a lights out match
Arena Monterrey, 09/26/2009

Winner: Tecnicos
Match Time: 10:00
Rating: good, seen better. SEEN better too. Wrong stip for the match.
Notes: notes

Totally wouldn't be able to tell this is Rio Bravo MARK 2 if not told., though stuff like him not posing on the corner at the right point is sort of a clue. Do they have new music? They don't have a posing video bit, for sure. Not sure I saw any of these guys in the entrance video. Hijo de Tirantes is ref. Poder del Norte appear to be wearing their normal gear, with glow in the dark armbands and some tape on their pants and boots. Air Force outfits work much better.

Laredo and Rio start out. Lockup, break. Crowd is already turning on the match for being in the dark, awesome. Rio Bravo front facelock, Laredo out of to an armbar, zero leg trip exchange. Don't let this play by play fool you, this is hard match to follow. Laredo gets a headlock, shot off, rolling over, posing, waved by, back with a headscissors. The ring ropes are a nice shade of pink, looks neat. Laredo charges Rio, flipped to the apron. Shoulder to Rio, springboard headscissors back in, fake dive roll, then up to the top rope anyway – tope con giro off the top rope and to the floor, kinda past Rio Bravo, oops. Dive actually looks cool. Argenis and Tito Santana in and going. I am as shocked as you that I can tell it's Tito Santana in the dark. It must be the stringiness of his hair. Argenis off the ropes after a chop change, Tito kicks him back, Argenis stops, then awkwardly runs towards him. Up the ropes, and off for an armdrag. Argenis flip off Tito, blocks a clothesline and sends him to the ropes with a fireman's carry escape armdrags. Argenis off both sets of ropes, headscissors sends Tito out, then follows with a tope con giro. Nearly nearly missed that. Atomic Boy and Cota re doing spots while we're still watching replays. Atomic Boy flips off Cota's chest in the corner, then has a fancy headscissors. Waiting for Cota to get up, flipping back, and catching his clothesline into an armbar. Atomic Boy flips to the apron, and dives off for a headscissors. Atomic Boy poses. Técnicos are kinda out of out people to beat for a second. All six end up in, técnicos drop all the rudos, all set up – Laredo 450 on Tito, Argenis moonsault on Cota, and Atomic Boy corner reverse flip senton, one two NO. What, no? They must have quite a finish coming up for that not be it. Técnicos try to whip the rudos into each other, but get reversed and all hiptossed out. Rudos cross each other, for triple tope con giros. Crowd cheers, than boos. Maybe they just don't like Hijo de Tirantes. Poder del Norte beat up the técnicos on the outside, where no one can possibly see them. Atomic Boy brought in to face the one on three. He's set up on the apron for the dropkick off and thrown into the barricade. Laredo in and chopped around. Double hiptoss, triple dropkick to the head. Argenis in, awkwardly taken down by Rio Bravo. Rio and Cota are lost on what they want to set up next, but Tito ends up dropkicking Argenis out after, and Rio fireman's carry drop Argenis onto Cota knee. They hold Argenis down on the floor, so Tito can get in his diving senton con giro to the floor. Atomic Boy back in again, tripped, and knocked down. Corner clothesline and elbows. Laredo in and worked over. Corner whip, corner clothesline, rudos taken forever with Atomic Boy clearly setting up, Argenis is caught and put on the top rope, Argenis gets Tito with a headscissors, and Atomic Boy gets Tigre Cota. Rio back in, and taking a spinning backbreaker. Triple dropkick too. Técnicos try to get the crowd to cheer, and they're kinda mixed. Tito and Tiger in and dropkicking people. Laredo gets dropkicked down, but Argenis boosts Atomic Boy into a dropkick, then gets the other one with his own dropkick. Atomic Boy Asai moonsaults one – totally over shooting him and hitting the barricade instead of catching. Laredo and Rio Bravo in, battling with kicks. Rio Bravo beats him with a clothesline. Replay catches Argenis' dive, which was much more on target. Back 'live', Rio has Laredo down and takes his time going up. Laredo brains him with an enziguri, then climbs up with him. Both on the rope, moonsault side slam works. Laredo stands up and poses, then drops down and covers. One two three. Other way around next time!

Hey, lights. Crazy.

Later: bull terrier match, Copa Pena, and Chessman versus the world. Also, Konnan. Gotta have the Konnan.

Vignette: Konnan at some restaurant. Well, maybe not a restaurant, because all I see is some big liquor and small shot glasses. And the women. Everyone gets a drink.

Recap: Fabi saying no at Verano de Escandalo.

Vignette: The Women going into into Fabi Apache's locker room, and try on the Reina de Reinas title. And then leave with it.

Match 2: Sexy Star vs Fabi Apache for the AAA's Reina de Reinas championship in a bull terrier match
Arena Monterrey, 09/26/2009

Winner: Sexi Star, new champion
Match Time: 10:11 (6:01+4:10)
Rating: Ok->good, completely overshadowing by the post match angle
Notes: Sexy has a nice new outfit, and a cape/wings thing. Random bit of Fabi shoving a security guy on the way to the ring. I guess we're supposed to think she's upset about not having her title. SO is this not a title match? Details. Billy is with Sexi, Aero is with Fabi, and Fabi seems less angry once they get away from the pre-tape. Pepe Casas is ref. Pepe Casas actually gets the collar on Sexi Star first. It looks like a new chain, or at least new collars. Fabi gets hers on. Whistle blows, Sexi turns to taunt the crowd, and Fabi charges and attacks.

Kick to the ribs, Sexi yanked around by the hair, thrown to the mat, and knocked over with a hard dropkick to the face. Touch those corner – one, two, three , four – and down she goes. Sexi, having yanked the chain in plenty of time, stomps Fabi as she lays on the mat. Fabi picked up, and a hard slap fight turns to claps to the face. DDT by Fabi. Ax kick. Fabi off the ropes, running boot to the head. Suplex. Fabi off the ropes - no, Billy messes with her from outside (not even sure Billy actually touched her), Fabi turns around to kick at him, and Sexi rushes and kick Fabi. Kicks to the head, forcing Fabi down for a choke. Billy sneakily, and not so sneakily, tries to hold Fabi there. Aerostar walks over to confront him, but Billy just walks off. Whip for Fabi, kick to the midsection. Sexi touching the corners. One two three, four - down she goes. Bill, who had been lurking on the apron watching this, storms the ring and starts stomping Fabi. What the heck. Billy slides back out, and I don't know where Aerostar or Pepe Casas were right there. Sexi slams Fabi, drops a leg, then starts touching corners. One two three four five and pulled down. Pepe Casas argues with Aerostar over who knows hat, and Billy takes advantage, thrown down Fabi by her hair. Stomp. Back to corner – one two three four five and Fabi cuts her off with a clothesline. Sexi works over Fabi with kicks, including a boot choke to the throat. Billy holds Fabi in position from outside. Whip, corner whip, Fabi charges in, kick connects. One two, three, four, five – of course, the last corner is the one she left Fabi in, and Fabi just waits and superkicks Sexi when she walks over. Bad plan! Suplex, picked up again, suplex, picked up again, suplex! One, two three four, Sexi pulls her back towards the middle. Some slight booing for Fabi here. Sexi tries a heel kick that misses, and Sexi wraps the chain round her neck to choke her. Pretty effectively too. Aerostar chases Billy Boy around for no particular reason here. Chain punches to the head. Kick to the head. Back to counting. One, two, three, four five, and again Fabi is waiting for her in the final corner. Fabi shoulders her in the stomach, Sexi kicks Fabi, Fabi kicks Sexi down and hard in the back of the head. Billy Boy in, smacking Fabi in the back of the head and punching her once more before sliding out. Sexi bring Fabi into the ropes for Billy to get more, but everyone's on to him right now. Whip, Fabi slide thru the ropes dropkick Billy in the head. Back in, Sexi charges, Fabi hooks her. Devil's Wings. Definitely more boos here. Fabi touches corners - one two three four – BREAK?

Wait, no, first a teaser for The Women to run in later.

Four, five and own she goes. Sexi fights back, dropkicking Fabi with a enziguri. One two three four – and pulled away. This isn't going anywhere. Crowd chanting for Fabi now. Corner whip, reversed, Sexi charges in, Fabi kicks her right in the face. Shining wizard lays Sexi out. One, two, three, four – and tripped up by Billy Boy! Fabi and Sexi both up, and both knocking each other down with a clothesline. Billy shakes Fabi's head on the mat a bit, and finally Aerostar does something – springboard plancha, spinning headscissors, and out to the apron – springboard reverse tope to nowhere. Aero's head barely missed the barricade. It looks like that he came with centimeters of serious injury, but it doesn't look as close in slow motion. That's a good thing. Wit the men out, can this match conclude? Sexi misses a clothesline, and Fabi German suplexes her. There's been a lot of running from corner to corner, but Fabi is springing her – one two three four five and pulled down. Fabi picks up Sexi, grabs her in a full nelson, Sexi revers into a waistlock, Fabi back elbows free, Sexi manages to fight back with the kick to the had, spinning fisherman's suplex. One two three four and pulled down. Fabi whips Sexi to the corner, charges, and nails her with a running kick to the face. Sexi's hair is a mess; the band that holds on her mask has slide around and caused her hair to go all over the place. She staggers around the ring, and Fabi just gets to her on a missile dropkick. One two three four – and now Fabi stops to look at something. Something we can't see – oh, it's The Women with the belt, as shown earlier. Sexi star sets up behind Fabi, waits for it, pump kick to Fabi as she turns around. The Women – who I keep calling The Women because they've been on my screen or near five hours and they haven't bothered to give them names - watch as Sexi powerbombs Fabi. One two three four five six! (seven!) New champ. I love Sexi for going to seven.

The Women come in the ring to congratulate Sexi Star. Hug. Maybe they can give her the belt? Yeah, they do put on her waist. Around the chain, which is still padlocked on. Sexi gets her arms rise, and is then attacked – knee in the midsection, double DDT. The one who I'm thinking is Jennifer Blake is a lot more physical, shaking Sexi's head and forearming her in the face repeatedly as Lorelia retrieves the belt and talks trash. On and on this goes. Billy comes in and politely ask them to stop. Where has he been? The Women are all like “Oh Crap! It's a scary man!” Clearly have not been watching this promotion. They freak out and run away, but with the belt.

Vignette: Why is Chessman wearing a wolf head in his vignette? Somehow, I'm sure there is a good reason, because it is Chessman

Chessman heads to the ring...

Chessman comes out first, and I'm waiting for them to bury Charly somehow. Instead, they go right to introducing La Parka. Chessman will not be intimidated by his dancing. Cibernético is out next, wearing a new Bizarro t-shirt. Zorro is wearing his yellow and red. I guess he saves that for the big matches. Why is Zorro's video traffic footage? Announcers explain we could see any one of these guys face Chessman. Zorro has two people to shake with. Vampiro is out next, the only one not in wrestling gear. Next is Konnan Big? Crowd reacts to him as loud as anyone, all boos. He's got a microphone and is introducing himself. Once he gets to the ring (clipped), everyone makes sure to blow him off in their own way. Cibernético gets a microphone, and protest that he and Chessman don't have any problems any more, so he's clearly not the pick. Chessman, no idiot (!), still says it'd be a big win to take his hair – or Parka's mask. Chessman talks about taking Zorro's hair – and remembers when Vampiro took those belts for him! (!!!!!!!) Chessman noticeably doesn't even talk to Konnan Big before they go to break.

And they went to break, because it's time for Electroshock's music to play. Hijo de Tirantes only now coming out is a bit of a tell, is it not? Chessman takes a look at Konnan, as three people chant for Electroshock. Electroshock waves the other guys off, and demands the match. They all walk off while he's talking. Why does Electroshock have an Undertaker hat in his video? Did he take it from Ozz? And a crossbow of some kind? Anyway, the match is made.

Match 3: Electroshock vs Chessman in a hair vs hair match
Arena Monterrey, 09/26/2009

Winner: Chessman
Match Time:10:35+8:00
Rating: started out okay, completely lost it's way during the prop set up, overplayed the ref turn.
Notes: Electro wants a handshake, and gets it. Battling for wristlock. Both off the ropes, off a different set of ropes, Chessman over, Electroshock under a Chessman leapfrog, Electroshock over a Chessman drop down, clothesline, they're both down. Crowd is quiet. Chessman up first, waved by on the run and powerslammed. One two no. Kick to the midsection, suplex, cover one two no. Electroshock clothesline blocked, and Chessman superkicks him. Chessman indicates he's going to flip. Top rope, moonsault, and Electroshock is way out of the way in time. Electro covers, one two no. I wish I didn't keep seeing that wood panel laying outside. Kinda takes away from the match in the meantime. Electro slams Chessman, and goes to the apron. Looking at crowd, waiting for them to tell him not to go up. Of course, he does it anyway. Top rope splash connects! One two NO. Electro can't believe it. Neither can I, but it's slightly different. Electro picks up Chessman slaps him in the face, and puts on a standing arm scissors, locking the other arm. Chessman gets free. Chessman rolling senton, holding the arm and picking him up to switch into a angled figure four on the mat. Chessman struggles, but gets to the ropes, Hijo de Tirantes pulls Electro off, which leads to a long bit of Electro teasing violence on the ref, which would be a fine way to lose a hair match. Chessman thrown out,. Two people are chanting for Electro. Electro chops and punches Chessman around ringside, stopping at the desk to pose. Axhandle off the desk! Headlock, and Chessman rammed into a post. And another. And a third! And a fourth! GO all the way! FIVE! Chessman falls down and Hijo de Tirantes shoves Electro. So close! Electro debates Hijo de Tirantes silliness with the crowd. Chessman thrown in. Snap mare, Repeated elbows to chest. Hijo de Tirantes break sit up again – for using the elbow? Using the elbow is illegal? Electro totally has a point this time. Kick tot he ribs. Electro out to get a table. Point of an elbow bad, table okay. Electro sets up the table on the outside, a short distance from the apron. Electro gets that wood panel, and leans it on the barricade. Back all the way around the ring. , and back in. Electro notices there's one more wood panel out there, but decides not to do anything with it right now. Kick to Chessman's face. Oh, now he's going back out to set up that one too. This one, Electro brings it in, right at Hijo de Tirantes feet. Hijo de Tirantes kick slide it back out as Electro's looking the other way. Meanwhile, Chessman looks to be outs of the ring and bleeding. Electro throws the wood panel in, and Hijo de Tirantes foot shoves it out a different side. Electro warns him not to do that, and brings the panel back in It's set up leaning in a corner. Electro realizes he's got to go track down Chessman, and finds him in the aisle. Chops. Up the stage they go. I bet they're not getting counted out. Why set up all the stuff by ringside if you're just going to punch him at the face – and backstage. Electro tries to go backstage after Chessman, and Hijo de Tirantes pulls him back. Again, another teased fight. Chessman and Electro go backstage. The camera catches up to them after a moment. This must be very exciting for the fans in the arena – oh, he's got the video monitor. Electro gives Chessman a chair shot, and brings him back to the arena. This is a lot of inaction. Looks like Hijo de Tirantes and Electro have another argument , which allows Chessman to crawl on his own tot he ring for a while. Of course, they have the argument some place we can't see, making it all the better. Electro's finally turned up, seemingly with some barbed write, as they go to break.

Electro kicks Chessman towards the ring, while holding barbed wire in one hand and a chair in another. Chair thrown in, Chessman thrown in, barbed wire thrown in. Electro sets the ore in another corner, and I don' know how he's not getting ripped up by it. Chessman decides now's a good time to rally back. Corner whip for Electro towards the corner, but he reverses the whip on Hijo de Tirantes (?) and Hijo de Tirantes goes back first into the wore. That sucks for him. Electro is very happy with this turn of events. Hijo de Tirantes is rolling around on the mat in pain. Electro takes Chessman out, sets him up near the board, and knocks him thru with a tope. Hijo de Tirantes starts to count them out! Where was this before? Electroshock goes back in first, setting up the other wood panel, where Chessman will surely spear him. Chessman in, Electro kicks him, then runs into a backdrop. Electro's on the apron in front off the table, so Chessman bounces off the ropes, and dives thru the ropes to spear them both thru the table on the floor. Both are in a heap on the table. The crowd starts to count them out, but Hijo de Tirantes waves them off, angrily. Electro makes it first, pulling Hijo de Tirantes down. Electro sets up that corner board, which fallen down after that tope, then threatens to hit Hijo de Tirantes again. Chessman's in as well. Chessman charges Electro, misses, and this corner, Chessman tries a kick, Electro blocks it and, kicks him instead. Fireman's suplex into the board. Okay, now that they're out of props, maybe they'll get to a finish. For some reason, that spot doesn't look impressive in replays. Maybe because Chessman didn't actually hit the board hard. Electro German suplex, German suplex, German suplex, Chessman fights out, vertical suplex, suplex, suplex. One two NO. That was a blatant fast count. Chessman tries a shoulderblock, Electro grabs him from behind, sets up, sets up, backcracker. One two NO. That wasn't a slow count, but it was slower than the one the other way. Chessman dropkicks Electro, and grabs the barbed wire. Takes a while to untangle it from the corner. Chessman goes after Electro's forehead with the wire, and actually gets it stuck on himself when Electro fights out. Electro doesn't appear to be bleeding, which is odd for barbed wire. Chop battle. Headbutt battle. Konnan and The Women, who don't have title (or a light on them), walk out. Electro has the Lock on, but, Hijo de Tirantes is checking out the women and not the finish of this match. Konnan throws powder in his face, and AAA actually misses the appear – they backtrack a few seconds and show it from another angle, better than nothing. Konnan orders Hijo de Tirantes to count, and he does – one two three. Break.

At least we don't have to wonder where Hijo de Tirantes turned. Somehow, Chessman was wrapped in barbed write for that spear. Still is. Konnan gets the microphone to yell at Electro for abandoning the Legion, and walks off. Konnan's pants get soaked by drinks, from the look of it. Electroshock gets the microphone and yells at Hijo de Tirantes, but one clip later, he's getting his hair shaved off. La Parka walks out,t to nothing but a spotlight. Did the lights go out? Parka thinks Hijo de Tirantes should get his hair shaved too, and takes the razor. Hijo de Tirantes first tries to battle with chessman, then hasn an epic battle over the razor when Parka corners him. Parka might have gotten a little off the side, but Hijo de Tirantes gets out of the ring and bails. Barber gets the razor back so he can finish the job, as the lights come back on. Chessman wants a handshake, but Electro's not down with it.

Match 4: La Parka Jr. vs Octagón, Silver King, Electroshock, Alan Stone, Zorro, Último Gladiador, Kenzo Suzuki, Marco Corleone, Pimpinela Escarlata, Cibernético, Ozz, Konnan Big for the Copa Pena in a royal rumble
Arena Monterrey, 09/26/2009

Winner: Cibernetico
Match Time: 19:34
Rating: not worth the effort
Notes: notes

First two guys are in the ring before they even start explaining what's going on here. They call it campana de la muerte, but it appears to be a royal rumble. Lock,up, Marco backs Ozz in the corner, lets go and swivels. For that, Ozz punches him repeatedly. Whip, reversed, Ozz over, under, under, big punch misses, and Ozz takes him down with a dropkick to the knee. Running knee to the head. Pose. Right. Ozz off the ropes, running kick to the leg. Looks like the refs are outside the ring. Big left knocks down Ozz. They show a masked valet – with an executioner's mask, and there's a 1:00 clock behind her, so that must be what they're doing for entrances. Though that all looks very pre-taped and interested later.

Kenzo Suzuki is next. Kenzo attacks Marco and works with Ozz. Punches, and more punches, and then Marco come back with some punches, but Kenzo fights him off with some punches. Suplex! Questionably low stomp – not so questionable, because it doesn't look like it came close to hitting. Rudos take turns posing and working.

Ultimo Gladiador is out. Not much of a reaction. Kenzo immediately boots him down, UG gets up, then Ozz boots him down. Kenzo picks him, and suplexes UG. Marco up, under a double clothesline,and into the double springboard clothesline on both one. They're shaking the camera so much on these this, it feels like watching the match on a boat. Marco tries to get Kenzo out while Gladiador works over Oz

you can barely hear Alan Stone's music, a shame. He goes after Kenzo, as the other two work over Ozz. Wait, is Gladiador at técnico? Who can say. Alan is in such a hurry to beat up Kenzo, he fights him with his jacket on. Marc helps him beat up Kenzo, so he has a chance to take it off.

Pimpinela Escarlata's big head dress is not built for a match like this – he sheds his gear on the way to the ring to join right in, then flips to the apron on his first spot. Maybe not the best move, but he does mange to spinebuster Ozz and missile dropkick him. Crowd treats Pimpi as a bigger star then most here.. Ozz is out? I guess he slid out to the floor on the missile dropkick, under the bottom rope, and that's what they're counting as an elimination. Camera totally missed it.

Silver King goes after Pimpi, instead of saving his double teamed partner. It's just people fighting people. Plenty of holding people by the ropes and occasionally hitting them.

Kenzo goes right after Octagon as he comes in, knocking him down with same face slaps. Kenzo sets up for a powerbomb, and Octagon lifts him over the top rope and out. More brawling.

Zorro calmly walks to the ring with his face, then leave it in a corner. Punches and chops with Silver King. Everyone just working someone near the ropes, trying to stay out of the way of everyone else. Marco walks around the ring, looking for something to do.

Does Cibernético walks down the stairs sideways because it's easier on his legs? That looked strange. Also strange, the random break here.

Cibernético in and punching Octagon repeatedly. Headbutts and such. There's too many guys in the ring., no one has more than a few inches to work., and it's not like AAA can always follow the action when there's only two people. There's actually a neat sequence with UG, Silver King and Zorro, but in the midst of a lot going on. Including Pimpi walking the ropes on an armdrag, and just spontaneously falling off the apron and rolling to the floor. How odd. Alan Stone, who was taking the armbar, didn't even seem to shove him. Zorro, Gladiador, and Zorro try something else, that doesn't seem to work.

La Parka Jr. starts off leisurely walking to the ring, but speeds up once his music comes in. He goes right for Silver King, which at least makes sense. Eight guys in, paired off, and generally working in in one spot.

Konnan Big gets big reaction, but that may actually be part of his music. He does wacky handstands on the stage, something I'm sure I would know about if I spent more time watching Konnan Big matches, and takes his time coming to the ring. Konnan Big rolls in, takes a look around, and goes after Octagon with some crappy kneelifts. Meanwhile, half the people in the match have one another in chinlocks, but it takes forever for the production to pick up on it. The spot just kinda falls apart. Parka whips Konnan Big to the ropes, Konnan Big start to climb them, stumbles, and just stands thee, waiting, waiting and Parka punches him in the kidneys to knock him off. Huh. Park slams Konnan Big. Just random fighting. It takes two tries for Parka to get Ultimo Gladiador over for a suplex. Alan Stone and Konnan Big fight, a lot. Marco seems down in a submission for a while. People takes turn dropkicking each other. Parka punches Silver King down. Parka ducks a double clothesline from Silver King and UG, and clotheslines them both down, then DDTs Silver King. Alan has Konnan Big on the ropes, but can't get him over. Silver King dropkicks his partner by mistake on a reversal. Konnan Big goes to the top rope, with no around. Parka flips UG to the apron, but Silver King Dragon screws Parka before he can knock UG off. However, UG just stands on the apron, like a dummy. And then he climbs up the ropes, like a dumber dummy. Parka crotches him on the ropes, then climbs up to join him, . Silver King climbs up to join both, and now this is just a list of bad ideas. Parka knocks Silver King off, and UG over, so he's done.

Konnan Big works over Alan with punches. Silver King gets in a mule kick foul on Parka, then takes out Park with a bodyscissors. Silver King holds on the rope and stays in.

Seven left. Crowd is slightly interested. Octagon hits his kick combo on Silver King, then kicks him thru the ropes. He's done.

Marco misses a corner splash on Cibernético and gets hung up into the ropes, Cibernético knees him to the apron, and stunners him off. He's done.

Pace has picked up. Zorro whips Alan Stone into a corner, Alan kips up and out, Zorro grabs the cane, misses on the first shot, not on the second. Zorro wipes off Alan's face with his boot, a couple of times. That's mean but won't get him out. Zorro grabs Cibernético and whips him, but Cibernético reverses, Zorro tries a running dropkick on Alan, Alan moves out, and Zorro slides out over the bottom rope. That made no sense.

Octagon gets some karate chops on Cibernético, but misses a running boot and throws himself out.

Konnan Big hits Cibernético with Zorro's cane. Alan kicks Konnan Big, as Zorro leans back in to retrieve his cane. Clothesline upside Konnan's head. Down to just Alan, Konnan Big and Cibernético. Konnan thrown into the corner, goes up top, plancha connects. Konnan Big is fired up - and then kicks in the midsection. German suplexed by Alan, which really doesn't help him in this match. Running boot to the head. Cibernético is just down on one knee, watching. Konnan Big gets to his feet, Alan charges, misses a clothesline, misses a clothesline, Konnan Big dropkicks him – which causes Alan to go out thru the ropes.

Crowd doesn't like the idea of Konnan Big winning this, as he stops to pose. Konnan Big charges, right into a clothesline. Running clothesline seem to barely close to hitting, but Konnan falls down anyway. Konnan goes up top, top rope plancha, Konnan rolls thru to his feet and yells. Cibernético waves him by on the charge, springboard plancha Konnan stands up again, Cibernético hits him with a spear (I guess – sloppy looking collision) and Konnan spills thru the ropes to be eliminated. That' the match. Cibernético poses a lot, break.

Vignette: Konnan says Cibernético doesn't deserve a trophy, and as the new head of AAA, he's going to rid AAA of Cibernético.

Back in the ring, Vampiro gets an entrance to present the plaque. He doesn't look to happy to be ding it, but gives it Cibernético. Stare down. Handshake? Tentative shake, but yea. And that's it.

Oh, wait, no – they've got time for the YouTube video. Look at that second camera man, who just keeps on filming. Lots of bleeping. Joaquin Roldan appears after to say they'll talk about the video next week, and he'll get his son back.

One more recap, and they're done.